Readers Roundtable: Running Commando

Thanksgiving is over and many of us survived heated political debates with our relatives or are feeling lucky to have avoided sending Uncle Joe into a red-faced finger-wagging tizzy as he passed the mashed potatoes. And with the turkey trots in the rearview mirror, it’s not Christmas lights we’re looking forward to. It’s tights season! It’s finally here and along with it, the cold late autumn winds blow back another more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Running Fashion

Since we were kids, fall has always been a time to shop for clothes. Fall also happens to be the season for runners, so, naturally, running apparel companies are eager to take all our money. In catalogs and ads everywhere, we’re seeing the hottest trends. Some, like the all grey footwear or cozy cowl necks we can get behind. But others leave us saying, “Hmmm.” Shirts that are so complicated you can’t figure out more » Read more

Red or Blue? What Color Runner are You?

Brooks sponsored this post to inspire you to Run Happy. See more at With her fall goal race right around the corner, one of my best running friends went in search of the perfect versatile tank to wear on her big day. She fell in love with the Brooks Pick-up Running Tank Top, but couldn’t decide whether to go with the red or the blue. She was leaning towards the blue, but asked my opinion. I remembered hearing somewhere more » Read more

🍑 Readers’ Roundtable: What Do You Like in a Race Tee?

Keeping the lights on at Salty HQ means we need to appeal to sponsors here and there, but we’re committed to making sure we only bring you stuff we really think you’ll like. That’s why we were so excited when The AJC Peachtree Road Race approached us about sponsoring today’s Readers’ Roundtable. Not only is Peachtree an Atlanta 4th of July tradition, it’s the world’s largest 10k, the largest American more » Read more

What’s With Those Cheap Awesome Leggings?

The setting: Early January. The mood: That post-holidays funk settled on the Salty crew like a cold, heavy fog. Energy and creativity-levels were low; we needed something, anything, to liven things up in the dead of a dark, dreary winter. The idea that sparked our curiosity and got us a little excited to check the mail obsessively for a couple of weeks? Leggings. Obnoxious, personalized to our specific tastes, bright and more » Read more

Tips for Running on the Cheap

When I started running, I was a single mom living on my teacher’s salary during the Great Recession. Let’s just say there were many grocery store trips where I decided my favorite feta cheese was too expensive. My running gear investments included a pair of shoes and a sports bra. One of the greatest things about running is that you don’t need a bunch of super-expensive gear or instructor-led classes more » Read more

Full Moon to Empty Bladders No More! Gotta Get the Gotta Go Running Skirt!

Peeing. Everyone does it. I do it. You do it. Michelle Obama does it, the Queen of England, Mother Theresa did it, so did Joan of Arc, Kara Goucher, and Salty herself does it and gives advice about peeing when there’s no potty to be found. Every human in the history of humans has peed. It’s part of the grand Human Experience. For most women however, and women athletes specifically, more » Read more

5 Running Outfits to Wear to the Bar

Runners can be found in many places. The track, the road, the trail, corporate offices, parent-teacher conferences, Whole Foods, and hair salons. And one extra special place – the bar. Sometimes I go to the bar with my friends only to hang out with them … without drinking any alcohol. They hate me for this. During training season I typically avoid drinking excessively. Wine with dinner every now and then more » Read more

5 Times It’s Ok to Wear the Shirt From a Race You Did Not Run

In my newbie running days, I ran with two great training groups who taught me many things about the world of post-collegiate running.  One of the lessons that stands out the most was the cardinal rule of race shirt etiquette: wearing a shirt from a race you hadn’t run was a huge no-no. I mean, it was the equivalent of lying! For years I didn’t dare wear a shirt for more » Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: Do You Wear Underpants On the Run?

All my running shorts have liners, meaning there’s a built-in brief that protects my lady bits and prevents chafing.  This is ideal to me, since wearing underwear is unthinkable: cotton retains too much moisture, and all my other pairs are too frilly to be comfortable. A couple years ago when “running underwear” started popping up in stores, I made a joke about it to a friend.  She looked at me more » Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: Are You Willing to Pay for Primo Fashion?

This morning Salty forwarded a promotional email from Anthropologie, retailer of overpriced (in my opinion) luxury women’s apparel and other stuff.  Guess what they have now?  Activewear! I couldn’t help but laugh – everyone is getting into the game!  As much as people have blasted Lululemon, ever since it burst onto the scene and showed people that being active can be sexy, more and more luxury activewear brands have cropped more » Read more

My Eyes are Up Here: 5 Style Tips for Running Shirtless

This post originally published on Aug 31, 2012. We thought it was a timely follow-up to the The Essential Guide to Salty Summer Running! I’m in love with Clove’s Salty Running Challenge!  Leaving my shirt behind when I go for a run is a real struggle, but the more I practice the more I just stop caring what others think of my tummy and start feeling great about showing off more » Read more

Make Your Own Boston Marathon Jacket

In my dream world, I would be strutting around today in a purple and orange jacket of questionable taste.  This jacket would not be the sort of thing I usually wear, it certainly isn’t something I’d ever choose for myself, and I would have paid way too much money for it. You know what I’m talking about. I mean, it’s okay that I didn’t make it to Boston this year…I’ll more » Read more

Pants for Every Runner!

I’m going to talk to you about a very serious problem that plagues all of us female runners: pants. I’m not talking about our beloved running tights, ladies; I mean dress pants and – dare I say it – jeans. Oh, the horror! As an athlete, I celebrate my muscular body. Unfortunately, it would seem not a lot of clothing companies do. Like most of you, I have a full-time more » Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: Do You Shave Your Legs in Winter?

Boy oh boy, at 40º Fahrenheit, yesterday was just balmy here in the Big Apple!  So when it was time for me to hit the road, naturally I took off my pants without hesitation.  Shorts time! I don’t think about it too much usually, but last week the Salty bloggers were chatting about our legs, so when I saw the forecast I made sure to bust out a fresh razor more » Read more