5 Ways Running Keeps You Forever Young

Tomorrow is my 37th birthday and I’m feeling the relentless forward momentum of TIME. True, I’m not yet bemoaning the loss of the good ol’ days or griping about “adulting” or the injustice of having to wear pants, nor would I give up the wisdom I’ve gained for my younger body. Twenty-year-old me had some physical attributes I miss, but I’m actually way fitter and healthier than I was then or more » Read more

5 Reasons this GenX Runner is Converting to Millennialism

First there was minimalism and now, after people finally realized those Vibram things were really not the best, we’ve moved on to maximalism. But forget about all that, let’s talk about Millennialism, because today’s the day I’m converting. As a member of Generation X (a very young member of Generation X, I might add), hearing about how good Millennials have it gives me #FOMO. My parents made me do stupid stuff because they more » Read more

5 Reasons You Should Hire Nicki Minaj as Your Running Coach

I have developed a bit of an obsession with my girl Nicki, one that causes me to refer to her on a first-name basis. I also might have sent my company a Minaj-themed Christmas card. I have a Nicki Minaj Pandora station tailored specifically for workouts, and her songs have pushed me through training runs, tough, hot halves, and finally my first full marathon! She is my muse. In all seriousness, I admire more » Read more

5 Solutions for Bathroom Emergencies while Running

We’ve covered bathroom emergencies before, but since that remains one of our most popular articles to date (yes, really) we know we can never talk too much about the topic. You’ll understand why the next time you get caught in a potty emergency! The more prepared you are beforehand, the better. All runners know the standard emergency pit stops—e.g. public park restrooms, gas stations, the bushes. But sometimes, especially if you’re in more » Read more

5 Moments from JAX That Will Make You LOL For Realz

Here at Salty Running we take running very very seriously. Elite runners are also people who take running very very seriously. Put Salty Running and elite runners together and surely such an event would be of the utmost in seriousness, with conversations about lactate thresholds and glycogen depletion and … real talk: whether men should race in briefs too. Of all those things we only discussed one of them. Guess more » Read more

On the 5th Day of Christmas Running Gave to Me: 5 Engagement Rings!

Ok, well, I didn’t get five engagement rings myself, but running did bring me one! However, because it’s Friday and the classic song this series is riffed from talks about five golden rings, I thought I’d share not just mine, but four other runner engagement stories too! This is also fitting because the holidays are marriage proposal season. Although that may be true for the general population, we runners all know the more » Read more

7 Weird Runner Obsessions

Many runners insist on always doing things a certain way, even if that way doesn’t always make sense. Salty, for instance, insists we do a list of five things every Friday, preferably something satirical, funny, or on the lighter side. She insists on doing this even though there is no evidence that anyone else likes it. Salty isn’t alone in insisting that some things be just so. I can speak more » Read more

5 Holiday Beers for Post-Run Recovery

Happy Friday! Barley here to talk about something very important to training; BEER RECOVERY! We all know that hard training is nothing without the proper recovery tools. During the holidays it is easy to overindulge in all sorts of treats, but I’m here to remind you that some treats can actually HELP you! During runs in the sweltering summer heat I don’t know about you, but I dream of drinking a cold more » Read more

5 Ways to Promote Women’s Running

Recently, iRunFar published an except of Vanessa Runs‘ book, Daughters of Distance.  In it, Vanessa takes on the gender inequity in endurance cycling as it pertains to sponsorship and prize money. As Pepper wrote a few years ago, her own boyfriend (now husband) argued that women athletes should not be afforded the same prize money as men! I’ve heard so many times from disgruntled chicked men that the only reason I more » Read more

5 Reasons Even the Grinchiest Runners Should Sign Up for a Holiday Race

Though the regular race season might be winding down for those of us blessed enough to live in colder regions of the US (Florida, we are jealous) that doesn’t mean you can’t get in a few more before the jam-packed holiday madness begins. In fact, what better way to head into this busy time of year than with a holiday-themed race? What’s that? Themed races aren’t your thing? That’s all more » Read more

5 Running Lessons from Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill

20 years! Alanis Morissette’s breakthrough album, Jagged Little Pill, is now 20 years old. In honor of the anniversary, she is re-releasing the album with some added bonus material and is currently on a press tour to promote and revisit this modern-day classic. I heard Alanis talking about it on Howard Stern last week. It made me picture my 12-year-old self with my cassette tape pretending I understood the entire depth of her more » Read more

5 Running Dreams Interpreted by Catnip

There I was, breathing hard and going for a big PR. Everything was going according to plan … until we took an unexpected turn off the pavement into some sand. Huh, I thought to my race-weary self.  And then I look ahead and my competitors are swimming like dolphins in a river of rainbow colored water. I, on the other hand, was flailing my weak runner arms and trying not to snort water more » Read more

5 Ways to Multitask on Your Run!

We’re all busy. Between families and friends, work, chores, and social obligations, it’s often hard to fit in all of the miles. Fortunately, unlike swimming, basketball, badminton, and curling, running is one physical activity that allows us to multitask! Of course it’s fairly commonplace to catch up with running friends over the miles instead of over coffee, or to explore a new location by foot rather than by car, but have you tried more » Read more

5 Running Outfits to Wear to the Bar

Runners can be found in many places. The track, the road, the trail, corporate offices, parent-teacher conferences, Whole Foods, and hair salons. And one extra special place – the bar. Sometimes I go to the bar with my friends only to hang out with them … without drinking any alcohol. They hate me for this. During training season I typically avoid drinking excessively. Wine with dinner every now and then more » Read more

5 Running Lessons From Rainbow Dash

At first when My Little Pony came back, I thought it was just a passing throwback fad, but two years after my niece first begged to be Pinkie Pie for Halloween (WTF is Pinkie Pie?, I remember thinking), the ponies are still going strong at my sister’s house.  Turns out, the reboot of MLP isn’t just a cheap throwback, the bronies are on to something. The new MLP is an more » Read more