Caraway’s training log – 4.17.16

After randomly proclaiming this to be my first official marathon training week, things got off to a rocky start when a migraine aura came on during a long run. I cut the run short and jogged home half blind through the streets of Berlin. Luckily, it only got better from there; the week ended with a super fun fast (and migraine-free) run on a lovely spring day, one of those runs that make you feel like maybe you’re not so totally out of shape after all. I felt unmotivated to strength train all week, so did more yoga than usual to compensate!

Monday 4/11:  I set out to do 9 or 10 miles, but after 45 minutes started to get a blind spot in my vision that indicates an oncoming migraine. Normally the only sensible thing to do is go straight to bed, but I was three miles from home with no money for a taxi, and public transport would have taken longer than running. So I jogged back. By the time I got home, I could barely see anything. It was not fun. But I did end up running 8 miles, so…yay?

Tuesday 4/12: Migraine hangover. No running.

Wednesday 4/13: Easy 3 mile jog, yoga.

Thursday 4/14: Easy 6.2 miles, keeping close to home as I’m paranoid about getting another migraine. Everything was fine though! 20 minutes of yoga after.

Friday 4/15: Easy 3 mile jog, still more yoga.

Saturday 4/16: 4 mile fartlek in the park, plus – you guessed it – yoga.

Sunday 4/17: 4.5-mile out & back run on trails. This was great! I felt so light on my feet, breathing was easy, and the average pace was 15 seconds per mile faster than the same run last week, at exactly the same average heart rate. Did some bodyweight strength training afterwards.

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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