Pimento’s Training Log 2.13.16

Sunday: A well-earned day off. A post-birthday day of rest and hanging out with my family. Drove to pick up the kids from my mom’s house and enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day. Monday: 4-mile treadmill recovery run. A nice, short run at a slow enough pace to watch a whole episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Tuesday: 10-mile treadmill workout. 3-mile warm up, then a ladder of minutes fast/equal minutes recovery more » Read more

Oregano’s Training Log – 2.12.2016

Plan for the week: My plan was to follow the basic idea of the training plan (while increasing some of the distances). I did not feel especially rested coming into this week, but I think that is the intent with the three week build.  Saturday 1/6:  It was mentally hard to have a good attitude about this run. I got a migraine the night before and then woke up at 2:44am with more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 2.7.16

The month of February began this week and a little tidbit of info is that February is the birth month of a couple of Salties, including myself. I like this month not only for that reason but it just always feels warm and cozy and red, which is one of my favorite colors. So anyway, we’re off to a good start! This week saw two quicker workouts and nice steady more » Read more

Dill’s Training Log 1.25.16 thru 02.07.16

I know, I know, I’m behind again, but it’s not because I haven’t been running.  I went on a little get away with the family to Florida, and although I pictured myself sitting by the poolside writing witty posts for Salty Running, I barely pulled out the old MacBook.  It was a great 2 weeks though.  I got out of my routine, out of my element, off my treadmill and more » Read more

Catnip’s Training Log – 2.7.16

This was my last “pre-training” week before I start my official marathon plan from my coach. I’m feeling healthy, fit, and most importantly excited to really dig in and work hard. I’m aiming for the Glass City Marathon (Toledo) on April 24. I DNS’ed last year with plantar fasciitis, but have run it several times in the past, finishing 2nd in 2008 on the old course. I won’t set a real goal more » Read more

Bergamot’s Return to Running Log – 2.8.16

Hola, everyone! I’m so pumped to report to you that I logged some miles this week! All my mileage was done at a quick walking pace, and “jogging” starts this week! Here is the progress I’ve made in beautiful Spain. Feb. 1 – Monday: My first day in Spain on the job as an au pair… I got lost! I went for a walk when the kids were in school, more » Read more

Pumpkin’s Fargo Marathon Training Log: Week 3

3 weeks down, 15 to go! This week marked the first time that I’ve run over 20 miles in a week in an embarrassingly long time. If there is something that I’m starting to learn this training cycle, is how low my mileage has been for past races I’ve trained for. I think I’ve relied very heavily on long runs and cross training in the past, and this is the more » Read more

Tea’s Training Log: 2.7.16

Week two of the taper! In general, probably my least favorite week in the entire training season. I’m running substantially less (no fun!) but the race still feels kind of far off. (I remain in a state of disbelief that the Trials are this close.). Monday: Easy 6 in the morning, core in the evening. (This week I started decreasing the strength and core stuff, too.) Tuesday: 8 with some more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 1.31.16 & 2.7.16

Well, it was bound to happen. I had three very solid weeks and a nice 21 day running streak going – shortest day was 5 miles, even! I was considering reconsidering my disdain for run streaks when on my easy Monday treadmill run my butt decided to rebel. With about 1.5 miles left my sciatica flared up and I was worried my old injury, the one that stopped my training more » Read more

Barley’s Boston ’16 Training Week 5

10 weeks from today is Marathon Monday, I’m really excited about that to be honest. BUT I’m also super excited that 6 days from today is the Olympic Trials marathon. I’ll be glued to the TV following the coverage of it, that’s for sure. What are your hopes/predictions for the event? Anyways, last week was a really good week. Another slight mileage bump, and 2 pretty good workouts with a more » Read more

Caper’s Week 8 Boston Marathon Training Log

I don’t know how long the stars will stay aligned, but I am savoring this moment.  For my first marathon cycle ever, everything is clicking in my training.  Also, the new running watch I got this week has given me estimates and predictions that are keeping me motivated.  On top of that, my legs actually feel good.  Here’s how the week went: Monday – 5 recovery paced miles on treadmill more » Read more

Pimento’s Training Log 2.6.16

It’s my birthday week, and I made it to my goal of not eating desserts/candy or drinking alcohol from New Year’s until February 6. Had drinks, oysters, and cheesecake for my birthday meal out and my body felt like it went into shock. My husband told me I was like an Amish kid that came off the farm- ha! I am going back to watching sugar/alcohol again (though not a more » Read more

Sage’s Training Log–2.7.2016

Snow day on Monday (16+ inches at our house) forced training inside for several days of Week 8 of half marathon training program. I am getting more comfortable with the treadmill, especially doing intervals and tempo runs. Breathing is getting easier and based on all the treadmill posts regarding use of incline to mimic outside training, I did workouts without using incline and drank lots of fluids. Several good sessions inside then on Saturday did my more » Read more

Oregano’s Training Log – 2.5.2016

Plan for the week: Week two of the 3-week build. I wanted to make sure and take the easy days easy so that I could put more emphasis on the harder days (this has been a challenge for me in the past).  Saturday 1/30:  I couldn’t find a friend to do this run with me, so it was good mental training! The plan was to start on a flat trail, do some more » Read more

Catnip’s training log – 1.31.16

Woahhhh, January is already over! And I realize I’m four days late in remarking on that – ha. Despite the food poisoning incident, this turned out to be a pretty good month of running. My tempo runs, have gotten consistently faster and I covered 280+ miles this month. If I can keep this up, this bodes well for a strong marathon in April, maybe even a PR. Although I raced more » Read more