Caraway’s Berlin Marathon Training Log, 6.6 & 6.13.2016

I'm quite proud of my consistency over this four-week period - maybe a recovery week is not a bad idea?
My RunningAhead log summary. I’m quite proud of my consistency over this four-week period – maybe a recovery week is not a bad idea?

Good things about these 2 weeks: Any week you’re healthy and get all your runs in is a good week. I managed that up until last Sunday. Not so good: whenever I start running more, I start to neglect strength training. I’m trying to make Barley’s 10 minutes a day into a thing again, with mixed results.

Monday 5/30: 12 miles easy. It was hot and humid, and I ended up covered in a layer of grime. Need to find a new long run route; this one has a giant hill at mile 10 that just seems unnecessary.

Tuesday 5/31: Rest day! I’m not sore, so that’s an improvement from last Tuesday. 20 minutes of yoga.

Wednesday 6/1: 5.5 mile “fartlek”. It was warm and rainy today, my least favorite weather for reasons of hair (the humidity makes it simultaneously greasy and frizzy) and running. Technically, I did run a little bit faster at some points, so this totally counts as a fartlek.

Thursday 6/2: 9 miles easy + nap with cats.

Friday 6/3: Nada.

Saturday 6/4: 4 miles easy, 1 hour Pilates mat class.

Sunday 6/5: 8.5 mile out & back, pms-slow and with a dodgy stomach. Started really easy, planning to “train, not strain” as Arthur Lydiard would have advised. My legs felt less heavy after 20 minutes or so, the pace came down naturally and it ended up being an unexpectedly decent run. Shoutout to the overcast weather: it was still 80 degrees, but so much more pleasant without the sun beating down on you. 10 minutes of strength training after.

Total for the week: about 38 miles.

Monday 6/6: Awesome weather today, 65 degrees and very low humidity. 13 mile long run through the city, to the former Tempelhof Airport (now a park where you can run on the runways! Flat ftw!) and beyond. I’ve been doing my long runs on hilly trails and finishing with dead legs every time, so this flat course was a nice change.

Tuesday 6/7: Rest day.

Wednesday 6/8: 5 mile easy fartlek, 10 minutes of strength training.

Thursday 6/9: 11 miles easy on trails. Feeling strong.

Friday 6/10: Rest day. Not feeling great. My recovery app agrees.

Saturday 6/11: 4 miles easy & 1 hour Pilates mat class. Still not feeling great. No specific symptoms, just extremely fatigued and low recovery score from ithlete. Hmmm.

Sunday 6/12: Yep, there it is: wake up with headache and sore throat, feeling like I got hit by a truck. Spend day in bed feeling sorry for self. No running. (Spoiler for next week’s log: Kiddo also gets sick. Cue what I like to call KARAWAY’S XTREME REKOVERY WEEK(tm), but I’ll spare you that exciting story for now!)

Total for the week: Oh, I was so looking forward to having more than 40 miles this week. Unfortunately the unplanned day off on Sunday means it was only 33.

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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