Eat Like Shalane Month: Week 1

My husband got me Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky’s cookbook, Run Fast. Eat Slow. for Christmas. It had been on my radar for several months. We’d talked about it behind the scenes here at Salty Running, and several recipes had come up in conversation on runs with some of my running buddies. “Beets?! Why are there beets in everything?!” moaned one friend as we ran along together discussing it. My husband smiled more » Read more

How to Eat Like a Runner Again After a Holiday Junk Binge

It’s that time of year. Many of us have celebrated the holidays for well over a month now. Our holiday diets may have deteriorated into cookies for breakfast, leftover cheesy casseroles for lunch, and dinners out with some beers or eggnog on the side. To make matters worse, we may have slacked on our running plans. The carefree attitudes of yesteryear may have us starting the month of January with more » Read more

On the 4th Day of Christmas, Running Gave to Me: Food Curiosity

Running gave me an interest in food but not in the form of a trendy t-shirt that says something like, “I run to eat cake.” Sure, cake is good and I’ll never pass up a piece, especially if it’s chocolate, but I don’t run to eat it. I’d much rather eat to run. My eating habits weren’t always this refined. I grew up on Spaghettios and Doritos and the weekly more » Read more

Recipes for Runners: Pimento’s Italian Meatballs

I’ll start off by saying, This one is for the carnivores! I’ve previously shared my kale salad and my minestrone soup recipes, both of which can be made vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, clean, dirty, paleo, or other fill-in-the-blank diet fad. This recipe? Full of meat, cheese, gluten, and soul. Scrumptious. Perfect for those times during high-mileage training when your muscles are craving protein. I’ve been known to pop a left-over meatball, or more » Read more

High-Octane Nutrition: What I Learned From a Visit to the Nutritionist

Whether you’re a fighter jet or a long-haul Dreamliner, a sprinter or an ultrarunner, no one wants to run out of gas mid-air. But taking enough fuel on board, and making sure it’s the right kind, can be challenging. Some time ago, I ran into this very problem. Between running, breastfeeding, and just having a busy life in general (like the rest of us!), I found myself hungry all the time. Worse, more » Read more

5 Runner Fuel Alternatives You Can Steal From Children

Listen up, parents of Salty Running. Oh, we know you make your children’s snacks from scratch each day from fresh, all-organic, hand-selected fruits and vegetables. Of course you’d never countenance giving Junior any of those packaged, pre-processed packets or pouches. White sugar and refined flour? Will never cross her lips. As for yours, dear runner, gels, bars, and beans are expensive and often only available at stores not along your regular more » Read more

Running and Eating Disorder Recovery

“I used to have an eating disorder.” If you’re a woman runner, chances are you’ve heard or even uttered this phrase more than once. In fact, I’ve said it. My story isn’t unique or all that remarkable. It’s a familiar story. Girl wants to lose a few pounds, likes the way she looks so tries to lose a few more, then a few more, then suddenly one day can count her more » Read more

Recipes for Runners: Pimento’s Minestrone Soup

It’s fall, again. Time for all things pumpkin, boots, perfect weather for running and racing, and of course soup. Nothing caps off a long run or tough workout better than a runger-solving, soul-satisfying bowl of deliciousness that you can put in your food diary with pride. I’ve shared my recipe for my favorite kale salad before, and now that the temperatures have turned I find myself making big pots of soup more » Read more

Start Chopping! 5 Meal-Prepping Tips for Runners

This might be bold for me to say, but I consider myself a master meal prepper. I’ve been meal prepping on and off for the past seven years. I started in 2009, after finishing grad school when I realized that living on garbage for the past few years had taken a toll on my health. To fix my predicament, I started running and then I stumbled upon fellow Canadian and fitness more » Read more

Take Your Vitamins? Supplements for Runners

Some of the conversations about doping allegations in the lead-up to the Olympics involved the use of supplements by athletes who later tested positive for banned substances, such as swimmer Yulia Efimova. She received her first doping ban because it was found she took a supplement containing DHEA. She claimed she wasn’t aware that a product she purchased at GNC contained the banned substance. I’ll discuss the validity of her claim in a more » Read more

In Defense of the Food Diary for Runners

I should preface this article by saying it really infuriates me when people assume running is only a means to get a number on the scale or a size on a pair of jeans. It’s an understatement to say that running is so much more than that. Unfortunately, though, it often seems that women’s running magazines and websites, in both their articles and advertising, seem to assume looking hot is our more » Read more

Barley’s Post-Run Summer Beers

As many know, I take my recovery pretty seriously. That also means I take my post-run beers pretty seriously, and no one can expect you to re-hydrate with the same beers year round. It’s summer, so put down stouts and porters and hopefully by now your local store stopped carrying my recommended holiday beers. No one likes the house with Christmas lights in July either. It’s time to stock up on the lighter more » Read more

Running Performance and Diet: from Vegan to Vegetarian to Carnivorous

One look at social media and you’ll likely see some runners declaring devotion to a plant-based lifestyle and others shouting their love for bacon from the rooftops. Everywhere you look, runners are swearing up and down, “THIS is the diet that boosts running performance!” We all want a healthy diet over all, but what that means to different runners can vary widely. Some of us watch our diets closely, others don’t. Some of us allow for daily or weekly more » Read more

Clean Eating for Salty Runners: Let’s Eat Like Our Ancestors!

Every runner knows that food is fuel. And every runner knows that the cleaner the fuel the better the burn, right? I mean, science doesn’t say that, but a lot of people who sound like they know what they’re talking about sell books and stuff that say that, so it must be true! I mean, clean is totally better than dirty. No one likes dirty. Hmmm, let me rephrase that: more » Read more

Caffeine and Running

Caffeine is everywhere these days. It comes in gum, gels, and jellybeans, and even in sprayable cans, powdered form, and, briefly (pun intended), in underwear. And certainly, for many, it comes in the form of a morning cup of joe. Runners especially seem to cling to the caffeine. After all, training can be exhausting, often taking place in the wee hours of the morning or after a long day at more » Read more