Cardamom’s Training Log – 10.11.15

Post-marathon, I’m now in the recovery phrase. Prior to the marathon, I wasn’t sure how many rest days I would take. I was going to play it by ear depending on how I felt. I ended up taking a full week off running, which felt really good. Yesterday was my first day running post-marathon and the first day that I looked forward to running. Sunday – On the treadmill, 1 more » Read more

Oregano’s Training Log – 10.9.2015

Happy Autumn!! I am so excited for summer to be over and fall to begin! Apple cider and pumpkin things and wood fires and sweatpants and crunchy leaves and SOUP! This does make running a bit more. . .wet, but it’s totally worth it. This week was extra exciting because I found out on Monday afternoon that I would get the opportunity through work to run the Chicago Marathon on the more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 10-11-15

I’m six weeks out from my fall half marathon race. I’m not expecting a PR or even a quick time. Rather, I’m using the goal race to get back into a routine, one where I’m not on the verge of burning out or facing injury. My bigger goal is to run a fall marathon next year. But along the way, I want to set some milestones. The first milestone will more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — Week Ending 10.11.15

Week 17 of NYC Marathon training was about the power of the group, pushing hard and recovery. I once read that the difference between being in the best shape of one’s life and being injured is razor thin. I squeaked through on the good side of that knife, with the strongest cruise interval workout and fastest and longest run of the season separated by several days of aggressive recovery. Here’s more » Read more

Jasmine’s Final Columbus Training Log – 10.11.15

This was the last big training week before my big fall race. Once again, I’m running Columbus, but this time I’m in the elite field for real! We’ve got more coming about my race plan and my goal of a low 2:50’s race (maybe even as fast as 2:50), but right now, let me show you my last training week: Monday was my last track workout: 6x 1mi with 1 more » Read more

Molasses Training Log – 10.4.2015

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve written a training log on SR. I’ve missed it…a lot. I’m back into marathon training now, and last week was the first official week of training. Over the summer, I did the entire Run Less Run Faster (RLRF) 10K plan (followed by a slower-than-desired 10K, but it was hot as heck so I cut myself some slack), and then a few weeks of the half more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 10.4.15

I was just talking with a friend of mine today about letting go. I was so scared to let go of running and back off of training even when my body, mind and life demanded it of me. Oh, the ugliness of trying to cling to something screaming to be let go! I’m grateful I finally did and today, with that conversation and that little nugget from it, I realize that by more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 10-13-15

6 days of running this week and solid training is starting to take form. I enjoyed the cooler temps and a few runs in the rain. I feel stronger when running in overcast weather, not exactly sure why though. Overall, I’ve been doing ok the last few weeks but have struggled a bit with anxiety and depressive symptoms as I increase my medication back to my normal dose. I also more » Read more

Oregano’s Training Log – 10.2.2015

A busy couple of weeks with work, travel, family visiting, house maintenance, social engagements, etc. But it’s nice to have some running down time when there’s not really pressure on to train for anything immediate. I’m starting to plan a race calendar for 2016, but my fall and winter are looking fairly calm…that being said I just found out midway through this past week that I’m heading to the Chicago Marathon more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — Week Ending 10.4.2015

I’m in love with running in Boston! And I finally had a breakthrough in hard training this week   Here’s what happened: Monday:  6.25 easy/recovery paced miles (10:05/142 bpm) listening to To Kill a Mockingbird Tuesday AM: 8.7 miles, with 2×3 miles with 2 min rests in humid 73 degree weather.  Run turned out to be 1×3 mile (7:42/178 bpm), 1×1.4 miles (stop to puke dry heaves), 1×1.6 miles (7:42). more » Read more

Jasmine’s training log 10.4.2015

Ugh guys, it was forty degrees and raining on Saturday morning so I had to do my long run on a treadmill. I’ll do anything to avoid a repeat of that epic freezing rain workout last year with Salty! But This was my last long run before Columbus and I had to get it done right. That’s right: suck it up and listen to my treadmill squeak for two and a more » Read more

Caper’s Training Log — Week Ending 9.27.2015

Among this week’s ups and downs were a Half Marathon race that was both a first place age group finish and an eye opening look at a real weakness my training. Up until this point, I have felt good about my training: a 76 mile week, some decent length runs at goal marathon pace and a handful of 20 milers under my belt. But my the race results of my more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 9-27-15

I hit five days of running this week and continued to feel less awkward and achy, except for some intense DOMS after incorporating squats into my weekly routine again. Although I will be the first to admit that I love the feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness. To me, it’s like the body reminding you that you are alive, a saying hello of sorts. Overall, the week was a good more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 9.27.15

I’ve been incredibly busy with my non-running life, taking care of my children and immediate family as well as helping out with my elderly in-laws. I’m definitely feeling that whole sandwich generation thing! But in these busy and stressful times, I feel extra grateful that I don’t have self-imposed performance stress when it comes to running. Just running for stress relief and joy is so nice right now. I’ve been more » Read more

Cardamom’s Training Log – 9.27.15

Tuesday – Key Run #2 Tempo Run (2 miles easy, 3 miles @7:45, 1 mile easy) I did this on a treadmill at 7:23 pace. I ran an easy 1/2 to warm up, did the 3 mile tempo, and then walked home to cool down. Friday – Key Run #1 Track Repeats (5 X 1000 m @4:23) Ran .62 miles interval at 4:08, 4:08, 4:09, 4:09, & 4:13 on the more » Read more