Chive’s training log – 6.26.16

This week marked the end of my spring “racing season”. Racing two weekends in a row, I planned to take this week light on mileage, with normal mileage on Monday and Tuesday, then easy running the rest of the week to feel good going into Sunday’s 10k. Monday–solo 9 miles on the Charles. I felt a bit tired from racing yesterday, but basically good. Tuesday–10 miles with best friend and boyfriend (for a more » Read more

Poppy’s training log – 6.26.16

This week was similar to last with respect to mileage.  The husband-coach had me do a light workout midweek, which was basically just glorified strides, just to start easing back into workouts.  I also got to do a hilly long run on one of my favorite routes up at my dad’s.  Overall I feel like I’m getting some pep back in my step and getting back into a groove with more » Read more

Pesto’s Training Log, 6.26.16

Monday: (am) 25 minutes elliptical. Upper body lift, abs, squats and lunges with Mr Pesto.  Double success! (pm) Pool run. 25min warm up. 20x90sec hard with 30sec recoveries between. 15min cool down. Tuesday: Apparently becoming a regular day off for me. 3mi after dinner walk and PT exercises. Wednesday: (am) 60mins hill intervals on elliptical. 45mins lift and core. (pm) Pool run. 40mins steady. Thursday: (am) 40mins spinning. (pm) Pool run. 15min warm up. 12x 2:30 hard with more » Read more

Maple’s Training Log – 6.26.16

Four weeks post-Ottawa Marathon and I’m starting to feel like myself again. My weekday runs felt good this week and I managed to run my longest run in the heat Sunday morning. The name of the game for June was recovery and maintenance. I’m happy to report that I’m entering July feeling good about where I’m at fitness wise. Monday – 10K @ 5:12/km with strides. Core work post-run (1/4). Aiming more » Read more

Pimento’s Post-Marathon Training Log 6.6–6.26.16

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a training log– since my taper, actually– but I have, in fact been running. Although I thought I would take more time off after my big PR at Newport June 4, I only took two days off and then eased back into running. Why? Well, I love it and it keeps me sane. Plus, summer running is great because I call this more » Read more

Basil’s Training Log – 6.26.16

Remember how tired I said I was last Sunday? Well I got up the next morning and nailed a track workout. So who knows, maybe it’s just a Sunday thing. (Because yeah, I’m tired again.) Overall, I did have a great week of training. The only real issue is that my left hip is not holding up very well. I already know I need surgery. I also know that running more » Read more

Bergamot’s Training Log – 6.27.16

Guess what. :D I had my highest mileage week since my stress fracture was diagnosed in November! Thanks to my last log, I was able to see that I was really slacking in the running department, heat or no heat. I dedicated myself a little more to training this week, 4 workouts instead of 2 or 3, and added slightly more distance to each. I rounded it out the week more » Read more

Oregano’s Training Log – 6.26.2016

I was traveling for work on the East Coast this week, so I was unsure of how much running I would be able to get in. The plan was to have a pretty chill recovery week, starting to tune up before my race in three weeks. I was unable to follow this plan due to unforeseen team building activities. But I got to go to four states I had never more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.26.16

Monday:  FINALLY.  My first good run in what feels like weeks.  5×3:00 7/10 effort intervals.  8:00, 7:41, 7:30, 7:30, 8:00. 3:00 recovery in between. 5 miles total. CrossFit after work: 7 rounds: 7xburpees, 7xair squats, 7xsit-ups, 7xjumping jacks. 8:55 time. Strength: Deadlifts 5×5 Tuesday: 6 miles total. Easy endurance miles, 9:30 average pace. Wednesday: 5.5 miles total. 2:00 TT (6:20 pace). 10x:45 at 6:20 pace, :90 recovery pace in between. more » Read more

Poppy’s training log – 6.19.16

Another week of easy running, but with more miles added in.  I spent most of the week at my mom’s, as my husband was in Boston for the week for work, so I had a change in scenery for most of my runs.  Being at my mom’s also meant I had help with the kids and got to do all of my runs from Monday through Friday without pushing a more » Read more

Cayenne-training log – 6.19.16

Marathon training week 2.  Time to get serious again. Monday: Run and Cross Train P90X Yoga. This also serves as my strength workout. Ouch! 5 mile run (7:58) 1 hour elliptical sauna Tuesday: Speed 1 mile warm up (7:55) 16 X 200 (39, 40, 39, 39, 40, 40, 39, 40, 40, 40, 39, 40, 38, 39, 40, 38) with 200m jog recoveries 2 mile cool down (8:45) A few weeks more » Read more

Cayenne’s Training Log – 6.12.16

I just started Week 1 of my marathon training program.  Here we go again! Monday: Cross train 1 hour walk 1 hour elliptical 20 minute stationary bike light arms and abs Tuesday: Tempo 20 minute swim 5 mile run with the middle 3 at tempo (7:55, 6:44, 6:44, 6:34, 7:49) Wednesday: Strength and Run Strength-arms, abs and legs 6 mile run (7:23 pace). I was aiming for a 7:30 pace more » Read more

Pesto’s Training Log 6.19.16

Despite feeling a little salty that my first training log features an impressive total of ZERO running miles, it will be ok (you’re nodding in agreement, right?). The sun will rise again tomorrow, my coffee maker will automatically dispense at my convenience and I will embark on my fifth day without the boot of shame. Things could be much worse.  As you will have noted from my intro bio last week I more » Read more