Introducing Jasmine!

Hello Salty Running friends! I’m thrilled to be joining this wild group of women runners at an exciting time in my running life. I’m preparing to make my first attempt at breaking into the world of sub-elite marathon running this year. After many years of being an average runner, better than average cyclist and poor swimmer, it was time to take my favorite sport seriously. I am dying to tell more » Read more

Aloha from Hibiscus!

This Hibiscus is glad to meet all of you salty little things. I’ve been running for what seems like a million years, but let’s call it an even 12.  My first race was a half marathon followed immediately by a full, and I haven’t really stopped since. But I wasn’t always the fine specimen of athleticism you see now: I used to be 40lbs heavier, married and childless.  Over the more » Read more

Introducing Lemongrass!

Hi! It’s time to make a little room in your spice rack for me, Lemongrass! I’m writing from East Greenbush, NY, a suburb of Albany, NY. I’m a  middle school English teacher (6th, 7th, and 8th grades) who loves spending time with my amazingly cute family. I have two children, a boy and a girl (ages 3 and 1) and a husband who understands and supports without complaint that long runs more » Read more

Introducing Catnip!

Hello Salty readers! I am crossing over from Salty fan to join the spice rack as Catnip. I am a 31-year old new mother from Ohio working as a speech-language pathologist. I’m married to a teacher/hockey coach. Oh, and we have a cat, naturally. I have been a runner since I was 12, joining the junior high cross country team ’cause everyone was doing it. I continued to run cross country and track through high more » Read more

Hello, Chamomile!

Bonjour from bayou country, Salty Runners! I am a newly-transplanted resident of Louisiana, and it is my pleasure to be representing Salty Running down here in the Deep South. I’m learning to appreciate Cajun culture, crawfish étouffée, big crazy festivals, and the social running scene of Baton Rouge (where the roads are flat, the weather is hot, and the motto is “Run hard, live easy!”) My husband’s job transfers us more » Read more

Take a deep breath of Lavender

Well hello there, Salty Runners! I greet you in the final year of my 20′s.  I can see the rest of you 20-somethings grimacing; I always thought aging was over at 25 too! Despite missing the days when I could stay up past midnight drinking copious amounts of liquid embarrassment, I am actually most proud of the latter half of this decade. These last few years haven’t been easy, but are more » Read more

Hello Allspice!

Hello Salty Readers! I’m so excited to join this team of fabulous Salty women. I chose the name Allspice because it so accurately expresses my fitness philosophy. Being fit is truly the spice of life, and while running is my absolute favorite way to stay fit, I believe all activities that ignite your passion have a place in your workout arsenal! I hope the information I share through my posts more » Read more

A Healthy Dose of Garlic

What an honor to be writing my first Salty Running post after avidly reading posts on this site for the past couple years!  I am thrilled to be joining the ranks of these amazing running women.  I’m hoping to combine all the different facets of my life – runner, mom, doctor, track fan – to write both interesting and helpful posts for our esteemed readers, and I’m really looking forward more » Read more

Hello Basil!

Hello Salty runners! Greetings from the last frontier, the land of the midnight sun and the eight-month long winter. That’s right–Alaska! Where it’s totally legit to reach for the running tights before Halloween and to use a get-out-of-a-tempo-run-free card because there’s a bear on your beloved running route. (Yup, for real, totally happened.) I’m a recovering type-A workaholic (See: Catbert: Evil HR Director) turned hausfrau and running enthusiast (See: June more » Read more

Hello Rocket!

Hello Salty Running!  I’m Rocket:  a tasty little salad herb with a spicy kick.  I am pumped to be blogging and excited to not only share my experiences, but to learn from yours! I have two Olympic Trials marathons under my belt already at age 30, but it was a long road to get here.  I started running when I was 12. Just like my mom and older sister, I more » Read more