5 Marathon Videos to Get Your Heart Racing

Fall marathoners, it’s been tough staying motivated to get through the miles in the heat, let me tell ya.  But I’ve got just the thing to get you revved up for a strong long run this weekend; marathon videos! I know Americans often don’t think of running first when they think of exciting sports TV, but considering how hard we runners work toward our races and how much energy and more » Read more

An Interview with Kristin Barry

“Hey—there goes Kristin!”, my friend gestured to the right as a handful of runners sped past our car. “That’s crazy,” I murmured, awestruck. I was a half hour away from running my first 5k, and the idea of running before a race, the idea of running even a yard more than 3.1 miles seemed two strides short of lunacy. Kristin Barry went on to finish that 2007 race in 16:51, more » Read more

Quick Highlights from the Indoor World Champs

I never followed running news before former Salty Blogger Rosemary got me interested with her post, “A Running Girl’s Guide to Following the Sport.”  And over the last couple years, especially since I’m writing and editing for Salty Running, I’ve become a regular FloTrack junkie!  For those like me, you know that last week was the 2014 IAAF Indoor World Championships in Sopot, Poland.  And for those who aren’t looking more » Read more

The Unexpected Awesome Impact of the Gabe Grunewald DQ

By now you’ve probably heard about Gabriele (Gabe) Grunewald’s disqualification in the 3,000 meters at the U.S. indoor track national championships and the subsequent reinstatement of her decisive victory. LetsRun is going nuts about it. The non-Nike affiliated women who ran the 1500 at the same meet the next day walked off hand-in-hand in protest and are probably now high-fiving each other. Lauren Fleshman, a pretty good barometer of decency more » Read more

5 Runners Who Can Warm Your…er…Heart

So I asked the Salty gals for some inspiration for this week’s Friday 5, and immediately someone piped up with “VALENTINES!!” Sigh.  Oh yeah.  It’s that holiday I can’t abide.  Not that I don’t like the idea of love, it’s more that I resent corporations convincing us that we’re inadequate if we’re not buying flowers and diamonds for our sweethearts. But then I remembered that Valentine’s Day is also an more » Read more

Nope to Dope: An Analysis of Performance Enhancing Drugs and Running

Darn you, Lance. Ever since news broke that the multiple Tour De France champion admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, I find it difficult to trust other athletes.  Three time Olympian Craig Virgin recently shared the same sentiment. And this is reinforced by news of American women marathoners like Deeja Youngquist and most recently Mary Akor.  I get a particularly uncomfortable feeling when thinking about last year’s Olympics in which Alberto more » Read more

The Sexy Runner Lolo Debacle

If you can’t win an Olympic medal in running, why not try bobsledding? As a bobsledder, you’re required to build up speed at the start, hop in the sled gracefully, and then let the driver do the work. Seems fairly transferable, right?  You’ve got to be fast, strong, and coordinated: an Olympic hurdler fits that bill perfectly. Though she did not medal in either the 2008 or 2012 Summer Olympics, more » Read more

5 Winter Olympics Backup Plans I Dreamed up for NBC

It’s been a rough week at my house with three sick little kids. As luck would have it, I caught whatever crud they had and went to bed sick last night. I felt so cruddy that I resorted to imbibing a little naughty stuff found only behind the pharmacist’s counter. I brushed my teeth and watched the news a little. I saw (on NBC) that Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones made it more » Read more

Elite Running is Hard, and Competitor’s Corpo BS Just Made it Harder

As was first reported on RunBlogRun, this weekend Competitor Group, Inc. (CGI), owner of the Rock and Roll race series, the Carlsbad 5000 and numerous running, cycling and triathlon-related publications (including Women’s Running Magazine) announced they are cancelling their elite athlete program for the North American races in their series, effective immediately.  Meaning right now.  Meaning athletes who were all set to race in Philly in two weeks have had more » Read more

Caitlin Chock: It’s That Runner Tenacity

I recently had the distinct privilege of interviewing Caitlin Chock, or Cait as she prefers to be called. It’s not often I get to interview someone who I could ask about such things as how it feels to break a national record or what’s it like training under Alberto Salazar or to have Kara Goucher as your training partner. Yeah, Cait’s done all of those things. Like Mary Cain, Cait more » Read more

Don’t Worry Mary Cain, We’re All Headcases Until We Turn 25

Someone call Alicia Keys and tell her to change the lyrics to her smash hit because Mary Cain IS ON FIRE. The 16 year-old running sensation is a true prodigy as she has smashed three national high school indoor track records so far in 2013. There was the 4:16 1500 meters en route to breaking Debbie Heald’s 41 year-old mile record in 4:32. Then there was the 2 mile record in more » Read more

The Letsrun Interview, Part 2

Last week, we brought you Part 1 of our interview with Letsrun.com’s Robert Johnson. And what an interview it was as Rojo had some interesting things to say about women’s athletics. Today, we bring you Part 2 of our interview. We continue to explore the sport of running: how to make it bigger and how to keep it clean. We then have a little fun talking about who to watch in 2013, more » Read more

The LetsRun Interview, Part 1

Say what you will about the world’s most popular running site, Letsrun. As we told you in our Girl’s Guide to Letsrun.com, it can be controversial, rugged, and rough around the edges. But it truly is the internet home of the sport of running. Its founders, twin brothers Weldon (aka Wejo) and Robert (aka Rojo) Johnson, started the website back in 2000. Since then, the site has risen to the top of independent websites more » Read more

The Full Girlfriend Experience

She’s a runner. Now she’s a masters runner, but in her prime she was an Olympian. She was at the top of the top. Over the years, she retired from world-class running, settled down and started a family. Now she’s the smiling face of the Disney and Rock-n-Roll races, she prides herself on helping women who struggle with depression discover the healing powers of running,  she’s a successful real estate agent more » Read more

Faster Olympic Trials Standards: Yay or Nay?

Last week, the USATF made news when they announced a new set of Olympic marathon qualifying standards for both men and women. To qualify for the 2016 trials race, men will have to run a ‘B’ standard time of 2:18 and women will have to run a ‘B’ standard of at least 2:43. The ‘A’ standard time for both men and women has also been decreased, to 2:15 for men more » Read more