All the Things I Knew: Mango’s Baystate Half Marathon Race Report 

Two seconds: that’s all that separates 1:59:59 from 2:00:01. In between, 2:00:00. There’s nothing fundamentally different about each of those times. Yet two hours, or any other pleasantly round time goal, seems such an insurmountable barrier. At least, it did to me. Once upon a time (2008 – I’m not that old), I ran my very first half marathon in 2 hours and 43 minutes. Since then, I’d shaved off more » Read more

Are Race Lotteries Illegal?

Not too long ago, Pumpkin posted about her frustrating experience entering the lottery for the Medtronic Twin Cities 10 Mile, observing at the outset, “Slots, craps, black jack, road race lotteries: they’re all the same.” Well, a couple of runners who lost out after paying to enter the New York City Marathon lottery last year agree, and they’ve literally made a federal case out it. In January, Charles Konopa and Matthew Clark filed a more » Read more

Chicory’s Race Report – Indy Half Marathon

This race was a pretty last-minute addition to the race calendar. Mr. Chicory and I signed up the Monday before the race. My coach wanted one more all-out effort from me before my goal marathon in November, and the mister doesn’t race very much and needed to get a better sense of his goal for the same marathon. Indianapolis is about 2 hours from our house in Louisville. I looked more » Read more

Raspberry’s First 50: Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Mile Race Report

Since joining the Salty team last spring, I have been training for my first 50-mile race, the Dick Collins Firetrails 50, using Krissy Moehl’s Running Your First Ultra training plan. I had just completed Boston-to-Big Sur, and knew I had the foundation for a strong training cycle. During summer vacation, I armed myself with a new book, Trail Runner’s Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area and adopted an adventurer’s mindset. That, combined with mild weather more » Read more

Chasing the Best-Race-of-My-Life Feeling: Coriander Returns to the Roads

Two years ago, I ran the best race of my life, but since winning the Oil Creek 100K in 2014, a lot has changed. Over the last two years I’ve longed for the same race experience, but I also met my now-husband, moved in with him, adopted a cat, started graduate school, got promoted at work, got married and bought a house. Before all of that, running was something I was getting more » Read more

How to Give Advice to New Runners

As soon as people know you’re a runner — possibly even before you call yourself one — they will want your advice. This is inevitable. Your charge is also inevitable: ensure they become part of the runner-fold and never want to leave. Usually, it starts like this: “I want to start running. What is the key to success?” Or, “I started running and now my ____ hurts.” Or, “I signed up more » Read more

Reach the Beach 2016 or How to Win a Ragnar Relay

Have you ever wanted to do a long-distance overnight relay race? Have you ever done one? I’ve been intrigued by overnight relays for a while, but only recently had an opportunity to participate in one. With a team of 11 former teammates and friends, I ran the Reach the Beach Ragnar Relay covering approximately 200 miles of New Hampshire roads. During the 24 hours and 44 minutes we were out on the course my more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: How Do You Handle Running in the Rain?

Why is it always on the day that I passed up running in the beautiful crisp morning that it starts pouring right before I finally manage to head out the door? Ugh. Running in the rain happens, and while the meek may run screaming for the nearest treadmill or even skip a run altogether, some of us don’t have any option for packing in the miles except sucking it up, more » Read more

Running with Wheels: How to Train with Your Running Stroller

Over the past 4 years, I’ve done most of my training pushing a running stroller. On average, I’d say about 85% of my running is with the stroller. While at first I resisted (ugh, how can anyone get in a workout with this huge thing?), it’s now so natural I don’t even question it. Even while training for the last Olympic Trials, every run except long runs and track workouts more » Read more

Women-Only Races: Awesome or Awful?

Decades ago, women-only road races made sense. Societal notions on the athletic abilities of women left them banned from participating in most road races up until the 1960s and 1970s. Women-only races emerged as a beacon of the women’s running revolution: if we couldn’t participate in road races, then we would make our own. That victory has long since been won. Women are no longer tackled when they run the more » Read more

Red or Blue? What Color Runner are You?

Brooks sponsored this post to inspire you to Run Happy. See more at With her fall goal race right around the corner, one of my best running friends went in search of the perfect versatile tank to wear on her big day. She fell in love with the Brooks Pick-up Running Tank Top, but couldn’t decide whether to go with the red or the blue. She was leaning towards the blue, but asked my opinion. I remembered hearing somewhere more » Read more

Basil’s Kenai River Recap: Celebrating the Painful Privilege that Is a Marathon

A year ago, I couldn’t walk without crutches, couldn’t reach my feet to tie my shoes. Today, I laced up and ran a marathon. Eight months ago, I could barely run for 20 seconds at a time. My hip felt awkward and clumsy, as if all my veteran running muscles had abandoned me and left me with clueless glutes and quads. You want us to do what? Sorry, what does more » Read more

Author Elizabeth Clor on Overcoming Mental Barriers to BQ

Are you a runner who, despite running marathon after marathon has struggled to qualify for Boston? Perhaps you’ve been plagued by one injury after another? Have you become fixated on the amount calories burned on the treadmill? Or have you been so hung up on race times that when conditions have not been right you have lacked the confidence to execute what your training has prepared you for? If you can relate to any more » Read more

Get Off the Track to Get Faster

Earlier this summer when I went to the track to do a workout, but when I got there it was closed due to construction. Already lacking motivation for the workout in the blistering heat, I drove back to my house because driving around to the other tracks would have zapped whatever mojo I had left. Back at home, I improvised. I quickly logged into Garmin and made an automatic workout more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Do You Buy Race Photos?

With the exception of this year’s Flying Pig, where the photos simply do not capture just how completely food poisoning ruined my life that day (long story), I always wind up throwing down for pictures of each season’s A-race. I never really thought too hard about it until a recent chat with Poppy. She told me she bought race photos only once as a gift for her parents. For someone who’s been more » Read more