Basil’s Training Log – 7.20.14

Well, the new (old) shoes have done the trick. I switched back to a new pair of the Adrenaline 13s and my extensor tendinitis seems to have disappeared! I had a relatively light week of training to give me a bit of a taper for the half marathon at the end of the week. The lower mileage and absence of hard workouts was nice, as it coincided with a short more » Read more

Lavender’s Training Log 7-14-14

Another Week on the IR (injury reserve). I managed to get in the weekly mileage due to the quality runs were speed work, but my easy runs were harder to do. I’m trying to remain positive, as my injury allows me time to incorporate more strength training sessions at CrossFit,  but I miss just running without thinking. Monday – CrossFit workout: practicing handstands followed by metcon: 7 minute AMRAP (as more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 7-19-14

Happy Summer!  Seems like the weeks are flying by.  I’m starting to get back on track with training and looking forward to the weeks ahead! 7/13:  Boulder Peak Triathlon (Olympic Distance).  Swim 1,500m; Bike 26+; Run 10K.  Total time:  2:49 and 20th in my age group.  These women are fast on the bike!  The race was fun, and I did better than expected.  A 2 minute swim PR and I more » Read more

Lemongrass’ Training Log: 7/21

This week I tested new shoes, new GU, and new running buds! Tuesday, 7/15- Ugh, after almost 14 miles on Sunday and a day off, I was not into doing this easy, 3 mile run.  If you read my post about running easy, you know that it’s sometimes MORE challenging for me to get it together for an easy, short run than a long run for which I’ve mentally prepared all more » Read more

Catnip’s training log – week ending 7/20/14

I’ll keep this week’s log short & sweet: 0 miles!  I usually take two 1-2 week breaks from running every year. It’s been almost 5 months since I started walking/running post-baby so I am due for a break. A trip to New Orleans for a continuing ed course made this the perfect week to forget about running. Breaks are necessary but not very interesting, so that’s it from me for now! Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 7.20.14

This is going to be short and sweet today. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, the placebo effect or I really needed it, but since I started iron supplements last week I am feeling a lot better. I ran about as well as I have in the last few months. My workouts were solid and I made sure to run easy – no watch easy runs all week long! more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 7.20.2014

This week was pretty awesome.  Solid training + 2 solid runs with my boy.  Good stuff.  Here is how things shook out: Monday: rest & arm weights Tuesday: Intervals.  I did a 10 minute warm up; 12 x 400m @ 6:58 pace; 400m recoveries; 15 minute cool down with 4 striders.  72 minutes / 8.8 miles. Wednesday: 52:30 / 6 miles / 8:45 pace. Thursday: Pace run.  10 minutes warm more » Read more

Garlic’s Training Log 7.20.14

Greetings from NYC!  I’m here for a few days to see my new niece, who was born last week.  Conveniently, my USATF Level 1 Coaching course, which took place on Long Island, was scheduled for this weekend, so I combined taking the course with a visit to my sister and her family to do two of my favorite things: think about running and hang out with a new cutie-pie.  Fun more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 7/13/14

Well Salties, this past week I dialed it down and only did two runs and one real bike ride. Neither of the runs were on the plan and I bailed on the planned long run to give the foot a bit of extra TLC. My left foot flared up Monday morning and I have been feeling less than stellar so I took a back off week. I’ve been mixing in more » Read more