Calculating the Accuracy of Running Calculators

I was a math major in college. There was something comforting about numbers and formulas; there was always one right answer, nothing to be argued or evaluated subjectively. (In upper level math courses, where there are more Greek letters than numbers, this falls apart, but I digress.) When it comes to running, I still love crunching numbers—the weekly total, the paces nailed, the amount of miles on my shoes—but in more » Read more

USATF Changes the Standards 9 Weeks Before the Trials

Just a few weeks shy of 44, Joanna Zieger lined up at the 2014 Shamrock Marathon with one goal: qualify for her third Olympic Marathon Trials. She gave that race everything she had, yet missed the mark by a mere 58 seconds. After a long world-class athletic career, including placing fourth in the triathlon at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, some recent health problems prevented another qualifying attempt. Joanna accepted that her more » Read more

CIM, the Marathon Made for Breakthroughs

Some races have their mythology. like Athens, of course, where Pheidippides died upon completing his journey. Then there’s Boston, which embodies its mythology in its unicorn logo. In the twenty-first century, a new legend is emerging in Sacramento, where the California International Marathon churns our more breakthroughs than any other marathon. Sunday’s CIM didn’t disappoint, adding 13 new U.S. women Olympic Trials Qualifiers to the nine it produced in 2013 more » Read more

Marathon #26 for the WIN! Pepper’s NCTM Race Report

North Country Trail Marathon in Michigan was my 26th marathon. It was supposed to be just for fun, just my husband and me on a little trail racing adventure. I left marathons and all serious racing in 2013, as I was aiming for the Olympic Trials. Unlike my build-up for #25, I did not have a big mileage base, wanted to ride bikes more than run, and my idea of fast more » Read more

Dill and the Revenge Marathon

When you’re a marathoner, you spend months training for your goal race. Race morning finally comes and you know you’ve done everything right for this race. This is going to be your day, your race, your breakthrough! Oh no! Something goes wrong. You cramp up, you drop all of your gels, you don’t sleep the night before, or your gastrointestinal system doesn’t cooperate. You muscle your way through the race and finish, more » Read more

How to Start Training to RACE Marathons

We get asked a lot of questions here, and one we get asked an awful lot is this one: I’ve finished marathons, but now I want to train to race one! How do I do that? We’ve also heard variations like: I’ve raced a half, but now want to race a full marathon. or I want to eventually go sub-3 like you and Barley, but… or simply, Where do I start more » Read more

The Race of My Life: Cinnamon’s NYC Marathon Report

It was a little disheartening that the taxi driver had no clue what was going on when I said “Staten Island Ferry, please!” I figured he’d just finished a shift of hauling around drunk adults in Halloween costumes, so I wasn’t very surprised. I WAS surprised when my $50 visa gift card got declined and I had a mini-panic while I tried to figure out how to get to an ATM. more » Read more

It’s More than A Goal Time: What Exactly is a Sub-3:00 Marathon?

So many times I hear runners talk about their goal time for a marathon. Having an end goal for your race is awesome! Something I realized though, is that we talk about our time goals but don’t always talk about what they actually mean. What the heck IS a sub-3:00 marathon? (When I say sub-3:00 you can substitute any goal. It’s just the example we’ve been using the last few weeks.) more » Read more

Run a Sub-3:00 Marathon in Just 4.5 Short Years

Over the past four and a half years, I have grown to love the marathon more and more. This doesn’t mean I haven’t struggled along the way, or that I have the whole marathon figured out. However, I have learned a lot through each and every training cycle. In fact, some of my best successes in races have come from looking back and pointing out what worked and what didn’t. It’s more » Read more

Do Marathons Have Personalities?

Sunday is Marathon Day here in New York City. I’ll be along 5th Avenue, under the golden fall foliage, watching about 52,000 runners will themselves through the last three miles through Central Park. It’s such a great day that connects all five of Gotham’s boroughs. On another level, the marathon itself might be perhaps a great metaphor for this city: a multinational event that’s big, expensive, and rooted in competition. This is quite more » Read more

Run a Sub-3:00 Marathon in Just 10 Short Miles a Day!

I raced the Columbus Marathon last week. Unlike last year, I didn’t get stressed out about the race. I was very, very ready (or at least I thought I was) when I showed up on the starting line. I knew it was just a matter of getting there with the right gear, a solid race plan and some good fall marathoning weather. I went after a 2:50 race, but landed on a 2:54, more » Read more

Jasmine’s Columbus Marathon (Not the Pipe Dream) Race Report

Let’s cut to the important part: 2:54:06, 12th place (yeah, this was a really competitive race). That’s a really impressive marathon from someone who two years ago was barely a 1:43 half marathon. But as much of an advance as it represents, it seems like a race that didn’t quite come together. I really thought my fitness level was better than this race. After a fantastic and flawless training season, more » Read more

Marathon Redemption! Catnip’s Columbus Marathon Report

Allow me to state the obvious: Marathons are hard. And after my back-to-back DNF marathons last fall, training for a 2015 marathon was more mentally than physically challenging. So my goal for the Columbus Marathon was to (finally) complete marathon #13 feeling strong and with a smile on my face. I asked my coach, who trained me to a sub-17 5k a few years ago, to write me a marathon plan. He crafted more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Should I Run with a Pace Group?

Marathon taper doesn’t just mean running fewer miles, it means it’s time to hammer out all of our race day details.  The New York Marathon is my goal race and it’s just two weeks away! I’m busy hammering out my gel and hydration plan, going over my race outfit options, and making sure my legs own goal marathon pace. However, there is one question I just can’t seem to answer myself. more » Read more

My 1st 26.2! Cardamom’s Wineglass Race Report

When I was trying to decide when and where to do my first marathon, I carefully considered all the different factors. I wanted my first marathon to happen someplace special to me and to be as beginner friendly as possible. I used to live in Toronto and the marathon route goes right past my old neighborhood and all the different places that I used to work and hang out. This made more » Read more