Pregnancy, Running, Identity and Purpose

We’ve talked about changing running identities before. Life changes, we change, our running changes. Sometimes that means change of scenery, and I myself went through this as I transitioned from the track to the roads after college. Maybe it’s the transition from road racing to trails or back to the roads. There are so many ways we adapt our identity throughout our running lives. Lately, I’ve found myself struggling with my more » Read more

Running is My Anchor in the Chaos

After a season of holiday hustle and social obligations life can really start to seem like a blizzard of snowflakes blustering all around us, chaotic and unrelenting. But for me, that’s normal. Around here I’m known as the resident Salty Running Tech Wizardess™, but by career I’m a freelance filmmaker. And as a freelancer I never know where my next paycheck is coming from. I’m always hustling for a job, always on the lookout for the next more » Read more

Treadmill Tip of The Week: Let Us Entertain You!

Welcome to the SaltyValu™ Critic’s Choice Awards for Treadmill Entertainment! Live from the treadmill belt runway, I’m your host, Chicory and I’ll generously spare you the bad political jokes during my hosting duties today. Salty Running is coming to you with another series of treadmill tips this year, including this one: our personally curated, but sadly not artisanal nor bespoke, list of the top audio and video entertainment options to keep more » Read more

Eat Fast Run Slow: My Postpartum Running “Plan”

Contrary to Shalane Flanagan’s cookbook title, my advice for women returning to running after having a baby is to Eat Fast and Run Slow. Multiple Salty moms have given advice about returning to running after having a baby. I’d like to offer an additional perspective, framed in the context of a loose training plan. Loose because after having a baby your body will literally be loose! But, more seriously, loose, because more » Read more

8 Tips to Guarantee You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve all been there. It’s the beginning of a new year and we have a list of lofty goals for ourselves. Stick to our strength training plan, stop eating second (or third) desserts, or simply run faster. But like normal people, we runners are prone to fail at keeping our resolutions. In fact, 92% of humanity is back to their old yous by February. As a pal, I’d rather you join more » Read more

A Mantra for Every Runner

Here at Salty Running, whether trying to break five hours or qualify for the Olympic Trials, we’re always looking for an extra edge in our training and racing. Many of us already use mantras. I have been using them in my training and racing since I was in college. Mantras are definitely not just for yoga or self help cassette tapes anymore. Originally grounded in Hinduism and Buddhism, mantras are either a more » Read more

Get on the Treadmill, Bertha

Do you consider yourself a dedicated runner, yet still find that you often struggle to get going when it’s time to run? This problem seems more common in the winter, when the urge to feel warm and snuggly overrides our desire to go outside or jump on the ‘mill. That’s why we’re kicking off our 2017 Treadmill Tip of the Week series with helping you deal with your inner Bertha. Bertha? Yeah, there’s an more » Read more

Which is Harder: Labor or a Marathon?

Which is harder: going through labor or racing a marathon? Why is this an age-old question? Maybe people compare them because they seem like similar events. Both require dedication, as well as physical and mental stamina. They take months of preparation and are an accomplishment to finish. Now that I have run over a dozen marathons and given birth to three kids, I realize there’s no comparison! Birth is a more » Read more

On the 12th Day of Christmas Running Gave to Me: That Runner’s Perspective

Non-runners don’t always get us. We use acronyms, like MPW or GMP, that only make sense to us. We run at all hours, spend time and money on races that sound insane to any outsider. We get side-eye for skipping out early due to an early morning run date. What’s more, they don’t see how running imitates life and vice versa. I find a way to relate everything in life to running. And more » Read more

On the 6th Day of Christmas, Running Gave to Me: Friendship with my Sister

I am seven years older than my sister, which is kind of a big gap, especially when we were younger. Growing up, we always got along well, but we had a pretty typical big kid/little kid dynamic. When I was in high school, she would come to all of my field hockey games to cheer me on. After I moved away for college, I would hear all about how she was following more » Read more

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, Running Gave To Me: Instant Community

Running is a funny thing. It’s kind of like eating. You can do something that’s purely functional, doling out the exact nutrients you need to survive or the exercise you need to stay mechanically fit. Or you can do that thing as a social activity, in a manner that feeds your heart and your soul. And that’s how I found myself manning the special-needs-bag-check of an ultra on a humid more » Read more

Club and Ambassador Opportunities for Sub-Elites

Runners prepare to make a go at an Olympic Trials Qualifier, each wearing her club’s kit. And I’m back with more information for sub-elites. Way back when, I explained who sub-elite runners are. Then I told you about the many benefits races offer for sub-elite runners, and last week, I explained all the ways that USATF supports sub-elites. Now it’s time to discuss how brands can help you reach your big running dreams! Yes, more » Read more

Why IUDs are F*ing AWESOME for Runners

I have two kids, so I guess it’s no secret that I have sex (sorry Mom, it wasn’t immaculate conception!). My two kids, however? Enough for me. I’m good. Our family is complete! Never again. And rather than leave it up to God, The Universe, pulling out, knowing my body so well that I can chart the second an egg pops out of my ovary, or whether today’s political headlines more » Read more

On Disappointment and Trust in Running and Life

Running our best requires trust. We have to not only trust the training, we have to trust our mind to hang on, our body to know what to do, and that we won’t break. The last few years I saw many breakthroughs in my running, and I assumed that had to do with consistency and better training. While that’s certainly a big part of the success I’ve had so far, more » Read more

Parsley’s Training Log – Two-Three Weeks Postpartum

After taking 2 weeks completely off to recover and do nothing except nest in baby mode, I was ready to start running again.  I started at 2 weeks with both my other children, and looked forward to starting the process of slowly getting back into shape.  I’ll emphasize that my main goal at this point is just to fit in what I can, taking things slow and building back gradually more » Read more