Keep Moving Forward: Pumpkin’s Fargo Marathon Race Report

I’ve been dragging my feet about writing this race report because it feels like I’m about to pen an insane twist-ending to a story that has read somewhat predictably up to this point. If you’ve been following my training logs, you already know that I had an incredible training cycle and felt like I was responding very well to Hanson’s Marathon Method. Over 18 weeks I ran mileage far exceeding anything more » Read more

How To Take A Cutback Week

Spring marathon season is coming to an end and many of us are already signing up for fall races and laying out our training plans! I don’t know about you, but I get excited when my coach’s training plan arrives loaded with solid chunks of mileage and challenging workouts. But I also like to look ahead to see when I might get a little break from the effort, the little more » Read more

I F*ing Hate Yoga.

That’s it. I can’t take it any more. Yes, social media, I am a runner. No, social media, I do not love yoga. I do not like shirts with twisty straps. I do not believe there is a weather situation inside or outside in which one should wear pants and a bra top. Just because I have a messy bun and wear spandex everywhere I go does not mean I’m chomping at more » Read more

Should Runners Track Heart Rate Variability?

Heart rate. It’s one of those things runners either track obsessively or scoff at the mere thought of thinking about it. While I’m not quite obsessed with tracking my heart rate, I do find tracking it very helpful. For me and many others, tracking resting heart rate, if not while running but at the very least first thing in the morning, can reveal a lot about how our training is going or our overall health. more » Read more

The Long and the Short of the Hanson’s Marathon Method

A few weeks ago during a conversation with a fellow running pal we got on the topic of marathon training. We talked about our plans, and I shared that I was following a new plan that was pretty intense, but seems to agree with me. Intrigued, my friend asked for more details. When I got to the topic of long runs, I told him that the longest run in the more » Read more

Choosing the CrossFit Endurance Ultra Training Plan

It all started one fateful day last December. I was watching a rerun of the CrossFit Games and told the Saltines, mostly in jest, that I was going to try CrossFit. As usual, there were many jokes, but they were supportive in spite of seeming unsure if I was serious or not. As I pursued my CrossFit dreams, my real-life running friends had some things to say: “I hate CrossFit because my old running more » Read more

Marathon Taper Guilt

Me: “After Boston, I’m going to get in shape.” My husband: “You do know how ridiculous that statement is, right?” Me: “Yes. But I mean it.” My husband: “Ok, as long as you’re aware.” It happens every time during my marathon taper. Every. Time. Let’s rewind for a moment though. There you are a few months ago, staring at your computer screen, credit card clutched in your hand, you double more » Read more

Paprika’s Bloomsday 12k Recap

There’s no denying it; Bloomsday is one of my favorite road races of the year. I look forward to hurtling my body up and down the rolling hills of the city of Spokane all in an effort to place among the top national and international competition. It’s a tough course for those who don’t shy away from hills with grades that peak to 6.5%. It’s not just the course that more » Read more

Caper’s Boston to Jersey Race Report – Part 1

I thought I was training only for Boston during those many runs in the cold rain over the winter. A couple of my teammates signed up to run “B2B,” the Boston Marathon followed by the Big Sur Marathon one week later. I thought it was a neat idea, but that I needed more marathons under my belt before I would be ready to run back to back races. When I more » Read more

Poppy’s 2016 Broad Street 10 Miler Race Report

On Sunday I ran the Broad Street 10 Mile race in Philadelphia. After how well my 10k on the track went a couple of weeks ago, my expectations were high for this one. I haven’t run this race since 2003, but I’ve been down here to spectate the hubs twice in the past four years, both times while pregnant. I knew this can be a fast race if you get good weather and good competition. more » Read more

Spearmint’s USATF Half Marathon Championship Race Report

As most of you probably know, a bunch of us Salties headed to Columbus, Ohio for the Cap City Half Marathon, host of the US half marathon champs, but only one of us was there to race it! This half was a key race for me, but it fell mid-segment so I went in with very little confidence that I would knock it out of the park. My legs felt really more » Read more

On the Suckiness of Post-Marathon Slumps Even When You Expect Them

While many of the other women who competed along side me last February at the Olympic Marathon Trials raced their first big races after L.A. this weekend, I did not. In fact, I don’t think I could race right now if someone paid me. After every marathon, whether race day goes well or poorly, I end up in a slump. I excitedly stuff my face with every baked creation imaginable and that’s fun more » Read more

Catnip’s Glass City Marathon Report or Why You Shouldn’t Run A Marathon That Passes Your House at Mile 20

Long story short: my Glass City Marathon finish time of 3:03:07 is disappointing, nowhere close to my 2:50 goal. Even worse, I enjoyed only a handful of the 26.2 miles I raced. However, even just a couple minutes after finishing, I started to feel pretty happy about the whole thing: I faced failure, dueled with the DNF devil and chose to keep working. Now for the long story. Winter training pointed to marathon more » Read more

Reader’s Roundtable: What’s Your Half Marathon Race Strategy?

Congratulations to Tara Welling and Christo Landry, the 2016 USA Half Marathon Champions! Not only was the Half Marathon Championship race thrilling to witness, but it was also an ideal place to learn strategies for racing half marathons from the country’s top distance runners. Of course, within a large group of athletes there were many different schools of thought. For winner Tara Welling, since it was only her second half ever and more » Read more

2016 USATF Half Marathon Championship: Recap City

Many of the athletes who traveled to Columbus for the 2016 USATF Half Marathon Championships came to run their first big race after the Olympic Marathon Trials in L.A. Many of those runners, disappointed by the race conditions, the extended recovery time they needed because of those conditions, and what they felt was sub-par treatment by the Trials host race, were unsure what to expect from the Ohio Health Capital City Half. more » Read more