Cardamom’s Training Log – 12.27.15

Happy Holiday, Salties!!!!

Sorry for the radio silence, but for the past couple of weeks I had my head down at work and mostly focused on getting through each day. Here’s a quick catch up of what I’ve been up to since my last log.

Dec 8 (Mon) – 7 easy miles in Prospect Park at 9:16 pace

Dec 10 (Wed) – 1.6 of interval running on a treadmill (various distances and paces)

Dec 12 (Sat) – It’s a Wonderful Run 5K (25:28). The worst 5K race I’ve had in the last couple of years, but it was still a wonderful race. I love the holiday spirit and atmosphere.

Dec 14 (Mon) – Fast mile in Prospect Park with Ben and Bandit. 7:22

Dec 17 (Thurs) – I had an incident on the treadmill that reminded me of Chipotle’s own treadmill terror. In the middle of my work out, the treadmill suddenly sped up by a .5 mph. I wondered if I accidentally pressed the increase button and I pressed the decrease button. Instead of slowing down, it sped up even more. I slammed my fist on the emergency stop button and immediately hopped off, thinking that the treadmill tried to kill me. After I reported the problem, I finished the workout on another treadmill. 1.4 miles at 7:30 pace.

Dec 18 (Fri) – Our running club, the Prospect Park Track Club, had a 5-mile social run to Dyker Heights, a neighborhood in Brooklyn that’s famous for their Christmas lights. Thanks to the unseasonably warm Dec we’re having, it was a very pleasant night run. I ran this at a 8:49 pace.

Dec 23 (Wed) – 1.1 treadmill mile at 7:11 pace.

Dec 25 (Fri) – 6.7 miles at 8:34 pace in Prospect Park with Ben and Bandit.

Dec 27 (Sun) – 1.2 interval miles in Prospect Park (various interval distances with short walking breaks)

Total mileage: 28 miles

I won’t be writing any training logs for a while. Next week on Wednesday, Ben and I are finally going on our honeymoon to Kenya and Tanzania. We’ll be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and having other awesome adventures. If you’ve climbed Mt Kili or have any other tips or recommendations, please let me know in the comments.

I’ll see you guys next year!

I'm an academic, a runner, and a New York cliché. I write about the science of exercise, training, and the culture of running. My current goals are a sub-23:00 5K (achieved on 4/22/17 with 22:48) and a sub-1:45 HM (achieved on 10/1/17). Now what?

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  1. Your honeymoon sounds fantastic.Several different colleagues have climbed Mt. Kili: mostly remember that it was tough, colder than they’d anticipated, but amazing adventure.