Oregano’s Training Log – 4.29.2016

Plan for the week: Third week in the three week build, catered to contain a VO2 Max test on Thursday morning.  Saturday 4/23: I decided to switch things up and went out to the trails near where I grew up. It was absolutely beautiful, and so much fun to run somewhere different. However, about seven and a half miles into the wilderness by myself I got a bit uncomfortable (having not seen anyone more » Read more

Poppy’s Training Log – 4.24.16

The beginning of this week focused on recovering from the track 10k and the end of the week involved running a half marathon.  I really wanted to do this particular half marathon because I ran it last year and really enjoyed it and the people involved with the race.  However, the timing of it wasn’t great as it fell right in between the track 10k and the 10 mile race more » Read more

Pumpkin’s Fargo Marathon Training Log: Week 14

Just a quick post for today! This past week was absolutely average. I got in all of my runs and all of my miles. None of my runs this week were particularly horrible or particularly excellent. It was… fine!  Oh, but in exciting news- I did top the 500 mile mark this week. Last year I only reached 552 for the entire year, so this is pretty great! As exhausting more » Read more

Pimento’s (Newport Marathon) Training Log 4.23.16

This week was a scheduled cut-back week, and luckily (or unluckily) the illness that started with my son and then moved on to my husband over the last two weeks hit my three-year-old hard on Monday night. Her fever stayed in the 101+ range (topping out at 104) until Thursday. My coach told me to start on a Vitamin C and zinc regimen but, alas, by Wednesday evening I was more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 4.24.16

WHAT?!? SALTY IS POSTING A TRAINING LOG! Well, someone sure fell off the training log cliff. Oopsy. I was doing well and starting to get consistent with 40-50 miles per week and a tempo, but then in mid-February, I tripped on a toy on the way to the treadmill and strained my VMO tendon in my knee. It was such a frustrating setback, made only slightly better by the fact more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 4.23.16

Hello from Louisville! I’m finally getting settled, and I got solid training week in before I have to go back to GFK for my final dissertation defense (finger’s crossed, send your positive thoughts my way around 1:30 PM CST on Thursday, please)  It’s so nice to have a home to come back to though. I have only been in Louisville a week, and I can already say I love it more » Read more

Paprika’s Training Log – 4.22.16

Paprika’s Training Log 4/16-4/22 Goals: 1. Continue to train hard for Bloomsday (5/1/2016) 2. Bust some major post Marathon Trials rust off in a local 5k 3. Use Barley’s “10 minutes to better recovery” strategy a few times this week Saturday 4/16 Fun With the Fuzz 5k, 1st female 17:05 Coach wanted a good, hard effort, and to get back in the swing of racing. It was a good day; more » Read more

Oregano’s Training Log – 4.22.2016

Plan for the week: Run trails over the weekend in the beautiful weather and then start my first week of training with Krissy Moehl as a coach.  Saturday 4/9: Met a friend for a long run in Forest Park (my choice of route). She is much better at never hiking than I am, so I struggle-ran up ALL the hills. Run: 15 miles (trail – 1,920 ft elevation gain) Sunday 4/10: This was my more » Read more

Caraway’s training log – 4.17.16

After randomly proclaiming this to be my first official marathon training week, things got off to a rocky start when a migraine aura came on during a long run. I cut the run short and jogged home half blind through the streets of Berlin. Luckily, it only got better from there; the week ended with a super fun fast (and migraine-free) run on a lovely spring day, one of those more » Read more

Poppy’s training log – 4.17.16

A good week!  Got to finally race after two months of training.  I felt pretty good going into my 10k and had a blast racing at my alma mater with all the young whipper snapper college kids.  Looking forward to a few more races coming up over the next few weeks. Monday:  6 miles in the morning w/ Emmy in the single, 8×20 sec strides.  4 miles solo in the more » Read more

Pumpkin’s Fargo Marathon Training Log: Week 13

What a difference a week makes! This past week was a huge turnaround and I think I’ve moved to the other side of “the wall” This week I managed to run all of my miles, hit the paces I needed to hit, and I’m happy to report that only 2 of this week’s 6 runs had to happen on a treadmill. It was a huge confidence-boosting week, AND another mileage more » Read more

Pimento’s (Newport Marathon) Training Log 4.16.16

After such big mileage last week, I was a little nervous that my legs and body would be sluggish this week. Thankfully, no. Another solid week of training, hitting all my workouts as planned. The weather mostly cooperated, but hit it out of the park on Saturday for the long run. My two friends, Kate and Sam, that are training for Eugene head into taper after this week, while I more » Read more

Caper’s Week 18 Boston Marathon Training Log

Hello from en route to Boston for the marathon tomorrow! I am relaxed after spending most of my taper week on family vacation in the mountains of Gatlinburg TN and am excited about the race. This week’s running consisted of scaled back but reasonable length easy runs with some speed work of mostly GMP miles to continue to dial in the pace. GMP miles are now feeling pretty easy; hope more » Read more

Oregano’s Training Log – 4.15.2016

Plan for the week: A normal, casual running week. Last free week before more goal-oriented training starts up again!  Saturday 4/9: I stretched really big when I woke up and my hip popped somewhat dramatically. I stood up and my legs were the same length again!! I celebrated with a short (but steep) trail run! Run: 6.75+ miles (trail – 1,311 ft elevation gain) Sunday 4/10: Such a wonderful Sunday! I drove to Hood River, OR more » Read more

Cinnamon’s Flying 🐷 Marathon Training Log

Highest mileage week EVER in the books! YAY! I didn’t have any deadlines on web development work, so when I was offered two days on a commercial I took it and wound up working 13 hours and 15 hours. After shuffling things around for that, I got a last minute offer for a TV show on Friday and…well…I always need the money, and it sounded like an easy day that would more » Read more