Should Runners Vote with their Dollars?

In case you were hiding from the news this week, last Wednesday a WSJ reporter tweeted out a quote from New Balance’s VP of Public Affairs, Matt LeBretton: “The Obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and frankly, with President-elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction.” Within an hour, sneaker head magazine Sole Collector got wind of the statement and incited angry, shoe-burning backlash from more » Read more

SaltyValu™#NMR Collection Running Apparel

At SaltyValu™ we know women runners are all about three things: fitness, beauty and shopping! By popular demand, we’ve combined all three of these elements to bring you #NMR – a new line of apparel just for the discerning SaltyValu™ woman! If you’ve loved fantastic SaltyValu™ products like our drug tests, our international sporting competition, our intense cross-training program or our clean eating diet cookbook, you’ll go berserk when you discover the fashion-forward options we’ve designed more » Read more

Why I Will Never Get a New Watch

Recently, I replaced the band on my watch for the third time and in doing so, stopped for a second to ponder whether I had spent more on replacement bands over the past few years than I would have if I just bought a new watch. I felt a little twinge in my heart at the thought of throwing away my trusty green Garmin and then felt a little confused more » Read more

A Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Running Shoe Story

Imagine this: you are one month out from your goal race. Training is going perfectly. You’re hitting your paces and your mileage targets like never before. A quick glance at your training log and you realize you’re a few miles over the limit on your current pair of kicks. No problem, right? Since you were fitted at your local running store last time, and knowing there’s no time in the more » Read more

Essential Baby Gear: Choosing a Running Stroller

It’s amazing how much stuff a tiny human being seemingly requires. A minimalist at heart, I tried to buy only the most essential baby gear, forgoing the wipes warmer and other non-essentials, and also re-purposing things I already had, like using a pocket book for a diaper bag. I can’t say the same thing about running strollers. Case in point: my husband now jokingly refers to our garage as the more » Read more

I Didn’t Mean For It To End This Way

It all started a few months ago when I worked at a running store. Among the rows and rows of shoe boxes, one box happened to catch my eye. Inside that box rested a pair of sleek and lightweight trainers with soles that looked cushiony and supportive. Just my type. At first, we politely greeted each other with a nod or a quick smile but pretty soon we began to build more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Best. Gear. Ever!

A couple of weeks ago now, Cinnamon and I had the pleasure of chatting with Lindsey Hein for her podcast, I’ll Have Another. The interview centered mostly on what motivates us to build Salty Running into a media empire (girls can dream). When Cinnamon and I were chatting with Lindsey, she asked us what our favorite gear is. I struggled with the answer. My cheap notGPS watch? My adequate shoes? more » Read more

How To Sound Like You Know What You’re Talking About When You Talk About Running Shoes

Looking at the display of shoes at your local running store and the clerk comes over to help: You should definitely try these. The last seems to fit most people’s feet really well, with plenty of room in the vamp, but good lockdown through the midfoot. Some people feel a little bulge underfoot on the medial side, but you should try them and see how you like them. You nod, more » Read more

Pronators, Supinators, Neutral Feet, Oh My! How to Choose Shoes

Everything is better with science! How nice would it be to get running shoe choice down to a universal and infallible equation where, to choose a shoe, all we would need to do is plug in a few variables to diagnose how each of us runs and then solve for X. Bam. Done. For years, running shoe companies and running stores have worked to do just that using a diagnosis technique called gait more » Read more

Dear ‘Mill

Dear ‘Mill, Have you noticed how much warmer it’s been lately, how much more often the sun has been out and how the snow and rain have spoiled fewer days? Maybe you also noticed, as I have, that we’re not spending as much time together as we used to. Remember when we spent every single run together each week, back at the beginning January? Those were some good weeks we more » Read more

Tips for Running on the Cheap

When I started running, I was a single mom living on my teacher’s salary during the Great Recession. Let’s just say there were many grocery store trips where I decided my favorite feta cheese was too expensive. My running gear investments included a pair of shoes and a sports bra. One of the greatest things about running is that you don’t need a bunch of super-expensive gear or instructor-led classes more » Read more

Running with a Diva Cup

Monday marked the Lunar New Year. A celebration of a new beginning, a new cycle. Know what else comes in cycles and is sometimes celebrated? Periods! We’ve all had our own personal “inquiry projects,” you could say, with running and periods. My most memorable menstruating moment came while I ran the final 10k of my last marathon after removing an annoyingly uncomfortable tampon that was already on its way out in a roadside port-a-potty. Of more » Read more

Shoe Junkie

I found my drug … er … running shoe of choice at my local running store. The zero-drop shoe craze was on, and the salesperson showed me the new Brooks Pure line. She knew I ran in stability shoes, and suggested the Cadence. I looked over at the display and a single sunbeam broke through the dreary, gray Eugene sky to illuminate a teal and lime-green shoe perched on the clear plastic more » Read more

Are Running Catalogs the New Cosmo?

There’s something exciting about finding a running catalogue in the mailbox. These days, my catalogues are the closest I get to reading Cosmo. I gave up all my magazine subscriptions at 20. I had to after I realized they made me feel pale, flabby, non-orgasmic, and boring. Good choice, 20-year-old Pimento! Break up with that dropout boyfriend while you’re at it and stop with the tanning beds! Ahh, hindsight…  As a full-fledged 36-year-old more » Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: The Best Running Shoes for You

If you meet someone who’s just beginning to run, the first question you’re likely to hear is, “What shoes do you wear when you run?”  The quest for the Best Running Shoe of All Time is often the first we embark upon as a runner. And it’s nearly universal for us, particularly since, other than running bras, shoes are our only necessary piece of gear.  (Yes, watch-enthusiasts, our only necessary piece of more » Read more