Pilates and Running: How I Learned to Stop Slouching and Love my Core

It’s a Saturday morning ritual: leisurely breakfast with the fam, followed by a jog through the park to the Pilates studio. An hour later, my core strengthened and stretched, I emerge relaxed and in a 200% better mood than when I went in. I’ve been doing Pilates weekly since last Christmas, and I give it a lot of credit for reviving my running at a time when it seemed to be in more » Read more

The Lowdown on Marathon Training with McMillan Running

Here at Salty Running, we’ve talked about a myriad of ways to train in our training logs and recently in our popular marathon training plan reviews. So far we’ve taken a look at Hansons, Pete Pfitzinger and Lydiard training plans. Now, we’re going to talk about Greg McMillan. I know quite a bit about Greg McMillan’s theories about optimal run training, because I’ve been training with McMillan Running since 2013, under one of Greg’s more » Read more

Running and Faith

In college, I ran 12 track races that were PRs, most only by a second or two, but over 25 that weren’t. I ran about 10,000 miles in college, including miserable workouts that left me rereading my training log and wondering why I was bothering to put myself through this, terrible long runs where I found myself in the middle of hilly suburbs desperately needing a toilet, but also a lot more » Read more

More than Lipstick: How Avon Brought the Women’s Marathon to the Olympics

Early last Sunday morning, we huddled around our computers and TVs to spectate the ultimate in women’s running: the 2016 Olympic Marathon. We watched amazing athletes from across the globe run 26.2 miles at paces many of us can’t even hold for one. The race culminated with a stunning finish, Kenyan Jemima Sumgong crushing Bahrain’s Eunice Kirwa with her finishing kick. In the team showings, for the first time ever, three members more » Read more

Should You Do a Workout in a Race?

The perfect race scenario goes something like this: You’re in the middle or at the end of a hard, satisfying training cycle. You’ve had this race on the calendar for a while and now you’re rested up and ready to go. The weather forecast looks great, and you’re prepared to leave it all out on the course, experience a little race day magic, and nail a huge PR.  A lot more » Read more

Pete Pfitzinger Marathon Training Plans

You did it!! You just signed up for your (1st, 10th, 147th) marathon. Once you hit submit for your online registration and receive that confirmation email, it’s final. Sometimes we sign up for races a long way out and other times we sign up the week of. Regardless of how far out, some form of training plan is suggested. It’s kind of hard to wing 26.2 miles. NOW WHAT?! Naturally, running comes more » Read more

Getting High: The Effects of Running at Altitude

My happy place is the mountains. I dream of owning a mountain home and spending my summers backpacking, hiking, lake lounging and kayaking. This summer, I had a taste of mountain life. I spent a lot of time in the Sierras, which was interesting as I’ve also been following a rigorous 50-mile race training plan. As you might imagine, running at 8,000 feet has been slightly more difficult than running at my usual sea more » Read more

Saved by the Marathon

My watch beeped. Glancing down, I realized I had passed mile 23, that this was the farthest I’d ever run. Tears streamed down my face as I realized, “Oh my God. I’m doing this. It’s happening. I’m actually doing this thing!” My path to this place, my first marathon, had been a rocky one. Two weeks earlier I had been sitting in the office a rehab facility, listening to a counselor say I more » Read more

When Your Running Identity Changes

Lately, I have been struggling with accepting and publicizing that I am really only running because I don’t want to have to purchase a new wardrobe. I have been mostly silent about it here, but since starting my career in academia, running has quickly become a different part of my identity. Ultrarunning, at least for now, has become a less salient part of who I am, in identity development terms. “Cilantro the more » Read more

To Run Faster, Is There Any Benefit to Cross-Training?

Storied coach Jack Daniels once said, “The best way to become a better runner is through running.” This concept, that the best training to improve yourself in something is to do that thing in training, is called “training specificity” and is supported by science. So why practice the trombone if you’re a tuba player (I’m a musician, remember)? Maybe your tuba is in the shop getting fixed so the only more » Read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Try a Treadmill Studio Class

“Come to a treadmill class with me!” she said. “Um. What?” I replied. I’m a runner, and I have been for more than half my life. I’ve run on teams, I’ve run on trails, on tracks, with training groups. I’ve gone to spin class and Zumba and cardio kickboxing, so I’m also no rookie to fitness classes. But “treadmill” and “class” together? That was new. I don’t hate on treadmills more » Read more

Hard Work! Sacrifice! Dedication! But Was it Worth it?

Watching the extreme emotions of the athletes at the USATF Track and Field Olympic Trials earlier this month, from the excitement of making the team, to the heartbreak of falling short, left me wondering if any of them questioned if it was worth it. “It” being the years of sacrifice and dedication all for those few seconds or minutes of racing. Katie Mackey, who finished sixth in the 5K, summed it more » Read more

10 Tips to Play Pokémon Go AND Get in a Good Run!

In case you’ve been hiding underground like a Diglett, Pokémon Go is an insanely popular augmented reality game in which people wander around their neighborhoods searching for digital creatures to capture in “Poké Balls,” which they collect at various “PokéStops” throughout their city. There are a couple of different ways to play the game. You can simply focus exclusively on catching all of the 142 Pokémon characters available in the US, or you can more » Read more

I Raced up a Mountain and I Liked It

Last year Steve Taylor, founder of the Collegiate Running Association and head coach of the Richmond Spiders track and cross-country team, invited me to race a 10k that his organization was helping to put on. Sounds simple enough, right? Six point two miles ain’t no thang. Then he told me the important part: the 10k is a mountain 10k, which means you have to run that six point two miles straight up more » Read more

The Brain Freezer 5k: Cayenne’s Ice Cream Race Report!

This past weekend I participated in the Brain Freezer 5k in Burlington, Vermont. This race is unique in that it requires participants to run half of the race, roughly 1.55 miles, eat a pint of ice cream, then run the rest of the way back. That’s right, an ice cream race! You may wonder why a runner with a sub-three-hour marathon goal would choose to do something silly like an more » Read more