What Happens on the Run Stays on the Run

“What happens on tour stays on tour” is a phrase that has struck fear into the hearts of significant others’ everywhere. It is something that I got to thinking about when I was writing about the running group I recently joined. Given that I am a new member of the group, I figured I should send out a message asking whether it was okay for me to write about the members more » Read more

5 Reasons to Cheat in Your Next Race!

By now, any runner with an internet connection has heard about Tabatha Hamilton and her ill-gotten win at the the Chickamauga Battlfield Marathon last weekend.  Prior to Tabatha, there was the tale of Kip Litton, the man who cheated in dozens of marathons, including Boston, before he was finally figured out (if you haven’t read the New Yorker piece about Kip, now is the time; it’s a great read!). Both cases more » Read more

Dutee Chand and the Case Against Hyperandrogenism in Women’s Running

Back in the news again this week,  Indian Sprinter, Dutee Chand is appealing the Athletic Federation of India’s ban on her competing as a woman. Chand became a national champion last year in the 100m and 200m at the age of 18 but was barred from competition by the Athletics Federation of India when her testosterone tested in the male range. She has the option of lowering her testosterone level more » Read more

The Unexpected Awesome Impact of the Gabe Grunewald DQ

By now you’ve probably heard about Gabriele (Gabe) Grunewald’s disqualification in the 3,000 meters at the U.S. indoor track national championships and the subsequent reinstatement of her decisive victory. LetsRun is going nuts about it. The non-Nike affiliated women who ran the 1500 at the same meet the next day walked off hand-in-hand in protest and are probably now high-fiving each other. Lauren Fleshman, a pretty good barometer of decency more » Read more

Nope to Dope: An Analysis of Performance Enhancing Drugs and Running

Darn you, Lance. Ever since news broke that the multiple Tour De France champion admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, I find it difficult to trust other athletes.  Three time Olympian Craig Virgin recently shared the same sentiment. And this is reinforced by news of American women marathoners like Deeja Youngquist and most recently Mary Akor.  I get a particularly uncomfortable feeling when thinking about last year’s Olympics in which Alberto more » Read more

The Sexy Runner Lolo Debacle

If you can’t win an Olympic medal in running, why not try bobsledding? As a bobsledder, you’re required to build up speed at the start, hop in the sled gracefully, and then let the driver do the work. Seems fairly transferable, right?  You’ve got to be fast, strong, and coordinated: an Olympic hurdler fits that bill perfectly. Though she did not medal in either the 2008 or 2012 Summer Olympics, more » Read more

Say Something or Just Keep Smiling?

I like half marathons, where there is a lot of diversity amongst the runners. It allows me to people watch.  Or maybe it’s more accurate to say it allows me to shop.  You know, just like at the mall…except I’m running. Generally I am able to do this without passing judgments. I am looking at the cool running skirts, shoes, hats, tops, and so on and wonder where I can more » Read more

Don’t Drink The Gatorade: The Case Against Unofficial Aid

You’ve trained for months and it’s finally the big day: time to rock your goal marathon! It’s a hot day and you know it’s extra important to drink enough and it’s always important to take your gels. Lucky for you, your buddy has her bike and will bring your favorite bottle and favorite fuel along the course to hand to you when you need them. While everyone around you veers more » Read more

Say No to the Race Bib Black Market

So you put off registering for a race because you were waiting to get paid, your original race plan fell through or you just plum forgot. In the meantime, the race sold out. No biggie, you can just buy a bib  off Craigslist, right? You registered for a race and you trained, only to get injured, find out your cousin’s wedding falls on race day or your child has the flu. more » Read more

This Land is Your Land, But You Still Need to Stay Out of It During the Shutdown

Are you sick of Congress and disgusted with the adolescent shenanigans that led to the government shutdown? If so, you’re surely not alone! Most of America is disgusted and many of us are looking for ways to show Congress how we feel. This includes runners, of course. And many runners, furious about the shutdown that has closed their favorite running venues, the National Parks, have taken it upon themselves to more » Read more

Girls Run Shorter Races than Boys in High School Cross Country: WHY?!

It takes a fair bit to get me riled up, but the topic of today’s post frankly makes me mad. My 7th grade son started cross country this fall (that doesn’t make me mad; that is amazing). I love watching him embrace running, competition and the natural camaraderie that flows from it. I can’t wait to watch this season unfold and hopefully many others to follow. But I also noticed more » Read more

Race Photos: Are They Ours for the Taking?

Photographers work hard to get halfway decent photos of their subjects, color correct and edit them, and return photo proofs to their clients in a reasonable amount of time. They’ve invested thousands of dollars in high-end equipment and photo editing computer software, and hundreds of hours into learning their trade. They capture the moments that make our lives, moments we can never get back and never re-live, emotions and settings more » Read more

What to Do When You Have to Poop or Pee but There’s Nowhere to Go

It’s early. Really early. So early you can finish this run and get ready for work and be there on time. So early you woke right at the alarm and headed straight out the door, skipping your usual pre-morning run routine. Today is a good day for an out and back, you think. So you head 3.5 miles out the lonely quiet road and turn around. And of course, as more » Read more

Marathoning the Easy Way: The Run Free Fake Marathon

It is that time of year.  Many of us are dusting off our trainers and starting our shiny new training schedules for the spring marathon season.  As blogger Mark Matthews, recently explained, there is a lot more than just registering for a race.  You have to own it and get ready to put in a lot of commitment and hard work before race day rolls around. Or do you? Related PostsI more » Read more