On Injury

This last Spring, I had the best training cycle of my life. After much hemming and hawing over whether I’d go with a higher mileage plan than I’ve done before, I decided to take the plunge with Hanson’s Marathon Method. I was originally worried to take on more miles, as the last two marathons I’d started training for left me injured before I could get to the starting line and more » Read more

In Defense of the Food Diary for Runners

I should preface this article by saying it really infuriates me when people assume running is only a means to get a number on the scale or a size on a pair of jeans. It’s an understatement to say that running is so much more than that. Unfortunately, though, it often seems that women’s running magazines and websites, in both their articles and advertising, seem to assume looking hot is our more » Read more

Running and Mono: My Story

Three months ago, there I lay: the fluorescent lights burning my eyes and the sound of tissue crumpling beneath me. I couldn’t help it. I was so tired that I fell asleep on the table in the urgent care examination room while I waited for the doctor. I’m not one to make much of being sick, but at 41, I’m also reticent to take good health for granted. I’ll admit more » Read more

Who Should Women Runners Fear? It’s Not Who You Think

As I ran this morning on the treadmill, I watched Fox News cover the story of the female runners who had been recently murdered while out on a run. I watched the story transition from one about potential connections between the murders to one where a trained individual showed two women how to protect themselves from a stranger attack while on a run. He mimicked running behind each runner and using more » Read more

Saved by the Marathon

My watch beeped. Glancing down, I realized I had passed mile 23, that this was the farthest I’d ever run. Tears streamed down my face as I realized, “Oh my God. I’m doing this. It’s happening. I’m actually doing this thing!” My path to this place, my first marathon, had been a rocky one. Two weeks earlier I had been sitting in the office a rehab facility, listening to a counselor say I more » Read more

Graston for Runners

After running my spring marathon, I had so many plans for epic summer running. I couldn’t wait to change up my routine, check out some trails and remember the feeling of a hot, sweaty run. But while the rest of my body recovered from my marathon, my right calf was not healing as quickly. I tried to deny the familiar pain and just pretend it was a sore muscle, but deep more » Read more

Migraines, Part Deux: Dealing With Migraine Hangovers

Last time we chatted about migraines and running, I was an occasional migraine-sufferer, once every couple of months. Then last month, suddenly I was having what felt like constant migraines, one or two per week, always triggered by running. That’s a lot of time to spend wishing you could remove your head with various household implements. I came to realize that a migraine is so much more than just the more » Read more

Running with Rheumatoid Arthritis

I wish I had a cool diagnosis story for my autoimmune disease like Pesto does. But I was so young when I first found out that I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, I don’t remember not having it. I was first diagnosed when I was two, and although I’ve had long remissions, it’s always been a part of my life. The good news about RA is that its diagnosis is not necessarily a death more » Read more

Anatomy Trains and Running: Fascianating Stuff!

Hey everybody! Here comes the choo-choo! I’m talking anatomy trains; connected muscle systems that run up and down our bodies, also commonly called “kinetic chains” or “fascial lines.” Have you ever gone into the chiropractor, PT, or for a sports massage, told the person your foot hurt, only to have them start working on your hip? Aha! The problem in your foot could be the squeaky caboose of a long line of problems in your body. It’s all more » Read more

Running Bare: Your Questions About Brazilian Waxes Answered

Friends, I’m here to talk to you about something few women runners like to talk about: your hairy lady parts. More specifically, let’s chat about Brazilian waxes. Are you skeptical of Brazilians (the waxes, silly) or wondering whether they’re compatible with your hardcore running lifestyle? Are you wondering what happens during a Brazilian wax? Why you might consider getting one? Or what to expect after a wax? Read on! Read more

Running with Lupus

“The blood tests indicate that you might have syphilis,” the doctor said. “I will need to run a few more tests.” WTF!? I thought. “Syphilis?” I asked out loud. “No, you misheard. You might have lupus.” “Oh thank goodness! I can totally get down with that.” My primary care physician and I still giggle about this exchange from early 2013. It was the middle of my four-year break from running, my hair more » Read more

Mindful Goal Setting for Runners

If you are well-studied in the art of mindfulness, you may find the title of this post misleading. And you would be correct. Mindfulness has no goal. I first introduced this concept in a primer post on mindfulness and running. Often referred to as nonstriving, when we are mindful we enter an experience open to whatever that experience presents. A better word for goal would be intention but, if I titled more » Read more

Barley’s Post-Run Summer Beers

As many know, I take my recovery pretty seriously. That also means I take my post-run beers pretty seriously, and no one can expect you to re-hydrate with the same beers year round. It’s summer, so put down stouts and porters and hopefully by now your local store stopped carrying my recommended holiday beers. No one likes the house with Christmas lights in July either. It’s time to stock up on the lighter more » Read more

Back in the Saddle: How to Survive a Return to Running After a Break

When you fall off a horse in riding, the best thing you can do is get back on and ride again. It helps you overcome your fear of falling again. Is the same true for running? Returning to running after a layoff, especially one related to injury, can be tricky. Two things typically happen. You’re either mentally raring to go, but your body takes longer to respond. Or, you’re physically more » Read more

Can I Stay In Marathon Shape in the Pool?

One week out from the beginning of my taper, while cruising through a ten-mile tempo run, I felt a terrible pain in my right shin at mile seven. I’m tough, I thought, and pushed through. After I completed the prescribed workout at 6:25 pace the pain got worse and I hobbled home. Subsequent days of frantic icing, stretching, icing, stretching, and PT sessions ensued. After numerous PT sessions, including (terribly painful) more » Read more