Caraway’s Berlin Marathon Training Log, 5.22.2016

This week, I couldn’t avoid it any longer: the marathon mileage build. It’s on! I was very lucky to be able to get in all my planned runs, and even luckier to feel pretty good on all of them.

Monday 5/16: Long run of 11.5 miles on legs that felt tired in a good way: not heavy or super-sore or dead, just happily lazy after the previous day’s out & back.

Tuesday 5/17: Rest day.

Wednesday 5/18: 5 mile fartlek. Probably ran the fast parts a bit harder than I should have. 10 minutes of core work afterward.

Thursday 5/19: Easy 7 miles in the park. 30 minutes of yoga after.

Friday 5/20: Tired. 20-minute sanity jog, yoga.

Saturday 5/21: 4 miles easy, 1 hour Pilates mat class.

Sunday 5/22: 8-mile out & back. I was so proud of myself for doing this workout correctly last week! I had the best intentions of finding that “pleasantly hard” pace again today, but did not account for the fact that the weather was 30 degrees warmer for this one, with blazing sunshine. Prime conditions for going by heart rate/effort level instead of pace, you say? Well, yes. If only I’d thought of that before I started running. Anyway, the result was a run that felt much harder and made me much more tired and red-faced than it should have. Did some bodyweight strength training before and after, then spent the afternoon at a lake in the woods.

Post-run lake trip!
Post-run lake trip!

Total: About 36 miles. Yay!

I'm a 41-year-old living in Berlin, Germany. I run because I can't not run. I write about training, mental training, momming, and the odd rant.

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