Catnip Goes to Coaching School

I have always loved school. I drive through Ohio State’s campus twice weekly and each time I do, I consider applying to work on another graduate degree, but then I remember how stressful essays, exams, and group projects can be. So instead, I am a sucker for professional continuing ed courses and now I am the proud owner of a USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification, scoring 98% on the final more » Read more

Cleveland Elite Development

When you think of elite running organizations, you probably think of Boulder, Colorado or Mammoth Lakes, California. You might be surprised to learn that a group of extremely ambitious women is training to reach the upper echelons of our sport in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2012 the Cleveland Elite Development team was founded by a group of athletes training in the Cleveland area with one thing in common:  their coach, Glenn Andrews. more » Read more

On Comparison, Coaching and Unlikely Mother’s Day Gifts

“Everyone asked me what I got you for Mother’s Day,” my husband said the next morning. He’d been at work when most families were treating mom to a lovely late afternoon lunch. “I guess they thought I had a deficit to make up, leaving a 9 year old in charge of making the Mother’s Day dinner.” “What did you say?” I asked, hoping he’d made up a story about flowers more » Read more

Half Marathon Training for Teens and Adolescents

To begin, I know this is a somewhat controversial topic.  I’ve never been one to shy away from that sort of thing though, so let’s jump right on in. This summer, I am coaching my son and 2 of his friends to run the Madison Mini Half Marathon in August.  My son is currently 12 years old, but all 3 boys will be 13 on race day. I know, I more » Read more

What Does It Mean to be a Post-Collegiate Runner?

During the first weekend of May, I had my final collegiate track meet on Long Island, running one race, the 10,000m. This was my final shot to stand on the podium and my final chance to PR and get some points for the team. I was seeded fifth, and was lucky enough to finish in eighth. I did it. I did everything I wanted to do during my final track more » Read more

My Teammates Did It, But Next It’s My Turn!

As I revealed in my intro post a few weeks back, my main goal right now it to make the “A” standard to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. This means I have to run a 2:37 marathon sometime between now and 2016. With a pr of 2:40:17 set in 2009 and recent shorter race prs set this past year, I know I have it in me. My original more » Read more

Winter Vinecki Part III: Hear From Her Coach, Mark Hadley

Over the last few months, I’ve introduced you to the young activist athlete, Winter Vinecki.  I shared some insight into her training for 7 marathons on 7 continents before she turns 15 years old – all while training with an elite aerial skiing development team. I’m happy to report that Winter is continuing to rock her goals.  She ran her 3rd marathon on March 30, and during that race, she more » Read more

Why I STILL Love Collegiate Running

I was running in a downpour a few weeks ago, bundled up in my spandex and sweatshirt, cursing to the wind and grumpy that I couldn’t use my iPod in this type of weather. Suddenly a group of 20-something  youngsters frivolously splashed through puddles in their short shorts and whipped past me down the running trail and my mind flashed back to my time running for Ohio Wesleyan University. I more » Read more

New Year, New Goals, Is it Time For A Coach?

Happy 2013 everyone!  Like many running websites, Facebook pages and twitter feeds, SaltyRunning is full of talk about race goals and resolutions. Because of these goals and resolutions, most of us will log hundreds of miles and training hours.  Sure, we all have our training plans mapped out, but is that enough?  What about getting a coach? Read more

How to Coach Yourself to a Great Marathon

So you want to run a marathon, huh? That’s awesome.  But how are you going to train for it? You could hire a coach to craft a sweet training program for you. But if you are like most runners, you don’t have or don’t want that option.  You are on your own. Never fear!  Whether you are a beginner or running your 50th marathon, there is a plethora of valuable more » Read more

The Up-Side of Post Collegiate Running

I spent nine consecutive years of my life, 8th grade through college, as part of a team of runners.  I’m not a super-fast runner, but I always had decent times, and I was lucky to be able to compete with both my high school and college (Division III) track and cross-country teams.  Nine years of camaraderie. But what happens when you cross the stage and become an alum of a running team?  Post-collegiate more » Read more

Using Life Experience to Enhance the Training Process

I love analogies. Much of my job involves using them in an effort to help others better understand their situations. And here at SR we’re always using analogies to enhance running performance with our Friday 5 posts inspired by Celebrities and Pop Culture. Recently, my new coach used a great analogy with me that inspired me to look a little deeper into my training. He pointed out that I took more » Read more

Facing the Ghosts of my Collegiate Running Past

Conversation among runners often veers into the numbers-based territory of times, paces and distances.  I used to hesitate when asked about my 5K personal record, but not for the reason you might think.  You see, in a way, I have two 5K PRs. One of them is from 1999 and is much faster than what I can currently run. For a long time, I struggled with whether or not to share more » Read more

A Tale of Two High School Coaches

I know there’s been a lot of personal sharing here on SR lately, but with the 40th anniversary of Title IXthis week, Salty asked me to share my experience as a young female athlete. If nothing else, I hope it motivates you to support a young woman in your life, whether in sports, academics, the arts or any other pursuit. When I was fourteen I spent the entire summer working more » Read more

Have a Little Faith (In Coaching)

Earlier this week Ginger with a J posted about faith and running. Today I’d like to talk about a different kind of faith: having faith in your coach and your training plan. Last year was a tough one for me. I had a couple of good races, but most of the year was spent dealing with burnout and injury. As I struggled through 2011 there were many variables that resulted more » Read more