All the Things I Knew: Mango’s Baystate Half Marathon Race Report 

Two seconds: that’s all that separates 1:59:59 from 2:00:01. In between, 2:00:00. There’s nothing fundamentally different about each of those times. Yet two hours, or any other pleasantly round time goal, seems such an insurmountable barrier. At least, it did to me. Once upon a time (2008 – I’m not that old), I ran my very first half marathon in 2 hours and 43 minutes. Since then, I’d shaved off more » Read more

Are Race Lotteries Illegal?

Not too long ago, Pumpkin posted about her frustrating experience entering the lottery for the Medtronic Twin Cities 10 Mile, observing at the outset, “Slots, craps, black jack, road race lotteries: they’re all the same.” Well, a couple of runners who lost out after paying to enter the New York City Marathon lottery last year agree, and they’ve literally made a federal case out it. In January, Charles Konopa and Matthew Clark filed a more » Read more

Reach the Beach 2016 or How to Win a Ragnar Relay

Have you ever wanted to do a long-distance overnight relay race? Have you ever done one? I’ve been intrigued by overnight relays for a while, but only recently had an opportunity to participate in one. With a team of 11 former teammates and friends, I ran the Reach the Beach Ragnar Relay covering approximately 200 miles of New Hampshire roads. During the 24 hours and 44 minutes we were out on the course my more » Read more

Women-Only Races: Awesome or Awful?

Decades ago, women-only road races made sense. Societal notions on the athletic abilities of women left them banned from participating in most road races up until the 1960s and 1970s. Women-only races emerged as a beacon of the women’s running revolution: if we couldn’t participate in road races, then we would make our own. That victory has long since been won. Women are no longer tackled when they run the more » Read more

Red or Blue? What Color Runner are You?

Brooks sponsored this post to inspire you to Run Happy. See more at With her fall goal race right around the corner, one of my best running friends went in search of the perfect versatile tank to wear on her big day. She fell in love with the Brooks Pick-up Running Tank Top, but couldn’t decide whether to go with the red or the blue. She was leaning towards the blue, but asked my opinion. I remembered hearing somewhere more » Read more

Basil’s Kenai River Recap: Celebrating the Painful Privilege that Is a Marathon

A year ago, I couldn’t walk without crutches, couldn’t reach my feet to tie my shoes. Today, I laced up and ran a marathon. Eight months ago, I could barely run for 20 seconds at a time. My hip felt awkward and clumsy, as if all my veteran running muscles had abandoned me and left me with clueless glutes and quads. You want us to do what? Sorry, what does more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Do You Buy Race Photos?

With the exception of this year’s Flying Pig, where the photos simply do not capture just how completely food poisoning ruined my life that day (long story), I always wind up throwing down for pictures of each season’s A-race. I never really thought too hard about it until a recent chat with Poppy. She told me she bought race photos only once as a gift for her parents. For someone who’s been more » Read more

Foggy in Philly: An RnR Half Marathon Race Recap

My goal race for the late summer was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon on September 17. I’ve done this race two times before; the first time in 2002 and the second time in 2013, so I know very well how fast the course can be. Additionally, Philly is relatively close to us, so it’s an easy trip to make for a great race event. I thought it was more » Read more

‘Tis the Season for Cross Country Racing

Despite the occasional 90 degree day here in Boston, it’s starting to feel like fall. Longer nights, cooler mornings, and the scent of decaying leaves make me think of one thing: cross country. Like many people who started running in high school, cross country was my first exposure to the sport of running. The sounds and smells of fall invariably bring me back to that first exhilarating season, toeing the line more » Read more

Let’s Call This a Comeback

I raced a 5k last Sunday, two years since my last solid race, two years since I felt strong and capable and fit, two years since a race was exhilarating rather than inspiring mixed emotions. During these years, my attitude has ranged from hating running, to missing running desperately, to complete indifference. Many of my friends and family don’t understand why I care so much about running or even why I more » Read more

Surviving the Marathon Training Gauntlet

“Just four more weeks and I’ll be on the start line, and I won’t feel this bad!” I said to myself once a minute during every run last week. But four weeks is a long time and I am so so tired. There are some days, even a week or two stretch during the throes of training that make me want to chuck my trainers into Green Lake and call it a more » Read more

Supplements, Doping, and You: What the Average Runner Needs to Know about Dope

When Olympic swimmer Lilly King waved her finger at a camera and accused Russian competitor Yulia Efimova of doping, it inspired conversations about how athletes respond to negative allegations against competitors, but also how exactly it was that Efimova allegedly doped. Most recently, she, along with fellow Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova and others, tested positive for the heart medication melodonium, prescribed to them by doctors. Efimova’s ban for this, her second offense, more » Read more

To Race Well, You Need to Get Real: My Stanky Creek 25k Race Report

The story behind my Stanky Creek 25k race is much longer and, frankly, more important than the actual race itself. For the most part, the hardest part of a race isn’t the actual race: it’s the months or years of training that lead up to it. But since I started running, and possibly with the exception of my very first marathon and 50 miler, I have struggled with meeting my more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Racing and Watches

Watches and racing. It seems like something so simple, but deciding whether to wear one, which one to wear, and what setting to put it on if you choose one with multiple settings can be a maddening process! As my husband prepped his race-day gear for his annual half marathon this weekend, he asked me what watch he should wear. We looked at the old Garmin, the new Garmin, the more » Read more

What Everyone Else Expects: a Race Report

The lumbering elephant of a school bus had been on its bumpy slog through the Black Hills of South Dakota for about 45 pitch black minutes when it suddenly slowed to a stop. I peered out the window and could only make out darkness and the outline of a few Port-a-Potties that were gently illuminated by the headlights of the school bus. When I stepped outside a blast of cold more » Read more