Marathon Taper Guilt

Me: “After Boston, I’m going to get in shape.” My husband: “You do know how ridiculous that statement is, right?” Me: “Yes. But I mean it.” My husband: “Ok, as long as you’re aware.” It happens every time during my marathon taper. Every. Time. Let’s rewind for a moment though. There you are a few months ago, staring at your computer screen, credit card clutched in your hand, you double more » Read more

Catnip’s Glass City Marathon Report or Why You Shouldn’t Run A Marathon That Passes Your House at Mile 20

Long story short: my Glass City Marathon finish time of 3:03:07 is disappointing, nowhere close to my 2:50 goal. Even worse, I enjoyed only a handful of the 26.2 miles I raced. However, even just a couple minutes after finishing, I started to feel pretty happy about the whole thing: I faced failure, dueled with the DNF devil and chose to keep working. Now for the long story. Winter training pointed to marathon more » Read more

Who Are the People Running Marathons?

Nearly five years ago, I ran my first and only marathon. In spite of having run regularly for most of my life, training for that marathon proved to be a huge challenge! Each and every long run beat me up, I was exhausted, and I got injured. I made it through the race, but just barely. At the time, and even years later, I chalked my difficulties up to being more » Read more

Running Archaeology: Analyzing a Training Cycle

Here at Salty many of our writers publish our training logs for everyone to see. We may not put every detail in them, but it allows other Salties and you to get a better idea of how we train. One of the beneficial aspects of keeping training logs is being able to look back at a training cycle to compare workout paces, long run progressions, mileage consistency, and how you felt more » Read more

5 Last Minute Tips for the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is on Monday. I repeat: the Boston Marathon is on Monday. Now is not the time to cram in last-minute training or change all your plans. However, maybe you’re waiting to hop on a plane to Boston and killing a few minutes at work because you can’t concentrate on anything other than the big race. In that case, now is a good time for a quick refresher, along more » Read more

Forget About Mile 20: Hitting the Marathon Training Wall

Week one of my marathon training cycle, I remember it like it was yesterday. Picture my fresh legs, big dreams, and heart full of joy and happiness. I couldn’t wait to get started on my path to dominate my next marathon, so I started my training a day early. As I looked ahead on my training calendar, eighteen weeks seemed like an eternity. Naturally, the mileage and big workouts deep more » Read more

Molly Stout is Chasing Down a PR in Boston

It’s been two years since Molly Stout last crossed the finish line on Boylston Street. The 33-year-old will be running her 20th marathon at the 120th Boston Marathon. She’s been running for many years, steadily dropping her marathon time by more than an hour, and is coming off a big PR of 3:14 at the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon. Molly’s life revolves around running and healthy living. By day, she works more » Read more

Hometown Pride Helps Julie Tarallo Finish Fast in Boston

Julie Tarallo wears her love for the city of Boston on her face. She grew up in Easton, Massachusetts, just 30 minutes from downtown Boston. At her first Boston Marathon in 2013, she set a massive 18-minute marathon PR before bombs exploded at the finish line, devastating her beloved city. Julie vowed to come back the following year and give the city the celebratory marathon day it deserved. But training more » Read more

Patti Tomasello’s Heading Back to Boston Against All Odds

Every once in a while you meet a person who is so nice, so kind and so positive she doesn’t seem real. To top it off, these people are usually beautiful and talented too. I often secretly wonder what their flaw is. Maybe they don’t make their bed every morning, or they pick their nose, or maybe their house is really dirty (crap, I’m describing myself). I want to find out something, more » Read more

Boston Runs in the Family For Sisters Katie Kay and Jen Dahler

In 2013, Katie Kay raced her first and Jen Dahler raced her third Boston Marathon. That year, the race was rocked by a bomb near the finish line. In the wake of the tragedy, sisters Katie and Jen vowed they’d go back. They would go back to prove that Boston was about running and triumph, not terror. They would go back to bring back happy memories of a future Boston more » Read more

Should You Warm-up for a Marathon?

You read our race reports and some of us talk about warming up before our marathons. You read our Olympic Trials coverage and saw pictures of the participants doing their pre-race shake-outs. We talk about warming-up for a marathon like like it’s normal, like everyone at the starting line at a marathon is out there warming up, but warming-up for a marathon is not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean it’s not for more » Read more

Calculating the Accuracy of Running Calculators

I was a math major in college. There was something comforting about numbers and formulas; there was always one right answer, nothing to be argued or evaluated subjectively. (In upper level math courses, where there are more Greek letters than numbers, this falls apart, but I digress.) When it comes to running, I still love crunching numbers—the weekly total, the paces nailed, the amount of miles on my shoes—but in more » Read more

USATF Changes the Standards 9 Weeks Before the Trials

Just a few weeks shy of 44, Joanna Zieger lined up at the 2014 Shamrock Marathon with one goal: qualify for her third Olympic Marathon Trials. She gave that race everything she had, yet missed the mark by a mere 58 seconds. After a long world-class athletic career, including placing fourth in the triathlon at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, some recent health problems prevented another qualifying attempt. Joanna accepted that her more » Read more

CIM, the Marathon Made for Breakthroughs

Some races have their mythology. like Athens, of course, where Pheidippides died upon completing his journey. Then there’s Boston, which embodies its mythology in its unicorn logo. In the twenty-first century, a new legend is emerging in Sacramento, where the California International Marathon churns our more breakthroughs than any other marathon. Sunday’s CIM didn’t disappoint, adding 13 new U.S. women Olympic Trials Qualifiers to the nine it produced in 2013 more » Read more

Marathon #26 for the WIN! Pepper’s NCTM Race Report

North Country Trail Marathon in Michigan was my 26th marathon. It was supposed to be just for fun, just my husband and me on a little trail racing adventure. I left marathons and all serious racing in 2013, as I was aiming for the Olympic Trials. Unlike my build-up for #25, I did not have a big mileage base, wanted to ride bikes more than run, and my idea of fast more » Read more