Basil’s Hip Surgery and Recovery Log: Day One, Post-Op

Hip hip hooray! My hip surgery is complete, and I’m on the road to recovery. If my writing is less than coherent, please forgive me. I’m only 24 hours post op, and the pain pills are doing a great job of keeping my hip fairly comfortable and brain fairly foggy. So here’s a little background to start. In July, 2014, I injured my hip racing a half marathon. I didn’t more » Read more

Suzy Favor Hamilton: The Salty Running Interview

Prior to December 2012, Suzy Favor Hamilton, from what anyone could tell, was a former Olympian doing what former Olympians do and then … BAM! … there she is on TMZ being outed as a high end escort in Vegas. There was always something particularly charismatic about Suzy even beyond the beauty and the athletic gift, but no one in the running world saw that coming. A former Olympian with a husband more » Read more

5 Reasons to Love Suzy Favor Hamilton

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without an electronic device, you’ve seen Suzy Favor Hamilton on her press junket promoting her new book.  And unless you’ve been under that rock for 3 years, you know that Suzy, a 3-time Olympian, middle distance runner, was revealed to be a high-priced Vegas call girl when she wasn’t promoting Rock n’ Roll races or the face of brands like Nike and the more » Read more

Reviewing the Extend Nutrition Bar

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to try some energy bars and report back on my findings. We here at Salty Running were interested in these bars, because like the GenUCan products, these bars claim to provide a stable release of carbs that won’t cause a sugar crash. If nothing else, it’s always good to know what products are out there besides the ones that seem to be best more » Read more

Running Injury Insurance: The Low Cost Plan You Might Already Have!

We’re all going to get injured. I know that is not something we like to plan for or even think about, but it happens. Did you know that there is injury insurance out there that is incredibly cheap, might reduce your out of pocket costs for treating injuries to zero and … here’s the real kicker … that you might already have it! I pick on USATF for a lot more » Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: Do You Drink Alcohol During A Training Cycle?

Well I’ve done it again, guys. Saturday night was the wrap party for my last movie job and, well, I went a little overboard at the open bar. The consequences of my whiskey consumption included dancing until way too late (with a Prince impersonator!), making an ass out of myself in front of people who may or may not still be my friends, crying through three pounds of eyeliner on more » Read more

Racing the Bluegrass 10000 and a Training Update

This is first training update that I am sharing with the Salty universe, but that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t been training.  If you follow me here or on the Runners Connect Podcast, you’ve probably learned I am an elite runner. I love to share the real insights behind running as an elite and I know many runners would kill to run the pace I do, but for me, I more » Read more

Garlic’s Back on the Running Roller Coaster

Hello Salty Readers, it’s Garlic – after a long break, I’m finally writing a post! Busy with my career, family and an injury this summer, it’s been easy to let writing fall to the wayside. I’ve still been following along, though, and some of the posts recently (particularly Sage’s lovely post, Catnip’s heartfelt update, and Salty’s honest post) have inspired me to write one of my own. After a super-tough winter more » Read more

Did I Break My Foot With My Mind? An Update from Catnip

Long time, no write. And now I owe you all a heck of an update. I was last seen around here musing on whether breastfeeding is slowing me down and worrying about increasing plantar fascia pain. Well, my foot got worse and I ended up taking 6 weeks completely off running, not even a test run in that time. What I didn’t mention in those posts was that I was also struggling more » Read more

Running, the Perfect Place for the Perfectionist to Hide from Her Messy Life

I seem to be incapable of heeding conventional wisdom. Instead, for some reason, I must figure every single thing out for myself and experience my very own Oprah-riffic aha moment for the most common of common sense things. Having three children in four years (almost to the day) is really hard. Maybe other people know what they’re in for, but I did not. I wanted a family and in theory more » Read more

Help, I Have Athlete’s Foot! Now What?

Q: Why did the mushroom get invited to all the parties? A: ‘Cuz he’s a FUNgi! I have athlete’s foot. There, I came out and said it. I have to own the fact that I have now joined the legions of high school football players and wrestlers afflicted with the fungus. I definitely didn’t invite it, and it’s definitely not fun! For 30 Rock fans, it’s like scene when Jack Donaghy more » Read more

Fear and Rest Days

Rest is both literally and figuratively a four-letter word for many runners, including me. I hate zeros in my training log! I hate them even though I know I’ve read somewhere that rest and recovery are important elements of good training. Why do I hate rest days? Why is it so hard to relax on an off day? This was really bugging me, so I consulted The Great Salty Running Index for more » Read more

Running on the Dark Side

It’s always sunny in Social Mediaville! Other than a few of those whiner friends who you keep forgetting to block, Facebook is a land where everyone is always smiling and looking fantastic. When it comes to our runner friends and (let’s be honest) ourselves, we’re always running fast and feeling fan-effing-tastic in Social Mediaville. We tweet about how that race we ran was actually just a tempo and we could more » Read more

The Feldenkrais Method for Running

Yesterday, Sage told us about a different way to look at doctors in her post about functional medicine. Today, I’m going to tell you about a different way to look at exercise. Imagine your runner body as a relationship between your brain and your muscles where the brain is the boss and your muscles are the employees. When we run, our brains order our muscles to work! But what if more » Read more

Functional Medicine for Runners: The Diagnostic Phase

Are you satisfied with your annual medical physical? Does your doctor look at your vitals and latest blood panels and respond  “everything looks fine” without any details? Does she focus on the specific symptom you’ve described without considering your overall health, nutrition, and lifestyle? Do you even know what is the basis for “normal” or “fine” within the US population: is it the fit and healthy adult, the slightly overweight person more » Read more