Caper’s Week 13 Boston Marathon Training Log


This week, I celebrated turning 43, my dogter turning 1, and realized a goal set 16 months ago of running more than 80 miles per week.

Monday – 7.2 recovery miles (9:39/137 bpm) on CT trails with Deena doggy. Strength work: 2×15 weighted goblet squats, 4×20 push ups, 1×30 weighted eccentric heel drops, 3×15 lateral lunges with Kettlebell, 3×15 Kettlebell hamstring exercises, 26×90 lb deadlifts, balance on Swiss ball.

Tuesday – 11.2 miles with 3×2 miles with 90 seconds rest (7:20/175 bpm; 7:23/177 bpm)(7:23/173 bpm; 7:26/177 bpm)(7:25/173 bpm; 7:24/178 bpm). More consistent and averaging about eight seconds per mile faster than last week. Yay!!! Went for this workout after a great morning stress score thanks to 8+ hrs good sleep. This was a tough workout but I kept the stress recovery cycle exactly and felt a huge sense of accomplishment afterward. I am finally getting close to finding the right effort level I feel confident I can sustain for a good distance without blowing myself up. Also happy that this run, after my gym strengthening workout last night, was balanced. Newness of the paces put blisters on my toes. Happy battle scars. Strength work: planks, form drills, single leg toe touches.

Wednesday – 8.5 miles easy/recovery pace (9:23/143 bpm), mostly on CP dirt bridle path. Ran without earphones in mindful silence and meditation on perfect almost spring morning, and saw the first buds of forsythia. Strength work: 3×15 weighted goblet squats, single leg toe touches, 2×30 weighted eccentric heel drops, 3000# deadlifts, core work on Swiss ball.

Thursday – 9.7 miles easy (9:22/148 bpm) mostly on CP reservoir in 61 degree weather. Forsythia blooms brilliant yellow and magnolia buds are emerging, early for the time of year. Strength work: 3×15 goblet squats, weighted reverse lunges, 2×95 sec side planks, balance on Swiss ball.

Friday — 15 miles with 9 miles at GMP (7:48/172 bpm average — 7:39/165; 7:54/172; 7:44/170; 7:49/172; 7:57/174; 7:38/173; 7:47/174; 8:00/175; 7:39/173). Put my big girl panties on and ran on a warmish day in CP without breaks on terrain that simulates Boston as closely as I have available, starting with hard downhill at beginning, rolling hills, then later in the run, running up the West Side hills, then Harlem Hill, which has similar climb and grade as Heartbreak Hill. Hoping to get up the nerve to increase the intensity a bit, so that my pace averages 7:39-7:44, and lengthen GMP miles to about 12 miles the week after next. My quads gave me feedback(!) after the run so think I did something right.

Saturday – 9.8 miles easy/recovery pace (9:07/141 bpm) on CT trails with last 1.5 miles on track with strides. 8:53/140 bpm second mile. Celebrated my birthday and Deena doggy turning one by running together through the woods and listening to spiritual songs. Amazed at how good I felt and how low my stress score was the day after a hard workout. Must have been the magic of the day.

Sunday – 20.5 miles (8:17/159 bpm average) with NY Flyers to Little Red Lighthouse under the GW Bridge. Ran 17.5 at easy 8:30’s and last 3 at GMP (7:46, 7:37, 7:39). Strength work: 3×20 goblet squats, 2×30 eccentric heel drops, single leg toe touches.


Weekly total: 82 miles!

40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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