Are Race Lotteries Illegal?

Not too long ago, Pumpkin posted about her frustrating experience entering the lottery for the Medtronic Twin Cities 10 Mile, observing at the outset, “Slots, craps, black jack, road race lotteries: they’re all the same.” Well, a couple of runners who lost out after paying to enter the New York City Marathon lottery last year agree, and they’ve literally made a federal case out it. In January, Charles Konopa and Matthew Clark filed a more » Read more

Impact of Russian Doping on Rio and Beyond

Doping scandals are nothing new, but with the news that an entire country’s program condoned and systematically concealed doping among its athletes, we’ve entered a whole new era. While some deem the International Athletic Association Federation’s ban on Russia as a big step towards a clean sport, I can’t help wondering, is it a band-aid on a bullet hole? Are we finally on the verge of fixing this problem or are we more » Read more

When Race Directors Make Mistakes and Blame Runners

Picture this. A local 5k race advertises prize money for breaking the course record and publishes the course records on its website. You know you can easily break that published record, could definitely use the cash, and need a good effort for your training, anyway. You go to the race, plan to run under the record, and then execute your plan exceeding the published record by five seconds. Would you expect more » Read more

Are We Really Crazy? Obsessed? Why Run-shaming is Not Okay

We dedicated runners have probably all heard it before: You’re crazy.  Often, though, the comments don’t stop at crazy: Can’t you just skip a day? You don’t need to run; you’re not fat. Didn’t you already work out today? You’re ob-SESSED! In response, I often find myself struggling to justify my behavior. “I am on a marathon plan and my schedule says to run X miles today,” or, “I like more » Read more

An Open Letter to Dopers

Dear Dopers, You guys are jerks. Really, I’m not joking. You’re weak, mentally and morally. You’re incredibly selfish and whatever your motives are for doping, it’s not good enough and it never will be. You’re singlehandedly ruining this sport I love with my entire being. Worse, you’re making it incredibly difficult to not become jaded and cynical. I may be biased, but running is the most beautiful and simplistic sport and that’s more » Read more

Sanjuanita Martinez, Cornell Running Star, Protests on the Track

Imagine working for years to be at the top of your sport and finally earning a spot as one of the favorites for an NCAA title. What, beyond a debilitating injury or illness, could possibly inspire you to give up on chasing that once in a lifetime dream? Sanjuanita (Sam) Martinez, a senior cross-country and track standout at Cornell College in Iowa is a 5-time All-American, one of the top more » Read more

Don’t Be a Speedist: We Are All Runners

Faster people snubbing slower people is rude. This we know. But how often has a slower person said of a faster person: I can’t talk to her because: … she’s too fast. … she’s kind of addicted. … have you seen her PR? … she’s totally obsessed. … she wears those buns-things. … she’s too ______. How often have you been at the starting line at a race, and gazed at more » Read more

Athletes Angry Over Marathon Trials Treatment

Imagine a world where the powers that be select a group of men and a group of women to compete, struggle, and suffer for the amusement of the elites. Imagine an arena built solely for the comfort of the spectating elite classes, one that all but ensures mass suffering of the competitors. Imagine stepping into this arena after being told for years that getting here was an honor and a privilege, only more » Read more

Reader’s Roundtable: That New Balance Ad and Running Bad Words

On Thursday, runners on social media were all atwitter about the new New Balance ad to the left, which New Balance has since abandoned. Many people were offended by it because they thought it excluded them or was divisive. What exactly about this ad is offensive to the offended? The words appearing with the photo? Would it be ok if the runner in the photo was “squishy?” Is it the notion more » Read more

USATF Changes the Standards 9 Weeks Before the Trials

Just a few weeks shy of 44, Joanna Zieger lined up at the 2014 Shamrock Marathon with one goal: qualify for her third Olympic Marathon Trials. She gave that race everything she had, yet missed the mark by a mere 58 seconds. After a long world-class athletic career, including placing fourth in the triathlon at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, some recent health problems prevented another qualifying attempt. Joanna accepted that her more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: What’s the Deal with Rule Breakers?

It always seems that we talk about cheating way more than we should. Over the last few months, we heard about doping scandals in the pro world and BQ cheating among the masses. A couple of years ago, Rocket wrote about a cheater she helped bust at the Columbus Marathon. This hit home as I’m heading to Columbus on Sunday to race my heart out. Just this week I received more » Read more

5 Times It’s Ok to Wear the Shirt From a Race You Did Not Run

In my newbie running days, I ran with two great training groups who taught me many things about the world of post-collegiate running.  One of the lessons that stands out the most was the cardinal rule of race shirt etiquette: wearing a shirt from a race you hadn’t run was a huge no-no. I mean, it was the equivalent of lying! For years I didn’t dare wear a shirt for more » Read more

What You Need to Know About Racing for Charity

Charitable giving is a mainstay of America. We runners, grateful of our physical health and strength are so often first in line to raise money for a good cause. When a race advertises it contributes its proceeds to a good cause, well, sign us up! And more and more races are doing just that. But are these races capitalizing on runners’ spirit of giving? How much of the race proceeds more » Read more

Airbnb and the NYC Marathon: Is Airbnb Out to Hurt Runners?

Before I go any further, I just want to say that I love Airbnb. Any time I travel, they’re my go-to site for accommodations. I’ve used it to stay in the bustling center of Sao Paulo, as a triathlon home base a block from San Francisco Bay, and as a weekend getaway in the Adirondack foothills all at a fraction of the cost of traditional hotels or resorts. Even more than that, I more » Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: Is Humility Minimizing Your Accomplishments?

This week among the Salty bloggers, Sage shared an article about Amber Green, a mother of three who, over the course of 15 years and 31 marathons, reduced her time from 4:23:xx to an Olympic Trials qualifying 2:41:xx, and we all went nuts.  It was pretty unanimously agreed that Green is a badass.  We love this chick. She is awesome. It was also pretty unanimously agreed that she was, as more » Read more