Caper’s Recovery Training Log — 5.31.15

Deena sleeping
Deena in recovery mode

Meet Deena, our new 11 week old Vizsla that I named after Deena Kastor and hope to make my running companion someday. Deena has two speeds: “Go!” and “Stop!” and is great about sleeping as hard as she plays. I tried to do something similar in my first post-marathon recovery days this week.  When I resumed running, I listened to my body and limited my exertion by training at or under a 145 heart rate.

Monday (Day 1 post-marathon):  Off.  One jacuzzi soak, two long naps, two walking laps around San Ysidro Ranch resort property, lots of chocolate, dinner of pork chops with good local vegetables, one shared bottle of good Chateauneuf du Pape.

Tuesday (Day 2 post-marathon): Off.  One jacuzzi soak, one slow, 80 minute hike around Montecito, CA.  Visit and wine taste at three Santa Barbara, CA area vineyards.  Pizza, salad and Pajarito wine we had just bought from Foxen vineyard for dinner.


Hiking in Montecito, CA
Hiking in Montecito, CA

Wednesday (Day 3 post-marathon):  Light cross-training:  35 minutes on outdoor elliptical on resort property.

Thursday: 5 easy miles (9:07 avg pace).  Get Deena, our new dogter.

Friday: 5 easy miles with 4xstrides on track (8:18 avg pace).  Felt great.

Saturday: 7 easy miles on a muggy day on shady gravel trails (9:57 avg pace).  First long trail run since a stupidity-induced groin injury from running 7:30’s and landing wrong on first trail run in May 2014.  My body was super cautious but I loved it and ended up running farther than planned.  Accepted Cinnamon’s shirt-free run challenge.


Cinnamon challenge
I accepted Cinnamon’s shirtless summer running challenge. It is a waay more comfortable way to run in the heat.

Sunday: 7.3 easy, happy miles on gravel trails (9:41 avg pace).  I could get used to this for base building runs.  Someone who is a trail runner please tell me: 1) will my trail running speed get closer to my road running speed as I get used to it and 2) will this slow down my road running?

Weekly total:  24.3 miles running; 35 mins cross-training; 3 miles hiking; 2 naps; 2 jacuzzi soaks, 1 very lazy day, lots of good food and wine.

40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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