Terror on the Treadmill

Last weekend sealed the deal; I am a terror on a treadmill. It was a fairly normal weekend to begin with; I registered at the very last minute for The Sweet Tea half marathon, held in the birthplace of sweet tea, Summerville, South Carolina. Who knew? Until last year, not me. Then all I did know was that Charleston has the only tea plantation in North America. Anyway, that is how more » Read more

Pimento’s Favorite, World-Famous Kale Salad

Looking for a last minute addition to your Thanksgiving feast that doesn’t contain butter, heavy cream, or cream of mushroom soup? I’ve got you covered! Aside from my favorite pastime, running, I actually really enjoy cooking. I’ve done quite a bit of reading, researching, trying things out, and as a result I am starting to get flavors. I don’t usually follow recipes to the letter; instead I read several recipes for more » Read more

Finding My Thing

My older sister texted me one of those memes the other day: I know she meant it as a joke, a “haha” to the fact that I am forever raving about running. I get it: it probably gets old. But it’s been on my mind since. Today I headed out on a solo 10-miler on a hilly country road. It is 70 degrees out and gorgeous, but my hamstrings felt like more » Read more

Reader’s Roundtable: Does Running REALLY Help with PMS?

Ohhhhh LAAAAAAAA-DEEEEEEZ!  It’s that time again, time for another edition of Salty Running’s famous Reader’s Roundtable! Now why does it sound like I’ve taken the train to Crazy Town?  Well, like me, sometime within the next month you too may be able to bask in the glory of your womanhood by forcing tightly packed rolls of cotton into unspeakable places. So pack your bags and let’s all go a little nuts together, more » Read more

Hey Baby! Handling Harassment on the Run

Because I am a woman, if I am in public I will get harassed at some point. It has been happening since before puberty, as I’m sure every woman on the planet can relate. When I’m running it seems to happen more often than when I’m doing anything else, and I’m fed up. My nonrunner friends don’t understand. They just can’t relate to the volume of cat calls I’ve had to more » Read more

On Runners’ Bodies, Real Runners, and What It Means to Be Dedicated

This post has been floating around in my brain for quite some time, probably since I started running 5 years ago.  I’ve never put it out there though.  Talking about weight and body type is something that I feel is really important, but to actually do it feels so raw. At 37 years old, I have plenty of history to share when it comes to my relationship with my body.  I more » Read more

Miles to Go Before I Sleep: Running-Induced Insomnia

Hard training is draining! Running miles after mile on top of leading the rest of our lives should leave us spent by day’s end, but sometimes that very activity that’s causing us to be so tired can prevent us from sleeping. Really! There’s this thing called running-induced insomnia. “What!” you might be thinking, “isn’t exercise supposed to make you tired and want to sleep more?” It’s supposed to, but it doesn’t always work more » Read more

A Farewell to Boobs or The Boobless Wonder

I’ve never had a bosom to speak of. In elementary school, my friends and I read “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” and publicly I laughed along with my friends at Margaret’s attempts to increase her bust. Privately, I tried that same move in my bathroom. I looked forward to turning 16, that magical age where all Disney princesses and golden California twins end up with perfect size 2 bodies, waists more » Read more

Basil’s Hip Surgery Recovery Log – Week 3

I’m now three weeks out from hip surgery, and my recovery continues to go well. At the two week mark, I was allowed to transition to one crutch (or two crutches with partial weight bearing). It felt really strange at first to put weight on the leg, and I couldn’t believe how weak I’d become in just two weeks. Even now, after a week of partial to full weight bearing, more » Read more

Safety Skin: a New Running Essential to Keep You Safe on the Roads

Do you run in the dark, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night? Are you often concerned about being seen but don’t want to wear the equivalent of an orange safety cone? What about when it’s warm out and you want to be free in your sports bra and shorts? That reflective vest sure gets in the way! Well, a good friend of mine has THE solution more » Read more

Basil’s Hip Surgery and Recovery Log: Week One

It’s been one week since my hip arthroscopy, and I am feeling great! I expected the recovery to be a lot more painful and difficult than it has actually been, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I was able to stop pain meds within 48 hours and am now relying on ice, rest and Mobic (an NSAID) for pain control. The post surgical pain was a breeze compared to having babies, more » Read more

Basil’s Hip Surgery and Recovery Log: Day One, Post-Op

Hip hip hooray! My hip surgery is complete, and I’m on the road to recovery. If my writing is less than coherent, please forgive me. I’m only 24 hours post op, and the pain pills are doing a great job of keeping my hip fairly comfortable and brain fairly foggy. So here’s a little background to start. In July, 2014, I injured my hip racing a half marathon. I didn’t more » Read more

Suzy Favor Hamilton: The Salty Running Interview

Prior to December 2012, Suzy Favor Hamilton, from what anyone could tell, was a former Olympian doing what former Olympians do and then … BAM! … there she is on TMZ being outed as a high end escort in Vegas. There was always something particularly charismatic about Suzy even beyond the beauty and the athletic gift, but no one in the running world saw that coming. A former Olympian with a husband more » Read more

5 Reasons to Love Suzy Favor Hamilton

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without an electronic device, you’ve seen Suzy Favor Hamilton on her press junket promoting her new book.  And unless you’ve been under that rock for 3 years, you know that Suzy, a 3-time Olympian, middle distance runner, was revealed to be a high-priced Vegas call girl when she wasn’t promoting Rock n’ Roll races or the face of brands like Nike and the more » Read more

Reviewing the Extend Nutrition Bar

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to try some energy bars and report back on my findings. We here at Salty Running were interested in these bars, because like the GenUCan products, these bars claim to provide a stable release of carbs that won’t cause a sugar crash. If nothing else, it’s always good to know what products are out there besides the ones that seem to be best more » Read more