Caraway’s Training Log, May 18th – May 24th

Hi! It’s been a while since I posted a training log. In fact, the last time was in February — when I had a fairly epic few weeks of cold-and-flu BS and barely ran for a whole month. I’ve been back at it since March, though, with the goal of running some 10k’s in June. Training has been going well: hovering around 30 miles per week, with 2 or 3 workouts, 2 or 3 easy runs, strength training, and some indoor cycling to boost aerobic fitness. We’ve had some lovely Spring weather, warm but not hot, usually with a little breeze to keep you from overheating.

So here’s how the last week went down:

Friday, May 18th: Easy 6 miles, feeling just fine.

Saturday, May 19th: My coach had scheduled intervals today, but I was having some GI issues (thanks, PMS!) so just did an easy 30-minute jog and hoped the stomach would calm down soon.

Sunday, May 20th: With enough Imodium, all things are possible. In the morning, I did a workout with 6×600 meters at Daniels’ I (for Interval) pace, which is slightly faster than 5k race pace. My intestines yelled at me the entire time, but fortunately I made it through without actually needing a bathroom. That afternoon, I headed to the gym and did 35 minutes of easy spinning to boost recovery, plus 20 minutes of strength training.

Monday, May 21st: Normally this would be a rest day after a hard workout, but with coach’s approval I moved my long run up a day, knowing it would be more difficult to fit in on Tuesday. So 10 miles super easy, mostly on trails. I was definitely tired, but got through it ok. I think it’s fine to do back-to-back workouts (yes, long easy runs count as a workout!) once in a while, but back-to-back intervals and long run would be too much for me on a regular basis.

Tuesday, May 22nd: Rest day.

Wednesday, May 23rd: Easy 6 miles + strength training.

Thursday, May 24th: Workout time! 6×5 minutes at Threshold (aka Daniels’ T pace, approximately half-marathon pace) with one minute jog recovery. I really enjoy T pace, because I’m strange, but this was definitely the hardest threshold workout I’ve done lately.ย  It was the most total minutes at T pace this training cycle, with the shortest recovery. Not gonna lie, I felt badass getting it done on a hot day. Definitely needed a mantra or two to get me through the last rep!

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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  1. Spring just gets bonkers but I’m so happy to read what you’re up to again. Good luck with your upcoming races! How frequently do you race 10Ks? It’s such an uncommon distance where I live, but I really like it.

    1. 10kโ€™s are the most common distance around here! 5kโ€™s are hard to come by, strangely.