Calculating the Accuracy of Running Calculators

I was a math major in college. There was something comforting about numbers and formulas; there was always one right answer, nothing to be argued or evaluated subjectively. (In upper level math courses, where there are more Greek letters than numbers, this falls apart, but I digress.) When it comes to running, I still love crunching numbers—the weekly total, the paces nailed, the amount of miles on my shoes—but in more » Read more

Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner! Catnip’s Turkey Trot & Holiday Hustle Race Reports

Can you call yourself a real runner if you don’t do a Turkey Trot? I think my first Turkey Trot was back in high school. I ran 26 or 27 minutes for 5k and remember being in awe of the speedy winner. We thought that winning a turkey was so hilarious that my dad and I posed with ours in our ugly-ass sweatshirts when we got home. As I got more » Read more

A Parent Runner’s Savior: Race Day Childcare

Does your partner ever give you a hard time about watching the kids so you can race? Do you and your partner have to take turns racing so one of you can be there with the kids? Do you arrange for early morning childcare only to have the prospective sitter call you the night before to cancel, at which time you immediately gulp as the training efforts and race costs more » Read more

A Chat with Liz Blackwell on Racing, Pregnancy and More!

You can see the 13-mile marker in the distance. You look down at your watch and goosebumps rise on your arms; you’re about to nail a huge PR. Just as you look up, a woman passes you. A synapse fires in your end-of-the-race-foggy brain. Is that lady..? No! Couldn’t be. Wait … a sec … OH. MY! That lady is definitely pregnant! If you raced the Rock n’ Roll L.A. more » Read more

13 Trail Racing Tips for Road Runners

Flickr Commons Image by the Knocksville Track Club. After a summer and fall of trail running, the road 5K I was scheduled to race last weekend didn’t seem quite right. Looking for a break for my body and mind, I found a small trail race in a neighboring town with a 5.3-mile option. Perfect! During the race, however, there were many times I thought to myself: “Huh, this is really more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Time to Give up the Hand-Held Water Bottle?

Yesterday marked my tenth marathon. In everyone of those marathons I carried my own water. I used a belt for my first four marathons, but then switched to a 20-oz hand-held bottle. I think I drink more than the average runner, and I’ve always liked not having to worry about having water when I want it. I have a hard time getting much liquid into my mouth using those paper cups. I more » Read more

Are You Sabotaging Your Race by Falling Victim to Race Day Woes?

I recently found myself standing on the starting line of the 44th annual Portland Marathon. Along the journey to that moment, I did all the right things. I signed up with a coach and followed her workouts to a tee. I pushed myself to hit paces in my workouts that I used to think were unreachable. I believed I was capable of running a 3:25 marathon, which would be a ten minute PR. more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Have You Ever Had the Post-Race Blues?

After any major life event, a graduation, wedding, birth of a child, you might experience sadness, anger, or random moments of crying at commercials. A goal race is a major life event! Sure, it may just be running, but after pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into training day in day out for weeks, the days after a race can feel like a big let-down. This is the post-race blues and it is an actual more » Read more

Travel Tips for Destination Races: Hotels, Packing, and Race Day Logistics

Every runner has their very own special prerace routine. Mine includes eating a turkey and cheese bagel sandwich and making sure I hit the bathroom at least three times before the gun goes off. In theory our race routines sounds simple enough, but making sure everything goes right on race day is hard, even when you roll out of your own bed on race morning. If you need to travel to your more » Read more

Richard Clark Fannin, Sisterhood and the Magic in Jacksonville

Think elite athletes are cut-throat win-at-all costs competitors? Think again! There’s no better example of how amazing runners of all speeds are than what’s going down right now in Jacksonville. In elite and subelite circles, everyone knows Richard Clark Fannin, the elite coordinator for the Gate River Run 15K race held every March in Jacksonville, Florida. With Richard’s outreach, the Gate River Run is one of the most competitive races more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Should I Run with a Pace Group?

Marathon taper doesn’t just mean running fewer miles, it means it’s time to hammer out all of our race day details.  The New York Marathon is my goal race and it’s just two weeks away! I’m busy hammering out my gel and hydration plan, going over my race outfit options, and making sure my legs own goal marathon pace. However, there is one question I just can’t seem to answer myself. more » Read more

Reader’s Roundtable: What Are You Training For?

Unless you’ve been regularly checking out my training logs, you might now know that after years of chasing PRs, I’m formally taking a break from training and racing. It might sound terrible, but it’s actually exactly what I need right now and I am enjoying my freedom from the grind of training. Usually. But right now, as I type I feel the fall racing season heating up right before my more » Read more

5 Signs You’re Too Nice to Race Like a B*!@#

A couple months ago when I was sidelined by an injury and couldn’t run, much less race, I voiced some of my frustrations to a friend. I was trying to explain how running is one of the few things in life that I do solely for me–an area where I can focus on myself and my goals and give that annoying overly-competitive part of me an acceptable outlet. But it more » Read more

Are You a Bottom Feeder?

You might be familiar with the concept of sandbagging, or when a runner falsely states she’s slower than she actually is so that she can blow away the competition during a race.  A good way to think of bottom feeding is the opposite of that; it’s deliberately finding a race with slow competition in order to get an award. I am an unabashed and proud bottom feeder.  It was my more » Read more

Badwater and Cystic Fibrosis: Why I’m Breaking my Rule and Running for Charity

I’m running Badwater for charity, and it’s not an entirely easy decision.  I’ve long struggled with fundraising and running for charities, and here’s why: A number of years ago, DB and I asked my mother to stop getting us “things” for birthdays and Christmas.  In truth, being that we are in that reversed financial position where we are better off than our respective parents, we didn’t want gifts at all, more » Read more