Olive’s Training Log-7.31-8.13

It’s been a crazy few weeks. Between quitting group fitness instruction, changing my focus to a half marathon, and getting ready to move, I’ve had to make quite a few mental adjustments. Also, I’m learning how to fit in cross training without relying on my group fitness classes, which has been a challenge. I’m trying to do core 6 times a week, yoga once, and strength training three times. We’ll see how long I can keep that up!


Monday-8 miles easy plus 6x:20 strides. 8:16 average for 8.2 total miles.

Tuesday-track ladder day! Workout was 400, 800, 1600, 800, 400, 2×200. Prescribed paces were 85 for the 400s, 2:52 for the 800s, 6:00 for the 1600 and 40 for the 200s. The track was really crowded, and this made me a little nervous. I had to surge to pass people a few times. I did the first 800 too fast (2:49) and then was pretty wiped out for the 1600 (6:02) and second 800 (2:54), but all in all it was a successful workout. I did some upper body strength later.

Wednesday-9 easy, 8:20 pace.

Thursday- 3 warmup, 3×1 mile at 6:05 with .5 recovery, 1 cooldown. I had to do this on the treadmill, but hit 6:o5 for all 3 miles. I did some strength training later in the day.

Friday-8 easy, 8:23 pace. I took a great ashtanga yoga class later in the day.

Saturday-14 miles, 8:09 average.

Long run views.

Sunday-rest day! Celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary with a goodbye party with some great friends.


Monday-8 easy treadmill, 8:23 pace again.

Tuesday-short intense track day. 2×200 at 45, 3×800 at 2:52, 2×200 at 40. These 800s have gotten a little faster each training cycle, and I was happy to average 2:51 here. Later I did some strength training.

Wednesday-9 easy plus 6x:20 strides. 8:22 average. Yoga class later in the day.

Thursday-Track day round 2-2×2400 (6 laps…I had to do the math!). Goal was 9:25, which is 6:17 pace. My paces were 9:23, 9:24. This was very mentally tough and I was glad to get it done.

Friday-10 easy, 8:04 pace.

Saturday- Half marathon pace workout day. Prescribed workout was 2 warmup, 5 at 6:55, 2 cooldown. I averaged 6:56 but it felt really hard, and then included one stop when my stomach cramped up and I thought I was going to have to duck into the woods (false alarm). I’m frustrated that this wasn’t easier…my track workouts have been getting faster and going really well, so I’d hoped that my tempo workouts would go well too. It was really early in the morning so I’m wondering if that made it harder? Either way I’ll be happy to try that workout again in two weeks.

Sunday-rest day.


Cayenne’s Training Log 8.6.17

Marathon Training Week 9

I’m taking this training cycle extremely seriously.

Monday: Easy/off

1 slow treadmill mile

light arms, abs

I only ran one mile because I tried to run on the treadmill after eating-bad idea.

Tuesday: Speed

a.m. 5 miles (8:09)

p.m. speed work: 1.5 mile warm up, 2 X 1600 (5:56, 6:04), 2 X 800 (2:57, 2:59), 4 X 200 (39, 41, 40, 40),  1 mile cool down

I went out too fast on the first 1600 but hey, it was a one mile (1600-close enough) PR!  I crashed a little throughout the workout but this crash/burn type of workout is good to do now and then.

push ups, planks

Wednesday: Run

a.m. 7.5 miles with hills (8:17)

p.m. 4. 5 easy miles (8:48)

Thursday: Tempo

1 mile warm up, 5 miles at tempo (6:47 average), 1.5 mile cool down

I crashed a little from mile 3 due to fatigue, elevation and a side stitch (no more peanut butter before runs!).  It was still a good workout.

p.m. 4.5 mile recovery run (8:27)

arms, abs, legs

Friday: Easy run

7 miles (8:10)

Saturday: Long run

20 miles (7:39)

I finally completed a quicker paced long run.  We started with an uphill first mile at a 9 minute pace.  I ran some 7:15’s in the middle but tried to maintain a steady 7:30 pace.  I slowed a little on the uphills but finished with a strong 7:11 mile.

Sunday: Easy run

8 miles (8:16)

Total Miles: 70

This was a good week of running.  I was fatigued by the end but I had some quality runs and a decent amount of miles. I have the first of (maybe) two summer half marathons next week.    The first one is harder but hopefully I am getting in better shape each week.  I hope to beat my course PR of 1:29 on the first one, and 1:26 on the second (flatter) one three weeks later.  I am seeing how the first race goes before I commit to the second one!

Bergamot’s Training Log 08.07.2017

I’m back in the US and preparing for law school! And a quick 131-mile relay run from Columbus to Cincinnati! ;) I will be on a team of 8 people for the C2C Run, an American Cancer Society event benefiting the Road to Recovery program in Columbus. I like this event because the money raised directly benefits cancer patients in my city. I will be running in memory of my grandfather and so many others. If you’re interested in donating to my cause, here’s my fundraising page!  My personal goal is $300, and I’m a third of the way there!

I took 4 weeks off of running while traveling in the US with my boyfriend. It was refreshing. I started running again just in time for Salty Camp in July! Last weekend I ran an impromptu 5k in 25:50. I won my age group and along with that, a beer and glass, pizza, and socks! A great time was had by all- especially me, since I went out at a 7:30 pace and ended with a 9:30 pace and vomited. :) Lolz.

Week of 7.23 – Return to Running

Sunday- 5ish miles at Salty Camp
Monday- 3 easy miles, no watch
Tuesday- 5 miles total, 4×400 at 5k pace, 4×200 sprints
Wednesday- rest
Thursday- 4 mile progression run averaging at 8:30 pace
Friday- rest
Saturday- local 5k!
Total- 20 miles roughly

Week of 7.30

Sunday- 7 miles easy
Monday- 3.8 miles easy, 2 miles walking with a friend!
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- 5ish miles with hill repeats, no watch!
Friday- unplanned rest. Law school thing with lots of driving.
Saturday- 6 miles
Total- 21.8 miles

Overall my runs have felt pretty good considering my time off. I feel like I’m picking right back up where I left off. I’m hoping to start ramping up mileage to unofficially train for the Columbus Half in the fall. A few wise Saltines have told me to chill with racing in grad school, but I’m a little stubborn. Maybe I’ll experiment with Run Less, Run Faster. We shall see!

Barley’s Postpartum Training Log Week 14

I’ve been going into each week with some small goals and a loose plan for running and working out. It helps me stay motivated and have a semi-plan of attack but also not feel super tied down if/when things get jumbled around. Life as a working mom with a 3 month old and some other personal things happening….yeah things get jumbled around. I still pieced together a pretty good week though and happy with another week of feeling a bit more like myself.

The week started with two recovery days so I could ease into things as I was feeling a bit tired from hot 10 miler on Sunday (followed by working that night). Lack of proper hydration and recovery from that run on Sunday definitely was that kick in the butt reminder I needed to NOT do stupid things. By Wednesday I was ready to resume normal again but was in an annoyed and frustrated mood. I got out later than planned, our lab followed me for the first part of the run (not on leash) before I realized and had to turn around and bring her home. Then the side streets in the neighborhood were bustling with cars because of the Wednesday night concert in the park by our house….so I called the run after 2 miles. It was dark, I had Hannah in the stroller and cars weren’t helping so I figured it was best to go home and just chill.

Thursday evening we needed to go to Brian’s parents and I planned on running when we got there while he took care of things and well…it was down pouring when we arrived so I waved my white flag and knew I would have plenty of time on the weekend for running.

Friday came and we were getting ready for a weekend away at our cabin in the 1000 Islands. I was able to take a half day of work which really gave me a little time to get things done in the afternoon before taking off on the 3 hour drive. I decided to treadmill my workout due to weather, and time. I ran a 10 minute warm-up, and then did 3 x 5 minutes at 7:30, 7:13 and 6:58 pace (2:30 easy in between). I finished with 3 x 1 minutes at 6:00 pace with 1 minute recovery and then cooled down until I hit 5 miles. I was happy with the workout and the 5 minute pace blocks required effort but wasn’t killing myself which made me optimistic.

We spent the weekend in the islands, which happens to be one of my favorite places in the world to run. Saturday morning I ran with my mom which makes me incredibly happy. I have to mention that she ran a TWENTY FIVE minute half marathon PR a few weeks ago at the SanFran half marathon and it was her second half ever! She’s trying to maintain running a few times a week now even without a race and man…it’s just so much fun to share with her! I cannot wait until she moves home at the end of the year so we can do this more often.

Sunday was the day for “my” run…I always do at least one Tibbets Point Lighthouse run every time I am up there. Its my favorite place. It’s 7 miles from the cabin so I didn’t want to go there and back as 14 miles would have been a big jump. So I ran into town for a little extra mileage and then up to lighthouse and had Brian pick me up. I ran a progressive run from 9:00 down to 7:40ish for the last 2 miles and finished feeling good. I was happy with the effort and the distance, keeping my heart rate in control. I didn’t pay attention to HR the last few miles and just let my stride open up into the wind as I made the 2 mile trek along the water to the point. Great way to end a good weekend and decent week of running as well. We drove home that afternoon/evening and I got in my loop band work while waiting for Hannah’s bottle to heat up. Parenting = multitasking.

Monday 7/31: Rest
Tuesday 8/1: 3.5 Late evening recovery miles (9:57 avg) + 20 minutes Core/PT/Loop bands
Wednesday 8/2: 2 Late evening Stroller miles (9:58 avg)
Thursday 8/3: Rest
Friday 8/4: 5 Treadmill miles(8:03 avg)  w/3×5 minutes (7:30, 7:13, 6:58 paces) & 3 x 1 minute (6:00 pace)
Saturday 8/5:  4.75 morning miles with my mom! (10:22 avg) + 15 minutes core/PT/Loop Bands
Sunday 8/6:  11 mile long progression run + 10 minutes Core/PT/Loop bands
Totals: 26.2 miles run, 45 minutes fitness
Beers Drank: Sam Adams Hefeweizen, Sam Adams Tropid of Yuzu, Sam Adams Berliner Weisse, Downeast Cider

(We bought a Sam Adams craft pack for the trip- I wasn’t a big fan of the Tropic of Yuzu or Berliner Weisse, but the Hefe was good- it also had the traditional Boston Lager and Summer ale in the pack which you cannot go wrong with)

Goals for the coming week: 25-30 miles, 3-4 core/PT/Loop Band sessions, also…not die during my first postpartum race! I have run the Bergen 5k/USATF Niagara 5k Championship race for 7 or 8 years now without missing it- so works out it will be my first time pinning on a bib since the half I did when I was 6 weeks pregnant with Hannah! I don’t have a time goal but I’d like to run hard effort and see what  I can do to use this as a “time trial”. I think it will be a good test to see where I am at to help make any fall running/racing goals.

Parsley’s Training Log 7.30-8.5

Highest weekly mileage in a year and a half (70), despite my husband’s full return to work after taking leave and starting up traveling again. Thankfully it was a little cooler for a few days, so running with the triple later in the morning was bearable. I didn’t mind- I had kind of missed my little running buddies chatting away keeping me company!

I also attempted a track workout- first time I’ve run on a track in over a year! The high school track in my small town is pretty hard to access- they normally keep it locked up (actually double fenced) but since the high school football team now has early morning practice I thought I’d be able to sneak in there. By the time I found a way into the track I didn’t have much time left to run on it, so I did a shorter workout. That’s fine by me, I actually have fun doing shorter stuff on the track, and really anything at all on the track makes me feel like I’m really training!

7/30: 46 mins in my parent’s neighborhood after a late night celebrating my sister’s 40th birthday! 1 hour of family hiking.

7/31: 1:09 total with the triple, w/ 10 minutes of strides

8/1: 1:09 w/ the triple; came home to eat breakfast and then was planning on showering and walking to the library, but since it was a cooler morning and I was acceptably sweaty for public, decided to run there so got in another 31 minutes total. I felt bad about having my kids sitting in the stroller for so long, but at least fed them breakfast on the first run, and lunch on the second, things which they would have been sitting for anyway.

8/2: track day- 1: 28 total. 35 minute run to the track; 4 x 200 (39, 38, 38, 38), 2 x 400 (79, 79), 4 x 200 (38, 39, 38, 38) with 200 jog between each rep; 30 minute run home.

8/3: 90 minutes Weymouth Woods- nice to run on a soft surface minus all the spider webs; 31 minutes with the triple later that morning.

8/4: 1:10 total; 23 mins w/ triple to the park, 25 mins of drills/strides + strength, 22 minutes w/ triple home

8/5: 6 miles on the treadmill @ 7:30 pace while watching the Little Mermaid with my oldest daughter for the first time, who loved it!

Parsley’s Training Log — 7.29

It’s been a few weeks, but I’m back in the swing of things with “real” training, or at least as real as it’s going to get for me at this point. Mostly that means actually setting an alarm to sneak out the door for some early morning workouts, doing actual workouts, and upping my mileage.

7/16-7/22: 51 miles for the week, which I was happy with considering we spent half the week on vacation, and I didn’t want my running to get in the way of our trip. It was great and even though I ran lower mileage than my now weekly goal, we did some good hiking and lots of walking so I definitely didn’t lose any fitness.


**since I run by time, I just convert everything to mil eage estimates in my running log. Including aqua jogging minutes. I figure it all averages out in the long run.

Sunday: easy 31 minutes early in the morning; we had a busy day and I just needed something to get me going.

Monday: 45 minutes aqua jog in the am; 30 mins in the pm (1/2 with the double stroller, half solo)

Tuesday: 1:15 total; 20 minute w/u, 4 x Bethesda Rd. miles: 5:55, 5:38, 5:47, 5:39 (the road is slightly more uphill one way, so my goal is to be consistent or faster in each direction) with about 3 minute recovery jog, 20 min w/d.

Wednesday: 1:10 recovery run in Weymouth Woods; several hours of walking at Dollywood

Thursday: full day of walking at Dollywood, 45 minutes aqua jog

Friday: 60 minutes hilly run in Smoky Mountain National Park

Saturday: 30 mins aqua jog; 2 hours of hiking

7/23-7/29: 64 miles for the week, mostly backloaded for taking a day off and trying to get back into the 60s. This was the first time doing multiple consecutive double digits days (4) in a long time, so my legs were feeling it!

Sunday: 90 minutes of hiking; 61 minutes in the mountains of western NC- beautiful run but it was prime bear country so I was running with my head on a swivel the entire time!

Monday: off; 30 minutes hiking

Tuesday: 60 minutes Weymouth Woods am; 30 mins w/ strides pm

Wednesday: 1:15 total; 25 min w/u, 32 min fartlek at the athletic fields complex, 20 min w/d; 30 mins aqua jog

Thursday: 1:08 w/ my friend Bridget; 30 mins aqua jog

Friday: Wanted to do mile repeats on Bethesda Rd but I knew they would be slow given the build up over the last few weeks, so I decided to make this into more of a strength workout. 90 minutes total: 20 min w/u, 3 x hill loop (hills were about 2:45 each) then run over to Bethesda Rd- 25 mins total, 3 x Bethesda Rd (6:08, 6:19, 6:01), 20 min w/d plus strides; 30 min aqua jog

Saturday: 2 miles out and back fast

Ginger’s Training Log – 7.30.17

The down time continues, although this past week I started to think about the possibility of a winter marathon in a warm climate. It’s been in the back of my mind for some time but I think my approach and goal would look quite different than the past few training cycles. Instead of an aggressive goal and training plan, I am considering a lighter plan with the goal of getting to 20 miles in one piece and then finishing strong. The idea behind it would be to get a good running marathon under my belt regardless of the time.

For the present circumstances, I continue to run about 4 days a week (except this week was 3 days) with daily yoga and one weekly swim. I’m starting to notice some small improvements doing the Jasyoga in addition to a once a week in person class. These improvements include slight increases in flexibility and strength. The only downside is that I have to keep an eye out on some poses, such as down dog, which seem to aggravate my achilles. In the spring I overstretched it and every once in a while if it gets too much pull, it hurts on a run.

The best news of all is with the swimming and my attempt at mastering a flip turn. I’m happy to report that I can now officially flip with the help of a noodle! I will attempt step 3 this week which is basically doing a flip sans noodle. I really look forward to my Thursday night sessions.

Speaking of stretching

Monday: 20 minute Jasyoga core video.

Tuesday: Off/rest due to some scheduling issues. But this was likely good for my Achilles.

Wednesday: 5 miles and Jasyoga calf reset.

Thursday: 35 minute swim and Jasyoga hip reset.

Friday: Off/rest.

Saturday: 4 mile trail run with James and Chris and 45 minute hike afterward. James and I are planning to do Rim to Rim at the end of September so I’m starting to brush up on some hiking in preparation. Jasyoga back reset afterward.

Sunday: 7 mile “long run” and Jasyoga hamstring reset.

Total: 16 miles running and various cross training

Cayenne’s Training Log 7.30.17

Marathon Training Week 8

Devo 5k in downtown Akron

Monday: Run 

9 miles (8:21)

light arms, abs

Tuesday: Speed

1.5 mile warm up, 8 X 800 (3:03, 3:02, 3:00, 3:00, 3:01, 2:59, 2:59, 2:57) 1 mile cool down

I had planned on starting at 3 minutes per 800 but that felt like a faster pace than I had anticipated.  I still managed to get the last few intervals down a bit.  There were some oblivious kids kicking soccer balls onto the track towards the end, which made me mad and helped me hit that last 2:57.  Run angry!

second easy run: 3 slow treadmill miles

Wednesday: Run

4 miles (8:35)

I had a long day and had planned on doing 8-10 miles in the evening.  However, things did not go as planned-my body felt horrible in every way from mile 3 and I decided to quit.

very light arms, abs

Thursday: Tempo

6 mile progressive tempo run (splits of 8:09, 7:52, 7:30, 7:13, 6:57, 6:40), 1 mile cool down

I did not go as hard as last week because of a 5k this weekend.

second easy run: 6 miles (8:14)

Friday: Off running

light arms, abs, legs

Saturday: Long Run

20 miles (8:04)

The weather was much cooler this week and I felt much, much better.  I was debating whether to do this long of a run because of a 5k the next day.  I decided that the marathon is my focus and I needed to do the long run even if my 5k time suffers.  My watch acted up and had me at a 4:45 mile in the middle!    I went by my friend’s watch pace average.

Sunday: 5k Race

1.5 mile warm up, 5k race in 19:05, 1.5 mile cool down  Well, this race was a bit faster than a few weeks ago.  I decided to use it as training and did not put any pressure on myself (a 20 miler and 2 beers the day before).  My legs felt more effortless than they had in some races when I have done everything right.  Sometimes I feel like my body is completely random.  I also wonder if I do better at races without any kind of taper.

second easy run: 6 miles (8:22)

push ups, planks

Total Miles: 67

I am still building my miles and hope to be in the 70’s next week.

Cayenne’s Training Log 7.23.17

Marathon Training Week 7

Monday: Run 

10 miles (8:04)

light arms, abs

Tuesday: Speed

2 mile warm up, 16 X 400 (1:33, 1:32, 1:32, 1:30, 1:27, 1:27, 1:26, 1:27, 1:25, 1:26, 1:25, 1:28, 1:26, 1:28, 1:29, 1:37) 1 mile cool down

This was a very, very hot workout.  I wanted to complete the workout without crashing too badly, so I started conservatively and tried to negative split.  The recoveries were very short (100m jog), so this was a good marathon workout.  I did pretty well until I almost puked before the last one and then took it easier just to finish.

Wednesday: Run

8ish miles (mix of roads and trails, easy pace)

puh ups, planks

Thursday: Tempo

2 mile warm up, 3 miles at tempo (splits of 6:40, 6:27, 6:20), 2 mile cool down

second easy run: 5.5 miles (8:38)

push ups, planks

Friday: Off running

light arms, abs

Saturday: Run

8 miles (8:17)

Sunday: Long Run

17 miles (7:56)

I had planned on doing 20 miles but it was incredibly humid.  I ran with friends and we all cut it short.  I had a few 7:15ish miles in the middle, then crashed.  I will plan on running a 20 miler next week.

Total Miles: 65ish

I got my miles back up like I had planned and will continue to build.  I had some great quality speed and tempo runs this week too.

Chicory’s {Chicago} Training Log – 07.23.17 and 07.30.17

Sometimes I have to think less about running and just do the damn thing. So I haven’t been great about logging or reflecting or any of that. I did read Ronda Rousey’s “My Fight/Our Fight,” which was a good motivational read that was also quick and easy.

Quick and dirty weekly recaps for now. My intention both weeks … train. Don’t overthink it. JFR.

July 17-23

Monday: 8.57 miles easy. My Garmin Forerunner 35 went kaput so I had to use my phone and the Strava (barf) app to record. 1.5 miles for Morgan.

Tuesday: 10 miles total, speedwork day. Warm up, 4×30/60s, 1 mile at 90%, 8×400 at 90%, die, cool down. Felt really good about this workout. The heat index 98 and I ran on the roads because the track was closed. Resorted to my old FR15, which doesn’t show lap distance, so had to keep adding the 400s/200s up in tenths. Went a little hard on the sixth 400, paid for it on 7th. Times: 6:15, 92, 92, 92, 89, 87, 85, 96 (recorded a smidge long), 90. The c/d miles were ugly. Jasyoga calf reset during the day and legs up after. One of my favorite notes from coach on this one: “Your business is kicking ass and business is good. This is strong stuff!”

Wednesday: 6.33 miles very, very slowly. First 1.5 with Morgan. Coach: “If people only knew what a sub 3 marathoner runs on the recovery days.” Taught Pilates that evening.

Thursday: 8.6 mile “light” progression run, .65 with Morgan at the beginning. 4 miles cut down from 8:06 to 7:20. Humid.

Friday: 6.25 easy with a friend. 80º at 7 a.m., neat.

Saturday: 16 miles total, long run of doom. SO HOT AND HUMID. I didn’t even put notes into my log, it was so bad. 87º, feels like 97, dewpoint 76. I had to change clothes and shoes. Forgot to weigh before I went but I was 109.2 Friday morning and 105.7 after the run … with lots of stops. That was rough.

Sunday: 6.25 treadmill miles while it was storming.

Totals: 62 miles run (100k!), 70 minutes Pilates/Jasyoga (yikes, not enough), 3.65 miles for Morgan.

July 24-30

Monday: 8 miles, first .65 with Morgan. Nothing notable. Jasyoga 5 minute reset while at work, subbed a Pilates class after.

I am a sucker. But damn I was coordinated that day.

Tuesday: New watch day! 10 miles with 4x2k hill circuits, which involves 2k worth of up and down ran at tempo effort. Hot but less humid. Ran the first part of the warmup with Mr. Chic, but he had less total mileage on the day so he started the hills first. I caught him on my second/his third. First two reps were great, last two were not as fun. Jasyoga after.

Wednesday: Dropped Morgan off to get spayed, then subbed a morning Pilates class. Worked all day, then taught Pilates after work and then ran 6 or maybe 6.32 on the treadmill. Not sure which is more accurate — watch accelerometer or uncalibrated gym treadmill.

Thursday: Humid 6 moderate-ish with some strides. This was not as fun as I anticipated.

Friday: 4 mile easy shakeout run with a friend.

Saturday: Grand Slam 4 Miler. Great weather, 61º but the cold front brought with it a decent breeze especially along the river. 2.5 mile warmup plus strides, didn’t feel great. 4 mile race, lead from the beginning. A lot of us got sent the wrong way because they had three lead bikes but all at the very front instead of spread out. I crossed the finish line about 400m short, so I just lap split for interest and pushed hard until my watch hit 4. Not super accurate because the course has A LOT of zig-zag turns, but at least gave me an idea. I closed that last 400m at 5:30 pace, too. BOOM.

The next couple of girls also got turned around at various points, and if you take my watch time with the extra 400m, I was still 2+ minutes ahead of second. We basically all agreed it was fine how it was, that the order would’ve been the same had we all gone the same right way. That means I defended my title from last year (when we also got misdirected) and got another Louisville Slugger bat, though! And I get to throw the first pitch at an upcoming minor league game. Hard to compare the races since I had them both short for different reasons, but Garmin says I averaged 5 seconds per mile faster this year, so that’s good. 3.5 mile cool down, mostly with a group of other racers.

Sunday: 6 miles slow. It was 57º out, I couldn’t not run. Felt the race in my hamstrings and glutes. Jasyoga hamstring reset after.

Totals: 50.4 miles, 189 minutes Pilates/Jasyoga. Just .65 miles for Morgan since she’s now in recovery mode for a couple of weeks.

Pumpkin’s Twin Cities Marathon training log: 7.17-7.30.17

Last night I had my recurring dream that I was in college again and found out at the end of the semester that I was registered for a class that I totally forgot to attend. I have this dream on a semi-regular basis and it’s usually when I feel like I’m dropping the ball in some area of life. I just decided there must be some deep seated guilt about being behind on posting a training log!

I’ve been avoiding posting a log because running has not been going smoothly for me over the past two weeks (again/still) and I feel like I have so much to say about it all that it feels a bit overwhelming to write a 2 week log. I will give you the condensed version and save my turmoil for a post of its own!

The positives? I traveled to Cleveland and got to spend a weekend hanging with other Saltines! So fun to hang with Coriander, Cinnamon, Salty, Mango, Bergamot, and Ginger. I also ran a last minute 5k in Minneapolis the night before I flew to the Cleve.

The negatives? My running miles were lowwwww for two reasons: foot pain and lethargy/bad attitude (due to foot pain and poor running performance lately). I skipped a long run entirely while I was in Cleveland (foot pain and the awful Cleveland humidity), and I BOMBED my long run last week. Like, big time bomb/only finished half- epic collapse.

The neutrals? I did bump up my pool running a bit. I did find a way to stay active in some manner most days.

The hopefuls? It seems my foot/ankle pain is getting quite a bit better. I suspect Sunday’s long run bomb was hormonal in nature. I decided a week ago to make some big time changes to get my nutrition back on point. I’m feeling physically better and my overall soreness is already improved with my improved eating.

Here’s the last two weeks if you’re still invested in reading about the train wreck! Ha!


Monday 7.17: Did a water aerobics type class with friends. It was pretty lame and I don’t think our HR even climbed into the fat burn zone. We laughed a lot though! 1 hour.

Tuesday 7.18: 40 minutes upper and lower body strength + core

Wednesday 7.19: Made the 3.5 hour drive to Minneapolis and ran the Torchlight 5k that evening! I ran it not to race it, but did try to push myself faster than an easy paced run. The race was at 7:30p, it was sunny, hot, and humid. Almost melted just during my warm up! The race itself was fun, but the course distance was off by A LOT (and was later confirmed by the race coordinator). It ended up being a 3.3 mile 5k. OOF. You never realize how long .2 miles can be until you reach 3.1 of a 5k and you’re still not done! Anywho, I ran the first mile, but had to take a lot of walk breaks (short ones, but breaks nonetheless). My pace was 10:37, which I was satisfied with given the walk breaks and the heat and just my poor running performance as of late. Total for the day 4.4 miles.

Thursday 7.20: I arrived in Cleveland and got punched in the face with the Cleveland humidity. I broke a sweat walking slowly! Did a run/walk/chat with Cinnamon that evening. 4 miles, 12:40 pace.

Friday 7.21: Travel fatigue, humidity fatigue, just wanting to hang with my Salty Running pals= zero running this day. I did take an epic nap in the afternoon though, because vacation.

Saturday 7.22: Run/walk with Ginger! 4 miles, 11:36

Sunday 7.23: Body just feeling so run down. Foot pain extra painful. Had to get ready to travel home. I just straight up skipped my long run, with the hope my body would appreciate the rest.

Total miles: 12.4 (OOF)

1 hour pool class

40 min core+strength


Week of 7.24-7.30

Monday 7.24: Pool run 40 min, kick board 10 min

Tuesday 7.25: MY BIRTHDAY! Also a rest day. I skipped my run and went to Target instead to buy myself an Apple watch as a gift to myself! :)

Wednesday 7.26: 4 miles in the morning 11:58 pace (I used my Apple Watch for running instead of my Garmin… lots of trying to monkey around with it and figure out why it would auto pause every time I took a walk break….) Decided that I will continue to use my Garmin for running purposes from now on, and the Apple Watch for everything else. In the evening I went to the pool and did a pool run with the Apple Watch and it was pretty magical! I love that I can wear it in the pool and I can track my HR while pool running. This is definitely an added pool running motivator. 30 minutes total.

Thursday 7.27: I slept in, which was not a great idea because that meant I was going to try and get some running miles in before my weekly Thursday night bike ride. By the end of the bike ride, I was TOAST. It was hot/ humid and my body was like HELL NAW. 4 miles, 11:04 pace. 27.2 miles bike. 16.1 mph avg, HR avg 147.

Friday 7.28: I wanted to try and save my body for my weekend runs, so I opted to pool run instead. 40 minutes total.

Saturday 7.29: Bad run #1 of the weekend. Total sweat fest, total bonk fest. Only managed to squeeze out 4.5 really pathetic miles. 11:33 pace (not including the times I just flat out stopped and contemplated why I even do this).

Sunday 7.30: Bad run #2 of the week. Plan was 15 miles, but I called it a day at 8 miles. Did the first 4 with my friend Julie. We started at 6am, hoping to beat the heat. It was swampy from the start and I could tell even during the first mile that this might be a tough run. I hoped that after I warmed up it would get better, but it just never did. I had to stop so many times and I walked a ton and my body just felt wrong. My stomach was cramping and I felt lightheaded/ nauseous when I would stop to catch my breath. Nothing good was going to come of me gutting out the other 7 miles. And I honestly don’t think I could have gutted them out even if I tried.

Two weeks of failed long runs could definitely make me fearful about the rest of my training and worried about future long runs, but I am doing my best just to move forward and take each run as it comes. The weather looks like it’s going to cool and it looks like the humidity will follow suit. I am going to try for 14 this week and will stay optimistic!

Totals for the week:

Run- 20.4 miles

Pool running- 3x for a total of 2 hours.

Bike- 27.2

Strength+core- total fail.

How I looked for almost every run over the past two weeks
Pumpkin and Ginger!
With Salty and Ginger!