When Training Slips, Watch the Self Talk

We all talk to ourselves; it’s human nature.  On both good days and bad, we coach ourselves along through life, celebrating victory, lamenting defeat and encouraging ourselves in-between. At least, that’s the idea, but very often those of us with competitive natures can be found to scold ourselves, disrupting the rhythm of encouragement with phrases like “I did it again.” “What’s wrong with me?” and “I could never do what more » Read more

Changing the Way You Think Isn’t Enough: You Have to Change What You Believe

I admit it: I love those lists of things successful people think or don’t think. As a competitive runner, I’m always looking to improve the little things to take my running to the next level, especially when it comes to my mental game. Anyway, I’m sure you know these lists I’m talking about. The latest one I noticed making the social media rounds is “Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things more » Read more

How To Get Through Hard Workouts Without Breaking Down

Something I’ve talked about before here on Salty Running are my track workouts and how much I enjoy them. But I’ve neglected to talk about something that has the ability to plague my tough workouts:  my tendency to have anxiety attacks. Recently both Cinnamon and Ginger battled anxiety attacks while racing their respective fall marathons, but anxiety can come at any time. For me, workouts are more stressful than races. My more » Read more

Overcoming Performance Anxiety: A Psychological Approach!

As you may have inferred from my previous posts, I’m pretty easy-going. Laid back. Chill. Yes, I follow a pretty rigid structure and have to do, like eating certain things before I run, but for the most part, especially when it comes to running, I’m very relaxed. Give me a split, I’ll hit it and I’ll help my teammates hit it. Not yesterday. Yesterday I showed the other side — more » Read more

Leaning in

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve at least heard of Facebook executive, Sheryl Sandberg and her book, Lean In. Sandberg wrote the book  to encourage women to pursue their ambitions, and to change the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can do. Sure, sexism exists. Whether we like it or not, men, in large part, still rule the world. However, using that as an excuse to abandon more » Read more

Avoiding the Running Comparison Trap

How many times have these thoughts crossed your mind? “I can’t run with her – she’s faster than me.” “I wish I could run in cute shorts like her! She is so much skinnier than me.” “We’ve done all the same workouts, why did she PR and I didn’t?” And sometimes we’re not putting ourselves down, but thinking things like “I’m better than her because I run full marathons, she more » Read more

IWBMATTKYT – Embrace the Pain

Lately, I’ve been focusing on cycling in an attempt to finally put my foot issues behind me. This past week I introduced myself to the world of sufferfest videos. The videos are for indoor cycling training and for the most part, the workout was, as titled, a sufferfest. Towards the end of the workout they flashed this acronym “IWBMATTKYT,” which stands for “I will beat my ass today to kick yours more » Read more

Fake It Until You Make It

Together, we’ve taken a big leap: we’ve resolved to dream big and to stop being embarrassed about it. Yeah! But that is just a first step to realizing our big goals. Ladies (and you 2 gentlemen readers), we have more work to do to become the runners we dream of becoming. Today I’m going to put on my self-help guru hat and discuss how the power of positive thinking can more » Read more

A Breakthrough, Thirteen Years in the Making

Thirteen years ago, almost to the date, I stepped foot on a 200 meter track to run my very first race. I chose to forgo my third year as a pitcher on the high school softball team to pursue indoor track all because I liked how it was starting to feel to run. After those 400 meters, I didn’t like the feeling. I wanted to puke. I was dizzy. And more » Read more

Yoga Wisdom for Runners

Like a lot of you out there, I like to balance out my training with a little yoga. In fact, my only form of cross-training is yoga – it’s the only activity other than running that I can stick to doing on a regular basis. My affinity for yoga makes perfect sense: As us Salties know, running is as much mental as it is physical, just like yoga. The reason I’m more » Read more