Caper’s Week 8 Boston Marathon Training Log

I don’t know how long the stars will stay aligned, but I am savoring this moment.  For my first marathon cycle ever, everything is clicking in my training.  Also, the new running watch I got this week has given me estimates and predictions that are keeping me motivated.  On top of that, my legs actually feel good.  Here’s how the week went: Monday – 5 recovery paced miles on treadmill more » Read more

Calculating the Accuracy of Running Calculators

I was a math major in college. There was something comforting about numbers and formulas; there was always one right answer, nothing to be argued or evaluated subjectively. (In upper level math courses, where there are more Greek letters than numbers, this falls apart, but I digress.) When it comes to running, I still love crunching numbers—the weekly total, the paces nailed, the amount of miles on my shoes—but in more » Read more

Feeling Like a Fraud: Imposter Syndrome and Running

Yesterday, on my way out of the gym, I held the door for another woman who was also on her way out. “Thank you!” she said,  “And by the way, you run REALLY fast!” I didn’t know how to respond so I nervously laughed and said, “Oh! Thanks, but–” She interrupted, “I saw you run 7.5 on the treadmill and I think I would blackout if I ran that fast!” more » Read more

My Brave Mile

My mile-training day of reckoning was fast approaching, almost time to put the past several months of motivation, stamina training and speed-work to the test and to see if I had the courage to run a brave mile. I wrote my goal on my calendar in red, but as the date approached, Mother Nature intervened, dropping a thick blanket of snow over the tracks and roads of Boston. The weather turned colder, and more » Read more

Sage’s Training Log: 1.31.2016

It’s already week 7 of half marathon training program! I faithfully followed the Hansons Half Marathon Program, but dropped off day six of running. I think six days/week running is too much for me; my left knee is bothering me, which, in the past, has meant increasing mileage or pace too quickly. So I may compromise and run five days/week and add back in my swimming for active recovery day. This week: Monday: more » Read more

Caper’s Week 7 Boston Marathon Training Log — 1.31.16

During week 7 of Boston marathon training, I experimented with putting my interval workout midweek and stacking my marathon pace and “long run” days back to back to provide maximum recovery days the rest of the week.  This worked well for me, allowing me to go hard on my hard days and run more total miles of speed work without feeling on the knife’s edge of injury.  I also enjoyed more » Read more

Mile Training: Spend Time on Speed

Speed-work: we do it to train for every race distance. It’s our chance to practice running at our target race pace, taking on the challenge in small pieces before stringing it together into a race on our big day. I thought I had plenty of experience with hard speed workouts training for the 5K and the10K, but I was completely unprepared for mile race speed-work. For mile training, speed work more » Read more

On Making Comparisons: Your Mileage May Vary

This week, I posted my first training log with a little bit of hesitation. You might look at my training and think it’s a lot. But sadly, I look at it and think it doesn’t compare to what my peers are doing. It’s the Internet’s fault. I’ll be scrolling through other runners’ Twitter, Instagram, or blogs and suddenly come across posts/photos/workouts that make me feel really bad about myself. How can more » Read more

Treadmill Tip of the Week: Going Long, Baby

Did you hear? Spring training started. Spring MARATHON training, that is! Boston, the Eugene Marathon, and the Avenue of the Giants Marathon (to name a few of my personal favorites) amongst many others are on the calendar in less than 16 weeks, a standard length for many marathon training programs. If tempo runs are the bread and butter of your training plan, the long run is the meat (or tofu, if that’s how you swing). It’s the solid, sustained effort of more » Read more

Caper’s Week 6 Boston Marathon Training Log — 1.24.2016

  This was a week of contrasts. I ran in sunny Florida, through the beginning of a blizzard in CT and through a patchwork of snow and ice after three feet was dumped on NYC. I loved every minute of it. Monday – 6.8 miles, with 2×800 (7:17/176 bpm; 7:16/173 bpm) with 60 sec rests. Planned to do 8×800 but my watch died at the end of the second interval, more » Read more

Dill’s Training Log 1.18.16 thru 1.24.16

This was week three of no actual training plan and I actually had a pretty great week!  I stuck with my goal of doing one strength related exercise a day, squeezed in a few group exercise classes and had some great runs.  This week also served as great reminder of why I need to stop looking at my watch so much.  I made a point of trying to run by more » Read more

Molasses’ Houston Marathon Race Report

The Chevron Houston Marathon has been around since before I was born. The inaugural year, 1972, boasted just 113 runners who repeated a 5-mile loop at Memorial Park. Memorial Park is situated on the grounds of Camp Logan, a WWI military training facility in what is now downtown Houston. The first female finisher in 1972 was a 14-year old; she crossed the finish line in 5:11:55. In 1973, fewer than more » Read more

Why Do Ultra-Runners Walk the Hills?

It was a long time ago now, when I trained for my first 50K. One of my first group trail runs was 10-miles run mostly on a two-loop trail. A pretty decently-sized group showed up for that run, maybe 25 or so people, and we started out on that crisp fall morning at a comfortable jog. We left the parking lot, ran under a covered bridge, onto a trail next to the road, then more » Read more

Treadmill Tip of the Week: 4 Boredom-Busting Tempo Workouts

Tempo runs are the bread and butter of many training plans. The basic tempo run is usually a sustained effort somewhere between 15-minutes and an hour at anywhere between 10k and marathon pace. Sustained one-pace tempo runs are great … unless you are stuck on the treadmill, which turns sweet innocent sustained one-pace tempos into torture. While most everyone agrees the number one problem we encounter when we move our more » Read more

Catnip’s Training Log – 1.18.2016

I began this week by puking my guts out. Ughhh. I had planned for this to be a cutback week with lower mileage and a day off and I guess I can look at this as “overachieving” maybe? I ended up with 3 days off and about 60% planned mileage. Still, it didn’t turn out too badly. By Friday I was feeling normal and ran both my planned races on more » Read more