Caraway’s Training Log, August 1-26, 2017

A grey late August day, nice and cool for a track workout.

August started out super hot, but most workouts went well and I could feel how much fitter I’ve gotten since I started training with my coach in May. On the 19th I got slammed with a nasty virus that kept me from running for a week. After that I slowly started up again and found – after a couple days of really sloggy, terrible runs – that my fitness is still there. Now it’s just a week until my goal half-marathon and I’m looking forward to the taper and to seeing what I can do on race day.

Here’s the last few weeks of training:

August 1-6:

Tuesday, August 1: The assigned workout was warmup, then 12x2min. at interval pace with 1 minute recovery, cooldown. It was a disgustingly humid day with rain in the morning and sun in the afternoon, so by the time I started running, the woods felt more like a 90-degree rainforest. I tried to adjust my effort level accordingly, but still only made it through six reps before calling it a day. 20 minutes of bodyweight strength training afterwards.

Wednesday, August 2: Today would have been a fine day for a workout. Kinda humid, but cloudy and not too warm. Alas, just 10 easy kilometers were on the schedule. Felt fine.

Thursday, August 3: Oh look, the sun’s out and it’s 85 degrees again, just in time for 3×10 min @ threshold pace. The workout actually went fine and I hit the goal pace despite the heat, but felt a bit desperate and flailing in the process.

Friday, August 4: 11km easy after work, a little tired but not too beat up after yesterday’s heatfest.

Saturday, August 5: Easy 45 minute jog.

Sunday, August 6: Long run with 6km @ marathon pace and 2 km at threshold, 18km total. I’ve gotten to enjoy these workouts, strangely enough. They’re not easy, but I usually feel energized afterwards. Sorry for all the weather talk, but it was much less humid today and in the low 70’s, so running felt great. For the threshold pace section I figured I’d strive for the same slightly desperate and flail-y feeling I’d had during Thursday’s very hot threshold workout. Nailed the feeling – and ended up running almost ten seconds faster than goal pace. That’s the power of weather, but I also felt good about my fitness being able to hit that pace after almost nine miles of running.

August 7-18, a random-looking time period that will make sense shortly:

Monday, August 7: 8km easy jog.

Tuesday, August 8: 9km with 8×30 sec. hills. Fun!

Wednesday, August 9: 8 km easy. Slight DOMS from the hills.

Thursday, August 10: The schedule called for an interval workout, but I was still a little sore, so I postponed it to Friday and just jogged around a little, then stretched and foam rolled.

Friday, August 11: Interval time! 5x800m at 3:35-ish each.

Saturday, August 12: Whoa! Where did this come from? I was fine yesterday, but today I feel like I got run over by a truck. Horrible sore throat, severe fatigue, eyes somehow swollen half-shut.

Sunday, August 13 – Friday, August 18: Sick. Sore throat gave way to gross congestion, coughing, etc.

August 19-26:

Saturday, August 19: Feeling weak and still congested, but desperate to get outside, I did a 5km walk/jog in the woods. Could not believe that just two weeks ago I did that 18km workout. Intellectually, I knew I hadn’t lost that much fitness in just a week, but at that moment 18km seemed impossible.

Sunday, August 20: Another walk/jog thing with slightly more jogging this time. Still can’t believe any of this summer’s workouts actually happened. Yes, the self-pity was strong. The violins played very nicely, I thought.

Monday, August 21: Pilates and a walk.

Tuesday, August 22: Surprise! 8km easy run that felt almost totally normal. Relieved.

Wednesday, August 23: 10km easy, felt like it took about 16 hours but was probably only just one hour.

Thursday, August 24: Track time! 12x200m. Twelve seemed like so many reps at the start, but I got into a groove and it went by fast.

Friday, August 25: Little bit sore from all those 200’s. Easy 10km.

Saturday, August 26: 16km easy. Hamstrings still grumbling about the 200’s, but otherwise fine.

That’s it! One more week until race day!

I'm a 41-year-old living in Berlin, Germany. I run because I can't not run. I write about training, mental training, momming, and the odd rant.

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