Jasmine’s Training Log — Live from Belgium Week — 3.15.2015

  Travel wasn’t on my list when I signed up for the elite starting line of the Pittsburgh Marathon. While I’m trying to stay on track  to make this another sub-3 performance, it is not going to be the massive ass-whooping I was worried it would be. On flat, snowless, outdoor terrain, my easy pace is now well into the mid and low 7-min-mile range, and the mileage isn’t leaving me more » Read more

Basil’s Portlandia Training Log – 3-8-2015

This week was a cut-back week for me, and should have been super easy. Buuuuut notsomuch. It was more of a freak out week. And those fun little emails from the BAA saying “only 42 more days until Boston!” didn’t do my already anxious little heart any favors. I’m at the stage where I’m not excited about the race, so much as I am scared out of my pants that more » Read more

Jasmine’s Live-From-Belgium Training Log – 3.8.2015

If you’ve been following along with my training, you know I committed to training to PR (sub-2:58) at the Pittsburgh Marathon this May. When I registered for the race I assumed the biggest obstacle to my success would be my inability to tolerate the cold of outdoor running in the winter. Well, running the vast majority of miles on the treadmill seems completely insignificant to changing jobs and moving to more » Read more

Training Log in Michigan, week one 3.1.2015

It was another stressful week, so let’s go with the pictures again. Monday I started a new job at Melexis. It was six below zero, I didn’t have the gym thing worked out and I had to do the pretend to be a professional, so I cashed in my “get out of running free” card. Related PostsJasmine training log 1.18.2015 Jasmine’s training log 11-30-2014 Jasmine Training Log 9.28.2014 Jasmine’s Training more » Read more

Get Faster and Avoid Injury: Slow Down Your Easy Days!

So, the last time you heard from me, I preached the gospel of taking time for not running to improve your running. I’m not done suggesting counterintuitive stuff! Indeed, today I’m going to talk about running slower in order to race faster. What the heck?! I used to be a consistent 21-22 minute 5k runner through college, eventually progressing to break 18:00 at the age of 26 and run 16:56 at 30. I made more » Read more

Reader’s Roundtable: Heart Rate Training

Even with my crazy heart condition, I never ever used a heart rate monitor in training. Lately, though, I’m starting to think now is the time. For the past 4 years I have done pace-based training; every workout I did had a prescribed pace, which meant I was a slave to the watch. In being so pace-focused, I feel like I’ve lost a sense of what the right effort is for more » Read more

Juniper’s Training Log – 03.01.2015

This week was a proverbial roller coaster of training shenanigans and emotions. It did not start out the way I had planned/hoped, but luckily it ended splendidly. Monday was my 4th CrossFit class and it was, in my eyes, an epic failure. Of course I’m being very hard on myself, and my coach doesn’t think it was as bad as I thought it was, but I’m sure many of you more » Read more

Jasmine’s Training Log – 2.22.15

I’m stressed, so this week I’ll post a little different kind of log. Hint: nothing interesting happened on the running front this week. I did 70 miles and had an “I don’t feel like it” day where I got off of the treadmill to put out the trash and didn’t get back on. Here is the rest of the story in pictures. Related PostsJasmine Training Log 10.19.2014 Jasmine Training Log more » Read more

Jasmine’s treadmill training log 2.15.2015

I’ve come to accept that Pittsburgh isn’t going to be the big ass-whooping race I wanted it to be, and that’s fine. Between moving, new job and travel I just have to accept that it just isn’t going to happen. I can already count the training days I’m expecting to miss on my calendar and stressing over looking for runnable road near Charles de Gaulle Airport to use for an hour on April more » Read more

Jasmine’s Training on the Treadmill Log – 2.8.15

What’s it like for a sub-elite runner training almost exclusively on a treadmill?  This training cycle we’re featuring Jasmine as she works toward a sub-3-hour marathon by hitting the ‘mill instead of hitting the road! I just got back from a stressful weekend in Michigan. If you’ve been following along, you’ve read about me taking a new job in the suburbs of Detroit, which adds a whole new challenge in more » Read more

Learn to Race Your Best 5k!

Though a long-time runner, I am somewhat of a newbie racer.  Nearly a year into my tenure as a competitive local road racer, I still find myself learning things about how to race the 5K, my distance of choice, every single time I do it. Yes, I wrote “learning how to race.” For, much to my surprise, it turns out racing a distance is not only about bolting at the more » Read more

Time off? On Purpose?! Why You Need a Scheduled Running Break

Recently Salty wrote about overtraining and Cinnamon and Ginger have posted about forced time off due to work obligations and injury scares, but today I’m going to talk about choosing to take some time off from running. That’s right, the site dedicated to serious women’s running is recommending that you … stop running. On purpose. I know. I know You’re probably thinking, “OMG, I am going to get so slow! I’ve worked way too more » Read more

Juniper’s Training Log – 01.25.2015

Plans shmans. That’s basically what this week boils down to. Every Sunday I put into my phone calendar my planned workouts for each day of the week, but sometimes life happens, and you can’t do the things you laid out for yourself. A year ago I would’ve had an epic meltdown about not being able to do exactly what I had set out to do for the week, but I’m more » Read more

Overcoming Hardcore: When to Know if You’ve Gone Too Far

We serious runners like to be hardcore. When it comes to mileage we value more. When it comes to pace we value faster. When it comes to rest we value minimal. Prizing the hardcore has helped many a runner become successful, but it has been many a runner’s downfall too. Some runners can thrive on pushing themselves to limits that would break many others–and that’s great for them!–but being someone more » Read more

Surviving Your Winter Running Season (Even if You Hate It)

I have always loved the cold winter months!  You might think I’m crazy; my dad sure used to:  he would come in from yet another shovel duty in the driveway look at me on the couch with my homework and sigh, “When you have to shovel the stuff you won’t think its so much fun.” These days I shovel for myself, but my heart hasn’t changed.  So when I met more » Read more