Cayenne’s Training Log 10.16.16

Back to Training Week Monday:  off Easy walk Tuesday: Run 3 miles (8:00) 5 miles w/fartleks ((7:37) arms, abs Wednesday: Run 9 miles (7:34) Good partial course run of the Canton marathon.  I might run this marathon in the spring so I wanted to see what the course is like.  I will try to do longer runs on the course in the future to see how my legs do. Thursday: Speed 1.2 more » Read more

Mango’s Training Log – 10.16.16

Taper week for Baystate Half Marathon – then race! Monday 10/10 – Does hauling a diaper bag and a child around the county fair count as cross-training? Tuesday 10/11 – Last mini-workout before the half: 3 miles (11:00, 9:30, 9:10), stretch and roll Wednesday 10/12 – Rest Thursday 10/13 – 30 minutes eeeeaaaaasy, 2.7 miles Friday 10/14 – Shakeout run, 20 minutes Saturday 10/15 – Rest Sunday 10/16 – RACE: 1:56:21. more » Read more

Chive’s Training Log – 10.16.16

This was a fairly eventful week in my running life, including my first day off from running since June and my Biggest Workout of the training cycle. Overall, I came through it pretty much fine, though I am starting to feel a bit run-down from all the miles. I also don’t think the day off made me feel all that recovered because my mileage all the other days was still more » Read more

Chicory’s Training Log – 10.16.16

Holy moly, the marathon isn’t very far away all of a sudden! That snuck up suddenly, considering I’ve been training for it the past 5 months. I’m also surprised that I hit 70 miles this week considering I took the first three days easy recovering from last week’s half marathon. Monday: 6 easy with Mr. Chicory, 51 minutes. Declared I hated running and never wanted to do it again at mile more » Read more

Zest’s Training Log – 10.17.16

This week started off very strong, but I ended up running less than I intended to this week because I skipped my longer Saturday run. Even though I’m not training for anything now, I generally like to get in a (low) double-digit run on Saturdays just to keep a somewhat regular pattern and so I’m not starting from scratch when I’m ready to build my mileage back up in a more » Read more

Fenugreek Training Log, 10/10-10/16

The weather this week transformed from perfectly beautiful fall weather to a torrential start of rainy season. I have become stubborn about running outside as much as possible, but this week’s weather moved me inside for a run. I’m now at week 11 out of 18 for training for the California International Marathon and had my first 50 mile week of this training cycle. I’m a proponent of a moderate more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 10.16.16

Woo! What a week. I had two solid workouts this week, but by the weekend I was struggling with the usual weekendsanity schedule, a mild cold, and a slightly beat up body. Ideally I would have done one short run and one run over 10 this weekend, but I’m happy to get in the two runs I did. The good news is Cilantro came to visit this weekend! Cinnamon, Ginger, more » Read more

Olive’s Training Log-10.16.16

There are 5 weeks of training left until the Chosen Half Marathon, and I feel really great. I’m not totally sure how the race will go, but for the first time in at least 5 years, I’m not worried about my finish time. This fall has been a transition time for my family (youngest starting kindergarten, me adjusting to a part-time job), and no matter what happens in November, I’m more » Read more

Dill’s Training Log – October 10th thru 16th

This was a strange week.  Not high on mileage, but I beat myself up pretty good.  The big story for me this week was a 5k I ran on Saturday.  I was signed up to do a 5k on Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday’s race was a charity race I was running for my mom.  I wasn’t racing, just running with family and friends.  I wanted to race on Saturday though.  I talked more » Read more

Cilantro’s Recovery Log – 10.16.16

As I mentioned in last week’s log, I don’t think I was overtrained, but I was dangerously close.  After deciding last week that I was closing out the training year having run just one race this year (but a win, so at least I’m leaving on top, ha), I realized that I needed to take some serious time off.  Estimates for how long someone should take at the dangerous stages more » Read more

Pesto Training Log – 10.16.16

Happy Sunday Salties! I don’t have a lot to say, shocking – mainly because I am writing this soon after my workout and my brain is still recouping. This was my highest volume week since my return to running in December, and even managed a day off. I’m tired, but life is good! Monday: My first complete rest day in over a month. I was still riding a high from the Army Ten more » Read more

Pimento’s CIM Training Log 10.10 – 10.16.16

What a week! Moderate mileage, but with a killer workout Tuesday and then a surprise half marathon (and my first WIN!) on Saturday. My coach Lonn, who is also training for CIM, suggested we do the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon on Saturday as part of our long run to ensure that we run some good tempo miles. He suggested this on Wednesday, and let’s just say I was not enthused. more » Read more

Poppy’s 3 week Steamtown Marathon training log (9.19-10.09.16)

When I last left you, I had just run a very humid Rock n Roll Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon and was not sure where I wanted to go next.  I wasn’t quite ready to end my racing season because I felt underwhelmed by my 1/2 marathon.   In the days that followed that race, I hashed out some options with my husband-coach.  I gave some thought to doing a marathon, but more » Read more

Spikenard’s Training Logs 9.19 – 10.9.16

I’m back, from outerspace! The trip in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland was a little soul stroking. Somehow being somewhere new flooded me in memories, and I had time to not only re-calibrate, but challenge my own ideas and memories laid. I went into the trip thinking that whatever mileage happened naturally would be – no plans, no workouts, no anal tendencies. This happened yes, but I did travel with more » Read more

Chive’s training log – 10.9.16

Monday: 9mi easy–with C, felt good. Tuesday AM: Hill Loop 2, 10mi–with C. Did this in about 74 minutes, roughly 3 minutes slower than the last few times, which was the goal. I still pushed the hills but tried to keep it more relaxed on the flat parts. Tuesday PM: 3.5mi easy–beautiful afternoon, feeling good. Wednesday: 10mi easy–with C for most, then ran into C and M and turned and more » Read more