What the Heck Are Strides?

It took me years of consistent training before I made a big breakthrough with running and broke into the sub-elite ranks of the sport. Sure, I ran a lot of miles, I did long runs and tempos and intervals, but I chalk a lot of my success up to something you might not suspect. My favorite secret to getting faster? Strides! If you’ve perused our training logs you’ve seen that more » Read more

Who Are the People Running Marathons?

Nearly five years ago, I ran my first and only marathon. In spite of having run regularly for most of my life, training for that marathon proved to be a huge challenge! Each and every long run beat me up, I was exhausted, and I got injured. I made it through the race, but just barely. At the time, and even years later, I chalked my difficulties up to being more » Read more

What Overtraining Taught Me About Running

There is no PR, no amount of running success, no breaking of the tape worth the constant physical and emotional pain of overtraining. Running is a joy, a gift and a symbol of health, vitality and humanity. Running is like the brightest sharpest Instagram filter for life. Or it’s supposed to be. When overtraining starts creeping, every run hurts. Wincing in physical pain through many many miles is one thing, but, more » Read more

Back on the Track! Poppy’s Bucknell Outdoor Classic 10k Race Report!

In college I raced the 10k for Bucknell all four of my undergraduate years. However, since we didn’t have any home meets with a 10k race, this past Saturday, almost 16 years after I graduated, was the first time I raced a 10k on the Bucknell track. I’ve been looking forward to this moment since a few years ago when we moved back to Lewisburg, PA, the home of my more » Read more

Gearing up for My First National Championship Half!

The past few months I’ve been buried under miles and Clif Bars in preparation for my next race, which I am super excited about! On April 30th, I’m racing in my first U.S.A. Half Marathon Championship at the Cap City Half in Columbus! I began my training cycle for this race in early February, but a couple of weeks into it and it became clear that something was off. I had little aches more » Read more

Racing Your Training Runs: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you’re a regular reader of Salty Running, I bet you might be a little competitive, which can be a great quality for a runner to have. At races, of course, where the point is to do your ultimate best and to place as high as you possibly can, it can come in very handy. When we tap into our inner competitor it can give us that extra boost we need to more » Read more

Running Archaeology: Analyzing a Training Cycle

Here at Salty many of our writers publish our training logs for everyone to see. We may not put every detail in them, but it allows other Salties and you to get a better idea of how we train. One of the beneficial aspects of keeping training logs is being able to look back at a training cycle to compare workout paces, long run progressions, mileage consistency, and how you felt more » Read more

5 Last Minute Tips for the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is on Monday. I repeat: the Boston Marathon is on Monday. Now is not the time to cram in last-minute training or change all your plans. However, maybe you’re waiting to hop on a plane to Boston and killing a few minutes at work because you can’t concentrate on anything other than the big race. In that case, now is a good time for a quick refresher, along more » Read more

Forget About Mile 20: Hitting the Marathon Training Wall

Week one of my marathon training cycle, I remember it like it was yesterday. Picture my fresh legs, big dreams, and heart full of joy and happiness. I couldn’t wait to get started on my path to dominate my next marathon, so I started my training a day early. As I looked ahead on my training calendar, eighteen weeks seemed like an eternity. Naturally, the mileage and big workouts deep more » Read more

10 Minutes to Better Recovery

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that we have finally found the other side of winter, which means it’s peak training time for upcoming spring and early summer races. As our miles increase and the workouts become more specific, it becomes increasingly important that we keep up with those little extra recovery things we do, like core work and foam rolling, so it all comes together on race day. more » Read more

Advice to My Teenaged Runner Self: Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Pick any classic New England fall Saturday between 1988 and 1997: cold, crisp air, blazing foliage, the smell of woodsmoke, and a mass of nervous teenage girls in polyester singlets that never lose their funk, standing twitchily behind a chalk line on a muddy field. I stand with the few other girls on my cross-country team, hopping from foot to foot and trying to ignore the dread roiling my stomach. more » Read more

Stop the Trots! Is Imodium Safe for Runners?

Experiencing ass issues (assues) while running? You’re not alone. Go on any group run and inevitably the conversation will turn to poop. That’s because, when it comes to running, not many things give runners more anxiety than poop. Raise your hand if you’ve ever arrived at the turn-around of your favorite out-and-back route, the one with no bathrooms along the way, only to suddenly realize you HAD TO GO, suffering as you more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Do You Study Your Goal Race’s Course?

I spent the bulk of last week in San Francisco. I had a great time running in Golden Gate Park, through Land’s End, past the Golden Gate Bridge, and more. A highlight of my trip was popping into one of our March Madness Sweet 16 stores, A Runner’s Mind, and joining their awesome community for their group run. Before we set off, resident coach Marathon Matt gave a talk on preparing more » Read more

Running 101: Perfecting Your Snot-Rocket

When I first started running in 2008, I had some shoes, a pair of cotton capris, a purple sports bra that I still wear, and Claire Kowalchik’s book The Complete Book of Running for Women. That book was my bible, really; it taught me how to breathe (in two steps, out three), gave me a basic understanding of running jargon, and by following the three marathon training plans got me to Boston more » Read more

Molly Stout is Chasing Down a PR in Boston

It’s been two years since Molly Stout last crossed the finish line on Boylston Street. The 33-year-old will be running her 20th marathon at the 120th Boston Marathon. She’s been running for many years, steadily dropping her marathon time by more than an hour, and is coming off a big PR of 3:14 at the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon. Molly’s life revolves around running and healthy living. By day, she works more » Read more