Zest’s Training Log — 12.11.16 – 1.14.17

Long time, no training log. But I have been training for the last month, so I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been up to. As I mentioned a while ago, I’m working on base building until 12 weeks out from Boston, when I plan to follow the 12/55 plan from Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger and Douglas. That’s scheduled to start on January 22, so I still have another week more » Read more

Cayenne’s Training Log 1.15.17

Marathon Training Week 2  Monday: X Train 1 hour elliptical 30 min bike jump rope, arms abs Tuesday: Speed Indoor track workout: 1.5 mile warm up, 20 laps on a 200 meter track, striding the straight aways, jogging the curves, 1.5 mile cool down I do this workout when the weather is bad and I want some quicker running.  It is good for improving my speed and endurance. 3 miles more » Read more

Dill’s Training Log 1/9 to 1/15

Alright, this was the week, the week I was going to get all of my workouts in.  Things started off with a bang. I did speed work on Monday, an easy run Tuesday,  and yoga on Wednesday.  On Thursday night I met some friends for a rainy cool 7.5 fun miles.  As I shivered on my way home from the run, I started dreading my 6 am 20 miler the more » Read more

Olive’s Training Log-1.15.17

Week 5 of the Hanson half marathon plan is in the books, and luckily for me, I’m still in the “I love this plan, everything’s great!” phase and not burned out yet. I taught a slew of classes, ran in the dark rain, and got sweat all over the gym treadmills, but I made it through. Monday: 7 miles easy, 7:35 pace. Later I taught a strength training class. Tuesday: Treadmill speedwork more » Read more

Raspberry’s Training Log – 1.15.17

After years of dissing the dreadmill, this week I suddenly realized what a weather wimp I really am, and indoors I went. Listening to other Saltines talk about sub-zero windchill, icy, snowy runs, I’ve realized that the only reason I hate the treadmill is because I don’t know what real winter is, and 98% of my days are perfect running weather days. But, for the first time in years we more » Read more

Chicory’s Training Log – 1.15.17

It’s been a weird weather week (again), but after you run in 0 windchill, everything else seems better. Generally I had a goal this week of doing something “extra” each day to help my training, even if that’s just 5 minutes of Jasyoga or foam rolling. Monday: 10 miles, 77 minutes, AHR 142. Some activation drills from Jasyoga before, and then cruise control on the treadmill. Plus my first run more » Read more

Bergamot’s Training Log 1.14.17

I’m celebrating my first 30 mile week of the year with ice cream and marshmallow bears as one should. ;) Actually, this has been my biggest week since being injured last year! It was my first “official” week of training where I could actually do some work. No sickness. No traveling. I got back into the swing of things last weekend. I’m using the Hansons Half Method for the Malaga more » Read more

Barley’s Pregnancy Training Log 12/26-1/8

Unlike my last “training log”, I actually have SOME fitness activity to post for the last 2 weeks! Still nothing crazy(once a week isn’t exactly breaking my running bank), mixed in with lots of random life things like working and home projects. I’m admittedly not of the breed that I currently feel OMG Badass getting a run in while pregnant yet. In fact, it’s pretty uncomfortable to start and doesn’t more » Read more

Mango’s way-off-base training log – December 2016 plus January 2 to 8

Just like my December, my training logs for the month are all over the place. I had a good running week. I solo parented for a week while Mr. Mango was away for a conference. Then it was crunch time on a project at work. We visited family for Christmas. And then I came home and tried to get into the swing of things again. Typical! There are worse times, more » Read more

Parsley’s Training Log: 9-10 weeks post partum; the high and low

The past two weeks marked a running high for me: my highest weekly mileage since April (49 miles!). Partly because my husband was off work for Christmas, allowing me free childcare and more time to run. Also because I signed up for a race in February, which will likely be my first race back post baby. While I’m not committing to actually training for this race, just having something on more » Read more

Cayenne’s Training Log – 1.08.17

Marathon Training Week 1 (yay-I finally have a plan!) I did almost all of my runs on the treadmill this week due to cold, snow and general wussiness. I still had a good week in terms of quality runs and decent mileage. I have picked a flat spring marathon and I have an ambitious sub 3 hour goal. I am following a similar plan to last time but I am more » Read more

Poppy’s past month of training log

Ahhh! I’ve gotten behind in putting up my log.  Happy New Year everyone!   Since Run for the Diamonds on Thanksgiving, I have been doing workouts aimed at racing the Houston 1/2 Marathon on January 15th.  The bulk of the month of December involved higher mileage (85-90 mpw) and mostly tempo-focused workouts.  And then the last week of the year/beginning of the new year hit and all hell broke loose more » Read more

Dill’s First Training Log of 2017

Hello salty world!  Happy 2017!  I’ve still got a lot of things going on in my personal life, so I’m doing the best I can to run when I can and hopefully write when I can.  My presence on Salty has been sparse lately, but I’m still here!  I started this week of with the best hopes and intentions.  Monday morning I met some friends in the morning to run more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 1.8.16

Ahhh. Last week of weird schedule before everyone goes back to school and I can be a runnin’ fool again! I feel like my energy levels are on the up and up since starting iron supplements after Thanksgiving. It took about 8 weeks last time, so I’m hopeful I’m just a few weeks away from being back to my old energetic self. I’m almost there, but still seem to get more » Read more

Raspberry’s Training Log – 1.8.17

With the new year I am officially back to training after three months of easy running! I have two big events I’m signed up for: the Mendocino Coast 50k in April and the Castle Peak 100k in August. I signed up for the 100k on New Years Day, promptly sending myself into a mega panic having just committed to 14,000 feet of climbing at an average elevation of 7,000 ft. more » Read more