Caper’s Training Log — 7.26.15

  I enjoyed week 6 of training for the NYC Marathon. I did my speed work this week while watching the sun rise along Lakeshore Drive in Chicago.  I stumbled into a way to immediately boost my easy pace, running more than a dozen strides on my driveway.  And I felt a sense of accomplishment after toughing it through a 21 mile training run in 81 degree weather. My training more » Read more

Crewing Badwater: The Toughest Race You’ve Never Run

There’s a common acronym for the word “crew” in the ultrarunning world:  Cranky Runner, Endless Waiting.  Well, I’m going to be doing my very best not to be cranky (it’s quite rude to the person who’s literally serving you), but the waiting can indeed be endless, especially at Badwater.  So what exactly does a Badwater crew do, and how is it different from “regular” crewing?  All the answers here for more » Read more

Are You a Bottom Feeder?

You might be familiar with the concept of sandbagging, or when a runner falsely states she’s slower than she actually is so that she can blow away the competition during a race.  A good way to think of bottom feeding is the opposite of that; it’s deliberately finding a race with slow competition in order to get an award. I am an unabashed and proud bottom feeder.  It was my more » Read more

Every Runner Needs to Find Her Inner Monster

Like most little kids, I was afraid of monsters. The Wicked Witch of the West would give me nightmares for days. And don’t get me started on those flying monkeys! I made the mistake of believing my brother when he told me Chuckie was just an ugly looking doll and what bad things could a doll do? I’ll let you cringe at that one for a second…. But, I’ve learned, more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — 7.19.15

Week 5 of NYC Marathon training was fun.  The best part was taking my Vizsla puppy Deena on her first runs, seeing what a natural she is and looking forward to someday having a great running companion.  During this third week following a plantar fasciitis injury, I also transitioned toward normalcy by shifting from running my hardest quality workouts toward on the AlterG and elliptical, and easy runs on the more » Read more

Basil’s (Still Not Really) Training Log – 7.15.15

The results of my follow-up MRI arrived this week with good news. There was no sign of a stress fracture/remodeling in the femur, signaling that it had been just a stress reaction (quicker healing!) and not a fracture. And while not fully resolved, the site of the stress reaction has significantly improved, to the point that the surgeon gave me the green light to cautiously return to running. We’re talking more » Read more

Bricks 101

In her latest piece, Cilantro touched on “brick workouts” and why they have been instrumental in her training for Burning River, a 100 mile ultra she will be racing at the end of July. It occurred to us that many of our readers might not really know what a brick is or at best, think a brick workout is the exclusive domain of those crazy triathlete people. Of course, I’m more » Read more

TED for Runners: Should You Announce Your Goals on Social Media?

Today I’m bringing you our second installment of TED for Runners. Last time Salty shared a TED talk that helped us reframe prerace anxiety. This time I’m sharing Derek Siver’s TED Talk about goal-setting. If you’d like to watch the TED Talk before reading the post, you can find it at the bottom of the post, above the comments. *** Imagine that you’ve just come up with a big running more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — 7.12.2015

Week 4 preparing for the NYC Marathon is on the books, and I am back on track with my training.  Thanks to a mix of the AlterG treadmill, elliptical trainer and increased outdoor running toward the end of the week, I was able to get in several good workouts as I continue to heal from plantar fasciitis.  I also found a great iPad app, Bitgym, that made indoor training much more » Read more

Clove’s Badwater Training Log: 6.27.2015

As I write this post, I am a mere five working days from taper, with only two key workouts left.  It’s true.  I can’t believe I’m this close to the taper (and race day) – but then again, it’s been such a long, hot road that I believe every bit of it.  And then some.  The idea that I’m going to get up on Saturday morning and have nothing more more » Read more

How to Train for Badwater: Extra Everything

It’s been no surprise to me that people are curious about Badwater – and even more curious about how one even begins to train for it.  There’s certainly not the wealth of “couch to Badwater” training programs that there are for the 5K, 10K, and half marathon distances; even my non-runner friends who are able to get their heads around 100-milers have been stymied anew by this latest adventure of mine.  Extra more » Read more

Oh, Canada! Honey’s Toronto Women’s 15k Race Report

I love to travel and I love running, but I might be finally ready to accept that traveling and racing like a boss don’t exactly go well together. I just got back from running a women’s 15k race in Toronto. I signed up for this race because 1) Toronto is close enough to New York City that I could do it in a quick weekend 2) I have a friend more » Read more

Training for a Marathon is Scary

I’m about nine weeks into my homemade, patched together marathon training plan, with about ten to go until the big day. And I’m starting to wonder if maybe this isn’t such a brilliant idea. The marathon is a monster, not the kind that hides under your bed and looks like Lyle Lovett, but one like Michael Jackson in Thriller: Oh look the perfect boyfriend, the cute companion telling you how more » Read more

Sage’s Training Log 7.4.2015

This week started HOT (109 in Boise) so my husband and I did an early morning hike on one of the trails of Camel’s Back Park instead of any running. I did strength training later in the day in the very air-conditioned hotel room, which was a little tight but good to keep this on schedule. Very lazy afternoon as we stayed inside, where I read the newest novel (“A more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — 7.5.15

  This was a frustrating week on the training front, one that reminded me that there is so much more to life than running, as I experienced a lot of joy in my personal life.  Hard downhill running with poor form, heel striking an entire downhill mile on the 11th of a 20 mile training run last Sunday, left me with plantar fasciitis that left me unable to run hard this week.  But I more » Read more