Taking the Long Road: Staying Focused on the Big Goals

I will toe the line this weekend in my seventh marathon, and here’s hoping that seven is a lucky number that day! For this is the day that I go after one of my “big G” Goals: qualifying for my first Boston Marathon. Basil recently wrote about getting through the no-man’s land of marathon training, and it’s been a long 18 week training cycle. However, that’s only at first glance; 18 more » Read more

A Case of the DNFs

The first race of the outdoor season brings with it excitement and worry, as it’s time for me to gear up for my main event, the 10k, which only takes place on the outdoor track. As we traveled down south for our first meet, I was excited to get a chance to run an 800m race and a 5K. On Friday, I ran a middle leg of the 4x800m relay. more » Read more

The Run Less Run Faster Experiment – Week 2

Welcome to the recap for Week 2 of 14 of the RLRF Experiment. The highlight of this week occurred during a piddly 2 mile run on Friday. I had been quite sore from Thursday’s workout (more on that later) and so I went into the run assuming I would feel like crap. I was judging the run before I even took one step. In fact, I did this for an more » Read more

Chamomile’s Training Log – 4/13/14

This was week #3 of a tough training block. I knew going into it that I’d be pretty tired, but the thought of tapering in week #4 kept me going. There were a few minor setbacks/tweaks over the course of the week, but nothing that can’t be remedied (I hope) with some stretching and rest. Crescent City Classic 10k is on April 19th! Getting a little nervous!! Sunday: 15 mile more » Read more

Going Stag: Do You Race Alone?

I had a conversation with Cinnamon recently about racing alone. She mentioned that, being single, she looks around at the end of races to folks reuniting with their cheering squads after the finish line and feels a little bit left out, like everyone has someone there except for her. I know she’s not alone in feeling that way and she’s also not alone in racing on her own. Loyal Salty more » Read more

The Running Partner Break-Up

Life is full of ups and downs, but I did not see this one coming. Or maybe I ignored the signs. I have heard that there are always signs…I guess I didn’t pay close enough attention? I didn’t think I had to; I mean, we were just running together. He wasn’t my lover, he was my running partner. I asked him if we would still run together when he got more » Read more

Sucking Wind: Running at Altitude

A few weeks ago it was February vacation week here in the Northeast, which for my family meant our third annual trip to the Canyons Ski Resort in Park City, Utah.  I did some running while we were there and marveled as I always do at how challenging even a 30-minute easy run seemed at 6,800 feet elevation.  On our second day there, returning from a run winded, sweaty and more » Read more

The Run Less Run Faster Experiment – Week 1

I grew up on Spaghetti-Os and Doritos. Occasionally, my mom, sister, and I would delight in a home cooked meal by Grandma but canned goods and snacks were the staple of our working single parent household. As I got older and began running, I upgraded to pre-washed bags of iceburg lettuce and cooked noodles out of the box instead of the can. Without a solid foundation in cooking, I grew more » Read more

Navigating the No-Man’s Land of Marathon Training

When the excitement of starting a new plan wears off just as your mileage creeps steadily up, when your goal race is still too far away to feel real but your tired legs are begging for a reason to skip that tempo run–beware! You may have entered the no-man’s land of marathon training. And your motivation could be in serious danger (if it hasn’t already been snuffed out entirely). Ask more » Read more

Wasabi’s Boston Training Log: Weeks 11 – 13.

I am fighting this epidemic of blogging tardiness and delinquency with every fiber of my being, but it just won’t let up! Fortunately, this is not necessarily a reflection of how my training is going.  A lot has happened over the last 3 weeks, so to bring you up to speed (and to help me feel a little better about myself as a Salty Running blogger) I’m going to give more » Read more