SOS: Even Elites Bomb Workouts

Tough days are a fact of life. And in training, tough workouts are too; you push hard, then recover, then push harder, trying to get just a little closer to the sun every time without getting burned. But some days you try and fail, your body refusing to cooperate. Sometimes you just don’t have it in you. And believe me, it’s not just you! It’s all of us. You might more » Read more

What’s Worse for Running, Injury or Illness?

When you’re sidelined with a running injury things are pretty cut and dry: you can’t run for a prescribed amount of time until your injury is healed. And while it’s difficult to miss out on running, especially if you’re in full training-mode for an event, it’s almost a badge of honor. You got injured because you were working your body hard. In most cases, you can cross-train through injury. While more » Read more

Last Run

If I had known last Sunday was going to be my last run, for possibly a long time, I would have gone further. I would have savored the fresh air, enjoyed the scenery despite running down a sidewalk near a business park, and relished the heaviness of my breath and tiredness of my legs. Instead, I took it all for granted, assuming I would wake up the next morning and more » Read more

How To Take A Cutback Week

Spring marathon season is coming to an end and many of us are already signing up for fall races and laying out our training plans! I don’t know about you, but I get excited when my coach’s training plan arrives loaded with solid chunks of mileage and challenging workouts. But I also like to look ahead to see when I might get a little break from the effort, the little more » Read more

It’s Serious: Running and Concussions

Early last Saturday morning, I woke up after a late night and decided that a run would boost my energy for the day. So, instead of heading back to bed, I headed out for a quick eight mile tempo, which is exactly what I needed. I felt great, maintaining a consistent 7-7:24 pace before heading toward home on the main roads. About a mile out I ran past a construction site and suddenly found myself more » Read more

Running Performance and Diet: from Vegan to Vegetarian to Carnivorous

One look at social media and you’ll likely see some runners declaring devotion to a plant-based lifestyle and others shouting their love for bacon from the rooftops. Everywhere you look, runners are swearing up and down, “THIS is the diet that boosts running performance!” We all want a healthy diet over all, but what that means to different runners can vary widely. Some of us watch our diets closely, others don’t. Some of us allow for daily or weekly more » Read more

Blood Clots: When a Pain in the Leg is More than a Tight Muscle

On April 15, 2004, just six months after I quit my full-time biotech job in Boston and moved to Michigan to join the Hanson’s-Brooks team, I experienced a pain in my calf. At first it seemed like one of those normal runner things, especially since just ten days before I had run the 2004 Olympic Trials Marathon. But as it turned out, this was serious. You might be surprised to learn more » Read more

Should Runners Track Heart Rate Variability?

Heart rate. It’s one of those things runners either track obsessively or scoff at the mere thought of thinking about it. While I’m not quite obsessed with tracking my heart rate, I do find tracking it very helpful. For me and many others, tracking resting heart rate, if not while running but at the very least first thing in the morning, can reveal a lot about how our training is going or our overall health. more » Read more

What Running Has Taught Me About My Body That I Want My Daughter to Know

As I watch my daughter bloom from a toddler into a spirited, willful little girl my heart yearns for her to maintain the absolute lack of body self-consciousness and self-judgment that she enjoys right now. I watch her twirl without the fear of what others might think, I see her put together outfits and crazy jewelry combinations, not to impress anyone, but simply because they make her happy. She picks more » Read more

On the Suckiness of Post-Marathon Slumps Even When You Expect Them

While many of the other women who competed along side me last February at the Olympic Marathon Trials raced their first big races after L.A. this weekend, I did not. In fact, I don’t think I could race right now if someone paid me. After every marathon, whether race day goes well or poorly, I end up in a slump. I excitedly stuff my face with every baked creation imaginable and that’s fun more » Read more

Melasma and Running: The Truth Behind Your Upper Lip Tan

Ahhh! Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. If you’re like me, you’ve been enjoying the option of running outside without the complications of layers and frozen eyelashes. There’s nothing more amazing than those first few sunshine filled runs after a long winter of treadmills and hibernation. I’ve always been a sun-lover, but my relationship with that bright yellow orb has become somewhat complicated over the past more » Read more

Migraines and Running: Yep, It’s A Thing.

Cutting off my own head is not something I normally fantasize about, but last week in the grip of a migraine, decapitation seemed like the only logical way forward. It has been about a year since my last migraine and last week I had two. I hope it’s not going to become a trend. This throbbing, intense, one-sided pain behind one eye is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and extreme fatigue. When I have one I can’t more » Read more

What Overtraining Taught Me About Running

There is no PR, no amount of running success, no breaking of the tape worth the constant physical and emotional pain of overtraining. Running is a joy, a gift and a symbol of health, vitality and humanity. Running is like the brightest sharpest Instagram filter for life. Or it’s supposed to be. When overtraining starts creeping, every run hurts. Wincing in physical pain through many many miles is one thing, but, more » Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: What Does a Runner Look Like?

My track team at West Point had an unofficial motto, “If you can haul it, you can have it!” As Army girls, we were required to do pushups, pullups, march with heavy rucksacks, and perform other physical tasks that most civilians in running programs didn’t have to do. All this work made us very strong, but also made us look very big and muscular. Standing on the starting line at competitions we always more » Read more

Clean Eating for Salty Runners: Let’s Eat Like Our Ancestors!

Every runner knows that food is fuel. And every runner knows that the cleaner the fuel the better the burn, right? I mean, science doesn’t say that, but a lot of people who sound like they know what they’re talking about sell books and stuff that say that, so it must be true! I mean, clean is totally better than dirty. No one likes dirty. Hmmm, let me rephrase that: more » Read more