Learn to Race Your Best 5k!

Though a long-time runner, I am somewhat of a newbie racer.  Nearly a year into my tenure as a competitive local road racer, I still find myself learning things about how to race the 5K, my distance of choice, every single time I do it. Yes, I wrote “learning how to race.” For, much to my surprise, it turns out racing a distance is not only about bolting at the more » Read more

Can I Train for a Sub-3 Marathon Exclusively on a Treadmill?

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of running in the cold. I really can’t tolerate much of it. I can maybe handle one or two runs a week in sub-freezing temperatures before I scream for mercy. Yet here I am training in the midwest for a spring marathon. I’m running Pittsburgh in about four months. Last year was the winter that made us question everything we believe in as more » Read more

Time off? On Purpose?! Why You Need a Scheduled Running Break

Recently Salty wrote about overtraining and Cinnamon and Ginger have posted about forced time off due to work obligations and injury scares, but today I’m going to talk about choosing to take some time off from running. That’s right, the site dedicated to serious women’s running is recommending that you … stop running. On purpose. I know. I know You’re probably thinking, “OMG, I am going to get so slow! I’ve worked way too more » Read more

Juniper’s Training Log – 01.25.2015

Plans shmans. That’s basically what this week boils down to. Every Sunday I put into my phone calendar my planned workouts for each day of the week, but sometimes life happens, and you can’t do the things you laid out for yourself. A year ago I would’ve had an epic meltdown about not being able to do exactly what I had set out to do for the week, but I’m more » Read more

Should You Use a Race as Your Long Run?

During the last weeks of 2014, without any goal races on the horizon, I started getting comfortable with 5-6 mile runs, and the thought of going longer seemed awful.  I found myself really struggling to do long runs!  But it’s a new year, and my first goal race of 2015 is the New Orleans 70.3, a half Ironman, so I know I have to somehow get out of my funk more » Read more

Overcoming Hardcore: When to Know if You’ve Gone Too Far

We serious runners like to be hardcore. When it comes to mileage we value more. When it comes to pace we value faster. When it comes to rest we value minimal. Prizing the hardcore has helped many a runner become successful, but it has been many a runner’s downfall too. Some runners can thrive on pushing themselves to limits that would break many others–and that’s great for them!–but being someone more » Read more

Surviving Your Winter Running Season (Even if You Hate It)

I have always loved the cold winter months!  You might think I’m crazy; my dad sure used to:  he would come in from yet another shovel duty in the driveway look at me on the couch with my homework and sigh, “When you have to shovel the stuff you won’t think its so much fun.” These days I shovel for myself, but my heart hasn’t changed.  So when I met more » Read more

Hills: You Got This!

You’re not going to believe this, but I promise it’s true: I absolutely adore running up hills. Hills covered in mud, asphalt hills, snow-caked hills, steep hills, hills that slightly plateau and then keep going: I love them all! It’s sick, I know. But hill repeats are an integral part of my training and should be part of yours too. They help to build stamina, lung strength, leg strength, and more » Read more

Measure Any Course in Moments!

We all know it’s important to practice holding consistent pacing mile after mile so we don’t crash on race day.  But when you practice your marathon pace or your 10k pace or your lactic acid pace how do you know you are at the right pace? Maybe you rely on a GPS watch that jumps around wildly between paces. Maybe you drove down your street to estimate the distance with your more » Read more

Overcoming Beginner’s Barriers and Resolving to Commit

It’s January, which means millions of people recently made resolutions.  Some jumped on a new fad diet band wagon. Not me. Some joined a gym and started exercising. Already doing that. Some quit smoking. Good for them! Some are making better financial decisions. Good for them too! Me? I stopped making resolutions. I figured why set myself up for disappointment when February arrived? Instead, I made a commitment to myself to show more » Read more

The 10/2: My Favorite Lactate Threshold Interval Workout

  And just like that, the holiday season came and went! Lucky for us, Salty Running is the gift that keeps on giving. Today I’m excited to share a little post-holiday present with you: my all-time favorite interval workout! It’s something that was handed on to me just over a year ago, and I can’t help but want to re-gift it as much as possible. Interval training can be challenging, more » Read more

Catnip’s training log – week ending 1/11/15

I went back to work after a nice 10-day break this past Monday and was accompanied by frigid winds and loads of snow. Thanks to my trusty treadmill, I managed to complete all the miles in my rough plan, although I skipped a planned 5k on Saturday due to -25 degree windchills. I think I made the right choice there. Monday: 8.3 miles @ 8:26 average pace on the treadmill more » Read more

Running, Nothing Compares To You?

It’s been seven hours and fifteen days since you took your love away. Actually, it’s been five hours and 14 days since you, achilles tendon, prevented me from running. And much like we all experience, the first few days of surrendering to an injury were not fun. Not only because I couldn’t do that which keeps me sane but I ended up getting this one hit wonder stuck in my head more » Read more

Holiday Half Marathon: Redemption!

I have raced two half marathons in my life: one was the last race I ran before mysteriously developing blood clots in both of my lungs in August 2011, and the second was just before Christmas this year. My hopes were high going into this race. Although I never expected to PR again after the PE (pulmonary emboli), this past year has probably been the best running year of my life thus more » Read more

Know More than Squat about Squats

Today I am writing to extol the virtues of the deep squat, and to convince all you Salty Readers to try it and maybe even spend some time in it every day. Squatting isn’t easy for a lot of us in this country. We don’t do it much once we leave our childhood years, and when we try as adults we either barely get down, or fall over while we’re more » Read more