Play Along With Salty Running Olympic Trials Bingo!

As if watching the Olympic Trials Marathon isn’t exciting enough, Salty Running is bringing you a way to spice it up even more: Olympic Trials Bingo! click here for printable version Play online by clicking the squares or Click here for a printer-friendly board, then print one for each guest at your viewing party (refresh the page for a unique board). Keep a close eye on the action on NBC and more » Read more

CrossFit Stole My Running Buddy or Don’t Drink the Shake

It began innocently enough. You missed a long run one Saturday and when we got together the next week, you casually mentioned that you bought a Groupon for a month-membership to the CrossFit place in town. I snorted, “CrossFit?! So how long before you contract MRSA and slip a disc doing burpees or bungees or kippers or whatever?!” You laughed, and promised you’d only push the small tires around the more » Read more

Catnip’s Guide to Track Meet Spectating

I love the track. I love indoor track and I love outdoor track. I love training on the track and I love racing on the track. You know what else I love? Spectating at the track! People have called me a track evangelist and I’m happy to make it official here on the interwebs! I’m currently in the process of applying some friendly pressure to a few buddies to join more » Read more

On the 9th day of Christmas Running Gave To Me: Opportunities for Giving

My adult running “career” came about after realizing running was my strongest of the three triathlon sports. It all started when I trained for a triathlon with Team in Training and raised money for cancer research along the way. Maybe it’s because of this philanthropic start that I almost never say no to an opportunity to give back to the running community. I’ve been fortunate to be able to support my more » Read more

On the 6th Day of Christmas Running Gave to Me: a Great Group o’ Runners

It all started with a hat. Have you ever noticed a cute little sign as you’re leaving your local running shop? What goes through your mind?  “Awesome!  I’ll be there!” or do you think “Yuck, I hate new people.” Or perhaps you think “I’m afraid to go, what if there is no one in the group that I run with?” Or, “Who needs more friends?” To many people, like me, reading more » Read more

On the 1st Day of Christmas Running Gave to Me: the Best Friends Ever!

Behind the scenes at Salty Running, we do a lot of brainstorming and when the idea of sharing our version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” came up, I was so excited I clawed at the first slot! Leading up to our break from regular posting (December 24 – January 4), some of us Saltines will be sharing our personal stories about what running has given us. I know many of you more » Read more

R.I.P. Running Times

There was a time when a Running Times on your coffee table meant something. Back then, Runners World was for newbies, joggers or fitness enthusiasts. There wasn’t anything wrong with it per se, but if you paid attention long enough you realized they recycled the same articles month after month, and they really didn’t offer much for a runner who was concerned with performance. On the other hand, a Running Times more » Read more

My First Running Camp Report

I’d impatiently waited for my first running camp, having written about them here in the abstract. Like summer camp as a child, I was slightly nervous during the days leading up to the actual weekend of the  Women’s Running, Yoga and Wine retreat. Could I keep up with the other runners? What about yoga, a practice I’ve only done a few times? Would the other attendees all know each other? What were the sleeping more » Read more

5 Things Good Running Friends Don’t Do

I write a lot of advice here on Salty Running and just today I had a chuckle with a friend about how sometimes I need to read the advice I write long after I write it. I’m definitely a work in progress! But one thing I really think I’m solid on after all these years of running is how to be a good friend. Through my ups and downs as a runner, more » Read more

5 Charities that Give the Gift of Running

Good news, Salty readers! While you may be finished shopping for all the good little girls and boys on your Christmas list, you can keep the giving going in a meaningful way.  No, you don’t have to revisit Amazon or, worse, hit the mall. And the recipients of this giving won’t get bored with your gifts within a few weeks. And better yet? This way you can give the gift more » Read more

What Happens on the Run Stays on the Run

“What happens on tour stays on tour” is a phrase that has struck fear into the hearts of significant others’ everywhere. It is something that I got to thinking about when I was writing about the running group I recently joined. Given that I am a new member of the group, I figured I should send out a message asking whether it was okay for me to write about the members more » Read more

10 Reasons I Can’t Live Without My Running Buddies

Running is often touted as an individual sport, and while it’s true that on race day it feels like each runner is an individual competitor, challenging her own physical and mental limits, I’ve learned in the last nine years that running with other people not only makes me a better runner, but it makes running a more fulfilling, healthy, well-rounded part of my life. I highly recommend training with other people. I know that it more » Read more

Moms RUN This Town Might Just Be the Running Group for You

When I had my first son last June, I coincidentally noticed a Facebook Group called ‘Moms RUN This Town‘ on my sidebar. Because I was curious and trying to meet as many new moms as possible as I wiped the sleep from my eyes and the spit up from my shoulders and clicked on the link. I’m so glad I did, because I now have a group to run with more » Read more

The Politics of Group Running

If someone were to ask me, I would probably describe myself as a solitary runner.  I get inordinately happy when I have a chance to run out of the house unencumbered and be alone with my thoughts, the pounding footfalls and rhythmic breathing.  I even have no problem with going down to the track alone and stomping out intervals. I don’t need other people to drag me along and I more » Read more

Running for Innocence

Fall marathon season, with its legion of charity-linked races and runners, reminds us of an important role running has assumed for many Americans – a vehicle through which to support meaningful causes.  Recently, I caught up with Lisa Kavanaugh, an avid runner and Boston-area trial and appellate lawyer, who is using her life-long love of running to support one of her other passions in life: her work with the CPCS more » Read more