The Race of My Life: Cinnamon’s NYC Marathon Report

It was a little disheartening that the taxi driver had no clue what was going on when I said “Staten Island Ferry, please!” I figured he’d just finished a shift of hauling around drunk adults in Halloween costumes, so I wasn’t very surprised. I WAS surprised when my $50 visa gift card got declined and I had a mini-panic while I tried to figure out how to get to an ATM. more » Read more

Pimento’s 2015 NYC Marathon Race Report

The “A” goal was 3:10, the “D” goal was to just enjoy the race and have a great vacation. The result? 3:37:39, my third slowest marathon ever. D-minus. I add the minus because, while I’m very disappointed that after months of high mileage and consistent strength-training I couldn’t pull it together on race day, I’m just as disappointed that my experience of the race was anything but enjoyable. My friends would more » Read more

Are You Sabotaging Your Race by Falling Victim to Race Day Woes?

I recently found myself standing on the starting line of the 44th annual Portland Marathon. Along the journey to that moment, I did all the right things. I signed up with a coach and followed her workouts to a tee. I pushed myself to hit paces in my workouts that I used to think were unreachable. I believed I was capable of running a 3:25 marathon, which would be a ten minute PR. more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Cbus Half Report: A Shiny New PR for #TeamSully

I wasn’t chasing a half-marathon PR for the usual glory when I lined up with the crowds at the Columbus Marathon and Half. This year I was going to PR for Sully. Sully is a four-year-old who would be watching for me run by from the window of his room at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He’s also the son of my sorority sister and good friend, a self-proclaimed ‘non-runner’ who would take on more » Read more

Bergamot’s Back: My Columbus Half Race Report

A week ago I toed the line on the streets of Columbus with the hope of rocking 13.1 miles. The Columbus Marathon is my all-time favorite. I ran my first 26.2 here last year and before that I ran the half three times! The atmosphere is unlike any race I’ve run, thanks to the partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital. A Patient Champion is selected for and stationed at each mile, more » Read more

Jasmine’s Columbus Marathon (Not the Pipe Dream) Race Report

Let’s cut to the important part: 2:54:06, 12th place (yeah, this was a really competitive race). That’s a really impressive marathon from someone who two years ago was barely a 1:43 half marathon. But as much of an advance as it represents, it seems like a race that didn’t quite come together. I really thought my fitness level was better than this race. After a fantastic and flawless training season, more » Read more

Marathon Redemption! Catnip’s Columbus Marathon Report

Allow me to state the obvious: Marathons are hard. And after my back-to-back DNF marathons last fall, training for a 2015 marathon was more mentally than physically challenging. So my goal for the Columbus Marathon was to (finally) complete marathon #13 feeling strong and with a smile on my face. I asked my coach, who trained me to a sub-17 5k a few years ago, to write me a marathon plan. He crafted more » Read more

Pumpkin’s 2015 TC 10 Mile Race Report!

Ooooh!  Of all the things I love to write, race reports are right at the top of my list!  I take not of every good, bad, and humiliating thing that happens and write the report in my head during the race. When I get home I just dump it all out and share with my adoring public the two or three friends who care. Right! This race! I ran the TC 10-Miler, more » Read more

Operation Slay the Albatross: Sage’s Portland Half Marathon Report

I last ran a half marathon in February 2010 (F (55-59); third place; net time: 1:50:03) in Austin, Texas. Shortly thereafter, I tore my left hamstring at the attachment point. Running came to an abrupt halt. I’ve written about my more than five-year attempt to run with the concomitant frustrations, medical diagnoses, and tears. My clearly stated goal when I started writing for Salty Running was to run a half more » Read more

My 1st 26.2! Cardamom’s Wineglass Race Report

When I was trying to decide when and where to do my first marathon, I carefully considered all the different factors. I wanted my first marathon to happen someplace special to me and to be as beginner friendly as possible. I used to live in Toronto and the marathon route goes right past my old neighborhood and all the different places that I used to work and hang out. This made more » Read more

Chipotle’s Big Revel Cottonwood Marathon BQ Attempt Race Report

Since we’re talking about big fall A races today, let’s talk about mine. File this one under some runs are just not as awesome as others. I have said that over and over and over again. There are those races when the wheels fell off. That happened to me during the Big Revel Cottonwood marathon in Utah. I was not expecting the wheels to fall off at all. That had never happened to more » Read more

Ginkgo Tries a Tri

Cyclists are so quick to tell us runners we should try cycling: it’s easier on the knees, they say. I’ve heard this for several years while working as a staff partner for a popular long-distance bike race. I just wrote it off as a recruitment technique, but I think there’s some method to the madness after last weekend. In fact, I took it up a notch and added in another more » Read more

Garlic’s Back on the Running Roller Coaster

Hello Salty Readers, it’s Garlic – after a long break, I’m finally writing a post! Busy with my career, family and an injury this summer, it’s been easy to let writing fall to the wayside. I’ve still been following along, though, and some of the posts recently (particularly Sage’s lovely post, Catnip’s heartfelt update, and Salty’s honest post) have inspired me to write one of my own. After a super-tough winter more » Read more

Nutrimatix Badwater 135: Coming out of the Dark

There is a moment, however infinitesimal, right before water boils, and right before water freezes. A point at which a cataclysmic change is about to take place, yet still lies just below the surface. A point at which we have one last chance to change the direction of things, for better or for worse. There was no soup, so they forced me to eat a cracker. Technically, they enacted the more » Read more

Nutrimatix Badwater 135, Part I: Under A Pink Sky

There is a moment, however infinitesimal, right before water boils, and right before water freezes. A point at which a cataclysmic change is about to take place, yet still lies just below the surface. A point at which we have one last chance to change the direction of things, for better or for worse. Or, to quote the lyrics of an Indigo Girls song: “how long ‘til my soul gets more » Read more