Should Runners Vote with their Dollars?

In case you were hiding from the news this week, last Wednesday a WSJ reporter tweeted out a quote from New Balance’s VP of Public Affairs, Matt LeBretton: “The Obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and frankly, with President-elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction.” Within an hour, sneaker head magazine Sole Collector got wind of the statement and incited angry, shoe-burning backlash from more » Read more

Start Chopping! 5 Meal-Prepping Tips for Runners

This might be bold for me to say, but I consider myself a master meal prepper. I’ve been meal prepping on and off for the past seven years. I started in 2009, after finishing grad school when I realized that living on garbage for the past few years had taken a toll on my health. To fix my predicament, I started running and then I stumbled upon fellow Canadian and fitness more » Read more

Making the Most of the Boston Marathon Expo

After 7 Boston marathons I have my preferred way to attack Boston and the whole Boston marathon weekend. Boston marathon weekend, more than most, can take a huge toll on the pocket book. Add in the expo and your credit cards may be weeping in a week’s time. Clove has previously offered up some great advice for saving money at any marathon expo. I’m here today to share my Boston expo more » Read more

Salty Steals: Black Friday Running Roundup

Are you looking for that perfect gift for your running friends, or maybe picking out a little post-race indulgence for yourself? We’ve compiled some of the best running-related Black Friday deals out there. We’ve also included a few local deals too. Don’t forget to patronize your local running stores for their own Black Friday or Small Business Saturday deals!  So grab another piece of pie and get ready to go more » Read more

5 Tips for Surviving the Marathon Expo Without Maxxing Your Credit Card

Normally one of the more prosaic and emotional Salties, I’m taking a  break this week to write a bit more analytically.  But worry not, as I’m sticking to a topic close to the heart:  money.  Though marathoners and triathletes tend to be generalized as “upper middle class,” and though demographic studies have shown that “we” tend to have more discretionary income than the average American, the response to our posts on both more » Read more

It’s How Much? Making Races Fit Your Budget

We’ve all heard that saying about running being cheap; all you need is a pair of shoes. Well, if you’re just running around your neighborhood that might be true, but if you’re running races, the costs can add up quickly! Think about it: the race fee itself, gas or airfare and a rental car, new shoes, a hotel and don’t get us started on managing an injury … it’s all more » Read more

Running Without Health Insurance

Monday night I was at a club run with Steve of, who asked me “Hey, how come you weren’t at the Verazzano Half last weekend?” “Oh, you know, I didn’t really train for it…and my knee feels weird…I have this little injury that keeps coming back…” I shouldn’t even have brought it up–I hate talking about it because I hate thinking about it. But oh, my poor knee! It more » Read more