👻 5 Runners that Will Make You Want to be on Snapchat NOW!

Yes, you read that right: five boring runners who will make even you want to be on Snapchat. For you non-Millenials or the otherwise uninformed, while you might find a topless Mo Farah or Usain Bolt on a few random snaps, the game has changed from the sexting/let-me-send-you-a-pic-of-my-stick-and-ball-sports app to the anything-goes-in-sharing-random-sh*t app. If you’re not familiar with this thing that all the kids are using these days, think of it as an extension more » Read more

I F*ing Hate Yoga.

That’s it. I can’t take it any more. Yes, social media, I am a runner. No, social media, I do not love yoga. I do not like shirts with twisty straps. I do not believe there is a weather situation inside or outside in which one should wear pants and a bra top. Just because I have a messy bun and wear spandex everywhere I go does not mean I’m chomping at more » Read more

75 Running Excuses To Prove “It Just Wasn’t My Day.”

Have you been telling everyone that you’re fit and finally ready for an epic marathon, but concerned it might be very unpleasant to actually run as fast as you’ve been bragging you can? Are you afraid to “bend the rules” and trim a little off the course or pay that fast guy in your running club to run the race for you now that there are people who dedicate their lives more » Read more

5 Kernels of Wisdom from Contenders at the USA Half Champs

We’re here in Columbus at the Cap City Half and have had a full day including a press conference, a reception, and a little one-one-one with some of the top seeds. The elites were out in full force, sharing their wisdom in their quest for the One Ring, a load of cash, and a national title. They’re not rocket scientists or Nobel Laureates; however, their achievements as athletes cannot be denied. They have more » Read more

Clean Eating for Salty Runners: Let’s Eat Like Our Ancestors!

Every runner knows that food is fuel. And every runner knows that the cleaner the fuel the better the burn, right? I mean, science doesn’t say that, but a lot of people who sound like they know what they’re talking about sell books and stuff that say that, so it must be true! I mean, clean is totally better than dirty. No one likes dirty. Hmmm, let me rephrase that: more » Read more

5 Last Minute Tips for the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is on Monday. I repeat: the Boston Marathon is on Monday. Now is not the time to cram in last-minute training or change all your plans. However, maybe you’re waiting to hop on a plane to Boston and killing a few minutes at work because you can’t concentrate on anything other than the big race. In that case, now is a good time for a quick refresher, along more » Read more

5 Medieval Weapons for Women Runners

Spring brings flowers, blue skies, and a yearly flood of articles on how to run safely outdoors as a woman. With such original victim-blaming nuggets as “don’t run by yourself in the dark” or “don’t say where you plan to run on social media” and, my personal favorite, “don’t run on the trails alone!” Because if someone decides to attack me, it’s definitely the woods’ fault. I’m not making light of more » Read more

5 Rule 40 Workarounds

Have you noticed all the social media chatter about the International Olympic Committee’s Rule 40, the rule meant to protect the value of an Olympic sponsorship for those companies that can pony up the $10-50 million it takes to become an official sponsor of the Games? The recent controversy is actually about the U.S. Olympic Committee’s guidelines that tell brands that sponsor U.S. Olympic athletes how to comply with the IOC’s Rule more » Read more

Runners, Which Presidential Candidate Is Right for You?

The presidential race is a lot like a marathon. It’s long, really long. It’s all fun and games in the beginning, but after the halfway point you start to wonder if you can survive to the finish. A lot of crazy things happen along the way. A lot of people drop out. Some perform way better than you’d expect. Many of us swear we’re over it and will never bother investing ourselves in another more » Read more

5 Click-Bait Running Articles You Can’t Resist

As a serious runner who cares very much about the sport, both as a participant and a spectator, I follow lots of running stuff on social media. Consequently, I am inundated with things to read about running in my feeds. Some of it I don’t even notice, like ads for celebrity-brand workout apparel featuring a famous actress in full make up with her hair down while wearing a bra with capris, or sites for races more » Read more

5 Ways To Be an Asshole Runner

When you’re at a group run or a race, there’s always that one group of people, the ones who just make you cringe and wonder where they went wrong in life. They compliment each other, make time to help one another, and they are always telling stories about how they get up crazy early to run, or how sometimes they skip a run all together just so they can be there for more » Read more

5 Things I Learned While Spectating the Trials

I love watching races, especially super competitive ones! There’s nothing more inspiring than watching the culmination of years of sacrifice and hard work come together for one shot at a lifetime dream. That’s why my husband and I traveled to Houston in 2012 to watch the Trials, where we had an absolute blast. Four years later, having several friends participating, it was a no-brainer to make the trek to LA for the big event. more » Read more

5 Types of “Runners” You’ll Find When Online Dating

Valentine’s Day! First it was a celebration for a bunch of saints named Valentine (seriously, there were three of them), and then Chaucer had to go and write a drippy poem connecting the saints’ day with lovers, and then came the flowers, chocolate, chintzy cards … and Tinder? Maybe ol’ Valentine of Rome and Chaucer didn’t see that one coming, but for many a single lady, online dating is all the romance more » Read more

5 Ways Running Keeps You Forever Young

Tomorrow is my 37th birthday and I’m feeling the relentless forward momentum of TIME. True, I’m not yet bemoaning the loss of the good ol’ days or griping about “adulting” or the injustice of having to wear pants, nor would I give up the wisdom I’ve gained for my younger body. Twenty-year-old me had some physical attributes I miss, but I’m actually way fitter and healthier than I was then or more » Read more

5 Reasons this GenX Runner is Converting to Millennialism

First there was minimalism and now, after people finally realized those Vibram things were really not the best, we’ve moved on to maximalism. But forget about all that, let’s talk about Millennialism, because today’s the day I’m converting. As a member of Generation X (a very young member of Generation X, I might add), hearing about how good Millennials have it gives me #FOMO. My parents made me do stupid stuff because they more » Read more