Caper’s Vacation Training Log — 8.23.15

Kayaking on vacation at Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain in Vermont
Kayaking on vacation at Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain in Vermont

Week 10 of training for the NYC marathon was all about training in scenic but humid places while on vacation and enjoying a cut back in mileage before a September and October ramp up in mileage and intensity.  I got in solid enough workouts and best of all got to run with my 22 year-old son.

Monday: Recover from 20 miler the previous day.  45 mins pool running.

Tuesday: 6.5 hot and humid, easy, amazingly happy miles at sunrise with my son (10:07 average/134 bpm). 1 hr swimming and 1 hr kayaking.

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Wednesday: 9.2 miles, with 3×1 mile.  Conditions were similar to my speed work in Chicago a few weeks ago: 75 degrees and humid with road conditions not well suited for speed work (in this case, with hills).  So I simply tried to hit goal marathon pace with 2 min rests, and ran (7:47/165), (7:57/172), (8:06/174).  It was better than I had been able to do in Chicago, and was good enough.  Later in the day, 2 hours kayaking and 9 holes of golf.

Thursday: 6 miles very easy (10:14 average/136 bpm) with my son, to Button Bay point, with a race/sprint 6:15 pace finish at the end.  Super fun!

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Friday: 10.2 miles, with 8 at GMP (8:07 average/176 bpm).  I started this run exhausted from travel, hot and just hoping I would be able to do it.  My pace was a bit slower than it should have been, but I was happy that I was able to do it and finish strong, at 7:54 pace in the last half mile.

Saturday: 9 easy paced miles (9:14 average/148 bpm) in Nashville, Tennessee, where I was visiting my brother.  I was charmed by the rolling green hills, paddock fencing and simply being in a runner-friendly city (Brentwood) with various city parks connected by many miles of scenic, shady, paved and dirt trails.

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Sunday: 13.25 miles (8:50 average/166 bpm) before my niece’s baptism while listening to gospel hymns by Amy Grant, a native of Nashville.  I ran so close to a hawk that I felt the air from its wings as it flew away. Magnificent creature!

Weekly total: 54 miles running

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  1. I love kayaking. Wonderful photos of Brentwood. It looks like people could keep horses on their property there (or it might be wishful thinking of my part whenever I see verdant pastures like that).