BayLeaf’s Training Log: 6.18.18 – 6.24.18

Super stoked about this week’s workouts. Note: Above photo is me cooling down with a crawl. Also: the only time I bring my phone with me on runs is when I have the stroller so that’s why I never have midrun or even postrun workout photos. But people probably prefer faceless baby photos anyway, right? 

Monday, June 18
3.5 miles, 8xHill, 8:46 average
I really do love this new go-to hill workout. Four hill repeats up my old street and then four right by my new street. It was humid, and I was feeling it. The efforts felt really hard, but the times were right around what they usually are.

Wednesday, June 20
5.5 miles, 5x1K, 7:31 average
My friend and former coworker (the one who helped lead me to my first post-babe sub-20 5K a couple weeks ago) asked me if I wanted to hit the track with him. He’s building up his base mileage and speed work for the Fifth Ave Mile, which is also my big goal race. We’re about the same pace, but he’s starting to drop me. If only slightly. He’d never run the 5x1K workout at 5K pace. I have run it countless times. I love it. It’s hard. But man, I love it.

During our warmup he told the paces are actually slightly slower than 5K (about 15 seconds slower and then dropping to 5K by the last repeat). I had to be back home by 8:15 so I figured I’d have time to do three, maybe four repeats. Until Kit told me the recoveries were not 400 meters. They were 100 meters. Well, that’ll make things interesting.

For the most part, we were right where we wanted to be with a few fluctuations.

4:12, 4:00, 4:03, 3:57, 3:52

Kit dropped me within the first 150 meters in the last repeat (he finished in 3:43). I have no idea how he had so much juice left. I hauled ass for a 3:52 and I was bent over after.

I didn’t have a cooldown, and regretted that after the 30-minute drive home. But man, this was a solid workout. Remember? 100-meter recoveries.

Wednesday, June 20
2 miles, 9:27 average
I couldn’t resist, and threw the little man into the stroller to head to a small farmers market. After that we yogged to the coffee shop for a much-needed cold brew. I walked home. I was destroyed from the track workout earlier that morning. And it had gotten hot.

(Above: The little man is on pace around the living room)

Friday, June 22
6 miles, 8:16 average
I took Thursday off. I was too wiped from the track workout so I figured I’d take a day in between. I ran my 5.5 mile route and then, begrudgingly, did four strides. Never regret doing a little extra.

Saturday, June 23
10 miles, 4 miles at tempo, 7:51 average
I’m running my usual 10 and was debating if I should throw in some tempo miles. I should. But I didn’t want to. I was still tired from the track workout, or so I told myself, and I’m not really training for anything yet. So I decided next week I’d run some tempo miles. And then around mile 2.84 I said to myself, Self: you’re making excuses. There’s no reason you can’t run three tempo miles. Suck it up and do it.

Side note: There’s a running “celebrity” who complains about every single run and hard workout. It annoys the hell out of me. Just shut up and do the work. I don’t want to hear about how hard it is all the time. If you want to hit big goals, then you have to do the work. And it should be enjoyable. As Barley says, “Train, don’t complain.”

So I set out to run three miles at about a 7:30 (so I’d be running 3 at regular long run pace, 3 at tempo, 3 at regular long run pace).

I felt good after the first mile: 7:19. And the second: 7:21. Okay, just one more. But then halfway through the third, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if my run were bookended with two sets of three miles at easy pace, and a nice four at tempo in the middle? I finished up number three: 7:16. Then convinced myself it’d be great to finish a few minutes early because I ran one more at tempo. Number four: 7:14. And then mile 8 ended up being pretty quick (7:57) because I was still coming down from the tempo miles.

You know what I didn’t regret? Running tempo miles. You know what I did regret? Getting into bed to do work after my run. That’s a great way to stiffen up.

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  1. Urg, I am also bothered to no end by complainers. I do not care at all what pace folks are running. It’s the number of complaints per mile that gets on my nerves. “Train, don’t complain” is a perfect motto.