5 Reasons I Love Stroller Running

Many competitive runners prefer to run without the encumbrance of a stroller. “It messes with my form,” they say. “I can’t run fast with it,” they say. “My running is my me-time,” they say. And, well, they have a point. Running with a stroller is not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s the inevitable sprint-to-the-car-with-the-screaming-hungry-infant-stroller run. And the run-an-extra-two-miles-searching-for-the-priceless-hand-knit-hat-that-the-kid-chucked-out-of-the-stroller run. Or the OMG-when-did-this-route-go-all-uphill stroller runner. Among others. Even so, I love stroller running more » Read more

How to Survive a Career-Driven Break from Running

If you’re a Salty fan, you probably know what it feels like for running goals to be at the top of your list of priorities.  But you also know that, for nearly all of us, running can’t be the top priority.  Sometimes life happens and you gotta take a break. It seems to me that most breaks from training come when our bodies dictate a need, like during an injury more » Read more

How to Train Yourself to Become an Early Morning Runner

Sometimes it feels like there are simply not enough hours in the day.  We work all day long, come home to take our kids to their sporting events, make dinner, help out with home work, catch up on laundry, and before you know it, it is bed time.  But wait, what about that hour or more we need to get in our run? It isn’t always easy to find.  For more » Read more

The Loneliness of the Competitive Running Mom

There are moments when I’m acutely reminded why it’s so unusual for nursing mothers of three small children to attempt to become elite amateur athletes. Is it just me, or is the time of life when we are parents of small children a time when we actually have every excuse in the book for throwing our hands up and surrendering the fight? To quit the hobbies that make us ourselves. more » Read more

Clove’s Training and Fertility Treatment Log: Week 3, Cycle Two

I realize that my week 3 log and report is coming directly on the heels of week two, but there was a lot going on in week two – and immediately thereafter, when I should have been doing my report. So this week was a bit less eventful – eventually.  It got off to a rough, then rougher start before fading into a more even keel by week’s end.  Running more » Read more

Faking It: The Guide to Morning Running for Non-Early Birds

I am sooo not a morning person. I know some people say that and still manage to be somewhat tolerable in the wee hours, but I assure you, I really mean it. During my teen years I referred to anything before noon as “the butt crack of dawn,” I’ve been known to growl at people before a certain time of day and the short time that my husband and I more » Read more

Life in Transition: Twenty-Something Runners

Life as a twenty-something year-old runner is a whirlwind! I feel as if my world is in constant motion; I’m learning new things, expanding my horizons and getting to know where my strengths and weaknesses are. I’m in the middle of grad school but at the same time I’m taking running more seriously than I ever did in the past. Balancing training while stressing over school, my job, money and more » Read more

Running Errands – Literally!

One of the side effects of working long days is having to cram all my errands into the weekend alongside my long runs. Laundry, appointments and shopping absolutely must take place on one of my few days off, and I prefer to get them all at once if possible. So how to fit in all the weekly tasks and a 9 miler? Running errands! Read more