Treadmill Tip of The Week: Let Us Entertain You!

Welcome to the SaltyValu™ Critic’s Choice Awards for Treadmill Entertainment! Live from the treadmill belt runway, I’m your host, Chicory and I’ll generously spare you the bad political jokes during my hosting duties today. Salty Running is coming to you with another series of treadmill tips this year, including this one: our personally curated, but sadly not artisanal nor bespoke, list of the top audio and video entertainment options to keep more » Read more

8 Tips to Guarantee You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve all been there. It’s the beginning of a new year and we have a list of lofty goals for ourselves. Stick to our strength training plan, stop eating second (or third) desserts, or simply run faster. But like normal people, we runners are prone to fail at keeping our resolutions. In fact, 92% of humanity is back to their old yous by February. As a pal, I’d rather you join more » Read more

A Mantra for Every Runner

Here at Salty Running, whether trying to break five hours or qualify for the Olympic Trials, we’re always looking for an extra edge in our training and racing. Many of us already use mantras. I have been using them in my training and racing since I was in college. Mantras are definitely not just for yoga or self help cassette tapes anymore. Originally grounded in Hinduism and Buddhism, mantras are either a more » Read more

Get on the Treadmill, Bertha

Do you consider yourself a dedicated runner, yet still find that you often struggle to get going when it’s time to run? This problem seems more common in the winter, when the urge to feel warm and snuggly overrides our desire to go outside or jump on the ‘mill. That’s why we’re kicking off our 2017 Treadmill Tip of the Week series with helping you deal with your inner Bertha. Bertha? Yeah, there’s an more » Read more

Internal Versus External Rewards: How to Find Lasting Satisfaction from Running

Despite having a low income, my father proposed that for every “A” I earned, he’d give me $20. I interpreted this in two ways: It had to be important to do well in school if he’d pay me the little money he had for good grades, and I was more motivated to learn when there was a price attached. Pay-for-A’s is external motivation. It’s easier to get driven by external more » Read more

Surviving the Marathon Training Gauntlet

“Just four more weeks and I’ll be on the start line, and I won’t feel this bad!” I said to myself once a minute during every run last week. But four weeks is a long time and I am so so tired. There are some days, even a week or two stretch during the throes of training that make me want to chuck my trainers into Green Lake and call it a more » Read more

What I Learned from a 30 Day Run Streak

In the spring, I noticed a trend after posting my training logs: immediate and crushing guilt. I could see plainly on the screen, and in the notes that I keep so religiously in my phone, that I wasn’t doing my best. I wasn’t pushing hard enough. In fact, I was barely pushing at all. I read other training logs and compared my own work to everyone else’s. Not in a negative more » Read more

Busting Through the Boredom

If life were like the cover of a fitness magazine, we would always run alongside breathtaking mountains or into a tropical sunset (and we’d look really hot while doing it). The truth is we need to get our runs in when we can, which often requires running the same routes close to home or, worse, staring at our basement wall while we cram it in on the treadmill. Yes, I’ve more » Read more

Smile Training to Run Happier

Thank you to Brooks for inspiring and sponsoring this #runhappy post. Darn it. I was late leaving the house again, but I had to get my tempo in. I hurriedly laced up my Brooks Ravennas and then started my watch, but I was nowhere near the zone; monkey mind would be an understatement. I have to get back to finish that assignment.  I think I forgot to put the wet laundry in more » Read more

Summer Reading List, Olympics Edition

It’s summer reading list time, but this year summer is also time for the Olympics, so it’s only natural that we compile an Olympics reading list. As an Olympics super fan, I’ve read many books about the Olympics over the years and have compiled some of my favorites below. Take your pick and read now to get excited, read in between events, or read afterward when you’re depressed over the long wait more » Read more

5 Reasons to Run with Faster Runners

So you’ve completed a few races and you’ve started to think about getting faster. A BQ? A PR? You know how the story goes: to get somewhere you’ve never been, you have to do something you’ve never done. You do speedwork on your own, you pick up the pace in your long runs, but your race times still aren’t where you think they should be. You know of a few faster running more » Read more

Confessions of a Stravaddict

I don’t even have to open the email to know exactly what it says. “Uh Oh!” begins to subject line, “[Insert name of fast, competitive frenemy] just stole your CR!” I click on the link to her activity and find that not only did she run the segment three minutes faster than I did, but she did it while pushing a stroller. “Got what it takes to reclaim your crown?” more » Read more

SOS: Even Elites Bomb Workouts

Tough days are a fact of life. And in training, tough workouts are too; you push hard, then recover, then push harder, trying to get just a little closer to the sun every time without getting burned. But some days you try and fail, your body refusing to cooperate. Sometimes you just don’t have it in you. And believe me, it’s not just you! It’s all of us. You might more » Read more

Running: It’s Not Easy

I was in the locker room the other day talking with one of my friends about our weekend running plans. A co-worker overheard us and chimed in, “Wow, I wish I enjoyed running.” We chatted for a while about how she had tried it on and off, but hasn’t been able to stick with it. She insisted she was going to start up again when the weather got better or when more » Read more

Who Are the People Running Marathons?

Nearly five years ago, I ran my first and only marathon. In spite of having run regularly for most of my life, training for that marathon proved to be a huge challenge! Each and every long run beat me up, I was exhausted, and I got injured. I made it through the race, but just barely. At the time, and even years later, I chalked my difficulties up to being more » Read more