Salty’s Training Log – 8.16.15 & 8.23.15

I really meant to write my training log last week, but it ended up turning into this post instead. I really needed to let that out. On one hand, I love running to compete, pursuing excellence, pushing myself mentally and physically, but on the other and as that post implies, running competitive is just not the best allocation of my resources (time, energy and money). And that’s beyond the fact more » Read more

Caper’s Vacation Training Log — 8.23.15

Week 10 of training for the NYC marathon was all about training in scenic but humid places while on vacation and enjoying a cut back in mileage before a September and October ramp up in mileage and intensity.  I got in solid enough workouts and best of all got to run with my 22 year-old son. Monday: Recover from 20 miler the previous day.  45 mins pool running. Tuesday: 6.5 hot and more » Read more

Tarragon’s Training Log — August 17-23

A straightforward week. I had thought I’d return to 35-40 m/wk, but I began CASA training. On Tuesday and Thursday nights I get home around 9, after 3 hours of class and a bugger of a commute. I needed this week to recalibrate my busy-meter and establish a new normal. Related PostsTarragon’s Training (and DIY!) Log — 7.12.15 Tarragon’s Training Log – 6.21.2015 Tarragon’s Training Log — 8.2.2015 Tarragon’s Training Log more » Read more

Cardamom’s Training Log – 8.24.15

This was not a good training week. Monday – Key Run #1 Track Repeats (4 x 1200 @5:19 with RI 2 mins) I did this on the treadmill as 4 x .75 miles. I did the intervals in 5:11, 5:13, 5:17, 5:11. It was very warm and humid, so The first two rest breaks were around 4 mins, but the last one was 7 mins long. Thursday – Cross-training We more » Read more

Jasmine’s training log 8.23.2015

91 miles this week, and in the moment I closed the training week this morning before going to sailing, I ran my 2000th mile of the year. Things are coming together. It was another week that came together. MP was slightly slow under humid conditions, but I made it through. Cruise intervals totaled 6 miles. The target is a 2:53 marathon (VDOT 56: M@6:37/mi, T@6:15/mi) I’m more or less doing the same more » Read more

Sage’s Training Log: 8.16.2015-8.22.2015

Now that my 10k race is over, I’m not sure for what I’m training. I’ve registered for the Portland Half Marathon to be run on October 4, 2015, mostly as an excuse to visit my sister in the area and because my husband is running the marathon. I’d hoped I’d have two half marathons under my belt by this upcoming race, but ‘twas not to be. So this will be the more » Read more

Tarragon’s Training Log — 8.16.2015

Third week of down mileage felt AWESOME. Every time I stepped out for an easy run, my legs and lungs wanted to fly, and I let them. A couple days of lower humidity helped, too. In addition, Runners Connect posted this helpful article about “ego depletion,” which informed those mental fatigue days. Monday — Easy around the neighborhood turned tempo! 7:30 pace. 3 miles Tuesday — Dipped my toe back in more » Read more

Cardamom’s Training Log – 8.17.15

Another week done! I’m pretty happy with how training is going so far. The next coming weeks will be harder as intensity ramps up. Monday – Cross-training A one-hour Vinyasa Flow class at Yoga to the People in San Francisco. The room is on the fifth floor and has beautiful views and many half-naked men (men love yoga in San Francisco), which I quickly stop noticing once we get started. more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 8-16-15

Last week was a bit of fluke in the pain department. I thought things were getting better but they actually seemed to have taken a few steps back. So, no running this past week. And now, I’ve come to accept it is likely going to be a couple more weeks before I start back up again. In a way, I am happy this happened because I do think that had more » Read more

Jasmine training log (and first 90 mile week)- 8.16.2015

  Man that feels good: what an amazing number to put in an estimated finish time box. Anything can happen, but right now the training target I’m using for Columbus Marathon is 2:53. One day I’ll write more about where this number came from — there’s no magic formula here. It is just what currently feels like marathon pace when I try it out on 10 mile MP runs. I did make more » Read more

Sage’s Training Log: 8.16.2015

If you read my training log from last week, you saw that I defaulted on running the Wave to Wine Half Marathon (that *#$ hamstring) and transferred by half marathon bib for a 10k bib. I felt slow: I was in the middle of my Paleo reset diet, which was leaving me sluggish; my hamstring was biting; and I was frustrated. It seemed to be a repeat scenario from May, when more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — 8.16.15

During week 9 of NYC marathon training, my body insisted on some unplanned cut backs for recovery after coming off back-to-back quality workouts the prior weekend and after inexplicably threatening shin splints.  I gave my body the breaks that it asked for and still managed a reasonable training schedule, with intervals that are starting to look respectable, 5+ miles at GMP on Saturday and a steamy 20 miler on Sunday. more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 8.9.15

I feel like me and running still have some issues to work out. It hasn’t always been a pretty process, but even though I refused to admit it at first, I’ve been slowly accepting that my relationship with running hasn’t always been the healthiest. If you would have asked me, even at the height of my competitiveness, whether I defined myself by running success and I would have scoffed, “of more » Read more

Dandelion’s Training Log – 8.12

It’s been hard to think about writing a training update when, well, I haven’t been training. Going from following a schedule to the letter to piddling around in the pool hasn’t been very good for creating emotional stability – if you know what I mean! Thank gosh for things like Goodberry’s ice cream and puppy love to fill that void. I did discover something pretty awesome though. And its been more » Read more

Tarragon’s Training Log — 8.9.2015

Boy did I have a lot to say about my running week, huh?! To be fair, it was my honey’s birthday, and we had back-to-back days of festivities. I made him a cake, messed it up, made it again. I also baked another cake at my sister’s request for ladies’ night at Nashville Running Company! Being a girlfriend and friend took center stage this week. Further, I ended up with more » Read more