Sanjuanita Martinez, Cornell Running Star, Protests on the Track

Imagine working for years to be at the top of your sport and finally earning a spot as one of the favorites for an NCAA title. What, beyond a debilitating injury or illness, could possibly inspire you to give up on chasing that once in a lifetime dream? Sanjuanita (Sam) Martinez, a senior cross-country and track standout at Cornell College in Iowa is a 5-time All-American, one of the top more » Read more

Introducing Peanut!

Hi Salties!! I’m Peanut and I am so excited to be joining such an incredible community of fast runner chicks! You might be thinking, hmmm, peanut isn’t even a spice, but I chose it for two reasons: 1. To show my appreciation for the greatest staple in the diet of runners everywhere, peanut butter. 2. At 19, I have much less experience than many ‘seasoned’ Salties. That being said, as a more » Read more

Introducing Parsley!

Hello everyone! I am stepping far out of my comfort zone with this, but am looking forward to joining the community! I am not a social media-type person, but enjoy writing, and have guest blogged elsewhere, so am taking the leap to become part of this party!  After meeting Salty and Cinnamon in Jacksonville, I started reading your stories and found them interesting, informative, and liked that they are collectively more » Read more

Introducing Caraway!

Hi Salty Runners! I’m honored and excited to be on the Salty team. I’m 39, living in Berlin, Germany with my four year-old son, my husband, and two cranky middle-aged cats. When I’m not playing hide and seek, building with Duplos, or working as a university department administrator, I run. Sometimes in the park near my house in the city, sometimes through 18th- and 19th-century classical landscapes and along the more » Read more

Introducing Paprika!

Hello, Salty Runners! I am excited to be a part of this community and am honored to be a part of such a strong group of women. Before being selected to write for Salty Running, I was an avid reader of the site, and appreciated how much the Salty Running crew championed women in their running endeavors. A couple months ago, I chatted with Ginger about referring to myself as more » Read more

Introducing Mustard!

Hey there! I’m writing from Eugene, Oregon, Tracktown USA! I’m so excited to begin contributing to the Salty Running community! I’m looking forward to writing about my perspective of track and field as a spectator sport (because yes, it is a spectator sport!), training for a BQ, and general running fun. First, a little bit about me. I’m a born and grown southern Ohioan now fully entrenched in the Pacific Northwest. more » Read more

Introducing Poppy!

Hello Salty Running! I am excited to be joining the group! I am a mom to a three-year-old boy and one-year-old girl and a licensed massage therapist. I currently work part-time so I can spend the bulk of the day at home with the kids. These days I do a lot of my training on my own in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, with the exception of stroller runs with the kids. I do more » Read more

Introducing Spearmint!

Hey everyone! As a reader and lover of Salty Running I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be part of this community of strong, beautiful, smart, and fast women. I began running about six years ago after a full-time desk job left me feeling like I needed to move. I was absolutely miserable sitting still all day staring at a computer screen, so I began to go for more » Read more

Are You America’s Next Top Salty Running Contributor?

It’s time! We are adding to the Salty team! Are you the person your running friends go to when they have questions about injuries, training, or what to wear to run in the rain? Are you someone who finds running inspiration in the most unlikely places? Do you feel like you have unique insights or a viewpoint that would educate or inspire other runners? Would you like to be a more » Read more

AthleteBiz: Connecting Running Fans with Running Stars

Would you like to grab a burger and shake with Alana Hadley? Have your kid tutored by Olivia Mickle? Shoot the breeze with Esther Atkins? Maybe even receive a home-brewed ale from Camille Heron? There’s a website for that! Have you heard of AthleteBiz? It’s an online platform dedicated to introducing U.S. world-class track and field athletes to fans and potential fans. Each athlete can craft her brand on her own AthleteBiz more » Read more

Introducing Tea

Hello, Salties! I had a blast meeting Salty and Cinnamon in Jacksonville and I’m psyched to be joining this community! Yesterday Cinnamon told you a little bit about my story, but here’s the extended version: By day, I’m a science journalist, writing about the body and brain for various publications. By early morning, I’m a marathoner who survives by drinking copious amounts of tea (I can’t stand coffee), eating too more » Read more

Why Did We Go to Jacksonville?

On Monday night, Esther Atkins published a great article that explained, from the participating athlete’s perspective, why the Jacksonville Half was such a special race. She highlighted three points: participants came for the love of the sport over personal glory; the benefits to performance of helping or being helped; and the positive buzz surrounding the whole endeavor. Everything that Esther Atkins writes about was what intrigued me about this race from more » Read more

76 Minutes in Jacksonville

The plan was even 5:41 splits for 13.1 miles, delivering her pack as close to 1:14:30 as she could. If anyone could do it, it was Brianne Nelson, aka “the human metronome,” a woman reknowned for her even pacing. She’s also one of the few women for whom 5:41 pace is relatively pedestrian. Brianne is also not someone who runs for glory; for her, it’s all about the pursuit of excellence. more » Read more

Magic in Jacksonville Kicks Off!

Hello all you wonderful Saltines out there!  I’m writing you from underneath a pile of camera gear in a hotel somewhere in Jacksonville, where over 150 elite runners will be toeing the line tomorrow.  There are many who have already earned their places at the Olympic Trials Marathon in February, but many more who are in their beds now, perhaps worrying that their alarms won’t go off on the day more » Read more