How to Give Advice to New Runners

As soon as people know you’re a runner — possibly even before you call yourself one — they will want your advice. This is inevitable. Your charge is also inevitable: ensure they become part of the runner-fold and never want to leave. Usually, it starts like this: “I want to start running. What is the key to success?” Or, “I started running and now my ____ hurts.” Or, “I signed up more » Read more

To Marathon, Or Not to Marathon? How Do You Know You’re Ready to Run 26.2?

That is the question. I recently had an epic run, during which I broke through my mileage plateau without suffering any immediate ill effects, I can’t help but wonder if I should just go ahead and do it. I know darn well I can run a half-marathon, albeit maybe slower than I would like, but could I run a marathon this coming February? I have plenty of time between now more » Read more

Racing Your First Half Marathon

Finishing is nice, but you love racing. You’ve got some 5k and 10k races under your belt and you think you might be ready to take the next step and try a half marathon. 13.1 miles can seem daunting if you’ve never raced that far before, and with good reason–pushing yourself for that many miles is tough to get used to! Lucky for you, the half is a very accessible more » Read more

LSD Explained: Long Runs for Beginners

As many of us (me included) start a new training cycle for Spring races, it means that it’s time for some LSD! No no, not that kind…duh.  I’m talking about those “long runs” you hear all the hardcore running nerds talk about, which is also referred to as “Long Slow Distance,” abbreviated as LSD. Personally, long runs are my favorite parts of the training cycle.  In my jam-packed life, my more » Read more

5 Things You Should Never Tell Beginner Running Friends

It’s January, which means it’s the time of year when of our non-running friends are making grand plans to get fit. For many of us Salties, it’s the time of year when our non-running friends start asking us for help and advice as they decide that This Year is when they’re finally going to Get Into Running and actually finish that beginners program they’ve started a dozen times. At times more » Read more

Ask-a-Salty: Increasing Speed, Pregnant Marathons, Ball of Foot Pain

Woohoo! A new Salty feature! Ask-a-Salty is where you ask the questions and we give you the answers! Just look at the top of this page and you’ll see the “Ask-a-Salty” link. Just click and ask away and maybe you’ll be featured in our next installment! Of course with our Ask-a-Salty feature, as with any post on the site, readers are encouraged to weigh in with their input in the more » Read more

On Being A Fat Happy Runner – A Guide to Plus Size Running

Hello, everyone!  I suppose I should open by introducing myself. I’m Joy, and I blog at My Year To Thrive.  I was really excited when Cinnamon contacted me about guest posting at Salty Running to talk about being a plus-size runner who runs for fun and health without the goal of weight loss. On my personal blog I write about running as a short, fat, Bipolar woman.  Yes, it is more » Read more

Introducing Nutmeg and our Beginner Program!

Becoming a runner is hard. It’s a huge life change. It’s hard mentally and physically. It takes a long time. It tests patience and small bumps in the road derail many people on their journey to runnerdom. Nutmeg is well aware. She’s been here before and fallen off the path. But now she’s back on and ready for it to stick! Nutmeg is an Ohioan transplanted just outside of Denver. more » Read more

Cinnamon: Baring My Belly

When I was about 13 I read a trashy novel about a slim, attractive woman who had lost a great deal of weight and was in love with her best friend’s boyfriend. The part I remember is the man’s private thoughts toward this woman. He knew it was shallow of him, but he couldn’t help the idea that once a person was fat she would always be fat. I don’t more » Read more

Ginger With a J: How it all started

Before I introduce myself, I would like to take a second to thank Salty for this wonderful opportunity to write for her awesome website. I’ve been reading post after post each day, eagerly awaiting for my daily subscription alerts. Now that I am on board, I hope that these posts will find you, lovely runner and reader, as engaged as I have been thus far. With that being said, hello! more » Read more