Basil’s Training Log – Hanson’s Week 9 & Famous Last Words

“I’m starting to think I might actually be ready to race an Alaskan marathon in September!!” – concluding sentence of my training log from last week. Famous. Last. Words. Serves me right for getting all hopeful and optimistic in the middle of a training cycle. This week (today to be exact), I had to press pause on the Hanson’s training plan. And it will likely be another week before I more » Read more

Pimento’s Summer Training Log 7.11.16 – 7.24.16

I’m actually writing this while sitting on my deck in the Pacific Northwest sunshine with a cool breeze taking the edge off the temperature when it starts to feel too hot. Ahhhh. Summer. It’s a busy month for our family between our 4th of July 10k, multiple birthday BBQs, a trip to Vegas, and now I’m leaving for Salty Camp this evening. Vegas? You might ask. In JULY?! Yes, indeed. My more » Read more

Barley’s Return to Running log 7/18-7/24

This was the first week in a while that I actually felt like I was “training”. Sure the miles are still way lower than normal, but the consistency was there and I’m happy with that. I don’t need to turn this into a competition, I don’t need to run more miles to try and be back where I was quicker than someone else or something- this is totally about me more » Read more

Raspberry’s Training Log – 7.25.16

This week was amazing in that it reminded me how glorious summer vacation is. It was all about leisure with a mix of running thrown in for fun. I started the week finishing a long-weekend backpacking trip, then did some “front-country” car camping in Tahoe City, where I mostly lounged beachside and ate ice cream, and then ended the week with Ragnar Trail Tahoe. While I definitely felt the effects of more » Read more

Cayenne’s Training Log 7.24.16

Marathon Training Week 7 Monday: Cross train 1 hour elliptical, 30 min easy bike, arms and abs Tuesday: Speed workout 1 mile warm up (8:01), 4 X 2000 (7:42, 7:41, 7:53, 7:51), 1 mile cool down (9:06) I knew this point would come…the speed workouts are getting long and I am not hitting the prescribed paces on the long intervals (time of 7:30 for 2000m, 6 min pace).  The first more » Read more

Pesto Training Log – 7.24.16

Thankfully I was pretty swamped with work this week so I wasn’t able to run too much – which probably wasn’t a terrible thing. For anyone who was wondering, life as a PhD student doesn’t really calm down much over the summer months. Currently I am teaching a five week intensive (Mon-Fri) course, working on my research, conducting neuropsyc evals two days a week, and a hodge podge of other things. more » Read more

Oregano’s Training Log – 7.24.2016

And, recovery week number two. It was pretty fun just running whatever I wanted to whenever I wanted to with no guilt about napping instead of running when desired. Monday 7/18: Monday Loop! Run: 6 miles Tuesday 7/19: I started doing core/strength again before work, and it actually felt pretty good to get back into it. Run: 5.5 miles + core/strength Wednesday 7/20: Planned cross-training day. I swam/pool ran for an hour and bike commuted more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.24.2016

While my mileage was low this week and I didn’t get in a single long run, I kept my attitude focused on doing what I could (read: the bare minimum) and tried to keep my expectations in check.  I got in my key runs and crossfit workouts and, therefore, I am happy. As long as I am maintaining fitness and staying on top of work (which is my priority right more » Read more

Dill’s Training Log July 11th thru 17th

Hi Salties!  It was another pretty good week in Dill’s world.  I’ve been staying on track with my workouts and strength training, however  I’ve been feeling a little sluggish and I’ve gained a few pounds.  I’m going to pay a bit more attention to what I am eating starting this week to see if I can’t restart some healthier habits and maybe lean up a bit before my next marathon. more » Read more

Basil’s Training Log – Hanson’s Week 7 & 8

The past two weeks have been an absolute blur, with the exception of a time-stands-still tempo run in which every mile went on for DAYS. But other than tempo runs, time flew by way faster than I could write about it. Still, I’ll attempt to hit the highlights (hint: NOT the tempo run), and recap these last two weeks of running as I check off week 7 and 8 of more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 7.17.16

Every time I go to write out a training log, I google: “How many weeks until September 11th, 2016?” The answer for today is 8 weeks. Deduct 2 weeks for tapering and that leaves me with 6 weeks left. Time is flying! Training so far this summer has gone well in the quality sense. More often than not, I haven’t hit my target paces but I learned something about myself more » Read more

Poppy’s training log – 7.17.16

This was another good week of training with some travel sprinkled in.  We were in Massachusetts for a wedding Friday night and so had the benefit of having a sitter for the kids over the course of the weekend, which meant I got in quite a few miles with the hubs.  Woot!  Despite another week of really humid weather, I felt good on my workouts and really strong on my more » Read more

Chive’s Training Log – 7.17,16

I just did mileage this week, and increased my long run slightly. Monday—10mi. Easy 10 solo. This run had a lot of parts and felt long, but I felt good. Tuesday—8mi. Hill Loop 2, with C: a deliberately hilly route generally run uptempo, this run was named after/inspired by something similar from college. Felt good, though I kind of thought we were running faster than we were. Wednesday—6mi, with C. more » Read more

Maple’s Training Log – 7.17.16

Hi Salty Runners! I hope you all had a great week of running and summer fun. This week marked Week 4 of my 20 week training plan for the Hamilton Marathon. In terms of mileage, I used Week 4 as a bit of a rest week. Especially at the beginning of training cycles, I try to ease my way into higher mileage weeks by stepping back in mileage every 4-6 weeks more » Read more