Running for Innocence

Fall marathon season, with its legion of charity-linked races and runners, reminds us of an important role running has assumed for many Americans – a vehicle through which to support meaningful causes.  Recently, I caught up with Lisa Kavanaugh, an avid runner and Boston-area trial and appellate lawyer, who is using her life-long love of running to support one of her other passions in life: her work with the CPCS more » Read more

Running with the Blind

The other day my running partner decided to bring a friend to our run who was training for the Savannah Half Marathon.  Imagine my surprise when they arrived and I discovered his friend was blind!  I will admit that for the first few minutes I was a bit apprehensive; I’m not sure why, but I was.  I mean, I knew blind people can run. Marla Runyan has been one of my more » Read more

Group Runs: Why You Should Join In and How to Get Started

The first mile of a new group run sometimes feels like a date. It’s slightly awkward as you try to figure out the right speed or how to line up (all in a row? some ahead?). Things get a little more comfortable as you find topics of conversation that are interesting to all. If you’re lucky, by the end you have found a new friend or two and make plans more » Read more

The Case for Meeting our Neighborhood Runners

Mark Matthews, an author and Salty friend, recently posted a hilarious essay about his reaction to strangers running through his neighborhood. “Yes, if you run by my house, my nose will detect your scent, I’ll watch you like a junkyard dog, my spidey sense will tingle, and I’ll be thinking, ‘Wait, why don’t I know you? You are a bit of a stranger here? Did you just move into this more » Read more

5 Ways to Make New Friends at Your Next Marathon

It’s a theory of mine that running is “the anti-sport,” in that even on a team you do it alone, and you are your own greatest adversary.  This makes it particularly well-suited to those who have a little social anxiety, or aren’t really great at making new friends.  If you know me, you think I am not one of those people, but let me tell ya, sister, I’m just really more » Read more

More than Teammates: How My Training Partner Became One of My Closest Friends

Running is typically seen as an individual sport. Many people spend years training alone. Even on a team sport like cross country, emphasis is still put on the top 10 to 15 individuals. But just because you may compete alone does not mean that running can’t bring you valuable friendships — and I’m here to tell you about someone I would not have known if I hadn’t begun running: Sarah. more » Read more

Why YOU Should Care: Competitor Group Leads the Race to the Bottom

Competitor Group’s decision to cut it’s elite athlete programs and redirect the funds to increasing back-of-the-pack participation has been met with the reactions you would expect. Either Competitor is an evil anti-elite runner corporation or made a sensible business decision because no one but elites and a handful of LetsRun readers care about elites, anyway. There is also the alternative view posited most notably by Josh Cox that elites deserve more » Read more

Elite Running is Hard, and Competitor’s Corpo BS Just Made it Harder

As was first reported on RunBlogRun, this weekend Competitor Group, Inc. (CGI), owner of the Rock and Roll race series, the Carlsbad 5000 and numerous running, cycling and triathlon-related publications (including Women’s Running Magazine) announced they are cancelling their elite athlete program for the North American races in their series, effective immediately.  Meaning right now.  Meaning athletes who were all set to race in Philly in two weeks have had more » Read more

Runners are Not Special – Until They Make Others Feel the Same

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted an article on Facebook that resonated with me.  So much, in fact, that I immediately realized that our own community could use some similar reminders. Kristen and I met more than ten years ago.  She was training for her first marathon and I had just moved to Columbus.  We had some fun times running and going out with friends until she moved away (boo), more » Read more

A Running Friendship and the Big C

Earlier I wrote about my running sole-mate, Yvonne. Last month she was diagnosed with stage three triple negative breast cancer. We were all in shock, disbelief and I am sure those of you who have been through this completely understand. Interestingly, this is not my first bout with someone having breast cancer, but it affected me the most. I am not sure if it is because she is my running more » Read more

Celebrate National Running Day with Salty Running

Today is National Running Day and while the most obvious way to celebrate this day would be to step outside for a run, we suspect that, like us, most of you were planning to do that anyway! We at Salty Running are celebrating by sharing our running goals with each other.  Goals not only give us something concrete to work toward, they keep us accountable with our running and foster more » Read more

Sole Mates

I tell people that I have been running a million years. Of course, I have not. I am only 51 years old. Yes, that is true. I do not mind telling people my age. I am the self-proclaimed poster child for the 50 plus fabulous. My first foray into running was when I joined Army ROTC in college. I was pitiful. My father, a former drill sergeant would go out more » Read more

5 Free Ways to Show Your Support for Boston

Let’s face it, this week has been rough.  Really rough.  We’ve all felt the sting of the Boston bombings. Whether we were there or not, we were shocked to our core, and united by our determination to run on. Usually our Friday 5 is on the sillier side, but we’re still at a loss for words, and just not ready to make light yet. So instead, let’s talk about how more » Read more

The Letsrun Interview, Part 2

Last week, we brought you Part 1 of our interview with’s Robert Johnson. And what an interview it was as Rojo had some interesting things to say about women’s athletics. Today, we bring you Part 2 of our interview. We continue to explore the sport of running: how to make it bigger and how to keep it clean. We then have a little fun talking about who to watch in 2013, more » Read more