Comment of the Week – 4.12.14

Another week bites the dust! Things got back to normal here at Salty Running this week after Monday’s championship round of the Greatest Women’s Blog Tournament. Not only were our spicy collection of bloggers racking up those miles, they were bringing you some great posts! And you know, they weren’t they only ones bringing it. Every week our commenters add a little something something to the site with their experiences more » Read more

Comment of the Week 4.5.14

It’s been an exciting week here at Salty Running!  We reported two impressive PRs: Eucalyptus killed it in the 10K last weekend, and Coriander logged a 32 minute PR in the 50K, also picking up top honors as the first female finisher in the female open division.  Our Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament continued to build momentum, opening up conversations between the best female runner-bloggers around and attracting a huge number more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 3.29.14

Can you feel the excitement in the air? It’s madness, baby… March Madness! The basketball tournament is this Salty blogger’s favorite time of the year, and I’ve been glued to the games, sports talk radio, analysis – you name it. Even if you’re not into hoops hoopla like I am, we know you’re probably getting pumped up for the Salty Running Greatest Women’s Running Blog tournament. Round One is in more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 3.22.2014

Does anyone else feel like they’re getting punked? By spring?!? I woke up to no power and a winter storm warning in NoDak, and it seems like the rest of the northern states are faring similarly.  It goes without saying that our Friday Five yesterday was timely albeit depressing.  We’re heating things up around here though - look for a March Madness-themed bracket coming to Salty Running soon and we’ve added more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 3.15.14

Our usual Comment of the Week maven, Cilantro is busy with school. (You better be studying, woman!) So, I put aside my Saturday night plans (or not because I have 3 small children and therefore no social life – and even more importantly, I have a long run in the morning) to write it up, myself. While I’m here, I thought maybe I’d take the time to catch you up more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 3.8.2014

I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’m not going to say anything about the weather.  Except that I am hopeful.  Even in North Dakota, I am hopeful. I think that’s saying a lot. I’m also pretty stoked to be living in a college town and attending a college in that town.  I go to track meets anyway because I’m cool like that, but now I actually attend the school more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 3.1.2014

I think I start all of these posts with some form of “I can’t believe it’s…” but seriously, March?  Already?  I will never complain about how fast 2014 is going, however, because I want spring here now (which is my other recent theme in comment of the week posts).  In other Salty news, however, we are planning something big for March, and because of that, we need your recommendations for more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 2.22.2014

Since the Winter Olympics in Sochi are coming to an end, I’ve decided that it is officially time for summer.  Or spring, at least.  Winter sports: done.  Summer sports: bring it on! It actually felt like spring for a day or two in North Dakota – I actually got to run outside when the temps skyrocketed (okay, they hit the 30′s).  There is some hope on the horizon! In Salty more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 2.15.2014

As I write this, I realize that the sun is actually shining outside!  I haven’t seen the sun for what seems like months.  Could this epic winter be coming to an end?  Even as I write this, I realize I might be jinxing the entire process, so I’ll keep my anti-winter thoughts to my self and move onto the comment of the week! Who wins this week?  To find out, more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 2.8.2014

Even if you missed the official groundhog-shadow ceremony, many of us have seen the forecasted six more weeks of winter because it’s right outside – even in the south!  Blizzards, ice and sub-zero temps have continued to sweep across the nation.  It is definitely still winter. Kudos to those still able to keep their runs outdoors!  Me?  I’m a reluctant treadmill devotee until the thaw (or at least until temperatures rise about zero)! Around these parts, more » Read more