All The Small Things to Strengthen Your Runner Butt

Channel your inner Blink 182 and sing with me… All the small things Less injury, they bring Doing clam shells by the stairs And bridges lets you know I care Ok, so music isn’t my strength, but I do know a thing or two about the small things we can do to help us become more injury-resistant runners. According to experts like Jay Dicharry, author of Anatomy for Runners, and Jason Fitzgerald more » Read more

Annals of Self-Care Vol. 2: Self-Massage Basics

Most of us are familiar with this scenario: you’re running along and you feel a twinge somewhere.  You think “hmmm…”, but you tell yourself it’s nothing until you get home and – ouch! – when the endorphins wear off you’re limping around your living room, heart sinking as you realize a few dreaded rest days are in your future.  You feel helpless – darn this sport we love! – as more » Read more

Annals of Self-Care: My Favorite Self-Massage Tools

As an athlete approaching the age of 40, I frequently have to pull out all the stops to keep myself feeling limber and prepared for my training.  It seems awareness of the importance of self-care is growing, as illustrated by the increasing number of articles I’m seeing in publications like Runner’s World, Running Times, and Competitor on the subject.  The concept of “pre-hab” seems to be all the rage, and I hope to more » Read more

A Runner’s Greatest Fear: Training Season DNF

Despite all the work we put in and the hopes we bring to the starting line, not all races are perfect performances. We often talk about the tough races – you know the ones – the ones in which you miss your goal time, you get hurt, or even worse, you DNF (do not finish).  But we don’t often talk about what happens when your entire season tanks. Today we more » Read more

The ABCs of Preventing Ankle Injuries

There is one injury I am proud to say I have never encountered throughout my over 15 year running career (knock on wood). In all that time running, including many seasons of cross country and years of endurance trail races, I have never sprained an ankle. Luck, you say? Perhaps, but I have a theory that my 6th grade home room teacher and cross country coach created a daily habit more » Read more

Ask a Salty: How Do I Know if I am Going to Lose a Toenail?

We runners may be known for our rock solid legs and sculpted backsides, but we don’t have the hottest rep when it comes to our feet. In fact, some runners are downright embarrassed by the state of their tootsies. Why?  Because it is not uncommon for distance runners to get black toenails and to, gulp, lose toenails entirely.  Yeah, yeah, I know, ewwwww. But look, losing a toenail is not more » Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Weight Training for Runners

I am exhausted. My muscles burn. Arms shake. I am pushing my body in a way that I know I will be sore tomorrow. And when my coach says “one more,” I’m pretty sure I can’t do it. But I do it. Do what? Not another mile, or 400 repeat, but another rep with my 15 pound free weight! Runners are divided on the need for strength training, and the opinions on the matter range more » Read more

The Comeback Series Gets Personal

If you’ve been following along with my comeback from having baby #3, at this point you might be wondering what the heck happened to me. I was updating my logs and then I stopped. I alluded to an injury, but never explained what it was. Today I am going to fill you in. Comebacks are not always linear. There are often ups and downs. Setbacks happen and then are followed more » Read more

An Insider’s Guide to Injury Prevention

What’s the most dreaded word in running? No, it’s not poop (although that’s pretty bad). It’s injury. And, boy, am I familiar with that word! I have had at least 3 stress fractures, 1 year long injury and countless other little niggles that have kept me off my feet for a few days to a few weeks over the past 20 years. At the beginning my injuries were mostly caused more » Read more

Crossing the Line: Admitting You’re Injured

When we’re training hard, something’s gonna hurt. The whole point of training is to break our bodies down to build them up, so being 100% pain-free is simply not going to happen. Maybe you wake up with a sore heel every morning or hamstrings that like to complain when you push a little too hard on the track. Maybe you run home and strap the frozen peas to your knees or more » Read more