BayLeaf’s Training Log: 8.20.18 – 8.26.18

I wonder how much I was still recovering from Falmouth (where I got a photo with Frank Shorter in a Marshfield singlet—Pre tribute…above) going into my 800-meter time trial… 

Monday, August 20
4 miles, 9:27 average
Jeff pushed the stroller while I enjoyed the ride…not literally, of course.

Wednesday, August 22
4 miles, 10 minutes tempo, 8:28 average
Felt decent for this tempo. All things considered (still sore and tired from Falmouth).

Friday, August 24
4.75 miles, 4x70M all out, 2×200 at 800, 800 time trial at mile pace
Anxious. Nervous. Excited. Kind of nauseous. The football team was practicing so the straightaways were covered with mats with wrinkles in them and one straightaway had a maintenance cart crossing three lanes. Presented without comment.

I tweaked my left quad in the third 70-meter sprint. Was hesitant to continue but did and as I write this, all feels pretty good.

I had no idea what to expect for the 200s. The target was 36. I haven’t run 36 in awhile. I hit a 37 earlier this summer, but that’s it. Ran 34 and 34. Elated.

The 800 time trial was at mile pace. The first 200 at 38. The first 300 at 58. The first quarter at 80. At 600 meters I was at 2:04. Exactly on pace for a 2:44, if I could hit the last 200 in 40 seconds, which is just a second faster than mile pace. I fell apart. Finished in 2:49. Took me 45 seconds to finish that last 200.

Two years ago I would have been ecstatic with a 2:49.

Trying not to get in my head. Race is in two weeks.

Saturday, August 25
10 miles, 8:39 average
I was tempted to go for 12 miles, and I was still considering it after I hit mile 10. But I was destroyed from the time trial and from mowing the front lawn with a non-motorized push mower. So, 10 it is .

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