Vanilla’s Training Log 4-13-14

Hello readers!  It’s been about a month, and I’ve fallen off the wagon with my training logs.  (No excuses given–it just happened).  It’s one week until Boston, and I’m excited and emotional about the race.  I’m well into my taper and just enjoying the rest (and making sure I get to bed at a decent time). Over the past month, I’ve hit 60+ miles per week, got food poisoning, turned more » Read more

Licorice’s Training Log – 4.13.14

This week, I accidentally ran my first post-baby race. By “accidentally,” I mean that I registered for it thinking that it was at the end of the month until I got an email about packet pickup on Thursday. Apparently it was this weekend, and the date I thought it was on (April 27) was absolutely nowhere to be found on the web site. Oops. While I wasn’t quite as ready more » Read more

Lavender’s Training Log – 4.7.14

Monday – So I wanted to run on Monday, but by the time I got home the light rain shower turned into a thunderstorm. So….I went to CrossFit instead. The WOD wasn’t exactly optimal for a post-race day; I had to do back squats. To add insult to injury, the MetCon included more squats: 1:00 forearm plank hold, 25 air squats; 2:00 forearm plank hold, 50 air squats; 3:00 forearm more » Read more

Allspice’s Training Log – April 6th-12th

Looking out my window as I type this is utterly depressing. After yesterday’s high of 70 degrees, we have 5 inches of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down. If the United States were a human body, Wyoming would definitely be the waste elimination site! Luckily the weather for the past week of training was much better. Sunday – 5 miles in horrible winds. The first mile wasn’t bad, more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 4.13.14

I’m aiming for zen, to be ok with everything and be who I am today – I’m talking the full acceptance of the here and now. Or something. I wrote a whole series of posts on comebacks and I still struggle with confidence, feelings of intense frustration and feeling like I have Mt. Everest to climb to get into shape and start cranking out PRs. The one thing that’s been more » Read more

Chamomile’s Training Log – 4/13/14

This was week #3 of a tough training block. I knew going into it that I’d be pretty tired, but the thought of tapering in week #4 kept me going. There were a few minor setbacks/tweaks over the course of the week, but nothing that can’t be remedied (I hope) with some stretching and rest. Crescent City Classic 10k is on April 19th! Getting a little nervous!! Sunday: 15 mile more » Read more

Basil’s Training Log – 04.13.2014

Call it denial. Call it optimism. It’s probably both. But there’s a place where, given enough sunlight, 37 seems warm and 39 feels young. This week I found myself in a contented striving, the sort of place where you’re delighted just for the privilege to try. I ran on bare pavement in 37 degrees on 39 year old legs underneath the highest sun I’ve seen in months, and for maybe more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 4.13.14 – It’s Taper Time Baby!

I made it!  It is now officially taper time for me.  Woo hoo!  While some people hate the taper, I love it!  Time to rest, recover and get into prime racing mode. This season hasn’t been perfect and I am no where near PR shape, but I have put in some solid work.  I am excited to see what race day will ultimately bring for me. Here is how my more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 4/13/14

The last two weeks have flown by, mostly because we took a week trip to Yosemite, but life has been nutty as well and the 6 days of workouts a week took a slide because of travel, but I still met my 30+ minutes a day for most of the week goal, though it was mostly hiking this week. March 31 – A few hours playing around at Ray’s Mtb more » Read more

Molasses’ 30-day-challenge Training Log – 4.7.2014

A close childhood friend of mine (who lives across the country, sadly) recently asked me to be her accountability buddy. She said I was the only one that she knew of who would be dedicated and committed enough to actually keep up with encouraging and/or shaming her into exercise. This week, I started her on a 30-day challenge. Each day she has to turn in (to me, via text) a more » Read more