Who Are the People Running Marathons?

Nearly five years ago, I ran my first and only marathon. In spite of having run regularly for most of my life, training for that marathon proved to be a huge challenge! Each and every long run beat me up, I was exhausted, and I got injured. I made it through the race, but just barely. At the time, and even years later, I chalked my difficulties up to being more » Read more

Sanjuanita Martinez, Cornell Running Star, Protests on the Track

Imagine working for years to be at the top of your sport and finally earning a spot as one of the favorites for an NCAA title. What, beyond a debilitating injury or illness, could possibly inspire you to give up on chasing that once in a lifetime dream? Sanjuanita (Sam) Martinez, a senior cross-country and track standout at Cornell College in Iowa is a 5-time All-American, one of the top more » Read more

To My Running Buddy’s Partner: It’s Only About the Running or I Would Never Hit That

Most competitive women runners train with men at least some times. If you took running out of the equation, there would be no argument from me that spending hours sweating half-naked with heterosexual members of the opposite sex is at best odd, or at worst, inappropriate. Hey honey, I’m getting up at 4:30 tomorrow morning to hang out and talk with Bill, Fred, and Tom for three hours. That would be weird, more » Read more

What’s it REALLY Like to Run on a College Team?

When you think of running in college you might think of intense competition and pressure to be the top runner on the team. You might think college athletes are the antithesis of the college partier, people who never go out past 9:00 and pass on the pizza as we fixate on our race weight for fear of getting cut from the team. Maybe it’s more like that at a big Division I more » Read more

Don’t Be a Speedist: We Are All Runners

Faster people snubbing slower people is rude. This we know. But how often has a slower person said of a faster person: I can’t talk to her because: … she’s too fast. … she’s kind of addicted. … have you seen her PR? … she’s totally obsessed. … she wears those buns-things. … she’s too ______. How often have you been at the starting line at a race, and gazed at more » Read more

Should You Bring Your Kids to an Important Race?

Any parent with a big race on the calendar has faced the question of whether or not to leave the kids at home on the big day. On one hand, we want our kids to be a part of our lives and share in our experiences. On the other hand, we want to arrive at the starting line having had some sleep and not having to worry about whether we adequately packed more » Read more

The Spouse as Running Coach: How to Make it Work

We’ve all been warned don’t mix business with family or friendships! Dual relationships can lead to some messy situations, but sometimes mixing roles is unavoidable or happens anyway. Maybe your landlord happens to be your father, your sister is your boss, your teammate is your massage therapist, or maybe you’re dating your landscaper and are training partners with your hairdresser.  Balancing these different roles is something I know well, because, for over ten years now, and more » Read more

What Is the USATF, Anyway?

This USATF thing is certainly all over the running news, but every time we at Salty Running start talking about it behind the scenes we aren’t exactly sure how to take a stand because, well, USATF is complicated. We know it makes the rules in the USA for Track and Field; it measures race courses, puts on races, certifies track coaches, and has a handy route-mapping app on its website. Beyond more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: What’s “Mom” Got To Do With It?

Have you heard? A lady who has children did something impressive! You can’t miss these headlines, especially in the running world – hello #motherrunner! Of course there are impressive dads out there, but there’s no hashtag, and rarely a “dad” headline. By labeling accomplished women, but not men, according to their parental status, are we reinforcing the outdated tradition of women being primarily responsible for the home and kids? And further, does the “mother” label divide more » Read more


Recently, I met my friend for a crisp, cool, wintry 5 am run. After she left, I decided to add on a few more miles, weaving back and forth among the cul-de-sacs in my neighborhood. Each time I turned to face east, I was struck with the beauty of the night sky. There was a beautiful bright crescent moon with a trail of stars and one star in particular that was more » Read more

Tricking My Inner Lazy Runner

This may sound pretty obvious but… I love to run. A good heart-pounding, blood-pumping workout or relaxed, flowy mileage-builder can just really hit the spot sometimes, and I always feel better for having gotten it done. I’m sure you can relate. Heck, running is fun! Except when it’s not. About once every week or two I know I can count on having one of those days: I’m all dressed in my more » Read more

Caitlin Constantine Is Fit, a Feminist and Ready for Boston!

Caitlin Constantine is a few-weeks shy of ready for Boston. This 36 year-old Tampa-area native, didn’t come by her Boston qualifier easily. It took her years to realize a BQ was even in the realm of possibility for her. She slowly plugged away and, six years later, here she is. Caitlin’s an expert at balance. She’s sponsored by Coeur Sports and has found success with her running while also training more » Read more

The Middle of Marathon Training Guilt

If you’re anything like me, the beginning of March means you are now well into your spring marathon training cycle. If you’re anything like me, you’re also beginning to experience those nagging feelings that start to intensify when you’re in the middle of a marathon training cycle. For once, I’m not referring to nagging feelings of injury; all is smooth sailing on the injury front. [*knocks vigorously on wood*] What’s really more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Running at Work

I used to be a professional. I’d head to work at the tall office building downtown in my suit and pumps, but I didn’t carry a briefcase. Instead, I carried a gym bag full of running clothes, make-up and other sundries I needed to catch some miles during lunchtime and transform from a hot sweaty mess back into my lawyer suit. I didn’t think I was any kind of expert on more » Read more

The Chain That Links Us

It was the fall of 1998, my freshman year of college. I don’t remember what class I was in, probably Tools for Engineering or something equally as cool as that. I looked at the girl in front of me and went into total fan girl mode. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “You’re Eva Horvat aren’t you?” She laughed nervously and said, “Yes … why do you know my more » Read more