Navigating the No-Man’s Land of Marathon Training

When the excitement of starting a new plan wears off just as your mileage creeps steadily up, when your goal race is still too far away to feel real but your tired legs are begging for a reason to skip that tempo run–beware! You may have entered the no-man’s land of marathon training. And your motivation could be in serious danger (if it hasn’t already been snuffed out entirely). Ask more » Read more

Basil’s (First Ever!) Marathon Race Report

Once upon a time (okay, it was last weekend) in a land far, far away (Alaska, so maybe add one more “far”), there lived a neurotic red head with an audacious idea stuck in her head about running a Boston qualifying marathon. Truth be told, it was her Fairy Runmother, Salty, who got her into this mess, leading her to believe it was actually possible to progress from barely finishing more » Read more

Crafting Your Marathon Race Plan

I’m writing this on the verge of running my first marathon. As I close in on race day, it seems surreal–still just an idea in my head, a training plan on paper, a melodramatic blog post, but not an actual thing that I’ll do in real life. (I’m assuming the “feeling real” part will kick in by mile 18, if not sooner.) With tapering well underway and fewer hours spent more » Read more

A Runner’s Greatest Fear: Training Season DNF

Despite all the work we put in and the hopes we bring to the starting line, not all races are perfect performances. We often talk about the tough races – you know the ones – the ones in which you miss your goal time, you get hurt, or even worse, you DNF (do not finish).  But we don’t often talk about what happens when your entire season tanks. Today we more » Read more

The (almost) 40 Year-Old Virgin

Most people I meet just assume I’ve already done it. I mean, I exhibit all the signs. On any given day, rain, shine or snow, I can be spotted running against the flow of traffic sporting spandex, a sweaty old race tee and an incurable case of the crazy eyes. My feet are the stuff of horror films. The scary music crescendos whenever I reach for the flip flops. I more » Read more

5 Marathon Race Day Essentials

Salutations, Salty Readers! It is no big secret that fall marathon season is officially in high gear. Goal marathons are no joking matter, so we’re skipping the John Boehner name-pronunciation jokes and dishing out useful information on a Friday for a change. Today’s Friday 5 is all about my top 5 marathon race day essentials! Now I am not claiming to be a marathon expert or guru by any stretch of more » Read more

To Marathon, Or Not to Marathon? How Do You Know You’re Ready to Run 26.2?

That is the question. I recently had an epic run, during which I broke through my mileage plateau without suffering any immediate ill effects, I can’t help but wonder if I should just go ahead and do it. I know darn well I can run a half-marathon, albeit maybe slower than I would like, but could I run a marathon this coming February? I have plenty of time between now more » Read more

Cinnamon’s Taper Crazies Training Log – 10.1.13

Oh my god. I’m running another marathon. Like for real. I’m running another whole marathon in just a few days, and I can’t back out. My Mom is driving six hours to be there. I wish I could back out. I have taper crazies. I had food poisoning last Thursday and Friday! I didn’t give up drinking for a month like I said I would. I didn’t stretch enough. I more » Read more

All Marathons Have a Backstory: Northern Ohio Marathon

After my post, All Marathons Have a Backstory was published, I got to thinking about all the other marathon stories developing this fall. In particular, one of my friends from college, Justin, had quite an amazing story to share. After reconnecting on Facebook, I offered him a platform to share that story. Today, it’s not about women’s running or men’s running. Being fast or being slow. It’s about living life to more » Read more

Wasabi’s Awesome Guide to Marathon Tapering Success!

Howdy ho, Salty Readers! Today I would like to give a little love to those of you out there who are wrapping up your final long runs and gearing up for the (debatably) most difficult and anxiety-producing part of marathon training… Dun-duh-DUUNNN… The taper! As a creature of perpetual motion, I’ve never been a fan of tapering, resting, days off, etc. My natural inclination is to keep myself as busy more » Read more