Running: It’s Not Easy

I was in the locker room the other day talking with one of my friends about our weekend running plans. A co-worker overheard us and chimed in, “Wow, I wish I enjoyed running.” We chatted for a while about how she had tried it on and off, but hasn’t been able to stick with it. She insisted she was going to start up again when the weather got better or when more » Read more

Who Are the People Running Marathons?

Nearly five years ago, I ran my first and only marathon. In spite of having run regularly for most of my life, training for that marathon proved to be a huge challenge! Each and every long run beat me up, I was exhausted, and I got injured. I made it through the race, but just barely. At the time, and even years later, I chalked my difficulties up to being more » Read more

Tricking My Inner Lazy Runner

This may sound pretty obvious but… I love to run. A good heart-pounding, blood-pumping workout or relaxed, flowy mileage-builder can just really hit the spot sometimes, and I always feel better for having gotten it done. I’m sure you can relate. Heck, running is fun! Except when it’s not. About once every week or two I know I can count on having one of those days: I’m all dressed in my more » Read more

The Middle of Marathon Training Guilt

If you’re anything like me, the beginning of March means you are now well into your spring marathon training cycle. If you’re anything like me, you’re also beginning to experience those nagging feelings that start to intensify when you’re in the middle of a marathon training cycle. For once, I’m not referring to nagging feelings of injury; all is smooth sailing on the injury front. [*knocks vigorously on wood*] What’s really more » Read more

How to Make Amazing Race Signs

Miles to go until the finish line, exhausted from all the miles you’ve already run, you wonder how you’re going to finish. You hear the cheers and claps from spectators and you pick up your feet a little faster. If you’re like me, though, your favorite type of support from spectators is a great race sign. A race sign that makes me smile and laugh and, for a brief second, more » Read more

TMTOTW: Your Treadmill Is a Tool; Use It Like a Pro

The winter rages on, and as I scroll through my morning news feed, the treadmill articles seem to be on repeat and it’s all the standard fare: tips to ward off boredom; workout ideas; and seventy-four variations of whether running on the treadmill is real running. Sigh. Although I know it will never happen as long as certain running publications need to recycle the same old articles every year, I’d love more » Read more

Treadmill Tip of the Week: Quit Whining and Get on The Damn Treadmill Already

Seriously, stop what you’re doing. Stop reading this. Get on the treadmill. Why aren’t you on it yet? Oh, you hate the treadmill? Well you must hate running then, because if you loved running even the giant patch of black ice outside wouldn’t stop you from doing it. If you loved running, you would just get on the damn treadmill. What’s that? You get bored on the treadmill? Get a more » Read more

Why Should the Average Runner Care About Elites?

So we went to Jacksonville and now you know our reasons, but perhaps you are left wondering why a back or middle of the pack runner would care about Jacksonville. About elite runners. How are these fast women connected to you? Why should you care? To dispel any myths here: my first race had a mile pace of 15 minutes and my last race had a pace of 7:45. I’ve been the slowest more » Read more

Forget Marathons: I’m Racing the Mile

For many runners, especially those adult-onset runners who catch the running bug later in life, it’s all about the marathon. It’s a lofty aspiration, a great topic of conversations at cocktail parties, and well worth its place on the bucket list. The marathon, however, is not on my bucket list. While my big dream running goal might not impress anyone around the office water cooler, it’s more intense than a more » Read more

On the 12th Day of Christmas Running Gave to Me: 12 Chicks a’ Hatchin’

I have never been high-maintenance. Don’t get me wrong, I care about my looks; I’m as vain as anyone. Well, maybe not some people (see left). I don’t own a purse. I don’t accessorize. I hardly get haircuts and don’t get me started on what becoming a stay-at-home mom does to one’s shower-to-run ratio. The other day I was wondering if I’m low maintenance because I run, or if I run because I’m more » Read more

Everything I Need to Know About Running, I Learned from My Kindergartner

Her stride is long and graceful, her form better than mine will ever be. She’s running down the street laughing so hard, she’s snorting. She’s only five years old. She can run a mile in nine minutes and seventeen seconds and she’s taught me more about running than I ever thought possible. Addy’s my oldest daughter. I should have known she’d love to run; I ran during my pregnancy and more » Read more

Finding My Thing

My older sister texted me one of those memes the other day: I know she meant it as a joke, a “haha” to the fact that I am forever raving about running. I get it: it probably gets old. But it’s been on my mind since. Today I headed out on a solo 10-miler on a hilly country road. It is 70 degrees out and gorgeous, but my hamstrings felt like more » Read more

Are You Sabotaging Your Race by Falling Victim to Race Day Woes?

I recently found myself standing on the starting line of the 44th annual Portland Marathon. Along the journey to that moment, I did all the right things. I signed up with a coach and followed her workouts to a tee. I pushed myself to hit paces in my workouts that I used to think were unreachable. I believed I was capable of running a 3:25 marathon, which would be a ten minute PR. more » Read more

Richard Clark Fannin, Sisterhood and the Magic in Jacksonville

Think elite athletes are cut-throat win-at-all costs competitors? Think again! There’s no better example of how amazing runners of all speeds are than what’s going down right now in Jacksonville. In elite and subelite circles, everyone knows Richard Clark Fannin, the elite coordinator for the Gate River Run 15K race held every March in Jacksonville, Florida. With Richard’s outreach, the Gate River Run is one of the most competitive races more » Read more

39 Years, Many Obstacles, Still a Runner

Last week I shared an excerpt from my book about why I started running. I’ve been thinking a lot about why running continues to be so integral to my life. As I’ve encountered my body’s limits, especially recently having scrapped two half-marathons, I find I’m constantly reassessing my goals and objectives, but not willing to give up the sport. Looking back, my running history is unremarkable. Before I became a more » Read more