Pimento’s Favorite, World-Famous Kale Salad

Looking for a last minute addition to your Thanksgiving feast that doesn’t contain butter, heavy cream, or cream of mushroom soup? I’ve got you covered! Aside from my favorite pastime, running, I actually really enjoy cooking. I’ve done quite a bit of reading, researching, trying things out, and as a result I am starting to get flavors. I don’t usually follow recipes to the letter; instead I read several recipes for more » Read more

Reviewing the Extend Nutrition Bar

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to try some energy bars and report back on my findings. We here at Salty Running were interested in these bars, because like the GenUCan products, these bars claim to provide a stable release of carbs that won’t cause a sugar crash. If nothing else, it’s always good to know what products are out there besides the ones that seem to be best more » Read more

5 Simple Snacks for the Runner on the Go

Raise your hand if you like to snack? Though I can’t actually see you, I’m willing to bet that all of you shot your hand into the ether above your head before finishing reading the sentence. We’re runners: snacking is a big part of our lives. It’s in our nature to grab a little something before or after a workout to help maintain our energy levels and repair our worn-out more » Read more

Reader’s Roundtable: What’s Your Favorite Prerace Meal?

This has been a long time coming. It’s been four and a half years, actually, since I raced a half! But, in less than two weeks I plan to toe the line for 13.1 miles of sheer bliss (a girl can dream, right?). Since it’s been so long I’ve forgotten what it was I ate before big longer races. I’ve also been a bad runner and been kind of lazy more » Read more

A Supplemental Guide to BCAAs

Most of us have probably had an experience like the following: you walked into your local supplement store, you were bombarded by an overzealous “health expert,” and you felt so overwhelmed by the seemingly endless floor-to-ceiling displays of protein powders, jugs of creatine, and bottles of gluta-something-or-other capsules that you walked out empty-handed, your brain bogged down by over stimulation. Sound familiar? It also doesn’t help that the supplement business more » Read more

5 Post-Long Run Flapjack Recipes

Runner’s World recently posted an article about those flaky, syrupy, delightfully light yet sinful delicacies. Pancakes. Griddle Cakes. Hot Cakes. Flapjacks. Whatever you like to call them. I’m not a huge fan of breakfast foods (eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls and the like are not my favorite; it takes a while for my body to wake up and heavy items like such usually result in some immediate GI discomfort for this more » Read more

EAT THIS BOOK: Feed Zone Portables: A Cookbook of On-The-Go Food for Athletes

Recently I revisited my unreal food post from 2012, kvetching a little about the carrying of real food while on the run and going on to discuss the real foods I’ve tried carrying and the pros and cons of different options.  Afterward I got an email from my sister (Salty), about a book she saw, called Feed Zone Portables, A Cookbook of On-The-Go Food for Athletes.  I immediately nabbed a copy more » Read more

Unreal Food Revisited – Natural Fuel Options for Runners

One of the most popular posts I have ever written is “A Real Conversation About Unreal Food,” which I wrote in August of 2012.  The post discusses a British Medical Journal article written by Timothy Noakes (of Waterlogged fame), and continues to bring traffic around to Salty Running, having received its latest comment just a couple days ago.  The BMJ article is heavily critical of certain sport science institutions that more » Read more

Too Much of a Goo Thing: Is Overuse of Gels Making You Slow, Fat and Broke?

I love walking into my local running store when it’s time to buy energy gels. I feel like a kid in a candy store! How could I not with all those shiny packages and fruity flavors to choose from? They’re fun to buy and they look like astronaut food; surely they will make me fast! When out on the run and feeling tired the temptation to rip open the sparkly more » Read more

“You Can Eat Whatever You Want!” – A Runner’s Perspective

Most people think runners love food. I would actually argue that most people love food. But when it comes to a runner’s diet, there’s a cliche that comes to mind:  pasta the night before races, bagels at the finish line, and beer and burgers after races. And while we’re at it, let’s throw in the post-long run breakfast – anything from a tall stack of pancakes to a full farmer’s more » Read more

Vegetarian Runner: Embracing the Label

Today I didn’t eat any meat. I didn’t yesterday either. Or the day before. Or the day before that. You didn’t know I was a vegetarian, did you? That’s okay. I didn’t either. But I am. And have been for a while. In order to put this story in context, let me give you a a little history and explain why what I eat matters. Read more

Quit Your Bellyaching: How to Fight Running GI Distress!

If you followed Rosemary’s posts, you may remember she completely overhauled her diet in 2012 to help combat the nasty GI problems she was having while running.  After finding out I have Celiac Disease, I’ve been there!  But cutting out problem foods wasn’t a golden ticket to relief from gastrointestinal distress while running; sometimes I feel like my tummy and I are waging war while I’m out there running. If more » Read more

Gluten Free Eating for Runners

Before being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, my running fuel revolved around whole wheat. Being diagnosed was simultaneously the worst and best thing that could have happened; the best thing because we finally had an answer to why I was so sick, but the worst because my favorite foods were suddenly off limits. Cake, bread, pasta, cereal – these were my favorite foods. The foundation of runner fuel is carbs–lots and more » Read more

Rosemary’s Paleo Runner Experiment

Two weeks ago, I started my Paleo Challenge. My goal? Determine if Paleo-style eating could fuel my running, at a moderate amount of mileage (50-60 miles per week). Many readers had wonderful tips and tricks and others expressed curiousity. The challenge was actually really fun and made me eat a lot more vegetables and a lot less sugar. I ate fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, meat, eggs, coffee and tea. I tried a few new recipes more » Read more