Why IUDs are F*ing AWESOME for Runners

I have two kids, so I guess it’s no secret that I have sex (sorry Mom, it wasn’t immaculate conception!). My two kids, however? Enough for me. I’m good. Our family is complete! Never again. And rather than leave it up to God, The Universe, pulling out, knowing my body so well that I can chart the second an egg pops out of my ovary, or whether today’s political headlines more » Read more

So Many Metrics for Runners!

This morning, 57.7 percent of me was water. My resting heart rate was 57. And I averaged 184 steps per minute on my run. Fitness tracking and wearables are a huge market, and you might even have a device on your holiday wish-list. Pretty likely when I mentioned resting HR, you thought about checking yours on the device on your wrist. I’m a data junkie: most of my training is more » Read more

Beyond Graston: Other (Torture) Treatment Techniques

Over the years, I’ve tried various recovery/preventive treatments during periods of hard training. While I never used any of these specifically to treat injuries, I used them to work out potential trouble spots, and mainly to help keep my body together while running high mileage blocks. I’ve tried Graston, Deep Tissue Dry Needling, scraping, acupuncture and waterboarding. Just kidding about that last one! Although these treatments might sound like methods more » Read more

Recipes for Runners: Pimento’s Italian Meatballs

I’ll start off by saying, This one is for the carnivores! I’ve previously shared my kale salad and my minestrone soup recipes, both of which can be made vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, clean, dirty, paleo, or other fill-in-the-blank diet fad. This recipe? Full of meat, cheese, gluten, and soul. Scrumptious. Perfect for those times during high-mileage training when your muscles are craving protein. I’ve been known to pop a left-over meatball, or more » Read more

Do Runners Really Need Strength Training?

Many of us assume that with all our running we don’t need to add more to our workout routine, that running alone will keep us healthy from head to toe. You might have heard that strength-training can help us avoid injury, but maybe you’ve been lucky enough to escape injury sans strength work. There is another reason that it’s important, though: muscle mass starts to decline as early as age 30. more » Read more

High-Octane Nutrition: What I Learned From a Visit to the Nutritionist

Whether you’re a fighter jet or a long-haul Dreamliner, a sprinter or an ultrarunner, no one wants to run out of gas mid-air. But taking enough fuel on board, and making sure it’s the right kind, can be challenging. Some time ago, I ran into this very problem. Between running, breastfeeding, and just having a busy life in general (like the rest of us!), I found myself hungry all the time. Worse, more » Read more

The Running Injury Mind-Body Connection: How to Heal Your Body AND Your Brain

Imagine: you finished your last hard marathon-pace workout and reached the taper unscathed. Woohoo! Only two weeks until the marathon! You’ve worked hard all summer and you earned this rest day. You stroll down the sidewalk, sipping a #PSL and thinking about how much you love fall, when you step on a rock and twist your ankle, spilling coffee all over your boots. You roll your eyes, walk it off, more » Read more

5 Runner Fuel Alternatives You Can Steal From Children

Listen up, parents of Salty Running. Oh, we know you make your children’s snacks from scratch each day from fresh, all-organic, hand-selected fruits and vegetables. Of course you’d never countenance giving Junior any of those packaged, pre-processed packets or pouches. White sugar and refined flour? Will never cross her lips. As for yours, dear runner, gels, bars, and beans are expensive and often only available at stores not along your regular more » Read more

The Virtues of Casual Running

Perusing women’s running logs, blogs, or social media posts on the internet, one might be left with the impression that constantly training at a high-level is the norm. All of these impressive women with day jobs, blogs, normal lives, and adorable, well-adjusted children somehow manage to fit in 50-plus mile training weeks year-round, while nabbing PR after PR in race after race. But is that reality? And even if it is reality more » Read more

Running and Eating Disorder Recovery

“I used to have an eating disorder.” If you’re a woman runner, chances are you’ve heard or even uttered this phrase more than once. In fact, I’ve said it. My story isn’t unique or all that remarkable. It’s a familiar story. Girl wants to lose a few pounds, likes the way she looks so tries to lose a few more, then a few more, then suddenly one day can count her more » Read more

Author Elizabeth Clor on Overcoming Mental Barriers to BQ

Are you a runner who, despite running marathon after marathon has struggled to qualify for Boston? Perhaps you’ve been plagued by one injury after another? Have you become fixated on the amount calories burned on the treadmill? Or have you been so hung up on race times that when conditions have not been right you have lacked the confidence to execute what your training has prepared you for? If you can relate to any more » Read more

Science and Running: How Do You Know What’s Good and What’s Junk?

In 2010, thanks in large part to Christopher’s McDougall‘s Born to Run, barefoot running became the newest running trend. Everywhere I went I heard about the health benefits of running barefoot. I heard it all, from “You’ll never get injured again!” to “You’ll be so fast!”. And research seemed to back up the barefoot running phenomena, yet I remained stubbornly unwilling to try. I was a bit relieved, then, when other research more » Read more

Cryotherapy for Runners: Needless Torture or Panacea?

Last week, Cinnamon explained how ice baths can impede the adaptation process our bodies go through after hard training. However, there are some circumstances when the benefits of cold therapy like ice baths, spot-icing, or cryotherapy may be worth the trade-offs. While the evidence suggests cold does not actually improve recovery, it may reduce post-workout pain and make a runner feel more recovered. The evidence is not clear whether this is simply a more » Read more

A Runner’s Guide to Inflammation

AHHH! Quick! Get some ice! Get some NSAIDs! Elevate the problem area! Hurry! Wait … why are we hurrying? Relax, dear runner. Inflammation doesn’t have to be a gremlin. In fact, if you take care of it well and don’t feed it after midnight, inflammation can be a protective little guy who helps keep you running right.  Read more

Recipes for Runners: Pimento’s Minestrone Soup

It’s fall, again. Time for all things pumpkin, boots, perfect weather for running and racing, and of course soup. Nothing caps off a long run or tough workout better than a runger-solving, soul-satisfying bowl of deliciousness that you can put in your food diary with pride. I’ve shared my recipe for my favorite kale salad before, and now that the temperatures have turned I find myself making big pots of soup more » Read more