Running with a Diva Cup

Monday marked the Lunar New Year. A celebration of a new beginning, a new cycle. Know what else comes in cycles and is sometimes celebrated? Periods! We’ve all had our own personal “inquiry projects,” you could say, with running and periods. My most memorable menstruating moment came while I ran the final 10k of my last marathon after removing an annoyingly uncomfortable tampon that was already on its way out in a roadside port-a-potty. Of more » Read more

Nutrition for Runners: Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat

Thank you for your initial comments to my introduction to this series about nutrition for runners. It’s a big topic! I appreciate that many of you carefully and consciously consider your eating choices and, in particular, how they affect your performance before, during, and after races. Food is sometimes comfort, sometimes entertainment, sometimes simply a sensory delight! However, at its essence food is fuel, especially for runners. What we eat provides more » Read more

My Unconventional Running Playlist

As I type this, I am listening to Fiona Apple, circa 1997. This particular album was on repeat during my Sophomore year of college, back when life was so much easier yet felt so painful and complicated at the same time. This album immediately rockets me back to my younger self, my hot-mess self, my 40-versions-ago self. I am not that person anymore. I am a 37- year-old wife and more » Read more

5 Solutions for Bathroom Emergencies while Running

We’ve covered bathroom emergencies before, but since that remains one of our most popular articles to date (yes, really) we know we can never talk too much about the topic. You’ll understand why the next time you get caught in a potty emergency! The more prepared you are beforehand, the better. All runners know the standard emergency pit stops—e.g. public park restrooms, gas stations, the bushes. But sometimes, especially if you’re in more » Read more

An Introduction to Nutrition for Runners

Do you wonder what to eat before, during, and after a run to maximize performance? Do you link what you eat to your long-term health and fitness? You might want to run a PR in your next half or full marathon, but wouldn’t it be nice to be running well into your sixties, seventies, and why not, eighties? What’s the right approach to eating well, being healthy, staying fit, and performing at more » Read more

How Running Taught Me to Believe in the Process

When we are out there preparing for the next marathon and even one mile at goal pace feels like a race, we runners doubt ourselves. Even after a flawless training season, we doubt ourselves. Am I really supposed to be able to do another 25 miles at this pace? Really? We do the training, building aerobic capacity and the strength for speed. We practice fueling, pacing, and holding it together when we more » Read more

Plantar Warts and Running

How’s this for a topic switch. Jacksonville amazingness to … warts. WARTS! A couple of weeks ago I was walking around my kitchen and felt like I had a little pebble stuck to my foot. I brushed it off, but it persisted. Why is a pebble stuck to my foot? I wondered. I brushed it again, and again, and the stupid thing wouldn’t come off. This called for a visual more » Read more

Why Should the Average Runner Care About Elites?

So we went to Jacksonville and now you know our reasons, but perhaps you are left wondering why a back or middle of the pack runner would care about Jacksonville. About elite runners. How are these fast women connected to you? Why should you care? To dispel any myths here: my first race had a mile pace of 15 minutes and my last race had a pace of 7:45. I’ve been the slowest more » Read more

How a Fitbit Can Help Even the Most Serious Runner Find Well-Being

As a Salty reader you might look at the title of this post, snort, and then wonder if I’ve lost my mind. A Fitbit? Really, Ginger? Well, I thought the same thing. That is, until a few months ago. Last year, the company I work for purchased a Fitbit for every employee. The goal was to encourage us to regularly get up from behind our desks by inspiring us to meet the Fitbit’s 10,000 more » Read more

Suzy Favor Hamilton: The Salty Running Interview

Prior to December 2012, Suzy Favor Hamilton, from what anyone could tell, was a former Olympian doing what former Olympians do and then … BAM! … there she is on TMZ being outed as a high end escort in Vegas. There was always something particularly charismatic about Suzy even beyond the beauty and the athletic gift, but no one in the running world saw that coming. A former Olympian with a husband more » Read more

On the 7th Day of Christmas Running Gave To Me: a Healthy Pregnancy

Here at Salty Running, we know moms-to-be can keep running as long as their pregnancies are normal. But I knew I wasn’t exactly going to have a “normal” pregnancy, at least not mentally. When I first saw those two pink lines, I admit that negative thoughts of inevitable weight gain and reduced mileage flooded my mind, despite the blissful joy of realizing I’d been blessed with my little “nugget.” Running more » Read more

On the 4th Day of Christmas Running Gave to Me: a Stress Fracture

I live in Central Ohio. Usually, December weather kind of sucks for running. But this year? Au contraire! The temperatures have been hovering in the 50-60 range, with little humidity, little wind, and very little precipitation. Perfect running weather! So want did Santa put in my stocking to go with El Nino? Stuff to keep me enjoying runs outside in this gorgeous weather? New running shoes? Tons of running dates? A more » Read more

On the 2nd Day of Christmas Running Gave to Me: My Sanity

To pick just one gift that running has given me is hard. I could say awards, a skewed perception of portion sizes, more reasons to enjoy beer, some semblance of abs, adventures, friends, and a million other things. However, I’m only allowed to pick one, so I’ll go with the most important one: my sanity. Running came to my rescue as a struggling teen and as a very sick young more » Read more

Quite the Lady! On Running and the Feminine Mystique

Recently at the end of a good, fast stroller-pushing run I finished up at the gravel pull-off where I’d parked, my daughter still fast asleep. I’d run my last mile in 7:39, quite a feat these days with her 35-pounds and our 10-pound dog riding together for seven miles. Not to mention I was still clearing out my cold and its residual phlegm. Feeling pretty badass, I snot-rocketed out each more » Read more

Running Safety Starts on the Road

Last winter in Connecticut, Michael Walsh went for a run from his home. He was tragically hit and killed by a snow plow while running in the early morning darkness, on the wrong side of the street, under low-visibility weather conditions, wearing headphones, a white t-shirt and black pants, but without a light or any reflective gear on. Michael sadly made a lot of road safety mistakes that put him more » Read more