10 Tips to Play Pokémon Go AND Get in a Good Run!

In case you’ve been hiding underground like a Diglett, Pokémon Go is an insanely popular augmented reality game in which people wander around their neighborhoods searching for digital creatures to capture in “Poké Balls,” which they collect at various “PokéStops” throughout their city. There are a couple of different ways to play the game. You can simply focus exclusively on catching all of the 142 Pokémon characters available in the US, or you can more » Read more

I Raced up a Mountain and I Liked It

Last year Steve Taylor, founder of the Collegiate Running Association and head coach of the Richmond Spiders track and cross-country team, invited me to race a 10k that his organization was helping to put on. Sounds simple enough, right? Six point two miles ain’t no thang. Then he told me the important part: the 10k is a mountain 10k, which means you have to run that six point two miles straight up more » Read more

The Brain Freezer 5k: Cayenne’s Ice Cream Race Report!

This past weekend I participated in the Brain Freezer 5k in Burlington, Vermont. This race is unique in that it requires participants to run half of the race, roughly 1.55 miles, eat a pint of ice cream, then run the rest of the way back. That’s right, an ice cream race! You may wonder why a runner with a sub-three-hour marathon goal would choose to do something silly like an more » Read more

The Mind of the Anxious Runner when Choosing a Fall Race

It’s time, again, to choose your fall goal race. Ok, unless your a super-procrastinator like I am, you’ve probably already picked your fall goal race. Why does fall race season bring out the worst in my procrastinating self? Maybe it’s because it’s the perfect racing season, reminiscent of cross-country for those of us who ran in high school or college, and it rewards us with crisp air and pretty leaves  after training through more » Read more

5 Reasons to Run with Faster Runners

So you’ve completed a few races and you’ve started to think about getting faster. A BQ? A PR? You know how the story goes: to get somewhere you’ve never been, you have to do something you’ve never done. You do speedwork on your own, you pick up the pace in your long runs, but your race times still aren’t where you think they should be. You know of a few faster running more » Read more

Mindful Goal Setting for Runners

If you are well-studied in the art of mindfulness, you may find the title of this post misleading. And you would be correct. Mindfulness has no goal. I first introduced this concept in a primer post on mindfulness and running. Often referred to as nonstriving, when we are mindful we enter an experience open to whatever that experience presents. A better word for goal would be intention but, if I titled more » Read more

What We Want You to Say to Us When We’ve Had a Bad Race

Have you ever raced with a friend who ended the race feeling horribly disappointed about her performance? It’s the worst. What do you say? What can you do to help her feel better? In the moment, when witnessing your friend experience the crushing feeling of defeat, it’s hard to know what to say or do, even though you know the pain she is feeling and have almost certainly felt it more » Read more

Oregano’s Mt. Hood 50K Race Report

If you’ve been following my training logs, you know that I have been training for the Mt. Hood 50k since I recovered from the Chuckanut 50k in the early spring. I used Krissy Moehl’s book, Running Your First Ultra, to train for Chuckanut, even though it wasn’t my first ultra. And after Chuckanut, I contacted Krissy and she coached me individually for this race. Thanks Krissy! My goals going into this race: more » Read more

Introspection and the Online Training Log

It’s the first thing I do when I open my laptop. Before I check my email or look at Facebook or the weather or anything else, I sign into my online running log to add that day’s miles to my weekly total and capture any of the run’s details before I forget. I started the practice of logging in the spring of 8th grade, when I wrote each date I more » Read more

Running Goals & Positive Manifestation

Approximately one year ago I decided I needed a major change. I was feeling very dissatisfied with many aspects of my life. I hated my job. I enjoyed my city, but I was no longer feeling fulfilled there. My roommate was less than desirable. I was tired of dating men who didn’t take me seriously at all. Even my running goals were stagnating. One night when I was feeling particularly anxious, I more » Read more

How to Make And Break Running Habits

A while back, I wrote a story for New Scientist about the neuroscience of habits: how they are formed in the brain and why they are so hard to break. The context matters a lot with habits; when we’re in the same environment, doing the same routine, it can be hard to change things. One of the best times to break a bad habit or start a new one is during a major more » Read more

On Death and Dying: My Unexpected Journey to the Western States 100

When I went to Florida a month ago, I packed running clothes and a dress. She had pneumonia (again), but something didn’t sound right when I talked to her the day before. It was a Wednesday morning. I said that Thursday night I was going to let her be scared and vulnerable and small, and then on Friday I was going to talk to her doctors first and then have more » Read more

So You Want to Run a Canadian Marathon, eh?

Happy Canada Day Eve, Saltines, and Happy early 149th birthday, Canada! As Canada’s southern neighbours, some of you may have considered running a marathon in the True North. As the Canadian voice of Salty Running, I wanted to commemorate Canada’s birthday by counting down six of the most eh-mazing 42.2 kilometre races. A Mari Usque Ad Mare (Canada’s national motto, “from sea to sea”), these races will give you a taste of different more » Read more

Western States and the Female Pioneers of Ultrarunning

One might wonder how exciting watching a 100 mile race could be, but Western States Endurance Run proved itself once again to be the holy grail of ultra running this past weekend with spectacular and gut-wrenching performances by so many. This year’s women’s elite field was deeply stacked, with seven of last year’s top 10 returning, including champion and Olympian Magdalena Boulet, as well as 55-year old Meghan Arbogast, who accomplished her more » Read more

Can I Stay In Marathon Shape in the Pool?

One week out from the beginning of my taper, while cruising through a ten-mile tempo run, I felt a terrible pain in my right shin at mile seven. I’m tough, I thought, and pushed through. After I completed the prescribed workout at 6:25 pace the pain got worse and I hobbled home. Subsequent days of frantic icing, stretching, icing, stretching, and PT sessions ensued. After numerous PT sessions, including (terribly painful) more » Read more