Caper’s Training Log — 7.5.15

  This was a frustrating week on the training front, one that reminded me that there is so much more to life than running, as I experienced a lot of joy in my personal life.  Hard downhill running with poor form, heel striking an entire downhill mile on the 11th of a 20 mile training run last Sunday, left me with plantar fasciitis that left me unable to run hard this week.  But I more » Read more

My Running Philosophy

When I first began running (again), I just ran. I wanted to get faster, and I thought to do that I had to run more. And sometimes that is true: if you’re a novice runner, often adding mileage will help you run faster. But eventually the newbie gains fall away and you have to try something different. But I didn’t know this. I just knew that, for most runners I more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — 6.28.15

The second week of 20 in my fall marathon training plan focused on base building and finding new places to run, both to boost my enjoyment of summer running and to prevent overuse injury from too much sameness in muscles used during high mileage. The best part of the week was a beautiful 20 mile run across the George Washington Bridge and through the beautiful Palisades which are along the more » Read more

A Low Iron Case Study: How I Discovered and Recovered from Anemia

Iron is one of the most critical nutrients for runners. It makes red blood cells, which carry oxygen to your muscles; it’s like the gas to our aerobic engines. But some of us, particularly women runners, don’t get enough iron to keep up with our athletic body’s demands. Iron deficiency occurs when the body has low iron, and anemia occurs when the body has a low red blood cell count. more » Read more

Racing with a Stroller

This Saturday, I ventured out to semi-race my first 5k equipped with a jogging stroller and a 23 pound 11 month-old. My take-away from the experience? Racing while pushing a stroller is a completely different animal from racing without one! However, racing with the stroller can be great way to enjoy the camaraderie of a race and share the experience with your little one. Bonus: you can race without a baby sitter! more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log and Next Marathon Training Plan — 6.14.15

This past week, I completed my post spring marathon recovery phase, ran in some interesting places and came up with a training plan to prepare for the NYC Marathon on November 1.  Here is how the week came together. Monday — 8 gorgeous, hot, slow miles (10:21 avg pace, 145 avg hrt rate) on dirt trails in Arizona’s Sonoran desert at the crack of dawn.  I had planned to run more » Read more

Overtraining: It’s Real, It Sucks and It Can Happen to You

Salty runners are strivers. We train hard, we aim high and we’re tough. These are the qualities that enable us to succeed and blow the lid off what we ever thought was possible. But sometimes these qualities are the exact thing that gets us into trouble. Sometimes we train too hard. Sometimes we aim too high. And sometimes we are even too tough. I think most of us understand this, but the line between more » Read more

Reader’s Roundtable: Running and Gastro-Intestinal Issues

One of the most popular posts ever to grace the front page of our site is What to Do When You Have to Poop or Pee but There’s Nowhere to Go. That makes us wonder if there’s a runner out there who dares run a route with no bathroom options at all. I don’t think I know a single runner who hasn’t experienced gastro-intestinal distress at least to some degree while running. And more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — 6.7.13

I spent my second post-marathon recovery week trying new things, and developed crushes on 5K’s and trail running.  The trail running foray started from wanting to be sure that I recovered properly from marathon training and feeling I had the time to try something new before starting serious training for the NYC marathon this fall.  So I kept my heart rate below 145 bpm (a nod to a book by more » Read more

Basil’s Non-Training / Injury Update Log – 5.31.15

The surgeon said I was “lucky.” Not the word I would’ve chosen when I heard the news that I have a femoral neck stress reaction or fracture! But the more I think about it and process the results of the MRI, the more I’m inclined to agree. The week of my MRI, this was the chronology: Monday – first track workout in nearly a year. Hip was a little sore more » Read more

Find Success In the Chase: Learning From Mistakes in Marathon Training

61 baby! That’s was magic number for Pittsburgh. On May 3rd, I pinned on the first elite bib of my life: F61. It was a race that didn’t come together. In fact, I didn’t even end up finishing. But this article isn’t about that race; I already wrote about that. Often, I’m realizing, the best part of running isn’t necessarily achieving a goal time in a race, although that is pretty more » Read more

Caper’s Recovery Training Log — 5.31.15

Meet Deena, our new 11 week old Vizsla that I named after Deena Kastor and hope to make my running companion someday. Deena has two speeds: “Go!” and “Stop!” and is great about sleeping as hard as she plays. I tried to do something similar in my first post-marathon recovery days this week.  When I resumed running, I listened to my body and limited my exertion by training at or more » Read more

Caper’s Mountains to Beach Marathon Race Report

I am writing this race report from a lovely canopy bed in an “undisclosed location” while savoring homemade molasses cookies and a rich latte.  My quads, glutes, calves and toes are complaining about what I put them through on Sunday, but I feel elated.  So grateful to be away with my beloved husband, celebrating  the culmination of months of effort and pausing to recover and reconnect. I loved racing the more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 4-26-15 to 5-2-15

It’s Memorial Day weekend, so why not start posting my training logs for May?! 4/26:  Watched the replay of the London Marathon, then lifted and swam 1,650m.  Easy 4.15 miles in 35 minutes later that day. 4/27:  5.5 miles with 5 x 90″ hard. 4/28:  First bike ride since New Orleans.  17.5 miles on the trainer.  Not gonna lie, this was tough, and my legs still felt heavy.  4.4 miles more » Read more

Basil’s Training and Racing (while Injured) Log- 5.24.2015

It’s been a peak and valley, roller coaster of a week. On Monday, I completed my first track workout in 10 months, nailed my target paces and left feeling “the fire”, ready to race again. On Tuesday, I had an MRI with a steroid injection. On Wednesday and Thursday, my hip hurt worse than usual and my runs felt uncomfortable and slow. On Friday, I received the initial results of more » Read more