Cilantro’s 2015 Run Across the USA

Tomorrow is our nation’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than to run across the lower 48! I’m not kidding. For years, I’ve wanted to run across the United States. As awesome as that sounds I’ve been hesitant to do it. First because it’s, well, far. Second is the whole time and money thing. But now with a few ultras under my belt and as I enter my last more » Read more

5 Reasons You Need a Salty Running Tech Shirt!

Salty merch is finally here! Today is the grand opening of the Salty Running Store, where you can get super cool “Get Chicked” tech tee and help support your favorite independent collaborative women’s running blog! We’re so proud of this little community you’ve helped us build over the last two+ years, and every time we hit an expo we think about how cool it would be to show off that more » Read more

Love to Run AND Write? Then We Want YOU!

The Salty Running spice rack is full of seasoned bloggers (get it? Har!) What I mean is that we’ve had mostly the same bloggers for a long time, bringing you the great posts you have come to know and love week after week – and boy do we love them for it! But, with a seasoned crew comes the need to add a few new spicy flavors to the mix. That more » Read more

The State of Salty Running

Hello Salty readers!  Our 2013 winter break has come to an end and it’s a new year.  For many of us, that means new goals, new commitments and re-commitments.  It means a fresh start.  And for Laura (Salty) and me (Cinnamon), that’s no different.  We both have big goals for ourselves in 2014–and we’ll get into those in future updates–but we also have some goals for Salty Running, and we more » Read more

The First Ever Salty Run n’ Joe!

Last Friday we hosted our first ever Salty Running Run N’ Joe near Salty headquarters here in Northeast Ohio. Cinnamon, Ginger and I had a blast running in the snow with our sole Salty reader (ok, it was my friend and Ginger’s boyfriend, James). The way it works is we all meet up and once we see who is there we can divide up into pace groups. For this run, more » Read more

It’s a Run N’ Joe! You’re Invited to Our First Ever Salty Running Meet-up!

We want to meet YOU! On Friday, November 29th, the day after Thanksgiving, we are hosting our first ever Salty Running reader/blogger group run and meet-up! This is your chance to not only meet, but run with Salty, Cinnamon, Ginger, and other Salty bloggers and readers! This first event will take place in Northeast Ohio, but we hope to expand to other locations in the future! Read more

Confessions of a Born Again Racer: Introducing Espresso!

I’ve called myself a ‘runner’ for 40 years – And in many ways running, along with the important people and core values I hold near and dear, serves to define this self I call “me”. It’s just part of who I am. I ran my first race when I was 8 years old. This was back in the days of gray sweats and Keds tennis sneakers. This was several years more » Read more

Introducing Chipotle: She Eats Miles for Breakfast

I am the self-proclaimed poster child for women over 50 and fabulous. I am a marathoner and triathlete, as well as the ambassador of Black Girls Run! Charleston, boasting close to 850 members, which encourages all women to run, walk, and move towards getting healthier. At the moment, we are the largest running group in Charleston, South Carolina. When people see us running, they are amazed. It seems that a more » Read more

Paprika’s Master’s Thesis and How You Can Help!

Hello Salty readers! I’ve missed you all! As I explained in my last post on Salty Running, I have been  knee-deep working on my Master’s Thesis in Psychology for the past few months and the time has come for the much-anticipated data collection. This is one of the most important parts of my thesis, where I get feedback from you about your running behaviors, well-being, and personality types! Your participation is completely voluntary more » Read more

Want to Run a Cross-USA Relay? Rachel Aldrich Takes the Challenge!

When Salty Reader Rachel Aldrich contacted me through the Salty Running Facebook page, she had no idea Salty and I have a mom with MS too. She only knew she shared this with Ashley Kumlien, founder of MS Run the US, a cross-country running challenge to support Multiple Sclerosis research. This year Ashley and the other folks at MS Run the US chose Rachel to run segment #16 of what more » Read more