Treadmill Tip of the Week: Build Mental Strength with the ‘Mill

As I sit here writing this article, it is -20ºC (-4ºF) outside. This is normal for Canadian winters. There is part of me that thinks it’s more hardcore to go outside, but there’s a much bigger part of me that wants to stick to the treadmill. It’s probably smarter to stay inside. After all, there was that one time I ran a half marathon in -35ºC with the windchill and got frostbite. Sure more » Read more

Why I’m Throwing Out My Marathon Time Goals

Lots of runners have great big marathon time goals, like going sub-4:00, qualifying for Boston, going sub-3:00, or running an Olympic Trials qualifying time. I used to daydream about goals like these. I fantasized about coming through the finish chute, seeing a particular time on the clock and weeping in elation as the confetti fell and a rainbow broke out across the sky. That’s right; I used to dream about more » Read more

A Mantra for Every Runner

Here at Salty Running, whether trying to break five hours or qualify for the Olympic Trials, we’re always looking for an extra edge in our training and racing. Many of us already use mantras. I have been using them in my training and racing since I was in college. Mantras are definitely not just for yoga or self help cassette tapes anymore. Originally grounded in Hinduism and Buddhism, mantras are either a more » Read more

5 Fun Challenges to Improve Your Running Mind

Everyone knows there are no shortcuts to running success, or at least they should by now. If we want to race our best, we have to work hard training our bodies and our minds. When it comes to mental training, most of us think of things like visualization exercises and mantras. These are great, but they get boring. I want a way to train my running brain that’s fun and effective! I was inspired more » Read more

On the 8th Day of Christmas, Running Gave to Me: The Great Outdoors

I didn’t start running expecting to have any sort of epiphany about my place in this universe, or even to learn lessons about resilience, confidence or ego. I started running to be a little more healthy, and because I thought running a marathon sounded cool. True, my life needed a little shaking up, but I didn’t realize it at the time. What I realize now, seven years after my first more » Read more

On the 7th Day of Christmas, Running Gave to Me: Overtraining Syndrome

I still can’t pinpoint the exact moment it happened. I don’t remember a specific day or run where it hit me. There was no voice in my head, no doctor or coach or friend telling me what was happening. It just happened. I was burnt out, overtrained and sick of running. It all happened gradually, a slippery slope. I had come off an amazing 2014, when I had several podium more » Read more

On the 1st day of Christmas Running Gave to Me: a Ton of Dirty Laundry

It’s time for one of our favorite features of the year: Our Twelve Days of Christmas!  Leading up to our holiday break from regular posting (December 24 – January 2), some of us Saltines will be sharing our personal stories about what running has given us. You can check out last year’s series here.  Housework is usually far down the list of “things I want to be doing right now”. My more » Read more

In Defense of the Half Marathon

Tell any non-runner that you’re a distance runner and they’ll likely ask, “So have you run a marathon?” Having run two myself, I understand the allure and prestige of the marathon. It’s the only race distance not set by a nice round number, but by an ancient Greek legend. Pheidippides ran 26.2 miles to warn of the Spartans’ arrival and when he finished he kicked the bucket. It’s like the Kleenex more » Read more

So Many Metrics for Runners!

This morning, 57.7 percent of me was water. My resting heart rate was 57. And I averaged 184 steps per minute on my run. Fitness tracking and wearables are a huge market, and you might even have a device on your holiday wish-list. Pretty likely when I mentioned resting HR, you thought about checking yours on the device on your wrist. I’m a data junkie: most of my training is more » Read more

Olive’s Chosen Half Marathon Race Report

When I signed up to run the Chosen Half Marathon, I was burned out with a capital B. I’d finished a string of disappointing races with a string of injuries that left me frustrated and feeling like I’d done a lot of training for nothing. I planned on breaking 1:30 in the San Antonio Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon, but I’d ended up running 1:34 and shuffling through the last more » Read more

Why You Should Include Negative Splits in Your Race Plan

Six years ago, I ran my first marathon. After racing on the track or cross-country, running a road race, particularly one so long, was a shock to my system. I ran like a deer in headlights for the entire 26.2 miles. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. In fact, it took me three marathons before I figured out (the hard way) that going out hard as I more » Read more

Pesto’s Fall & Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Recap

Salties… I am a marathoner! After making it all the way to the taper in my spring training before being diagnosed with a severe tibial stress fracture, training for Indy was much different. This past weekend went off without a hitch, although it was wildly unconventional. This summer (whilst still in a boot) I realized that in order to be successful, to avoid my history of overuse injuries and perhaps most importantly, to more » Read more

Do Runners Really Need Strength Training?

Many of us assume that with all our running we don’t need to add more to our workout routine, that running alone will keep us healthy from head to toe. You might have heard that strength-training can help us avoid injury, but maybe you’ve been lucky enough to escape injury sans strength work. There is another reason that it’s important, though: muscle mass starts to decline as early as age 30. more » Read more

Better Late Than Never: A Chicago Marathon Recap

I believe the amount of time that passes between racing and writing a race recap is an indication of how many emotions you have about said race. Which is why it has taken me just over a month to write my Chicago Marathon recap. Admittedly, I was busy playing Trivia and drinking Bell’s Two Hearted Ale in Ohio with my siblings the following two weeks after the marathon, but I digress. more » Read more

Chicory’s Monumental Marathon 2016 Race Report

To start, my race plan was … non-existent. Coach and I had talked on Wednesday and stepped through a couple of the goal times I had out there. “If you run 3:03 [my original B goal, and four minutes off my spring PR], we’ll sit down and figure out what we need to change. 3:01 would be okay. 2:59:59 is a lot more exciting than 3:00:10, but don’t focus too more » Read more