Caper’s Week 3 Boston Marathon Training Log – 1.3.2016



Greetings from final, restful hours in sunny Florida! I loved and made the most of this final easy base building week over the holidays before starting to transition to harder stuff.

Monday 12/28: 9 continuous miles (9:33/119 bpm), recovery effort after Sunday’s long run. Delighted in my cardio improvement that a recovery level effort is almost a minute per mile faster than it was four months ago.

Tuesday 12/29: Planned day off. Two snow shoeing sessions on Windham mountain in New York, where we were visiting relatives.

Wednesday 12/30: 10 miles, with 3×2 miles at GMP (8:00/174 bpm; 7:56/176 bpm; 7:53/177 bpm) with 90 second rests. Pleased at pace and effort level, particularly given that I ran this workout in the afternoon, after driving 240 miles, and my hamstrings were tight from sitting before the workout. Transitioned from car to running with core and strength work.

Thursday 12/31: 6.25 miles on track with strides (9:17/119 bpm) Ran this as a recovery run by heart rate, keeping it below 135 bpm.

Friday 1/1: Started the New Year with 7.25 miles along beautiful Miami waterfront in sultry 84 degree weather. (9:50/156 bpm). Had to stop several times from route confusion.

Saturday 1/2: 9.25 easy paced miles while listening to Diana Nyad’s “find a way,” over a killer causeway bridge through gorgeous beaches to Virginia Key (9:41/156 bpm). Groups of bikers and runners making the most of being out in nature moved me to embrace the effort running the bridge both ways and distance running in heat and humidity. I stopped and briefly visited with fellow runners over water coolers thoughtfully placed at the base of the bridge.

Sunday 1/3: 13.6 miles comfortably in 72 degree weather (9:18/156 bpm) from Miami across four bridges down to Key Biscayne, past a boat marina, through a gorgeous, winding nature path covered with dense, tropical foliage down to the beach. Made a few stops for hydration and navigation. I listened to my Sunday playlist and felt worshipful, spotting Pelicans and other oceangoing birds. Wish I could have run longer and continued to explore this beautiful place.

Weekly total: 55 miles


40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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  1. I am super impressed with how much pointed mileage you got in while traveling! I forgot, are you following a training plan of some kind?

    1. Thanks! I am following the Hanson’s Boston Training on 75 mpw plan. My body responds well to lots of (very) easy miles, plus a couple workouts per week.

    1. Thanks, Pimento! I have been thinking about your training log, and how I need to cut back on alcohol and the bread basket in January to get my body back into serious training shape.