Bergamot’s Training Log – 11.8.15

Maintenance Miles

In my last log I mentioned I may not be in the USA next year, and I’ve officially started the visa application process to… Spain!!! If all goes as planned, I will be there from January-June next year. To top it off, my host city has a half/marathon in April, and I will certainly be participating. Southern Spain has mild winters with temperatures dipping down to 44 degrees! (Oh, darn!) I’ve never been more excited for winter training! Running has been helping me with my stress levels this week with all this visa paperwork.

Monday – 5 Mile Monday, trail, 9:54 pace

Tuesday – 40 minute tempo run, road. Splits were 9:13, 8:48, 8:36, 8:47, 4:39 for 4.5 miles.

Wednesday – 3.2 miles, trail, 10:20 pace

Thursday – strength training

Friday – rest

Saturday – 10k, road (an extremely hilly road), 56 minutes.

I traveled to my hometown in southern Ohio this weekend, and I was excited to take advantage of the changes in elevation and run some “real hills.” I was pleased with how relaxed my 9:10 pace felt on this challenging course! My strength training must be paying off!

Sunday – 40 minute strength training

I feel like a lazy idiot for not taking advantage of the sunshine and logging some miles, but whatever. I did a solid strength workout instead! This month an MIT (Marathoners in Training) coach added me to a November plank challenge, and I’ve been incorporating that daily. I also think I need to nix the 3-lb dumbbells and move up to 5-lb! I know, I’m basically Wonder Woman, right?! All jokes aside, I am making progress. At the beginning of the summer, I couldn’t hold a high side plank for 10 seconds. Now I can do 30-second reps! I can also hold a star side plank, and it makes me feel like a backup dancer for Beyonce.

Total – 18.9 miles

I'm a student of law and life. A Jill of all trades, master of none. But I'm hoping to master something, sometime. ;) Preferably a sub-23 5k and a sub-4 marathon!

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