AthleteBiz: Connecting Running Fans with Running Stars

Would you like to grab a burger and shake with Alana Hadley? Have your kid tutored by Olivia Mickle? Shoot the breeze with Esther Atkins? Maybe even receive a home-brewed ale from Camille Heron? There’s a website for that! Have you heard of AthleteBiz? It’s an online platform dedicated to introducing U.S. world-class track and field athletes to fans and potential fans. Each athlete can craft her brand on her own AthleteBiz more » Read more

Introducing Tea

Hello, Salties! I had a blast meeting Salty and Cinnamon in Jacksonville and I’m psyched to be joining this community! Yesterday Cinnamon told you a little bit about my story, but here’s the extended version: By day, I’m a science journalist, writing about the body and brain for various publications. By early morning, I’m a marathoner who survives by drinking copious amounts of tea (I can’t stand coffee), eating too more » Read more

Why Did We Go to Jacksonville?

On Monday night, Esther Atkins published a great article that explained, from the participating athlete’s perspective, why the Jacksonville Half was such a special race. She highlighted three points: participants came for the love of the sport over personal glory; the benefits to performance of helping or being helped; and the positive buzz surrounding the whole endeavor. Everything that Esther Atkins writes about was what intrigued me about this race from more » Read more

76 Minutes in Jacksonville

The plan was even 5:41 splits for 13.1 miles, delivering her pack as close to 1:14:30 as she could. If anyone could do it, it was Brianne Nelson, aka “the human metronome,” a woman reknowned for her even pacing. She’s also one of the few women for whom 5:41 pace is relatively pedestrian. Brianne is also not someone who runs for glory; for her, it’s all about the pursuit of excellence. more » Read more

Magic in Jacksonville Kicks Off!

Hello all you wonderful Saltines out there!  I’m writing you from underneath a pile of camera gear in a hotel somewhere in Jacksonville, where over 150 elite runners will be toeing the line tomorrow.  There are many who have already earned their places at the Olympic Trials Marathon in February, but many more who are in their beds now, perhaps worrying that their alarms won’t go off on the day more » Read more

2015 Race Report Contest – Win Your Favorite Running Shoes!

We’re so proud of this gosh darn community, and we know that you love it as much as we do! Thanks to you, 2015 has been our best year yet!  To celebrate, we’re bringing back Free Shoes! We want to help you be the best you can be, and we believe the best way to do that is runners sharing our stories with one another.  So now it’s your turn! We want more » Read more

Introducing Barley!

Hi all, I am so excited to be added to the Salty Running crew! Before I start rambling on and on about running, something that happens often, I should probably tell you a little about myself. You can call me Barley, if you’re curious about the name, just look at the main ingredients in Guinness. See, we are already getting to know each other! You already know I’m a running more » Read more

Introducing Bergamot!

Greetings, sultry, salty running goddesses! I am so, so happy to be part of the Salty community! I am a typical millennial: in the midst of my quarter life crisis and I haven’t even reached my quarter life yet! Ok, that’s actually a joke. While many in my generation are stereotyped as directionless, I have lots of direction and a lot to be proud of. However, I’m interested in many things and often more » Read more

Introducing Dill!

I am a thirty-something mother of two from Ohio and, some might say, a prolific marathoner.  I haven’t always been a running fool. In fact, it wasn’t until nine years ago that I fell back in love with running. My first foray with running was on the high school cross country team. I was decent, but not consistent, bouncing on and off the varsity team from week to week. I stuck more » Read more

Introducing Cocoa!

Hello Salty readers! I am excited to be joining the Salty bloggers. I benefited greatly from reading Salty’s training logs during pregnancy, and having undergone a recent c-section, I wanted to give back a little and provide my own training logs during recovery.  C-section recovery has been addressed a little bit on Salty running before, but I am hoping to go into more detail about my recovery. I also really more » Read more

Introducing Pimento!

Hey, Salty Runners! I am utterly thrilled to be joining a community of strong women runners, as I’m sure many of my non-running friends are thrilled that I now have an outlet for all my running talk that isn’t them. I’m not an elite, but I’ve gone from zero to marathoning and ultramarathoning in a short amount of time and it’s rocked my world for the better. I hope that more » Read more

Introducing Pumpkin!

Hello Salty Runners!  I am your latest spice, the very deliciously named Pumpkin Spice.  You can call me Pumpkin for short.  I hail from the Twin Cities, but have done most of my adulting in Moorhead, MN, essentially, on the Minnesota side of Fargo, ND.  I am coming up on 10 years of wedded bliss to my awesome husband and am a mom to a 7 year old boy and more » Read more

Guess Who’s Back?

Back again. Mo is back. Tell a friend. Hey Salty readers and my fabulous fellow Salty writers, I missed you! The Salty bosses were gracious enough to let me take a hiatus from contributing while I explored some changes in my life and took some time to figure out what was really important to me. Don’t worry, nothing crazy happened that didn’t turn out fine in the end. I didn’t experience a traumatic loss, more » Read more

Are YOU the Next Salty Blogger?!

Are you a talented writer?  Do you love running? Great news, we want you!! Several times a year we take applications for committed, smart and enthusiastic women runners interested in sharing their training and insights with the Salty Running audience. And now is one of those times! We are committed to representing the lifestyle diversity of women who run, so we’re looking for new bloggers that have individuality! Currently we’re looking more » Read more