Running, Nothing Compares To You?

It’s been seven hours and fifteen days since you took your love away. Actually, it’s been five hours and 14 days since you, achilles tendon, prevented me from running. And much like we all experience, the first few days of surrendering to an injury were not fun. Not only because I couldn’t do that which keeps me sane but I ended up getting this one hit wonder stuck in my head more » Read more

Running as an Act of Remembrance

Memorial Stone at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont On December 6, 2014 I tucked the names of seven women into my pocket for my seven kilometer park run. After each kilometer I paused to read one of these women’s names and held her in my thoughts until I got to the next kilometer. On December 6 1989 Marc Lepine walked into École Polytechnique in Montreal and shot fourteen women, most of whom were more » Read more

How to Replace Slouchy Negativity with Sit-up Straight Optimism

“You need to come to grips with the fact that this won’t be your fastest marathon,” my physical therapist wrote, responding to my question about how to build my mileage back up after a stress fracture. He’s a smart guy, throwing out that little gem in an email rather than waiting for the next appointment to provide his poorly received opinion. I stomped around the house (putting well over 4x more » Read more

A 365 Day Full Circle: My 2014 Akron Marathon Race Report

Last year I lay defeated. I hit rock bottom and then some. Sure, September 28th is just another date and September 28th, 2014 is 365 days since September 28th, 2013. But what happened on September 28th, 2013 will always be in the back of my mind. And what happened in the 365 days since then will always blow my mind. In theory, I understood that life could come full circle, but more » Read more

When Healthy Becomes Unhealthy: Orthorexia

Chances are you’ve heard of Anorexia nervosa. Bulimia nervosa. Binge Eating Disorder. Maybe even EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified). Long-distance runners have some tendencies to flirt with eating disordered behaviors; after all, we’re somewhat obsessed with health, nutrition and exercising.  That’s all fine and dandy, unless it’s taken too far. For some, our personalities and obsessive running habits enter into the dark side, leading toward full-fledged, diagnosable mental illnesses. more » Read more

Remembering Madison Holleran

I was laying in my bed, browsing through my Instagram feed on a snowy day, when I encountered the story about Madison Holleran. Holleran was a 19-year old freshman on the cross country team at the University of Pennsylvania, and was a star athlete in high school, both playing soccer and  running track. About an hour before she committed suicide by jumping off of a parking garage in Philadelphia, she posted more » Read more

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide: A Runner In Recovery

Hi Salties. It’s me, Ginger. I’ve been away for a while. Where did I go, you ask? Well, well. It’s been quite a journey! I started running when I was sixteen. The summer going into my junior year of high school I began going for walks around my neighborhood, complete with my Sony Walkman. I’d leave the house for almost an hour at a time to enter my own little more » Read more

Changing the Way You Think Isn’t Enough: You Have to Change What You Believe

I admit it: I love those lists of things successful people think or don’t think. As a competitive runner, I’m always looking to improve the little things to take my running to the next level, especially when it comes to my mental game. Anyway, I’m sure you know these lists I’m talking about. The latest one I noticed making the social media rounds is “Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things more » Read more

How to Help a Running Friend You Suspect is Suffering from an Eating Disorder

The holidays and a little contract work have got the best of Salty, and Cinnamon, though hard at work on an EPIC post, was called into work at the last minute, so here we are: Rerunland! But rest assured that we’ve picked a great post to revisit today. Last year around this time, Ginkgo shared these great tips on helping a friend you suspect might be suffering from an eating more » Read more

So This Road Runner Walks into a Trail Race …

As I explained in my last post, I am taking a break from formal training and “just running.”  To make this time feel more productive I’ve given myself some goals. Of course, these are not the usual goals I’d make for my running. Instead of hitting race time targets, my to-do list looks like this: 1. Strengthen core (make core work more of a habit even if it means running more » Read more

Stop Preparing to Fail and Just Try!

When you’re focused on a far-reaching goal, sometimes the mountain of work ahead of you can seem insurmountable.  The evidence, inevitably, will arise to show you that the goal is, in fact, too much, the bar too high, the race too long or too fast.  But all too often, we’re just preparing to fail before we even give ourselves a chance. My “Big BQ Adventure,” as I have named my more » Read more

When ED Comes Creeping

Yes, ED likes to creep around, especially in June, July and August. ED isn’t my husband, or my best friend, or my dog; ED is my eating disorder.  They say it takes 45 days to break a habit, right? Breaking up with ED completely has taken … well, longer. Though I’ve been in recovery for 2 years and 8 months (but who’s counting) the old habits of my ED still creep some days, especially more » Read more

Commitment or Compulsion? The Signs of Exercise Addiction

Runners tend to stick to our training plans like rice on a sushi roll. We aren’t known to be flexible in our routines; we have a goal set and we strive to keep on track to reach it, whether that means enduring nasty 20 mile per hour winds to get in our 15-miler before church or skipping out on a happy hour to head to the track for speedwork. All that is fine more » Read more

Don’t Worry Mary Cain, We’re All Headcases Until We Turn 25

Someone call Alicia Keys and tell her to change the lyrics to her smash hit because Mary Cain IS ON FIRE. The 16 year-old running sensation is a true prodigy as she has smashed three national high school indoor track records so far in 2013. There was the 4:16 1500 meters en route to breaking Debbie Heald’s 41 year-old mile record in 4:32. Then there was the 2 mile record in more » Read more

Post-Layoff Anxiety: And This Too Shall Pass … Right?

Phew! I’m back from a quick 45:00 on the treadmill. I intended to do a 50 minute walk/run (I call it a wog) where I alternate walking and running, but after a 5 minute walk I started running and didn’t stop until 40 minutes into the workout. I felt good. I would have kept going except for the anxiety that I will “overdo it.” I don’t even know what that more » Read more