Caper’s Training Log – Week Ending 8.30.15

Week 11 of NYC marathon was almost too busy to write about, packed with visiting family from across the country, frantic end of summer activity and unexpected amounts of work. In the midst of it all, I managed to log a confidence building almost 70 mile week, with 5 miles of threshold paced speed work, 8.5 marathon-paced miles and a solid 20 mile run on a sultry Sunday. My hard more » Read more

Garlic’s Back on the Running Roller Coaster

Hello Salty Readers, it’s Garlic – after a long break, I’m finally writing a post! Busy with my career, family and an injury this summer, it’s been easy to let writing fall to the wayside. I’ve still been following along, though, and some of the posts recently (particularly Sage’s lovely post, Catnip’s heartfelt update, and Salty’s honest post) have inspired me to write one of my own. After a super-tough winter more » Read more

Sage’s Training Log: 8.23.2015-8.29.2015

This week continued my plan of middle-distance length runs as I contemplate the Portland Half Marathon on October 4. We were in Boulder for the first part of the week where I enjoyed several runs along Boulder Creek Trail. For all the beauty of this area, though, the dusty skies filled with smoke from the Pacific Northwest fires saddened me. Washington state was home for my growing up years, so I shutter at more » Read more

Did I Break My Foot With My Mind? An Update from Catnip

Long time, no write. And now I owe you all a heck of an update. I was last seen around here musing on whether breastfeeding is slowing me down and worrying about increasing plantar fascia pain. Well, my foot got worse and I ended up taking 6 weeks completely off running, not even a test run in that time. What I didn’t mention in those posts was that I was also struggling more » Read more

Caper’s Vacation Training Log — 8.23.15

Week 10 of training for the NYC marathon was all about training in scenic but humid places while on vacation and enjoying a cut back in mileage before a September and October ramp up in mileage and intensity.  I got in solid enough workouts and best of all got to run with my 22 year-old son. Monday: Recover from 20 miler the previous day.  45 mins pool running. Tuesday: 6.5 hot and more » Read more

Sage’s Training Log: 8.16.2015

If you read my training log from last week, you saw that I defaulted on running the Wave to Wine Half Marathon (that *#$ hamstring) and transferred by half marathon bib for a 10k bib. I felt slow: I was in the middle of my Paleo reset diet, which was leaving me sluggish; my hamstring was biting; and I was frustrated. It seemed to be a repeat scenario from May, when more » Read more

5 CrossFit Exercises Every Runner Needs Now!

As every runner knows (or should know), strength and mobility are priceless when it comes to our overall running performance. It’s really a no-brainer: in order to become faster and build endurance, we need to incorporate strength into our training regimine. Of course it goes without saying that strengthening our legs is incredibly important, but runners will often neglect other key areas of the body that are essential in creating more » Read more

Nutrimatix Badwater 135: Coming out of the Dark

There is a moment, however infinitesimal, right before water boils, and right before water freezes. A point at which a cataclysmic change is about to take place, yet still lies just below the surface. A point at which we have one last chance to change the direction of things, for better or for worse. There was no soup, so they forced me to eat a cracker. Technically, they enacted the more » Read more

4 Simple Form Tweaks That Make Running Hills Easier

Whether you encounter hills in training or on the race course, fighting gravity can quickly become an epic struggle both mentally and physically. However, running hills does not have to ruin your workout or race. By maintaining proper form and executing a smart strategy as you run up and over them, you can actually turn hill running into a strength you can capitalize on. In this article, I am going more » Read more

Nutrimatix Badwater 135, Part I: Under A Pink Sky

There is a moment, however infinitesimal, right before water boils, and right before water freezes. A point at which a cataclysmic change is about to take place, yet still lies just below the surface. A point at which we have one last chance to change the direction of things, for better or for worse. Or, to quote the lyrics of an Indigo Girls song: “how long ‘til my soul gets more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — 8.9.15

High summer’s week 8 of training for the NYC marathon is on the books. The good: I am progressing. My goal marathon-paced run was a bit longer and faster, easy paces and long run paces are getting faster and I muddled through five high intensity miles without getting injured.  I feel strong at the end of a 74 mile week (though plan to ease up to allow for recovery during more » Read more

Sage’s Training Post: 8.2.2015-2.8.2015

The final taper week before the Wave to Water Half Marathon and I scratched the race. Ah, the pain and agony of the decision was only outweighed by the likely pain and agony if I run 13.1 miles at my targeted pace. This story is a repeat of May, when I defaulted to the 10k race instead of running the Windsor Green Half Marathon. Ultimately a good decision: my legs more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — 8.2.15

Seven weeks into fall marathon training, during a cut back week, things are slowly starting to come together. I ran 7 miles at goal marathon pace and finished feeling like I could have ran more. And while I still have a ways to go on running my intervals at the proper pace and intensity, I am making progress. Monday:  Rest.  I like to run every day, but after 21 miles more » Read more

Burning River 100 Mile Recap

In so many ways, the Burning River 100 mile ultramarathon exceeded my expectations.  It was harder than I imagined, of course, but the course through the Cuyahoga Valley in Ohio was exceptionally beautiful.  The support from my Salty Running crew (led by Crew Chief Salty) provided the support I needed before, during, and after the race and my amazing pacers kept me moving forward, no matter how slowly, and my more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — 7.26.15

  I enjoyed week 6 of training for the NYC Marathon. I did my speed work this week while watching the sun rise along Lakeshore Drive in Chicago.  I stumbled into a way to immediately boost my easy pace, running more than a dozen strides on my driveway.  And I felt a sense of accomplishment after toughing it through a 21 mile training run in 81 degree weather. My training more » Read more