My Unconventional Running Playlist

As I type this, I am listening to Fiona Apple, circa 1997. This particular album was on repeat during my Sophomore year of college, back when life was so much easier yet felt so painful and complicated at the same time. This album immediately rockets me back to my younger self, my hot-mess self, my 40-versions-ago self. I am not that person anymore. I am a 37- year-old wife and more » Read more

On the 8th Day of Christmas, Running Gave to Me: a Running Dad

I like to write about feminism and being tough, but way down deep in my heart there has always been a little girl who wished Santa would bring me a daddy so I could be his girl. I never had a father who loved me the most, someone to run to when things got hard, someone who knew everything and could fix whatever needed fixing. I walked myself down the more » Read more

On the 3rd Day of Christmas Running Gave To Me: My Other Half

The running community is occasionally called incestuous. That’s because it’s not uncommon for runners to date other runners and if it ends, move on to another fellow comrade of the roads. It’s often joked about, this common thread. In fact, my significant other has even dated another Saltine! But the nice thing about being a runner is understanding other runners: that the run is bigger than any awkwardness or drama. After more » Read more

Everything I Need to Know About Running, I Learned from My Kindergartner

Her stride is long and graceful, her form better than mine will ever be. She’s running down the street laughing so hard, she’s snorting. She’s only five years old. She can run a mile in nine minutes and seventeen seconds and she’s taught me more about running than I ever thought possible. Addy’s my oldest daughter. I should have known she’d love to run; I ran during my pregnancy and more » Read more

A Parent Runner’s Savior: Race Day Childcare

Does your partner ever give you a hard time about watching the kids so you can race? Do you and your partner have to take turns racing so one of you can be there with the kids? Do you arrange for early morning childcare only to have the prospective sitter call you the night before to cancel, at which time you immediately gulp as the training efforts and race costs more » Read more

Jessica Odorcic Runs to Overcome

On September 21, 2013, two days before she was supposed to run one of the biggest races of her life and where she would attempt to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials, Jessica sat beside her husband at the Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland, Ohio, trying to digest devastating, heart-wrenching news that would ultimately steal away her Tommy. In August of 2012 Jessica’s best friend and husband had been diagnosed more » Read more

Running Next To Mom: Measuring Yourself Against Women Who Do It All

I’ve been married for 2 years, and my husband and I do not plan on having children. Nope, not ever. I don’t mind spending time with other people’s kids (most days) but I know that I will be content not to have any of my own, and I’m comfortable with the knowledge that I have zero maternal interest or instinct. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be a more » Read more

My Daughter Says, “I’m Fat”

I am a runner. It defines me. Whether I’m kicking my training plan’s butt or in a running rut, I’m still a runner. So when it comes to my body, I am more into what it does than how it looks. Even so, from time to time when I step on the scale I still critically examine my muffin top in the mirror, and go to drastic measures (like skipping more » Read more

5 Reasons 13 Year Olds Rule 13.1

Tomorrow, my oldest son and two of his friends are running their first half marathon, the Madison Mini Marathon. Admittedly, I am about as geeked out about this as you can possibly imagine.  These boys have trained for 14 weeks for this race.  They ran short, long, easy, hard, hills, heat, cool temps.  They met up to run and navigated their way through camps and family vacations.  They are ready more » Read more

Battle of the Spouses

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the Thief of Joy,” and that seems particularly applicable when it comes to comparing my running with my husband’s. Every time we register for a race, Mr. Comparison sneaks in my window and helps himself to my stash of joy. I started running almost 10 years before my husband had ever even laced up a pair of running shoes. During our first year of dating more » Read more

Too Many Bucks for the Race Bling?

Last year was a great racing year for my husband and me. We raced in Montana, Arizona, Colorado, and California, and collected some free bling in the form of some shiny new medals. But wait, are those medals really free? Well… no. Consider race entry fees, travel expenses (which can include airfare, gas, accommodations, food), and of course the tech gear and clothing that we all “need” in order to more » Read more

Running out of the Dark

Exciting news first: This single mother runner will no longer be checking the “single” box after July 2015. This gal is getting married! This amazing man of mine and I met while I was training for my first full marathon and commuting 75-miles one way to work. I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy, but he watched my son while I put in my Saturday morning long runs and more » Read more

Running from Guilt to Gratitude

I consider running to be a healthy distraction, and I like to run while my kids are at soccer practice so that they don’t feel like I’m asking them to work hard for an hour while I sit around in a lawn chair sipping soda pop and cheering them on. I want them to see me working my body, so that they know even when you’re “old” it’s important to more » Read more

Teaching a Non-Runner Hubby to Race!

My husband doesn’t like running, and that’s an understatement. He’s that guy who played sports in high school, and to him, running was punishment for not completing a tackle or kicking the soccer ball off-sides. We runners turn this around to mean we’re hardcore: “Our sport is your sport’s punishment.” Yes, my husband believes that completely:  on a recent 20-degree morning, with ice-covered sidewalks, he thought there was something wrong more » Read more

The Comeback Series Gets Personal

If you’ve been following along with my comeback from having baby #3, at this point you might be wondering what the heck happened to me. I was updating my logs and then I stopped. I alluded to an injury, but never explained what it was. Today I am going to fill you in. Comebacks are not always linear. There are often ups and downs. Setbacks happen and then are followed more » Read more