BayLeaf’s Training Log: 5.28.18 – 6.10.18

Two-fer! You’d think for a part-time-freelancer-at-home mom I wouldn’t be so busy. Well I missed last week’s log update, so I must be doing something during the days. Ha! In any case, really exciting updates. So, read on. 

Monday May 28
3.5 miles, 8xHill, 8:48 average
This is becoming one of my favorite hill workouts. I run over to my old road, about half a mile away, run four hill repeats, and then run back to my new house and run four (slightly) longer hill repeats. It’s a great way to get several miles in over the course of just a little hard work.

Wednesday, May 30
6.5 miles+5x strides, 8:16 average
Just a regular sixer. I outsmarted myself, though. I stopped running when my watch hit six miles (just short of my house), but because of that I had to do an extra stride because I started the stride where I hit six miles. The fifth stride would bring me to my driveway. See what happens when you try to cut corners?

Thursday, May 31
6 miles, 2×1600 at 5K, 2×800 at 5K-5s, 2×400 at 3K, 7:41 average
I am exceptionally proud of this workout. Save for the 8×300 at mile pace I did a few months ago, it’s probably the hardest workout I’ve done in a very long time. And I was really nervous going into it. I knew it was going to be hard, and I was psyching myself out. But I didn’t want to pull a “I’m still recovering from baby” excuse. Sure, I’m still getting back into shape, but there’s no reason for me not to go balls to the wall. Other than being scared. I held a piece of paper in my hand with my target times. It was raining and the paper disintegrated.

6:25, 6:25, 3:04, 3:06, 87, 86

The first 1600 was slow at the the first quarter and half. I hauled ass to make up for it. I came in just under the target (3:07, 88) for the 800s and 400s. I was overjoyed after this workout. I’m back, baby.

Friday, June 1
6 miles, 9:34 average
I wasn’t supposed to run today. Well I was, but the plans fell through, and then they came back. I was still shot from Thursday’s track workout. But this run was perfect. I ran with my former editor, Tish, and the little guy in the stroller. The farthest I had gone with him was four miles, so I was a little nervous when Tish wanted to run six. But we took it slow, caught up on life, and before we knew it, we’d run six miles. The little man sang for the first three and slept for the latter half. I needed this cleansing run with Tish.

Saturday, June 2
10 miles, 8:45 average
Holy cow it was hot and humid. I was glad I thought to bring a water bottle. I ran with a friend who was struggling so we had to slow down for the last three miles. But then we rewarded ourselves with large cold brew coffees. I chugged it on the walk back home. Almost chugged the one I got for my husband, too. I wrapped up the week with 32 miles. The highest weekly mileage in a month (and the second highest since before baby).

Monday, June 4
5.5 miles, 8:04 average
The rains really cooled things off, thank goodness. I ran 3.5 of these miles just under 8:00 and felt good.

Monday, June 4
2.5 miles, 9:07 average
After my run, I came home and popped the little guy in the stroller. FunMomPloyment means we can do things without rushing home. I ran 1.25 miles to a great breakfast place where we had eggs, turkey bacon, and toast (and coffee, or life blood as I call it, for Mom). Then, we ran home. I like running on my own and nailing hard workouts. But I like the slower stroller miles with the little man, too.

Wednesday, June 6
I signed up for a free local 5K held in a local park. The road runners have a summer series; I missed the first one but hope to do the next few. A former Runner’s World coworker was also running and at the start he stated, rather than asked, “Breaking 20?” I laughed and told him there was no way. This was a tough course and it was a lot warmer than when we ran a 5K in March (when I ran a 20:05 seven months out from baby). He and I went out together at that race and I dropped him at mile 1, and he finished around 21 minutes. So when he told me he was aiming to break 20 I was really skeptical. But he told me we could work together.

So, I followed him. He’d run the course before so let me know when the hills were coming. I was the first woman for about 1.5 miles when someone overtook me. There was still so much race left that I didn’t even bother to try to reel her in. I just stayed behind Kit, watching his heels, telling myself, “Stay with Kit. Stay with Kit.” I felt awful. We were slowing down but still within a sub-20, by seconds. I closed my eyes with half a mile or so to go and just gave it everything I had.

When I crossed the finish line a volunteer had to keep me upright. She kept asking me to say something so she knew I was okay. It took a minute. She told me my lips were blue. (Surprisingly, I wasn’t lightheaded, as is the case when I run that hard.) Kit came over—he finished about 10 seconds ahead of me—and the volunteer asked if we were together. “Sort of,” he said. “Well take her. Her lips are blue.”

I finished second among women with an official time of 19:54 (19:56 according to my watch and 19:57 according to Strava). Holy shit. (My PR is 19:46, which I ran a month before I got pregnant and was in, what I considered, the best shape of my life.)

Friday, June 8
10 miles, 8:22 average
I knew if I didn’t run long on Friday I wouldn’t get to over the weekend. I was in New York on Saturday to run the Mini 10K with a friend and the in-laws were visiting so Sunday wasn’t an option. I got out a little later than usual so it was a little warmer, but not horrible. My legs were still pretty wiped out after Wednesday’s 5K.

Saturday, June 9
Mini 10K, 52:50, 8:25 average
I’ve run this race five times now. And I’ve always done with my best friend from high school. This was the first year we ran it together (as opposed to meeting after for brunch). It wasn’t a race for me, it was a time to catch up since we don’t run together like we used to (I moved away). More on running versus racing in an upcoming post. But it was a beautiful morning and it was such a wonderful way to spend time with my friend. She ran the race two minutes faster than a 10K she ran just over a month ago, and she thanked me for that. I haven’t raced a 10K since March 2015 (42:35). So I kind of want to.

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