I Took a Group Exercise Class and I Liked It

I’m a runner. I’ve run many, many marathons. I run a lot. I’m an athlete (shut up, New Balance ad). However, exercising in ways that don’t involve running aren’t really my thing. Sure everyone says we should strength train, do yoga, or whatever, but I was always too busy just trying to get my miles in. I never bothered to heed that advice … until now, that is. Maybe it more » Read more

How a Fitbit Can Help Even the Most Serious Runner Find Well-Being

As a Salty reader you might look at the title of this post, snort, and then wonder if I’ve lost my mind. A Fitbit? Really, Ginger? Well, I thought the same thing. That is, until a few months ago. Last year, the company I work for purchased a Fitbit for every employee. The goal was to encourage us to regularly get up from behind our desks by inspiring us to meet the Fitbit’s 10,000 more » Read more

Aqua Jogging: An Alternative to “Real Running”

Injured? Is the weather bad, but you’re sick of the treadmill? Looking for cross training alternatives to improve your running? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe you should consider giving pool running (or aqua jogging) a try. Why aqua jogging? Running is high impact. Running in water is almost no impact, as your body weighs about 10% of your land weight in water. Your weight-bearing more » Read more

Cocoa’s C-section recovery log: Week 2

A friend of mine told me that every day after a c-section you feel 100% better than the day before. Well, I have a lot of “100%’s” to go until I feel decent again, but she was right. Every day is 100% better than the day before… UNLESS I overdid it the day before, in which case I take one step forward and a half step back. I’ve had a more » Read more

Garlic’s Back on the Running Roller Coaster

Hello Salty Readers, it’s Garlic – after a long break, I’m finally writing a post! Busy with my career, family and an injury this summer, it’s been easy to let writing fall to the wayside. I’ve still been following along, though, and some of the posts recently (particularly Sage’s lovely post, Catnip’s heartfelt update, and Salty’s honest post) have inspired me to write one of my own. After a super-tough winter more » Read more

Bricks 101

In her latest piece, Cilantro touched on “brick workouts” and why they have been instrumental in her training for Burning River, a 100 mile ultra she will be racing at the end of July. It occurred to us that many of our readers might not really know what a brick is or at best, think a brick workout is the exclusive domain of those crazy triathlete people. Of course, I’m more » Read more

Less Running, More Biking and Swimming: Will I Still Be 100-mile Ready?

As I alluded to when I posted about having to defer my Run Across America dreams, I have been cleared to run and train for my upcoming 100-mile race at Burning River (also my very first 100M race, although not my first ultramarathon, I have done two 50-milers and one 50k). However, even though the doctors say I can run as long as I feel up to it, based on more » Read more

Deadlift Dos and Don’ts for Runners

Do you deadlift? It may well be one of the single best exercises for runners, and if you don’t, you should! Most runners could benefit from strengthening their posterior chain – the muscles in the back of us like our glutes and hamstrings. These help propel us forward, and are necessary for good speed and stability while running. The deadlift can also help with core strength and stability. Mastering it more » Read more

Tri-Curious? Go for an Indoor Tri!

At one point in your running life I bet you thought you were a strictly one sport kind of girl. But maybe you got injured and had to spend some time on a bike or in the pool which got you thinking that maybe, just maybe, you might enjoy a triathlon. But then you never got up the nerve to actually do one. Until now that is! Enter the indoor more » Read more

Running, Nothing Compares To You?

It’s been seven hours and fifteen days since you took your love away. Actually, it’s been five hours and 14 days since you, achilles tendon, prevented me from running. And much like we all experience, the first few days of surrendering to an injury were not fun. Not only because I couldn’t do that which keeps me sane but I ended up getting this one hit wonder stuck in my head more » Read more

Know More than Squat about Squats

Today I am writing to extol the virtues of the deep squat, and to convince all you Salty Readers to try it and maybe even spend some time in it every day. Squatting isn’t easy for a lot of us in this country. We don’t do it much once we leave our childhood years, and when we try as adults we either barely get down, or fall over while we’re more » Read more

Want a Strong Core? Think Beyond the Plank!

Can you hold a plank for more than a minute? Do you diligently hit the mat for your daily dose of core work before or after every run? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might want to consider trading in some of your planking time for some good old strength and power work. Open any running magazine and you’re sure to find at least one article extolling the more » Read more

Get Stronger While You Run!

Intervals, sprints, tempos, running from the Zombie Apocalypse…all of these are proven methods for helping you become a faster runner.  There’s something missing from this list though, and while many runners don’t do it at all, it strengthens the fascia, tendons, ligaments, and bones all at once.  It increases your ability to run faster without it feeling harder on your lungs.  It leads to a more powerful stride, and most importantly, more » Read more

A Runner’s Introduction to CrossFit

As an athlete I’m a runner, first and foremost. I have a half-marathon, marathon and 76-mile relay already booked on my 2014 calendar. However, something has been nagging at me for a while as I pound out the miles on the gym treadmill. How fit am I? I can check off double-digit long runs, but I balk when I’m asked to help my boyfriend move a couch. Something isn’t right more » Read more

Namaste: Finding My Runner Zen

I’ll admit it. I used to be one of those people. I was a skeptic of the whole downward dog-loving, lululemon-addicted, tree-hugging yogis that wandered around with their expensive yoga mats and were actually “smiling” without a drip of sweat after their “work-out”. Yes, I thought yoga was for wimps; for people who didn’t like to sweat; for flexible thirty-somethings who found a source of relaxation in the whole Vinyasa routine.  more » Read more