Running out of the Dark

Exciting news first: This single mother runner will no longer be checking the “single” box after July 2015. This gal is getting married! This amazing man of mine and I met while I was training for my first full marathon and commuting 75-miles one way to work. I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy, but he watched my son while I put in my Saturday morning long runs and more » Read more

Happy Marathon Monday!

Boston, you are strong, and the world runs with you today.  Fast feet to all! As for the Salties, we’ll resume posting tomorrow.  Today is a day of remembrance, resilience and hope! Related PostsWhat You Need to Know if You are Training for the Boston Marathon BQ and the Boston Bombing Boston Marathon Interrupted: 2nd Place in the 2013 SR Race Report Challenge! It’s Time for the Boston Marathon, Baby!! more » Read more

Kick Start Your Running in 2014

As runners, many of us are no stranger to dreaming big and setting goals.  But this time of year, many of us are coming out of an off-season reset or have a bit of a holiday hangover and a few extra pounds.  Or, maybe you are a new runner and are just trying to figure out how to get started in 2014.  Whatever your situation, I feel confident that we more » Read more

That One Epic Run

It’s that epic Sunday run. Everybody gets one. The one you remember, the one you want to tell everybody about on Monday morning, but you don’t think they’d really care, so you refrain. The one that makes you (and your co-workers) so grateful that you get to be a Salty blogger, because that way you can tell everyone, but they don’t have to listen. Recently, I had an epic Sunday more » Read more

Negativity and Positive Splits.

Today I ran positive splits, but it was a good thing. Generally when people talk about negatives in running, they are talking about negative splits. For those new to the sport, negative splits refer to running the second half of a training run or race faster than the first. This is generally believed to be a much better way to run than to run a positive split (running slower for more » Read more

Inspiration of the day: Lessons from my son from Ironkids

Need some inspiration?  Great, because I have an abundance of it today!  I have a story of strength, confidence and drive that I think could give us all a kick in the pants. Last  year, I wrote about the lessons I learned from my 11 year old son when he competed in the Ironkids triathlon.  He inspired me then, and has inspired me once again by doing it this year. more » Read more

Why YOU Should Care: Competitor Group Leads the Race to the Bottom

Competitor Group’s decision to cut it’s elite athlete programs and redirect the funds to increasing back-of-the-pack participation has been met with the reactions you would expect. Either Competitor is an evil anti-elite runner corporation or made a sensible business decision because no one but elites and a handful of LetsRun readers care about elites, anyway. There is also the alternative view posited most notably by Josh Cox that elites deserve more » Read more

5 Women Answer the Burning Question: What is Hardcore?

The other day I got to thinking: what makes a woman runner hardcore?  So first I did what any scientific-minded woman does and I polled my friends on facebook. Here’s what they said: Bridget: “I think what makes a runner hardcore is her commitment to the sport. The number of marathons/races doesn’t matter. But consistency does. Repeatedly getting out there – even when you don’t feel like it – makes more » Read more

Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously: Run a Fun Run!

Does the thought of the 80′s Run make  you want to vomit?  Are  you sick of hearing about mud runs, glow runs, color runs, zombie runs, etc.? You are not alone. I wrote a post a while back about the Tough Mudder – which I would consider much more physically demanding than a half marathon – and I was shocked at the negative comments it received from our purists. But more » Read more

A Girl’s Guide to the Tough Mudder

Have your friends ever tried to talk you into doing Tough Mudder? Did you check out the web site and immediately say no effing way!? I’d say that is a pretty normal response, but I think you should consider doing it anyway at least once. Yes, it is pretty crazy and you will be hurting like mad the next day, but it is worth it. It also supports the Wounded Warrior more » Read more