Maple’s Training Log – 8.21.16

This week marked Week 12 of training for the Hamilton Marathon. I am pleased to say that my achilles has improved, after nearly 2 weeks of “rest”, hours of graston, stationary biking, rolling and physiotherapy. In easing back into my marathon training, I knew it wasn’t smart to increase my mileage overnight. I hit 44 kilometres this week, which is less than half then my weekly total three weeks ago. more » Read more

Poppy’s training log – 8.21.16

This was one of my highest mileage weeks in a while and I felt pretty good.  I got in two longer workouts, one with tempo intervals and the other was 8 miles of uptempo running within my Sunday long run.  The highlight of the week was having a birthday party for my daughter on Saturday (her birthday is the 23rd). We got to see a lot of family, including one more » Read more

Chive’s Training log – 8.21.16

My summer job ended and I did my first real workout. 8/8 10mi easy–6mi with C then alone. Felt pretty decent after yesterday’s 20 miles. 8/9 8mi easy–6 or 7 with C. Felt pretty beat, worse than yesterday. 8/10 9mi Fartlek–relatively informal solo workout on the Charles. Did 2x7min, 2x4min, 2x1min hard segments, with 3min jogs after the 7s, 90s jogs after the 4s and 60s jogs after the 1s. No real more » Read more

Cayenne’s Training Log – 8.21.16

Marathon Training Week 11 Monday: Run and Cross Train 5 miles (8:11) 1 hour elliptical, 30 min bike arms, abs Even though I did a half marathon on Saturday, I did not feel as sore as last week.  My body is so random. Tuesday: Speed 2.15 mile warm up ( 8:27) 5 X short hill, 3 X 800 on rolling trail (3:05, 3:03, 3:04), 1.8 mile trail at MP (6:57) more » Read more

Olive’s Training Log – 8.21.16

I came back from vacation in a daze, feeling ready to put in some solid training, but also wanting to spend as much time with my kids as possible before school started. To that end, with the exception of my “long” run, I did every run on my treadmill early in the morning. Overall, it was a great week! I finally felt like my tempo run and speedwork went well more » Read more

Caraway’s Berlin Marathon Training Log, 14-20 August 2016

This week marked six weeks to go until the Berlin marathon, and it was the first week of a new phase in my Running Wizard training plan: “integration”. This is where you take all the things you’ve worked on so far – aerobic endurance, stamina – and put them together. The mileage is lower, but the workouts are more intense. It’s a four-week phase and each week contains a longer more » Read more

Basil’s Training Log – Hanson’s Week 12 & 13

One of the principles underlying Hanson’s marathon training is cumulative fatigue. I may have mentioned that before? Anyway. YOU GUYS. The fatigue is most definitely accumulating right now. I used to think that 16 miles would never be enough of a long run to adequately prepare me. But 16 miles on legs that feel like they’ve already run 10 miles? That pretty much sums up the marathon. I’m now less more » Read more

Barley’s Training Log 8/15-8/21

This was one of those weeks that you have to just plow through knowing that things will get better.The runs got moved around, some were missed, some were shortened- but I finished with 14 on Sunday which was MUCH needed mental space. I went out with no time or distance goal and just ran around trying to space out. I miss those runs, they are so mentally and physically refreshing! more » Read more

Raspberry’s Training Log – 8.21.16

It has been three weeks since I posted my last training log. I went on a backpacking trip that turned out to be far more intense than I thought it would be, went back to work as soon as I returned, and thus have been slightly fatigued and in recovery mode since. But, after a solid week of training, I’m feeling strong again, and I’m ready to post an update! more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 8.21.16

A good week of training that I am happy about.  I almost didn’t type that because it seems like my good weeks are always followed by terrible ones.  But maybe that’s the way training works overall, I’ve just never pushed myself hard enough to know. Monday: 5 miles, easy pace (10:00). Crossfit after work: Meta, 3 rounds: 10xpush-ups, 10x jumping jacks, 10xsquats, 10xjumping jacks, 10xsit-ups, 10xjumping jacks. Strength: 4 rounds: more » Read more

Pimento’s Catch-Up Training Log 7.25 – 8.14.16

When I last wrote a training log, I thought I was fast approaching the start of my official training for CIM, but my coach informed me that I actually have until mid-September. YES! My loose summer running schedule continues to reign. I spent five nights in Ohio for Salty Running Camp the last week of July, and let me tell you, this west-coast girl almost died in the humidity, or more » Read more

Barley’s Training Log 8/8-8/14

Phew! What a week that was. Between the heat wave and relentless humidity, lots of work, running, and Olympic watching- sleep was the only thing that sounded good at all times. I did a lot of running at odd times this past week, sometimes due to weather and others just schedule. But there were a few later evening runs, a neighborhood loop workout (so I could use my fancy driveway more » Read more

Poppy’s training log – 8.14.16

A very sweaty week of running.  The dew point on almost every run was above 70 and most days were higher than 75.  In my opinion, once the dew point goes above 70, it becomes the Ewwww Point.  Anyway, the hot and humid weather called for some alternative plans to workouts in order to minimize the potential of cooking myself.  Thankfully, I handled the weather and the training pretty well. more » Read more

Caraway’s Berlin Marathon Training Log, August 7-13

Six weeks to go until the Berlin Marathon. I’m trying to be mindful and stay in the moment to avoid freaking out. Sometimes even successfully! This was a good week because I got all my runs in and even felt like I could have done more. Sunday 8/7: 7.5-mile progress calibration run. Not much to say about this one; I’ve done so many of these Sunday tempo runs that finding the more » Read more

Maple’s Training Log – 8.14.16

“Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration.” -Napoleon Hill. This week marked Week 11 of training for the Hamilton Marathon. As I mentioned, I’ve been off running for the past week and a half due to a flare up in my left achilles. I ran three times this week for a total weekly mileage of 13K. For someone who is marathon training, this more » Read more