BayLeaf’s Training Log: 5.3.18 – 5.6.18

This past week and the upcoming week are all over the place. Hope to get back into a rhythm next week.

Thursday, May 3
4 miles, 4×800 at HMP with 200 recovery, 7:05 average
In preparation for pacing a friend in a half marathon (my first 13.1 and longest run since October 2016), I did a few 800 shakeouts at my half marathon pace (1:34ish vs the 1:49 at which I’d be pacing).

3:28, 3:27, 3:31, 3:28

I was pleased with the efforts and really tried to reel them in. I cut back the recovery from 400 to 200 since it was just a few repeats.


Second Annual Runner’s World Taco Mile
1 mile, 4 tacos, 10:40 (6:20 of running time), Female Champion
Who doesn’t want Taco Bell for lunch on a 90-degree day? What if it’s four beef tacos? One before a quarter-mile lap? Repeat three times? Well, it was the second annual Runner’s World Taco Mile. Last year it was 50s and rainy. I was also six months pregnant. This year, it was 90 degrees and sunny. I was not pregnant. I had just one female contenderโ€”a new editor who started that week. There was no way I could let her beat me.

Winning these food miles is all about eating quickly. This new editor and I are similar paces, but I’ve done these before and knew how to eat. I won by about 200 to 300 meters.

I didn’t feel well the rest of the day. (See lead photo for my finisher photo win.)

Friday, May 4
5 miles, 8:05 average
Oh hello, humidity. An easy three with friends. Shakeout for Sunday’s half.

Sunday, May 6
13.1 miles, 8:23 average

My friend and former coworker has been training to break 1:50 in the half. Her PR was 1:53. I came home for the race, and along with two other pacers, we headed out for 13.1 miles in Providence. The first seven miles were flawless. But when the 1:50 pace group caught us, my friend panicked. I panicked a little, too, but for different reasons: I asked the pacer, whom we’d been staying just in front of for the entirety of the race, although our lead was growing, if he was running negative splits. He had no idea what that meant. He proceeded to spew some nonsense about “being 25 seconds ahead when they reached mile 7 and he’d make up the difference and everything would even out.” (What?!)


I really had to push my friend; I knew she could do it but that she was in her own head. We had a safe word in case she really needed us to stop pushing her. She didn’t use it. Once we hit mile 10, I started telling her how much time she had left to run (i.e. 30 minutes, 25 minutes, 10 minutes). I basically mustered up every tactic I use for myself. With 1.5 miles to go, I was yelling at her to haul ass. I told her if she missed breaking 1:50 she wouldย just miss it. (That sort of thing gets me moving.)

She had a few surges left. I told her it was supposed to be hard and I knew it hurt but we were almost done.

For about a quarter-mile in mile 12, I ran backward, yelling at her to come get me.

The last mile we ran in 8:08.

We crossed in 1:49:36.


Runner's World editor by day, mom by night (and day, let's be honest). Sub-20 5K, seven-time marathoner, track-workout lover. Always in search of a great burger.

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  1. Sounds like a great pacing experience for you and your friends, maybe not so much for the others with the official pacers.

    Great week all around though, workout, taco mile win, and pacing a friend to a PR? Can’t beat that!