Why IUDs are F*ing AWESOME for Runners

I have two kids, so I guess it’s no secret that I have sex (sorry Mom, it wasn’t immaculate conception!). My two kids, however? Enough for me. I’m good. Our family is complete! Never again. And rather than leave it up to God, The Universe, pulling out, knowing my body so well that I can chart the second an egg pops out of my ovary, or whether today’s political headlines more » Read more

On Disappointment and Trust in Running and Life

Running our best requires trust. We have to not only trust the training, we have to trust our mind to hang on, our body to know what to do, and that we won’t break. The last few years I saw many breakthroughs in my running, and I assumed that had to do with consistency and better training. While that’s certainly a big part of the success I’ve had so far, more » Read more

Parsley’s Training Log – Two-Three Weeks Postpartum

After taking 2 weeks completely off to recover and do nothing except nest in baby mode, I was ready to start running again.  I started at 2 weeks with both my other children, and looked forward to starting the process of slowly getting back into shape.  I’ll emphasize that my main goal at this point is just to fit in what I can, taking things slow and building back gradually more » Read more

Should Runners Vote with their Dollars?

In case you were hiding from the news this week, last Wednesday a WSJ reporter tweeted out a quote from New Balance’s VP of Public Affairs, Matt LeBretton: “The Obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and frankly, with President-elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction.” Within an hour, sneaker head magazine Sole Collector got wind of the statement and incited angry, shoe-burning backlash from more » Read more

Hope and Running: Why Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything happens for a reason. These are at once the best and the worst words ever. Usually, people say this when things don’t go their way, and they really don’t know what else to say. For me, it was all I had to hold on to ten months ago. It was what kept me going, even though I hated it. One year ago, October 2015, my husband and I found out we more » Read more

Learning to Love Charity Running

The ugly t-shirts, the pre-race nerves, the post-race bananas, the older guy who goes out way too fast; when I first started running I couldn’t get enough of that stuff. I was a race junkie, signing up for a local five or 10k every weekend, often in support of charities. But as I grew as a runner and my goals changed, I stopped racing as much and I started training differently. more » Read more

Oh to Be a Pregnant Runner: Running and Trying to Conceive

This past spring, whenever I went to CVS for a pregnancy test or prenatal vitamins, my receipt included a coupon for tampons. (Other purchases warranted different coupons.) “Nope,” said CVS with a sneer. “No baby this month.” It was like a slap in the face. Because dammit, CVS, for months you were right. I was originally optimistic about the ease of transitioning from serious runner to mother-to-be because of how more » Read more

Are Race Lotteries Illegal?

Not too long ago, Pumpkin posted about her frustrating experience entering the lottery for the Medtronic Twin Cities 10 Mile, observing at the outset, “Slots, craps, black jack, road race lotteries: they’re all the same.” Well, a couple of runners who lost out after paying to enter the New York City Marathon lottery last year agree, and they’ve literally made a federal case out it. In January, Charles Konopa and Matthew Clark filed a more » Read more

An American Runner in Paris

Am I still Bergamot if I don’t run a race this year? Am I still … a runner? Dun, dun, dun!!!! Cue the horror music. I asked myself these questions, sitting on the couch in sweatpants at 3:00 p.m. Oh, the life of a freelancer, or rather, my current life. Over the summer, Cilantro covered the impact of changing identities and how she dealt with her evolving identities as an more » Read more

Glory Days: the Role of a Runner’s Past in Her Present Success

Once upon a time I was a college track athlete, a heptathlete specifically. I had a good amount of natural talent for it, I enjoyed it, and I succeeded thanks to my beyond-stubborn streak. Notice I didn’t mention anything about working hard, being 100% dedicated, or making sacrifices for my sport. That’s because if I said those things, it wouldn’t be true. A decade later, while I gave up the more » Read more

Running with Wheels: How to Train with Your Running Stroller

Over the past 4 years, I’ve done most of my training pushing a running stroller. On average, I’d say about 85% of my running is with the stroller. While at first I resisted (ugh, how can anyone get in a workout with this huge thing?), it’s now so natural I don’t even question it. Even while training for the last Olympic Trials, every run except long runs and track workouts more » Read more

Women-Only Races: Awesome or Awful?

Decades ago, women-only road races made sense. Societal notions on the athletic abilities of women left them banned from participating in most road races up until the 1960s and 1970s. Women-only races emerged as a beacon of the women’s running revolution: if we couldn’t participate in road races, then we would make our own. That victory has long since been won. Women are no longer tackled when they run the more » Read more

On Why You Can’t Quit

It took less than a week before you dragged your heavy limbs through the door and mumbled, “I hate cross country.” You were too tired to shout it. Your shoes were soaked with creek water. Your face, though you hid it from me, was soaked in tears. You had your reasons, and they were good ones. Running hurts. It isn’t fun. It’s every man for himself. It’s not a team sport. more » Read more

Why Do Women Still Run Shorter Distances in Cross Country?

Not too long ago, the thought of women running was enough to give everyone the vapors. But trail blazers like Babe Didrickson, Doris Brown, Bobbi Gibbs showed the world that not only could women run, they could run pretty fast and pretty far while keeping their uteri intact. We may laugh now about the sheer absurdity of these misconceptions, but there are still instances where women run shorter distances than men. This more » Read more

7 Life Hacks to Make More Time to Run

I’m six weeks out from my next marathon, training 12 hours a week, and running most days before the sun comes up. I’m surviving on McDonald’s unsweet tea and sleeping in my running clothes. Also, I’m gainfully employed despite the fact I keep showing up with dirty hair. I’ll admit, I don’t have kids or pets. I don’t claim to be the busiest person out there; I know I’m not. But I more » Read more