A Broad Running Abroad: Long-Term Travel Tips for Runners

Running while on a trip or vacation is one of the best ways to get to know a new locale and so many of us make running a priority during our short-term travel plans. We throw in a pair of shoes and a couple of outfits that accommodate the weather and off we go. But if you plan to travel for more than a month, that tactic just isn’t enough. I should know… more » Read more

Running in Cleveland

As we started investigating the runners we’d be meeting at the Jacksonville OTQ Project, a strange realization developed. The sweet young guy who asked whether he needed to renew his USATF membership before the race for his time to qualify and who ended up leading a huge pack of new Olympic Trials Qualifiers? That was Makorobondo “Dee” Salukombo who lives and trains in Cleveland! The women of Cleveland Elite Development had more » Read more

The Key to Short and Sweet (and Inexpensive!) Runcations

Here is my logic: If you are a woman who loves to run and travel and you have lady friends who also love to run and travel, why not make a short and sweet trip out of it? A run-cation! A runcation is a short vacation centered around running. It usually involves a race, but need not. The best runcation will be easy to get to and affordable. In 2015 I more » Read more

Travel Tips for Destination Races: Hotels, Packing, and Race Day Logistics

Every runner has their very own special prerace routine. Mine includes eating a turkey and cheese bagel sandwich and making sure I hit the bathroom at least three times before the gun goes off. In theory our race routines sounds simple enough, but making sure everything goes right on race day is hard, even when you roll out of your own bed on race morning. If you need to travel to your more » Read more

Airbnb and the NYC Marathon: Is Airbnb Out to Hurt Runners?

Before I go any further, I just want to say that I love Airbnb. Any time I travel, they’re my go-to site for accommodations. I’ve used it to stay in the bustling center of Sao Paulo, as a triathlon home base a block from San Francisco Bay, and as a weekend getaway in the Adirondack foothills all at a fraction of the cost of traditional hotels or resorts. Even more than that, I more » Read more

Going the Distance: Pros and Cons of Destination Races

Yeah, I know everyone’s going back to school, but I’m not ready to give up thoughts of summer vacation. Sleeping in, long days, lazy picnics, and maybe cashing in those frequent flier points. Summer always puts travel on the brain. For me, as a teacher, I like to get far away (usually far, far away) from the places of my daily grind. And as a runner, I’m not a sit-on-the-beach-all-day-with-the-latest-E.L. James-book more » Read more

5 Reasons Maine is Perfect For Runners

In the summer I just can’t get travel out of my mind, and after Sage’s recent post about great places to run in the West, I figured the East could use a little love too!  So this weekend I’m headed as far east as I can go in the continental US – Maine! When you take off on the road it’s great to run new trails and check out the more » Read more

5 Western Trails Worthy of Your Next Running Vacation

Traveling is great, but as you’ve probably experienced, it can certainly interfere with training. I planned on spending the summer in Boulder, running along Boulder Creek Trail, Wonderland Lake and Coot Lake, hiking the numerous trails in the Indian Peak Wilderness, cycling on Left Hand Canyon Road, reading books and starting some new writing projects. Instead, we sold our home there in June and have spent much of the first more » Read more

Running Retreats: Summer Camp for Adults

I envied my sons all their various summer camps during their growing up years: Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama (which now has adult and family camps), kayaking and hiking camp on Catalina Island, cross-country camp at Lake Tahoe with quad-burning runs up the trails of Squaw Valley, and one summer, as I tried to fill my younger son’s while we worked, cooking camp, rocket camp, boogie board at the beach more » Read more

Salty Running Visitor’s Guide to Boston Running Routes

It’s Boston Marathon time, Salty Readers! This week, thousands of runners and their families, friends and supporters flock to my city to run in or cheer at one of our country’s most storied road races.   This influx of running-minded visitors brings a host of unfamiliar runners to our roads, paths and trails. For those looking to run while you are here, there is no lack of fantastic running routes to more » Read more

Running in Nashville: A Quick Guide for Visitors

Do any of you Salty readers have country music on your iPod? How about a road trip to Nashville? I put a few thousand miles on my legs while living in Nashville earning my M.S. from Vanderbilt. Although deservedly famous for the music scene, Nashville has a great running community as well! Whether you’re there to stay or just there for a short trip, I’ve got the skinny on the best way to have a more » Read more

Running Past History

  I spent time in Jackson, MS a few months ago, there to run the Mississippi Blues half marathon. It was very, very hilly, but nonetheless I had a great race. Since my trip took me there to run, at first it had not occurred to me that to walk — much less run — downtown without incident was a victory.   Then, the Thursday before the race, I ran more » Read more

Running the World: Where to Run in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Once in a while we Salties like to share our rave runs in various parts of the world.  After spending several days in the Grand Teton National Park / Jackson Hole, Wyoming area, I thought I would share some tips on great places to run and cross train. GTNP is pure, untamed wilderness with awe-inspiring views everywhere you go.  It is astoundingly beautiful, but certainly not always the safest place more » Read more

Hit the Road: Fitting in Your Running While Traveling

It’s that time of year when so many people are hitting the road, whether it’s for year-end business, vacation or trips home for the holidays.  As I have mentioned in my logs the past couple of weeks, I recently snuck away for a mini beach getaway (and a family visit, too).  The good news is that while I was gone I managed to stay on track with my training, which more » Read more

A Visitor’s Guide to Running in New York City

You’ve made it, baby!  New York, New York! The city that never sleeps! Home of the hot dawg, Broadway theater, the Mets and the Stock Exchange. Where rents are as high as the skyscrapers but you can get a slice of pizza as big as your head for a buck. No matter what brings you to the city–THE City, as we residents call it–as a Salty reader you’re probably going more » Read more