Reader’s Roundtable: What’s Your Half Marathon Race Strategy?

Congratulations to Tara Welling and Christo Landry, the 2016 USA Half Marathon Champions! Not only was the Half Marathon Championship race thrilling to witness, but it was also an ideal place to learn strategies for racing half marathons from the country’s top distance runners. Of course, within a large group of athletes there were many different schools of thought. For winner Tara Welling, since it was only her second half ever and more » Read more

2016 USATF Half Marathon Championship: Recap City

Many of the athletes who traveled to Columbus for the 2016 USATF Half Marathon Championships came to run their first big race after the Olympic Marathon Trials in L.A. Many of those runners, disappointed by the race conditions, the extended recovery time they needed because of those conditions, and what they felt was sub-par treatment by the Trials host race, were unsure what to expect from the Ohio Health Capital City Half. more » Read more

Back on the Track! Poppy’s Bucknell Outdoor Classic 10k Race Report!

In college I raced the 10k for Bucknell all four of my undergraduate years. However, since we didn’t have any home meets with a 10k race, this past Saturday, almost 16 years after I graduated, was the first time I raced a 10k on the Bucknell track. I’ve been looking forward to this moment since a few years ago when we moved back to Lewisburg, PA, the home of my more » Read more

Gearing up for My First National Championship Half!

The past few months I’ve been buried under miles and Clif Bars in preparation for my next race, which I am super excited about! On April 30th, I’m racing in my first U.S.A. Half Marathon Championship at the Cap City Half in Columbus! I began my training cycle for this race in early February, but a couple of weeks into it and it became clear that something was off. I had little aches more » Read more

Stop the Trots! Is Imodium Safe for Runners?

Experiencing ass issues (assues) while running? You’re not alone. Go on any group run and inevitably the conversation will turn to poop. That’s because, when it comes to running, not many things give runners more anxiety than poop. Raise your hand if you’ve ever arrived at the turn-around of your favorite out-and-back route, the one with no bathrooms along the way, only to suddenly realize you HAD TO GO, suffering as you more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Do You Study Your Goal Race’s Course?

I spent the bulk of last week in San Francisco. I had a great time running in Golden Gate Park, through Land’s End, past the Golden Gate Bridge, and more. A highlight of my trip was popping into one of our March Madness Sweet 16 stores, A Runner’s Mind, and joining their awesome community for their group run. Before we set off, resident coach Marathon Matt gave a talk on preparing more » Read more

Molly Stout is Chasing Down a PR in Boston

It’s been two years since Molly Stout last crossed the finish line on Boylston Street. The 33-year-old will be running her 20th marathon at the 120th Boston Marathon. She’s been running for many years, steadily dropping her marathon time by more than an hour, and is coming off a big PR of 3:14 at the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon. Molly’s life revolves around running and healthy living. By day, she works more » Read more

Should You Bring Your Kids to an Important Race?

Any parent with a big race on the calendar has faced the question of whether or not to leave the kids at home on the big day. On one hand, we want our kids to be a part of our lives and share in our experiences. On the other hand, we want to arrive at the starting line having had some sleep and not having to worry about whether we adequately packed more » Read more

Lacking Motivation After a Big Race? You’re Not Alone

Have you ever had this happen to you following a big race? After a few days of celebratory with drinks, burgers, and congratulations, a deep nagging feeling of, well now what? surfaces, especially if you achieved a personal best. This feeling may be exacerbated, though, if the training segment went perfectly according to plan, but the dream race didn’t come to fruition. How often are runners told to use a disappointing race more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Chicked vs Dicked

Have you ever been running along in a race and suddenly sensed a presence behind you that won’t leave? Maybe you speed up to shake the person, but to no avail. And just as you round the corner to the finish, the drafter sprints past you into the chute with not even so much as a “good job.” How about the other way around: as you go to pass someone, more » Read more

A Matter of Time

We all know of someone who worked her tail off to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon or 2016 Boston or to break 23:00 in a 5k before she reached 35, but then didn’t make it. Despite having the heart and putting in the work, she heartbreakingly fell short of her goal. Maybe you can relate a little to this or maybe this has happened to you. We make a more » Read more

Should You Warm-up for a Marathon?

You read our race reports and some of us talk about warming up before our marathons. You read our Olympic Trials coverage and saw pictures of the participants doing their pre-race shake-outs. We talk about warming-up for a marathon like like it’s normal, like everyone at the starting line at a marathon is out there warming up, but warming-up for a marathon is not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean it’s not for more » Read more

Athletes Angry Over Marathon Trials Treatment

Imagine a world where the powers that be select a group of men and a group of women to compete, struggle, and suffer for the amusement of the elites. Imagine an arena built solely for the comfort of the spectating elite classes, one that all but ensures mass suffering of the competitors. Imagine stepping into this arena after being told for years that getting here was an honor and a privilege, only more » Read more

The Great Infestation

They’ve infested my house. I find them in the toy box, in my bathroom drawer, lurking under the couch, on the floor in the hallway waiting to bite my bare feet in the middle of the night, and even more have made their home in my treadmill room. At first my children were amused by them, but now there are so many even they don’t give them a second thought. more » Read more

Everyone a Track Star

One of the coolest parts about living in northern Manhattan is that I live just steps away from The Armory, an historic building that houses a raised and banked 200 meter mondo track where local college programs train and race, where NCAA track stars are born, and where big meets like the Millrose Games attract pros from not just around the US, but also around the world. Being a track spectating more » Read more