Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Winter Running with Babies and Pets

Oh baby, it’s cold outside. Like, realllly cold outside.  We are talking snot icicles. Snowy eyelash mascara. 5 layers of running clothes and a sexy gaiter face mask. Yea, it’s winter in the northeast! As of this writing it was 6 degrees with about 4 inches blanketing the streets of Columbus, Ohio. Icy patches made my 3 miler a bit treacherous. In a few days another clipper is supposed to more » Read more

Bonehead Season

First let me say that usually I feel very empowered when I eat miles or in lay people’s terms run. There is just something about hitting pavement one foot at a time that is awe inspiring and let’s be honest,  it does great things for the body. But every now and then I run into the boneheads. Let me explain. A bonehead is a gender neutral term (although my very more » Read more

5 Reasons to Turn off the Music

 To run with or without music? That is the question runners have been debating since the dawn of the walkman. You probably won’t be surprised to know that I am firmly in the anti-music camp for the most part. But this post isn’t about trying to convince you why I’m right because let’s face it, of course I am! I’m kidding! No, this post is about sharing my observations about more » Read more

Urban Running Safety

Without fail, the first question someone usually asks when she finds out I’m a New York City runner is, “Do you run in Central Park?”  The answer?  “Well no…I live in Brooklyn, so that’s a little far. And mostly I prefer to run on the streets.”  And the next question, without fail is, “Is that safe?” I’m fully confident that urban running is just as safe as running on a more » Read more

When the Only Safe Place to Run Is the Center of the Road

Even though the Boston Marathon is still two months away, the course is already busy on weekend mornings.  Locals start running the course – portions of it, at least – in January, ignoring the cold, snow, and hostility of sedentary motorists unwilling to share the road. Witness the complaint (right) to the Hopkinton Police Department: Officer O’Brien’s fine police work notwithstanding, let’s be honest:   At one point, the runners probably more » Read more

Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

Even though the worst of winter is behind us and the days are (slowly) getting longer, many of us are still heading to and from work in the dark. Which means that, as far as our weekday runs are concerned, we’re in the dark. Still. Hopefully most of you are only facing another few weeks of this, but it’s never too late to go over basic safety. If you already more » Read more

Another Safety Reminder

On October 5th, 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway went missing in the Denver suburb where we live.  I’m not sure I will ever forget the picture to the left.  It was the image used on most of the “Missing” signs that were distributed all over the area.  Some were posters-sized. There was even a huge banner with this picture displayed at the camp set-up to organize search parties.  One day, more » Read more

Running Accidents: Asphalt 1 – Ginkgo 0.

It’s said that all stereotypes have some truth to them, and for me, at least one is true: long distance runners tend to be a bit klutzy. Running takes mental toughness and lots of endurance, but of all the sports out there, it doesn’t require the most of coordination. Simply one foot in front of the other, right? When we think of running we don’t think of traumatic injuries that more » Read more

Running with Mace in the Woods: On Running Safety

A spice lesson, for anyone wondering about mace: It’s nutmeg, only meaner. (No offense to the Nutmeg of Salty, who can definitely hold her own in combat, whether verbal or physical!) I knew nothing about mace, the spice, until last week, and since they don’t stock it at my usual grocery store, I had to do some sleuthing. Turns out, both mace and nutmeg come from the seed of the more » Read more

Run with All Your Hart: A Tribute to Slain Runner Sarah Hart

On June 14, 31-year-old Sarah Roberts Hart was killed while finishing up her morning run in Russell County, Kentucky. She wasn’t feeling well, and had turned back early on her running route with her sister. Somewhere en route to her car, the pregnant Hart was attacked and murdered. Her attack really hit home here at Salty Running and caused us to contemplate balancing running safely with continuing to do what more » Read more

Why I Will Always Run Where I Want To

Last Wednesday I had a babysitter but couldn’t nail down a running date. It was hot and I could think of nothing better than a solo run on my favorite trails. Yet, I couldn’t help wondering if that was irresponsible of me. I’m a mother of two young children and have a lot of people counting on me. What if something happens to me? “Maybe I should run on the more » Read more

Women’s Safety: Running Free in a Scary World

Title IX led the way for women (and women runners) to those places once off limits. And with that freedom came power. Yet, in such a big, BIG world, one can still feel powerless. Especially on the roads. Alone. At night. Heck, even during the day. The stories are a plenty, sadly. As a runner, and especially a woman runner, one must recognize that as soon as your feet leave more » Read more