Bergamot’s Recovery Log – 12.20.15

Until now, I didn’t realize how much running helps my creativity! Between the hectic holiday season and preparing to leave the country in January, my stress level has been through the roof. And without running as my outlet, that stress infringes on all aspects of my life, including my ability to create and produce work. For the first time in what feels like years, although it was only a few weeks, I sat down and wrote an article yesterday after getting a surge of creative inspiration. Yesterday I also did a forty minute strength workout for the first time in two weeks!

I saw my sports medicine doctor on Thursday, and he wants me to wear the boot at all times. (Oops I had been taking it off at home. Yikes.) This means I can’t do yoga or swim. He wants me to “baby” the fracture now so that I can bounce back more quickly. I have been in denial, and if the doc had not showed me the MRI images of the fracture, I probably never would have believed there was a good sized crack in my calcaneus. Ew. Thanks to that, I know how serious I need to be about recovery!


Monday – 4.5 mile walk. Tried to be a hero and went to the zoo with my family. My heel felt fine, but my back hurt from how uneven my two legs are with this walking boot. Doc said I was allowed to walk as long as I had no limp, and I had no limp! So a-walkin’ I went. I was also able to take the stairs at work! This was pre-sports med doc, so let’s not tell him.

Tuesday – stairs at work

Wednesday – 2 miles of Christmas shopping

Thursday – saw my sports med doc and got in lots of trouble for not wearing my walking boot all the time! 🙂

Saturday – 40 minutes of ab and arm work while sitting down! I made sure not to put any pressure on my heel.

Sunday – My friend, my RBF (running best friend) to be exact, and I are headed to Chicago this afternoon! I have an appointment with the Spanish Consulate tomorrow for my student visa  application. Woah! We will probably do a little walking, but I’ll try to keep that at a minimum!

I'm a student of law and life. A Jill of all trades, master of none. But I'm hoping to master something, sometime. ;) Preferably a sub-23 5k and a sub-4 marathon!

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