Everything Every Runner Needs to Know about Jack Daniels

Today We’re talking about Dr. Jack Daniels, the man named “World’s Best Coach” by Runner’s World magazine. Daniels was a swimmer and shooter before he was groomed to compete in modern pentathlon bringing home medals in the 1956 and 1960 Olympics. But his mark on the world of running came after he went on to study exercise physiology and conducted the research that modernized middle and distance running training. His book Daniels’ Running Formula more » Read more

My Best Running Buddy: The Podcast

Do you ever wish that you could run with a really smart, funny friend who could take your mind off long, tedious, and sometimes painful miles, and who would keep you company on even the most inconveniently-timed runs? Do you like learning new things?  Do you ever have trouble tearing yourself away from a good story you’re reading or watching to get out the door for a run?  Do you more » Read more

Time for Tempo Runs!

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a newbie to implementing structured training, a regular tempo run should be a staple workout. If you follow the Salty training logs, you’ve probably noticed them pop up often in our weekly recaps. But not all tempos are equal. Some of us do long tempos and some do short tempo intervals. Some of us run 15k-10 mile race pace or faster and others run more » Read more

The Runner’s Biological Clock: Age Grading

Last week, Salty wrote a great post about how to define a PR.  This concept can become tricky when you’re an older athlete.  For some who started focused training later in life, many PRs may still lie ahead because you weren’t training or keeping track when you were younger.  However, if you ran competitively in your youth, you may never again be able to run the same absolute time over more » Read more

Find Your Fitness: Time Trials

With fall racing season now in full swing, many of us are ramping up our workouts accordingly.  But when your training plan calls for you to run at 1-mile pace, or 3K pace, or 30 seconds faster than 5K race pace, what does this translate to for you, especially if you’ve never run a race at that distance? Time trials might just be the tool you need to establish a more » Read more

The Difference Between Running and Racing a Marathon

My coach is fond of saying that I have only raced a few marathons. What, you may ask, was I doing the other 20-some times I toed the marathon line? According to Coach I was just running. Is there really a difference between running and racing a marathon? I think so. I know countless great runners who do not race their marathons; they run a few marathons year after year more » Read more

Achieve the Perfect Long Run for Your Marathon or Half Marathon!

It’s been a while since we’ve visited the long run, and since many of us are getting into fall racing season it’s time! Most of us know long runs are important, but we also have some newbies among us who need a little background on the fundamentals of good half and full marathon training. Weather you’ve run a bazillion of them or are sweating about your first, this post is more » Read more

Lemongrass’ Training Log: 09.08.14

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything fell apart? This was that week for me. The wheels just fell off my metaphorical bus of life. This included our daycare lady cancelling mere moments before school began, leaving me without care for my 19 month old and three-year-old and the tile in the bathroom breaking, revealing years of moldy, water damaged wood. All of this, needless to say, more » Read more

The Perfect Training Log Trap

Training plans are the best. All you have to do is look at the day on the calendar and do what the training plan says. I don’t know about you, but I take a lot of pride in logging week after week of perfect training, nailing all my training plan’s workout paces and weekly mileage goals. I find that the more perfect training weeks I have the more I push more » Read more