Caper’s Boston Marathon Training Log Week 2 — 12.27.2015

Beautiful run along Puget Sound in Seattle

Early season training for Boston has been just what I needed during this holiday season. Hanson’s Boston training on 75 mpw begins by prescribing a reasonable number of easy miles and one weekly workout to remind the legs what marathon pace feels like.  At the end of the second week, my body feels strong, my heart rate is low and I feel optimistic about my prospects for progress in the training season ahead. Here is a breakdown of the week:

Monday 12/21:  7.5 continuous miles very easy (9:44/142 bpm) in pouring rain on streets of Seattle while listening to “Iron War,” Matt Fitzgerald’s excellent story of  the 1989 Iron Man battle between Dave Scott and Matt Allen, making the run pleasant despite the weather. Legs felt very good after this run, despite two days in a row on hillier terrain than I am used to, making me glad I had taken the miles very easy.

Tuesday 12/22: 8.25 continuous miles easy (9:40/149 bpm) on a gorgeous Seattle morning while listening to Iron War.  Top of foot hurt as I was starting and just after stopping the run, likely a tendon irritation from shoes tied too tight for holly route.

Wednesday 12/23: planned day off

Thursday 12/24:  8.6 miles in 62 degree weather on Christmas Eve!  Hanson’s prescribed workout was 8×800 at GMP but I felt effort level would be too low running for such short periods. Instead I ran 4×1.5 at GMP with 90 sec rests. (7:59/169; 7:57/170; 7:57/172; 7:55/174) Very pleased with workout and effort level. Also fit in strength work: 2 sets goblet squats and Kettlebell hamstring exercises. Ladder tying shoe laces relieved irritated tendon on top of foot.

Friday 12/25:  very happy, easy 6 miles with my 22 year-old son who was home for Christmas (10:17 avg/135 bpm) plus 5 strides after. A wonderful Christmas present.  I am a stronger endurance runner than he is but he can still smoke me on sprints.


Christmas run with my son
Christmas run with my son

Saturday 12/26:  8.4 continuous easy miles (9:15/110 bpm!) on road, trail and last mile on track with three strides at end. Finished Iron War and am now really enjoying listening to Diana Nyad’s “Find a Way.” Low heart rate signaled readiness to go faster, but I wanted to run very easy the day before Sunday long run. Strength work of 3 sets 15 goblet squats, 2 sets adductor and hamstring exercises, and reverse lunges with Kettlebells, eccentric heel drops and planks.

Sunday 12/27:  15.2 miles in Central Park (9:02/158 bpm) in 52 degree weather. Ran 8 miles very easy (9:29-9:30ish) on trails with one New York Flyer friend and final miles harder on the road, finishing the last four as a cutdown run from 8:30 down to 8:00. My endurance has improved for training runs and I made only one stop at 10 miles for less than 60 seconds.

Weekly total: 54 miles

40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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    1. I use last year’s model of the TomTom runner cardio. Less than $200 and doesn’t need a chest strap. This year’s model added music and other bells and whistles that I could do without and about $50 to the price tag.