Ginger’s Training Log – 12.4.16

Last we left off, I had just finished the Erie Marathon, running a PR of 3:48. I took some time off after that race for a few reasons and only recently have I started training again. One of the main reasons was having a tubal ligation a week after Erie. It was my first time having a surgery (albeit outpatient) so I was a bit nervous. Everything went very well more » Read more

Chicory’s Training Log – 12.04.16

I can hardly believe it’s been a month since the Monumental Marathon already. I still find it hard to believe that I ran 2:57, and I have to check the results now and then just to be sure. But now that it’s been a month, it’s time to get back to work! Last week was a solid mileage week plus a Thanksgiving Day race that, while not spectacularly fast, reassured me more » Read more

Poppy’s November base training log

After a few weeks of active down time post-Steamtown/fall racing, I did several weeks of base mileage, most of which were done pushing both kids in the double BOB.  I haven’t done a base block for a while and had no immediate race plans, so figured using the latter part of October and the month of November to do a bunch of easy and unstructured mileage worked well.   On more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 11.27.16

I turkey trotted with Cinnamon and we had a blast! I also had an epiphany. I thought it was stress or maybe the election. And then I thought it was because I backed off the gas pedal and not working like a maniac every day left me feeling sluggish. But when I raced the Turkey Day 5k on Thursday, I knew that feeling all too well. Low iron, people. Low more » Read more

Zest’s Training Log – 11.27.16

When I last left you, I told you that I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I was feeling run down and just plain unmotivated. So I decided that I needed to take some drastic measures–basically, I needed a complete reset. For starters, I took three weeks almost completely off. I initially imposed a one-week moratorium on all exercise, and then for the next two weeks I told myself I could more » Read more

Pimento’s CIM Training Log 11.21 – 11.27.16

After hitting the burned-out wall last week and deciding to take a break despite the consequences, I ended up taking five days off running. That is, in fact, a rest-day PR for me extending all the way back to when I started back running after giving birth nearly four years ago. I walked the dog, did core, and had so much more time to get things done that I normally more » Read more

Chicory’s Training Log – 11.27.16

A solid week with more running than I was supposed to do AND a race win! Monday: 18 minutes of Jasyoga in the morning; my plan was to run after work just a little bit and be done for the day. Phone call at 7:30 a.m. to see if I could sub Pilates that night. Squeezed in 4 miles before the class, faster than expected and an accidental progression: 7:32, 7:19, more » Read more

Cayenne’s Training Log 11.20.16

Monday: Run 6 miles (8:04) easy yoga workout Tuesday: Speed Speed workout: 2.5 mile warm up, 800 (2:59), 600 (2:12), 400 (1:21), 200 (37), 100 (17), 100 (17), 200 (38), 400 (1:21), 600 (2:04), 800 (3:00). 2 mile cool down I finally got in a good shorter, faster speed workout.  Although my times are nothing to brag about, I was happy with the paces.  I felt good physically. push ups, planks, more » Read more

Parsley’s Training Log – Two-Three Weeks Postpartum

After taking 2 weeks completely off to recover and do nothing except nest in baby mode, I was ready to start running again.  I started at 2 weeks with both my other children, and looked forward to starting the process of slowly getting back into shape.  I’ll emphasize that my main goal at this point is just to fit in what I can, taking things slow and building back gradually more » Read more

Salty’s Training – 11.20.16

Back on track with 50 again this week after two rough weeks in a row.  Although we had a couple of wonderfully warm days at the end of last week, the weather is turning. The days are grayer, the windy gustier, and the chills chillier. Any time I’ve tried to train through this season, I’ve become injured or on the verge of injury. Not sure why that is, but I more » Read more

Mango’s Training Log – 11.7.16 and 11.14.16

Very little running this fortnight, so two weeks in one post.  11/7 to 11/13 Monday 11/7 Fun speed workout (10 x 200 on/ 400 off) with the Community Running team at the MIT track, about 6 miles all told, including warm up and cool down. Tuesday 11/8 – rest Wednesday 11/9 – 5 miles easy Thursday 11/10 – rough week. Zero desire to run today. Friday 11/11 – 2 miles more » Read more

Pimento’s CIM Training Log 11.14 – 11.20.16

Well, ever since that half marathon I did as part of my long run about a month ago, my training has slipped. I bombed a couple of long run workouts and, more concerning, my attitude took a major dive. Running is my favorite part of my day; it helps me cope with the blues, with anxiety, and gives me a moment of feeling like I have something in control when more » Read more

Bergamot’s Triathlon Training Log 11.20.16

It’s been one hell of a few weeks. Let’s start with that. I’m going to echo the sentiments of Pimento and Salty in this post-election funk. With a swimming injury (yes, you read that properly) in addition to the election results, I had a ROUGH few weeks. I’m training for a sprint tri on December 11, and I’m thanking my lucky stars that my fitness level is pretty good at more » Read more

Chicory’s Training Log – 11.20.16

Recovery week 2 after the Monumental Marathon. Last week I was still riding a bit of an emotional high from the race, but it faded this week and I probably got the rest I actually needed. Coach’s instructions were 3-4 runs of 3-6 miles for 10-18 miles total. Um … I was close. Monday: 4 miles on the treadmill, 32 minutes. Was going to listen to a podcast but that actually didn’t end more » Read more