Basil’s Training Log – 11.23.14

I got out on the trails for some of my “runs” this week, and it was so fabulous! If I’ve gained anything from this injury it’s an understanding of just how much joy I get from a simple run. I may start a run with a heavy heart, but by the time I’m done, I’m smiling at the sunrise like a fool. All of my runs right now are at more » Read more

Wintergreen Training Log 11.23.14

I love living in this part of the universe. This week we had the wonderful treat of having two distinct seasons within three days of each other. In my universe I call this Winter and Vibrams. Other people in my life call it Winter and Wet. It was a reasonably calm week on the schedule end of things. But I really need to re-commit to weekly power sessions and yoga. more » Read more

Salty Training Log – 11.23.14

Despite an early winter and a super busy week I finally broke through the 70 mile barrier. Woohoo! I am getting really excited about training and am starting to feel fit again. Time to start looking at spring races. In life news, my oldest turned 6 on Friday and my youngest turns 2 next week. We celebrated this weekend with a little presents, cake and ice cream. But later this more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 11-23-14

The past week was a busy one. I did turn a corner with my training but toward the end of the week, I struggled with motivation due to playing catch up with sleep. Outside of running, I gave seven presentations for work on top of wrapping up one of my last pet sitting adventures. Whew, I am tired just typing that. I don’t think I realized how much energy those more » Read more

Peppadew’s Training log – 11.17.2014

Another good week in the books for me! I did not manage to crack every goal that I set for myself but I squeezed in an unplanned race (report will follow) which counted for a solid tempo effort.  Although my mileage was not quite as high as last week, I was extremely busy prepping my house to be sold so I am thrilled at what I managed to fit in. more » Read more

Jasmine’s training log 11.23.2014

I like having to write my training logs every week. It makes me actually think one more time about what I did that week.  I don’t have anything exciting to show this week. Monday-Saturday was on a Treadmill. I think it snowed at least one day… It is sad that snow is already is winter and I can’t even remember the last time it snowed. It was supposed to warm more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 11-9-14 to 11-15-14

My race season officially ended this week with the Rev 3 Half in Florida on Sunday.  After 4 days of beautiful weather, Mother Nature decided to make us work for it by giving us rain, wind, current, puddles and a sandbar to walk over while swimming.  Being literally at sea level, the course was super-fast which made it a little more bearable with the weather. My plan after the race more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 11-2-14 to 11-8-14

Continuing with my theme of ‘catching up’, here is my training log during the week leading up to my race…. 11/2:  Watched the NYC marathon! Waited for it to warm up then headed out on my bike for the last long ride before my half ironman.  48.65 miles. 11/3: 4 miles @ 7:52 average before work.  Weights/core after work. 11/4:  REST DAY!  Loved it! 11/5:  5 miles with friends at 0500!  more » Read more

Oregano’s Training Log – 11.22.2014

I had a wonderful, joyful realization this week. Though I maybe didn’t make the best decisions concerning training (see below for back-to-back workouts, 2-long runs, 15 mile jump in weekly mileage – I will definitely tone it down next week), this schedule made it clear to me that I am officially in better running condition now than I was three years ago, before all exercise came to an abrupt halt when I more » Read more

Wintergreen Training Log 11.16.14

Kitchener-Waterloo has a new runners Meetup group. The last two expired despite healthy memberships of 20 plus people. I couldn’t get to any of the Meetups. I might not be able to get to any of these either. My schedule presents a bit of a challenge for human companionship. I tried to start a running club at my church as we have lots of runners for a small community but more » Read more

Peppadew’s Training Log – 11.10.2014

Okay so I realize that there is a week missing from my training log after my “breakthrough” Sunday run of two weeks ago… and there is no explanation or excuse for that gap so we will just leave it at that mmmmmkay? The picture is from our running club awards dinner which is the one running related activity that I did partake in last week. Chugging a beer can hardly more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 10-19-14 to 11-1-14

I’ve been swamped lately, so here goes the game of catch-up! 10/19:  RNR Denver Half.  I was fortunate enough to receive a free entry, and I had a long run scheduled, so I figured I would use the race as my long run for the day.  The start line was packed, and the race started 10 minutes late!  I managed to run fairly even:  7:22/7:25/7:30/7:34–uphill/7:15/7:17/7:39–uphill/7:24/7:12/7:28/7:23/7:29/7:38–slight uphill into headwind.  It was definitely a different more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 11-16-14

  I unintentionally had a streak going on this month. I also continued to stray away from the Smart Coach Plan. The reasoning behind it all is simple: I want to run more miles. I rediscovered the old burning flame recently and I feel energized. I don’t feel as swift yet but I do feel stronger endurance-wise. Looking ahead, I do plan to finally run a marathon next June and so more » Read more

Catnip’s training log — weeks ending 11/2 and 11/9/14 (before and after Monumental Marathon)

So after my Columbus Marathon DNF, I decided to give it another shot at the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis. I ran my PR 2:51:58 here in 2011, but this time around didn’t end so well – not even close… Monday (10/27): off. I work 8 am – 6:30 pm on Mondays so scheduling a run is a challenge and sometimes the stress of it is counterproductive. Tuesday: 5 mi @ 8:04  more » Read more

Basil’s Training Log – 11.16.14

This time last year I ran a 20 miler on the treadmill because the  roads were covered in ice and snow and it was 5 below zero. But of course, now that I’m coming back from an injury and can only wog (walk/jog) a few miles a week, NOW the roads are 100% clear and temps have stayed in the 30s for weeks! But you know what’s crazy? If I more » Read more