The Difference Between Running and Racing a Marathon

My coach is fond of saying that I have only raced a few marathons. What, you may ask, was I doing the other 20-some times I toed the marathon line? According to Coach I was just running. Is there really a difference between running and racing a marathon? I think so. I know countless great runners who do not race their marathons; they run a few marathons year after year more » Read more

Achieve the Perfect Long Run for Your Marathon or Half Marathon!

It’s been a while since we’ve visited the long run, and since many of us are getting into fall racing season it’s time! Most of us know long runs are important, but we also have some newbies among us who need a little background on the fundamentals of good half and full marathon training. Weather you’ve run a bazillion of them or are sweating about your first, this post is more » Read more

Lemongrass’ Training Log: 09.08.14

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything fell apart? This was that week for me. The wheels just fell off my metaphorical bus of life. This included our daycare lady cancelling mere moments before school began, leaving me without care for my 19 month old and three-year-old and the tile in the bathroom breaking, revealing years of moldy, water damaged wood. All of this, needless to say, more » Read more

The Perfect Training Log Trap

Training plans are the best. All you have to do is look at the day on the calendar and do what the training plan says. I don’t know about you, but I take a lot of pride in logging week after week of perfect training, nailing all my training plan’s workout paces and weekly mileage goals. I find that the more perfect training weeks I have the more I push more » Read more

Four Workouts to Help Build Mental Toughness

Of course it’s important for us runners to be physically strong, but anyone who has run an endurance race knows that there comes a point when your mind does the heavy lifting.  When your legs are tired and your body aches and your brain starts to give up, the key to saving a challenging race is what you do mentally to push through the pain and the rough spots. My more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 8.31.14

More group runs with Columbus Moms Run this Town! Early, early (we’re talking 4:45 a.m.), but lots of fun and outside of my comfort zone and more focus on the sociability of running aspect. They motivate me to keep on trucking despite 2 am breastfeeding sessions and leaky boobs…you know, all that fun ‘mom’ stuff. Monday 8.25 – 3 miles easy, recovery from 10 miler Tuesday 8.26 – 4.5 miles more » Read more

Lemongrass’ Training Log: 8/11-9-2

Why, hello there, internets! I’m back after my crazy few weeks of summer travel. In that time I’ve pretty much traversed the entire east coast and somehow kept running. Before I get into the specifics of how I’ve been running, let me fill you in on where and why I’ve been going. Vacation #1: Five days in Charleston, SC. Girls day/night with my best friend at her new(ish) home with more » Read more

Does This Rest Day Make My Butt Look Big?

Ahhhh … rest days. After a grueling week of easy runs, long runs, tempos, track workouts, strength training and cross training there’s nothing like a day to relax and recuperate, you’d think we runners would be counting the seconds until our next rest day. Maybe not. Some look forward to those rest days, while others dread or ignore them. We all know that our bodies need some down time for recovering more » Read more

Madison Mini Race Report. 100/111/114

I’ve mentioned that I have been coaching three boys to run the Madison Mini Marathon half.  I even went so far as to say they were totally nailing their training. So I am a few steps ahead of elated to tell you that they nailed it, and even placed in their age group. Here is how it went down: Related PostsRace Report: Mint’s Mile! Inspire and Be Inspired: Girls on the more » Read more

Want a Strong Core? Think Beyond the Plank!

Can you hold a plank for more than a minute? Do you diligently hit the mat for your daily dose of core work before or after every run? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might want to consider trading in some of your planking time for some good old strength and power work. Open any running magazine and you’re sure to find at least one article extolling the more » Read more