Caper’s Week 6 Boston Marathon Training Log — 1.24.2016



This was a week of contrasts. I ran in sunny Florida, through the beginning of a blizzard in CT and through a patchwork of snow and ice after three feet was dumped on NYC. I loved every minute of it.

Monday – 6.8 miles, with 2×800 (7:17/176 bpm; 7:16/173 bpm) with 60 sec rests. Planned to do 8×800 but my watch died at the end of the second interval, perhaps frozen in 21 degree weather and 20 mph winds. Ugh! Started with 2 sets weighted eccentric heel drops.

Tuesday — 9.5 miles in Orlando with 6×800 (7:31, 7:31, 7:28, 7:32, 7:28, 7:36) with 1:00 rests around a lake in Orlando. Paces turned out much slower than low 7:00s reflected on my pacing watch or I would have pushed harder. I think I am finally getting the hang of intervals and the value of the rest period not long enough to let me completely recover in increasing endurance, ability to handle lactate and speed of recovery. My body felt strong during the workout and I felt elated afterward.

Wednesday — 8.5 recovery paced miles (9:56) around beautiful Lake Baldwin in Orlando FL while listening to “Primal Endurance.” Strength work: planks, push-ups, weighted goblet squats and hamstring roll outs with Swiss ball.

Thursday — 9.5 miles easy (9:14/124 bpm) around Lake Baldwin listening to “Primal Endurance.” My workout had MP miles on the calendar but I woke up after two days of slightly insufficient sleep feeling a bit sore and with heart rate a bit elevated and looking unready for a hard workout. I had signed up to run the Fred Lebow Half Marathon on Sunday, which would bring speed work for the week to 16 miles, and so decided not to push it. Felt my Achilles a bit at the end of the run and so was glad I had listened to my body. Strength work: planks and push-ups.

Friday – 8.3 continuous easy miles (9:37/144 bpm) on Central Park dirt bridle path with strides at end. In last mile running home on pavement, my 144 bpm pace was 8:21. Felt good for morning after travel day. Strength work: 3 sets single leg weighted goblet squats.

Saturday – 5.3 miles using my Yaktrax in the early hours of a blizzard! I had to run very slowly in deep snow but felt very alive to be out there. Strength work: 3 min plank, 2×30 eccentric heel drops with 20 lb weight, 3×10 box jumps, hamstring exercises with 45 lb Kettlebell

Sunday – 14.5 miles in Central Park with New York Flyers, with 8 mile tempo in the middle miles averaging 8:16/178 bpm. SO MUCH SNOW after Saturday’s blizzard. My body was itching for its weekly tempo after the Lebow Half Marathon I signed up for that morning was canceled, but knew I was unlikely to hit MP with the patchwork of snowy and icy spots around the park. After warming up for a couple of miles I found myself pushing the pace and then, inadvertently, pulling away from my group and running alone. I was unable to run as fast as a clear day but still managed to get in a good effort. Loved that my music playlist cycled through the Rocky theme song as I was training through the snow. Strength training: three sets weighted single leg goblet squats.

Weekly total: 62.5 miles

40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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  1. Solid week of training with travel and weather conditions to boot! I haven’t had to bust out my yak trax yet oddly, which I’m counting my blessings a bit on!