Nutrimatix Badwater 135: Coming out of the Dark

There is a moment, however infinitesimal, right before water boils, and right before water freezes. A point at which a cataclysmic change is about to take place, yet still lies just below the surface. A point at which we have one last chance to change the direction of things, for better or for worse. There was no soup, so they forced me to eat a cracker. Technically, they enacted the more » Read more

Nutrimatix Badwater 135, Part I: Under A Pink Sky

There is a moment, however infinitesimal, right before water boils, and right before water freezes. A point at which a cataclysmic change is about to take place, yet still lies just below the surface. A point at which we have one last chance to change the direction of things, for better or for worse. Or, to quote the lyrics of an Indigo Girls song: “how long ‘til my soul gets more » Read more

Burning River 100 Mile Recap

In so many ways, the Burning River 100 mile ultramarathon exceeded my expectations.  It was harder than I imagined, of course, but the course through the Cuyahoga Valley in Ohio was exceptionally beautiful.  The support from my Salty Running crew (led by Crew Chief Salty) provided the support I needed before, during, and after the race and my amazing pacers kept me moving forward, no matter how slowly, and my more » Read more

Oh, Canada! Honey’s Toronto Women’s 15k Race Report

I love to travel and I love running, but I might be finally ready to accept that traveling and racing like a boss don’t exactly go well together. I just got back from running a women’s 15k race in Toronto. I signed up for this race because 1) Toronto is close enough to New York City that I could do it in a quick weekend 2) I have a friend more » Read more

Cilantro’s Black Hills 50M Race Report

To be clear, the Black Hills 50-mile ultramarathon is only 50 miles. And yet, I ran 55. But I think I am getting ahead of myself here, so I will start at the beginning. I registered for Black Hills shortly after choosing Burning River as my first 100-mile attempt because it fit into the time that my training plan called for a 50-mile race, and it was within the 500 more » Read more

Lake Wobegon Marathon Recap

This was the race I had exactly zero intention to run. Which I think is the opposite way one normally approaches a marathon, considering that it is slightly longer than a 5k, which is the last race I ran on a whim. However, because of my training to run across America prior to getting sick (or while getting sick), I had the fitness to run the marathon, so it was more » Read more

Marion Rotary Marathon Race Report

I traveled to Iowa once. I remember it being relatively flat, beautiful actually. That year we had traveled to a small town called Bloomfield for the wedding of our two good friends, Rick and Emily. A few years later, Rick and Emily moved 2 hours north, near Cedar Rapids. It only seemed fitting that we visit again. I decided to tie in a trip with a spring marathon. I researched more » Read more

Oregano’s Race Recap: Trail Factor 50k

Race morning dawned cool and overcast. I took a hot shower to loosen up and put on my race clothes, which were set in an orderly pile the night before. I filled my camelbak water bladder with Nuun (tri-berry flavor), and double checked the other stuff I had in my pack “just in case”: a band-aid, eight gu gels (in a variety of non-fruit flavors), a map, my ID, $10, an more » Read more

Caper’s Mountains to Beach Marathon Race Report

I am writing this race report from a lovely canopy bed in an “undisclosed location” while savoring homemade molasses cookies and a rich latte.  My quads, glutes, calves and toes are complaining about what I put them through on Sunday, but I feel elated.  So grateful to be away with my beloved husband, celebrating  the culmination of months of effort and pausing to recover and reconnect. I loved racing the more » Read more

In Praise of Course Maps

Trail races are absolutely a different beast than your traditional road race. As a city dweller, I don’t get many opportunities to commune with nature in the great outdoors, so the chance to run a trail half marathon in a state park about 2 hours north of New York City seemed like something I should try at least once. I will always love New York and Central Park, but I’ve more » Read more

A Lesson About Respect

On Sunday, April 26th, I embarked on a 26-and-a-quarter mile journey through New Jersey that changed my running life. The short story is that I wound up running 3:53:xx, a personal best by sixteen minutes. This makes it sound like an incredible victory. But really, there was no victory here. It was certainly an accomplishment, but the truth goes deeper. See, the thing is, I was cocky at this race. more » Read more

Pittsburgh Marathon: The Race That Didn’t Come Together.

… and that will happen. I’m not disappointed.  While nothing came together, it was totally awesome to line up on the starting line as one of the elite runners for the first time.  That alone was an incredible experience, one that for most of my life I never thought would happen. Besides, isn’t it the training that is supposed to be the fun part? Read more

A Master Class on Competition

When we think of competition in running what do we think of? Tactics meant to outwit or demoralize an opponent? Elbows flying at the start of a track race? Fist pumping in triumph as a winner passes a despondent loser? Competition means one person basks in the thrill of victory, while another experiences the agony of defeat. Right? Despite these widespread views about competition, the word itself comes from a more » Read more

How to PR a 100 Miler: The Good, the Bad and the Bloody

They always say you can’t control the weather, but you can control your attitude.  Challenging as it was at times, the weather could have been much worse.  Mother Nature, however, still had some fun plans for me, and decided to inform me of said plans at about 4 pm the evening before the race.  I was resolute – after all, I’ve been doing this thing for some 25 years now more » Read more

Tri-Curious? Go for an Indoor Tri!

At one point in your running life I bet you thought you were a strictly one sport kind of girl. But maybe you got injured and had to spend some time on a bike or in the pool which got you thinking that maybe, just maybe, you might enjoy a triathlon. But then you never got up the nerve to actually do one. Until now that is! Enter the indoor more » Read more