5 Reasons It’s Worth Getting Up to Run Early

Scientists have found that the late afternoon is probably the best time to run, as our muscles are loose from almost a full day’s activities, we’re hydrated and full of glycogen and our body clocks are revved up and ready. That’s well and good for most high school runners, but when it comes to picking a time to run each day, most of us do not have the luxury of more » Read more

5 Ways Running is RUINING YOUR LIFE!!!

Ahh, infotainment!  I’ve always detested “human interest” pieces in the news; they’re so often transparent ploys to manipulate the audience into associating the news organization with emotional high ground, and they wind up blurring the lines between real, factual news and gelatinous informational flatulence. I hold infotainment responsible for convincing non-runners that we are ruining our lives by pursuing a hobby that keeps us happy and fit, a position that’s more » Read more

The CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND – The Greatest Women’s Running Blog!

Voting is closed! *****Don’t know what this is? Check out the main tournament post HERE.***** We’ve made it! From 32 fantastic blogs down to the most exceptional final two, it’s been a great ride! But now it’s time to pick the very best of the very best. Which blog rises to the tippy top:  Nichole’s Running Journey, the personal story of Nichole’s rise to an Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier and beyond more » Read more

Spring Cleaning for Runners: What to Do with Those Excessive Shirts, Medals, and Gels

Maybe it’s the warm weather teasers or the fact that I’m starting the nesting phase of pregnancy,  but I’ve been hit with spring cleaning fever. We’ve been purging out our spare bedroom to make it nursery ready and slowly reogranizing the garage to make more space. It feels SO good to just get RID of excess. I got to thinking about the excess running swag that is disorganized and sporadically more » Read more

5 Novels for Your Spring Break Reading List

Beach towels. Bathing suits. Fruity drinks. Warm, tropical breezes… Polar Vortex begone! Spring break is officially on the way (we think). I hope the windshield scraping and driveway shoveling is settling down for most of you Salty Running fans. For those still battling the tail-end (i.e. the big, thrashing, spike-covered dragon tail-end!) of this nasty winter season, I hope you are at least making some fun spring break plans. And more » Read more

Greatest Women’s Running Blog: Blue Division, Round One

We’re down to our final region of the first round – the Blue Division! This Division has the usual range of super popular blogs to a few diamonds in the rough. We have moms, more Olympic Trials qualifiers and this competition’s only ultra girl (what’s up with that? Ultra girls too busy running  a bazillion miles a week to blog, we guess!) No matter which blog you vote for, we more » Read more

Greatest Women’s Running Blog: Green Division, Round One

In the third set of Round 1 match ups for the Greatest Women’s Running Blog of All Time, we have the Green Division. The eight blogs in this region range from incredibly popular to incredibly fast to incredibly passionate about the sport.  This division has fewer flashy graphics than others, but they prove the old adage that content is king. Which ones will make it past the first round of more » Read more