A Case of the DNFs

The first race of the outdoor season brings with it excitement and worry, as it’s time for me to gear up for my main event, the 10k, which only takes place on the outdoor track. As we traveled down south for our first meet, I was excited to get a chance to run an 800m race and a 5K. On Friday, I ran a middle leg of the 4x800m relay. more » Read more

Going Stag: Do You Race Alone?

I had a conversation with Cinnamon recently about racing alone. She mentioned that, being single, she looks around at the end of races to folks reuniting with their cheering squads after the finish line and feels a little bit left out, like everyone has someone there except for her. I know she’s not alone in feeling that way and she’s also not alone in racing on her own. Loyal Salty more » Read more

Zen and the Art of Fun Running

So, remember that girl who ran the NYC Half and took a #selfie featuring an unsuspecting hot dude every mile? Don’t get us wrong, we thought that was totes creative and adorable, and we certainly salute her mad skills in the ways of taking consistently flattering action-shot selfies, but our girl Wasabi (me) has really taken it to the next level when it comes to elaborate mid-race photo shenanigans. I more » Read more

Crafting Your Marathon Race Plan

I’m writing this on the verge of running my first marathon. As I close in on race day, it seems surreal–still just an idea in my head, a training plan on paper, a melodramatic blog post, but not an actual thing that I’ll do in real life. (I’m assuming the “feeling real” part will kick in by mile 18, if not sooner.) With tapering well underway and fewer hours spent more » Read more

Basil’s Fake-it-till-you-make-it Race Report

Last week, we discussed the tune-up race dilemma: what to do when your plan calls for a practice road race and there’s nary an organized run within a thousand miles.  Although Alaska provides an ideal setting for holiday card photos, the winter racing scene is unfortunately not nearly as picturesque. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s much easier to find an actual reindeer around here than it is to more » Read more

Wasabi’s Richmond Race Report: Confessions of a Sandbagging Half Marathoner

If  you run an exciting new half marathon PR, but your name is nowhere to be found in the official race results did that exciting new half marathon PR really happen? Unfortunately, this is not a rhetorical question. It is what happened to me last weekend at the Richmond Half Marathon, my goal race for the fall season. The nice people at  the organization responsible for the timing of the more » Read more

How Losing Races Makes Me Feel Like Less of a Loser

Before my son was born, my dad jokingly asked my husband if we would promise to give him athletic grandchildren. My husband smirked and winked at me. “I don’t know about athletic,” he replied, “but they’ll be competitive.” When we were 20 and 22 (babies!), engaged to be married and determined to be grown-ups, we made a pact never to play Scrabble again. This, after I dramatically sent letters flying more » Read more

Running Fashion Police: Bun Huggers! Spankies! Racing Briefs!

Anyone who knows me knows how I like to race: in a sports bra and briefs. Briefs are those things that some women runners wear that look like bikini bottoms. I like to call them spankies! But you might also know them as “buns” or “bun huggers.” Whatever you call them, they’re what I like to race in. Of course, this choice of apparel is not without controversy both in and more » Read more

5 Ways to Make New Friends at Your Next Marathon

It’s a theory of mine that running is “the anti-sport,” in that even on a team you do it alone, and you are your own greatest adversary.  This makes it particularly well-suited to those who have a little social anxiety, or aren’t really great at making new friends.  If you know me, you think I am not one of those people, but let me tell ya, sister, I’m just really more » Read more

Ask-A-Salty: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Welcome back to our Ask-A-Salty feature, where you ask us questions and we give you the answers. If you have a question for us you can send it to us by clicking on “Ask-A-Salty” above the banner or by clicking here. Today’s question came to us via Twitter. So, follow us on Twitter and you can also ask us questions there! Anyway, here’s the question from TwinsRun, two of our favorite Salty readers more » Read more